Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most commonly asked questions from our customers. These are the actual unedited questions...

Q. Does Sunrise Specialty make a floor-mounted tubfill other than the 433?
A. Yes. Sunrise still manufactures the 423 floor-mounted tubfill with curved supply risers.

Q. Do your faucets have ceramic disk valves?
A. Yes. Every faucet has German engineered ceramic disk valves made with the highest technology available.

Q. Aren't all ceramic disk valves the same quality?
A. No. Faucets are like cars you get what you pay for. The differences aren't what you can see. True quality is in how a product performs years after you buy it.

Q. What is the warranty of your valves?
A. We warranty our ceramic disk valves for life. If a ceramic disk valve ever leaks we will replace it for as long as you own the faucet.

Q. Is the lifetime warranty limited to just the valves?
A. Limited Lifetime warranty covers all products with exception to the finish. The finish has a 5 year warranty. See last page of pricelist for details.

Q. What are the benefits to a cast iron tub over an acrylic tub?
A. I suppose that you could call that a matter of opinion. My grandmother has been using her cast iron tub for fifty years and she swears by it. Our customers say that a cast iron tub retains heat longer. But I feel a little bias if I were to answer that question.

Q. What is the weight of a cast iron tub?
A. The tubs weight between 255 lbs. and 340 lbs. For exact weights of a particular tub see "Tub Specifications" under product information.

Q. Do I need to reinforce my floor to withstand the weight of a cast iron tub?
A. Our heaviest tub only weighs 340 lbs. which is far less than the maximum weight allowance for floors.

Q. Can I purchase items directly from you?
A. We don't sell directly to the end user, but we have over 2300 distributors throughout the United States. Please let me know where you live and I will fine a distributor in your area.

Q. Do your tubs come in colors other than shown on your website?
A. We can custom paint the exteriors of all our tubs any color except most metallics. All we need is a color chip or paint manufacturer’s code. We also can supply many of our tubs with black and biscuit colored porcelain interior. See our pricelist for details.

Q. I love the #809 Lion's Foot Elegance Bath. The problem is that I live in Norway and saw this bath on our website. I expect you don't have contacts with any distributors in Norway. Do you deliver products to other countries?
A. We have shipped to other countries before. If you could get me your city and address I can have my exporter get me some shipping costs.

Q. Are your brass products available uncoated?
A. Uncoated brass is one of our finishes. When ordering an item in uncoated brass you can use the code of "P" to describe the finish. For instance #501-P would be a kitchen faucet in uncoated brass finish. There is no cost difference for uncoated brass.

Q. Hello. I have 2 old clawfoot tubs and want to put new fittings on them. I am interested in your product #533. My problem is that my faucet holes are 9 1/2 " apart on the top rim of the tub. I'm not sure why, but my plumber thinks he may be able to get this model to fit. Would you think so? If not, do you have any suggestions or know of some other product or supplier for what I need? I know I could go to a floor mount or drill new holes, but I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.
A. If your tub has 9 1/2" holes on the deck of the tub it is because your tubs had separate hot and cold taps. The 533 will work if we manufacture them with H arms and flanges. You can also use our 433 floor mounted faucet that can go through the holes in the tub rim. We have manufactured hole flanges that will allow our floor mounted supply to go through the existing holes. We specialize in custom sizes and can manufacture the supply lines any height.

Q. I have an antique clawfoot tub in my guest bath that is missing the feet. I tried to use the solid brass feet from my new 801 tub that I received for my master bath to see if they would fit. The design does not bolt or screw on. It appears to be a "Tongue-and-groove" setup. Might the feet stay on with the help of a little square metal wedge to try and hold the foot secure?
A. I know that antique tubs came in all different sizes, curvatures, and foot mountings configurations. Since all of our tubs are new and I rarely get a chance to see an antique, I suggest that you ask a salvage yard. They may be able to find antique feet for your tub by looking up the casting number or if you describe the mounting configuration.