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31 Bathroom Rugs & Mats for Quick Drying

Bathrooms are cold spaces. This may seem counter-intuitive because they’re often full of hot water and steam. But they also have mirrors, metal appliances, and stone or tile. All these materials are good conductors. It’s their job to counteract the heat and keep your bathroom cool.

So it helps to add a few ‘warm’ items to the room. These items can keep your feet and bottom from getting too chilly on cold surfaces. They can also absorb moisture to prevent slips and accidents. And they add psychological comfort and coziness. Let’s explore some popular choices.

1. Gorilla Grip Chenille Bathroom Mat

Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug Mat, 30x20, Extra Soft and Absorbent Shaggy Rugs, Machine Wash Dry, Perfect Plush Carpet Mats for Tub, Shower, and Bath Room, Gray

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Most shag rugs have threads that loosen over time. Especially if you wash and dry them in a machine. The Gorilla Grip bathroom rug has its yarn securely attached to a thermoplastic rubber backing, so the thread stays intact despite hundreds of washes. It quickly air-dries and can safely tumble dry. But while it’s lush and soft, it slips on wet floors, so don’t use it in wet rooms.


2. LuxUrux Non-Slip Chenille Rug

LuxUrux Bathroom Rugs Non Slip Super Soft Chenille Luxury Bath Mat Contour Set, Soft Plush Shower Rug +Toilet Mat.1'' Microfiber Shaggy Absorbent Machine Washable Bath Mats. Curved Set, Dark Gray

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Microfiber isn’t just for wiping windows and washing cars. This set of non-slip microfiber bathroom rugs come in over 20 colors. They come as a pair for your toilet and tub or shower enclosure. Each strand is 1 inch deep, and there are 90,000 per square inch. The yarn sits on a discreetly hidden sponge bed for added absorbency. It still needs a dry floor though.


3. Lifewit Extra-Long Runner Rug

Lifewit Bathroom Runner Rug Bath Mat 59'x20' Non-Slip Soft Long Shower Rug Plush Microfiber Water Absorbent Carpet Thick Shaggy Luxury Floor Mats, Machine Washable, White

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Although it only comes in white or gray, this extra-lush bathroom rug is a hit. Its pile is 1.57 inches deep, and if you choose the long version, it measures 59 inches by 20 inches, running the entire length of your bathtub. It’s extremely fluffy and safe to machine-wash and machine-dry, but it’s not suitable as a doormat. Restrict its use to bathrooms, Jacuzzis, and saunas.


4. Genteele Memory Foam Bathroom Rug

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat Non Slip Absorbent Super Cozy Velvet Bathroom Rug Carpet (17 inches X 24 inches, Gray)

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Memory foam isn’t just for mattresses anymore. This polyurethane bathroom rug uses memory foam technology to give your feet a velvety soft, highly absorbent surface. You can wash and dry the rug in a tumble drier. The PVC dots that make up the rug’s backing are strong and non-slip, but only on dry floors, so be sure to mop the bathroom before positioning the rug.


5. Yimobra Original Bath Mat

Yimobra Original Luxury Chenille Bath Mat, Soft Shaggy and Comfortable, Large Size, Super Absorbent and Thick, Non-Slip, Machine Washable, Perfect for Bathroom (31.5 X 19.8 Inches, Gray)

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Apart from the color, you may not pay much attention to the appearance of your bathroom rug. But if your toilet is next to your tub, you’ll spend ages staring mindlessly at the rug. Yimobra gives you something nice to look at. Its mixed height yarn creates a pretty pattern. But the rug is practical too! It’s warm, quick-drying, absorbent, and safe to machine-wash and tumble-dry.


6. Maples Rugs Federal Blue Bathroom Rug

Maples Rugs ColorSoft Non Slip Washable & Quick Dry Soft Bathroom Rugs [Made in USA], 23.5' x 39', Federal Blue

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It’s ironic that many bathroom rugs only work on a dry floor. So while their top surfaces absorb moisture, the section that touches the floor must be dry to avoid accidents. This Maple Rugs bathroom mat has a latex bottom for a better grip. Its nylon pile is 0.75 inches thick and this lightweight bathroom mat can be safely washed and cleaned in your washing machine.


7. AmazonBasics Memory Foam Bath Mat

AmazonBasics Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat - 18 x 28 Inches, Beige

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The bathroom rugs we’ve looked at so far were mostly chenille. This one is made of 100% polyester woven into spongy memory foam. The microfiber weave can soak up four times its weight in moisture, and the non-slip backing is certified safe by OEKO-TEX 100.


8. Flamingo P Coral Fleece Bath Mat

Memory Foam Coral Fleece Non Slip Bathroom Mat, Super Soft Microfiber Bath Mat Set Machine Washable Bath Rugs Super Absorbent Thick and Durable Bath Rugs 17W X 24L Inches (Gray Waved Pattern)

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The terms ‘bath math’ and ‘bathroom rug” are often used interchange-ably. But you want a rug that grips the floor and doesn’t easily slide (even though most rugs are still slippery when wet). This coral fleece has a memory foam front and an anti-skid PVC back, so it’s suitable for bathroom use. It’s 5/8th inch thick and is made of non-toxic materials so it’s eco-friendly.


9. Itsoft Shaggy Bathroom Rug

ITSOFT Non Slip Shaggy Chenille Bath Mat for Bathroom Rug Water Absorbent Carpet 21 x 34 Inches Charcoal Gray

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Its name is incredibly easy to remember, but that’s not all. Itsoft bathroom rugs have thicker microfiber threads than competing brands. This makes the rug both softer and more absorbent than its rivals. Each individual yarn is 1-inch long, though measurements vary slightly between threads. The PVC backing offers an above-average grip and has a firm non-skid finish.


10. H. Versailtex Thick Bathroom Rug

Non Slip Thick Shaggy Chenille Bathroom Rugs, Bath Mats for Bathroom Extra Soft and Absorbent - Striped Bath Rugs Set for Indoor/Kitchen (Set of 2-20' x 32'/17' x 24') Eggshell Blue

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Visually, this bathroom rug is an eye-catcher. Its yarns are arranged in rows of two different thicknesses, creating a pretty pseudo-striped pattern. These yarns are 100% chenille while the rug’s backing is hot-melted adhesive. Ordinary bathroom mats have a yarn-spread of 1350g/sm but this model is far denser at 2000g/sm. You can machine-wash it and tumble dry on low.


11. Clara Clark 3-Piece Bathroom Rug

Clara Clark Memory Foam Bath Mat, Ultra Soft Non Slip and Absorbent Bathroom Rug. – Black, Set of 3 - Small/Large/Contour

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With this set of bathroom rugs, you get three for the price of one. They’re cut to suit the size and shape of your toilet, tub, or shower enclosure. The rugs seem thin, but their memory foam ensures your feet are well-cushioned. These microfiber rugs can resist mold and bacteria. Their non-slip PVC-dot backing helps the rug grip the dry bathroom floor.


12. Color & Geometry Bathroom Rug

Color&Geometry Bathroom Rug Mat, Ultra Soft and Water Absorbent Bath Rug, Bath Carpet, Machine Wash/Dry, for Tub, Shower, and Bath Room

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Sometimes, your bathroom rug decision is driven by more than color. This geometric rug has rectangular patterns in varying hues and shades. The rug is ultra-soft and can quickly soak up three times its weight in water. It’s banded at the edges and backed with thermoplastic rubber.


13. WaLensee Non-Slip Bathroom Rug

Walensee Bathroom Rug Non Slip Bath Mat for Bathroom (16 x 24, Grey) Water Absorbent Soft Microfiber Shaggy Bathroom Mat Machine Washable Bath Rug for Bathroom Thick Plush Rugs for Shower

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The individual threads on this rug are thinner. But they’re tightly and firmly packed on their TPR backing. The microfiber used here is pure polyester and its deep pile offers enhanced absorbency. It’s available in deep hues and mild pastels which may show dirt easily. But because it’s machine-safe and quick-drying, it’s easy to keep the rug clean and lush.


14. Pauwer Bath Rugs 3-Piece

Pauwer Bath Rug Sets 3 Piece for Bathroom Non Slip Bath Mat Set Washable Bath Rug Set Pattern 28.4'x17.7'/Contour Mat 17.7'x17.7'/ Lid Cover (Navy)

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Dark colors hide dirt better, but they’re rarely as stylish as lighter tones. Pauwer benefits from both by using dark shades with vivid patterns. The loop-stitched edges prevent fraying with the rubber backing mat reduces slippage.  These three-piece polypropylene rugs are machine-safe.


15. Hebe Non-Slip Shag Bathroom Rug

HEBE Non-Slip Bathroom Rug Mat Shag Microfiber Shower Bath Rug Absorbent Bath Mat for Bathroom Machine Washable 18'x26'

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Simplicity often makes a statement, and the vertical stripes on these bathroom rugs are cheerful and fun. The color combinations range from playful to understated. The rugs are extremely absorbent, but they’re also quick-drying so they never smell damp or musty. The rubber backing prevents slipping and keeps the moisture from seeping through to the bathroom floor.


16. Elegant Homes 3-Piece Bathroom Rug

Elegant Homes 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Set Bath Rug, Contour Mat, Lid Cover Non-Slip with Rubber Backing Solid Color # Angela (Aqua/Marine Blue)

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So far, we’ve looked at floor rugs. But when you buy a bathroom rug as a set, you sometimes get a toilet seat cover as well. This set includes a piece contoured around the toilet leg as well. All three mats are made of polyester acrylic and backed with latex. The fabric can be stretched out of shape, so after washing, you should either tumble dry the mats or lay them flat to air dry.


17. Sweet Home Collection Bath Rugs

Sweet Home Collection Bath Set 2 Piece Butter Chenille Noodle Soft Luxurious Rugs Absorbent Non Slip Latex Back Microfiber Bathroom Mat, ((1) 17' x 24' & (1) 20' x 32' Yellow

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These bathroom rugs have a soft, home-made feel paired with exceptional quality. They use chenille noodle design technology. This means each polyester yarn is made of hundreds of micro-yarns, giving your threads a fluffier look and feel. These cloud-like threads are stitched onto high-grip non-slip latex backing. The rugs are machine-safe, both for washing and drying.


18. mDesign 3-Piece Spa Rugs

mDesign Striped Microfiber Polyester Spa Rugs for Bathroom Vanity, Tub/Shower - Water Absorbent, Machine Washable - Includes Soft Non-Slip Rectangular Accent Rug Mat in 3 Sizes - Set of 3 - Mocha/Gray

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Bathroom rugs are practical, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be aesthetic. This 3-piece set includes a decorative accent rug. Pick your selection of vertical stripes with color selections that include blues, browns, yellows, and blacks. The plush microfiber is 100% polyester with a non-slip non-banded backing. It’s machine-washable but dries better if you hang it on a clothesline.


19. Yimobra Memory Foam Bathroom Rug

Yimobra Memory Foam Bath Mat Large Size 31.5 by 19.8 Inches, Soft and Comfortable, Super Water Absorption, Non-Slip, Thick, Machine Wash, Easier to Dry for Bathroom Floor Rug, Grey

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We’ve already looked at one Yimobra model, now let’s see what they have in the memory foam space. This bathroom rug decorative stitching at the front and non-slip latex at the back. The edges are banded for extra reinforcement. The rug feels pleasantly spongy on your feet, and it absorbs excess moisture without getting smelly or moldy. It’s fast-drying and machine-safe.


20. DusaD Glitter Bathroom Rug

DusaD Stylish Sequins Shiny Glitter Bathroom Rug with Anti Slip Backing, Stylish Memory Foam Bathtub Mat for Shower Room Entryway and Home Kitchen 23.6x15.7 Inch

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If you like a little sparkle in your life, DusaD in the brand for you. This memory foam bathroom rug is digitally printed with glittering sequins that won’t shed or fade. It’s made of highly absorbent polyester and backed with non-slip rubber. It’s machine-safe but wash it cold.


21. Secura Housewares Bathroom Rug

Secura Housewares Soft Microfiber Bathroom Rugs, 47 x 28 Inches Non Slip Bath Mat for Door, Bathroom & Bedroom with Water Absorbent, Machine Washable (Gray)

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Area rugs are generally small. And for the bathroom, you don’t need a big one. Technically, it should only be as wide as your feet. But if you have a tub, you may want a larger one to cover the length of the tub. Secura’s bathroom rug measures 47 inches by 28 inches and is 7 times more absorbent than cotton. It’s plush, machine-safe for warm washes, and has a 5-year warranty.


 22. Cozy Homeer Bathroom Rug

28x18 Inch Bath Rugs Made of 100% Polyester Extra Soft and Non Slip Bathroom Mats Specialized in Machine Washable and Water Absorbent Shower Mat,Green

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Stripes are a popular design motif. But curiously, all the rugs we’ve looked at had vertical stripes that ran parallel to the short side of the mat. Cozy Homeer has vertical stripes along its length. The stripes follow a decorative color gradient. Beyond good looks, this rug is machine-safe, super-absorbent. The breathable polyester chain backing maintains its grip, even on wet floors.


 23. Buganda Memory Foam Bath Matt

Memory Foam Soft Bath Mats - Non Slip Absorbent Bathroom Rugs Rubber Back Runner Mat for Kitchen Bathroom Floors 16'x47', Grey

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We’ve gone extra-large, now let’s go extra-long. This Buganda bath mat is 120cm long and 40cm wide (16 inches by 47 inches). It’s ideal for bathtubs but can also work in a narrow bathroom. The velvety surface warms your toes while the anti-skid backing prevents slips and falls.


 24. Chardin Home Bathroom Rug

Chardin home - 100% Pure Cotton - 2 Piece Cordural Stripe Bath Rug Set, (21''x34'' & 17''x24'') Mint Green with Latex Spray Non-Skid Backing

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Cotton is versatile, breathable fabric, but if you’ve ever ripped a t-shirt, you know cotton can only take so much washing before it disintegrates. But this bathroom rug is 100% cotton. To prevent slippage, the back of the rug is coated in anti-skid latex spray. The two-piece rugs have stripes in muted colors, and the rugs can be safely washed and dried in your washing machine.


 25. Kangaroo Plush Bathroom Rugs

Kangaroo Plush Luxury Chenille Bath Rug, 30x20, Extra Soft and Absorbent Shaggy Bathroom Mat Rugs, Washable, Strong Underside, Plush Carpet Mats for Kids Tub, Shower, and Bath Room, Gray

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At first glance, the threads on your Kangaroo bathroom rug look short and squat. But their thickness makes them super-soft and enhance absorbency. And while the rug soaks up a lot of water, it dries in record time, so your bathroom never smells ‘wet’. Wash and dry your rug in a washing machine with tumble dry functionality. The rug is backed with thermoplastic rubber.


26.  Gentsing Gray Bathroom Rug

Bathroom Rugs 24x16 Gray Bath Mats Silver Non Slip Shower Shaggy Floors Extra Thick Super Soft Best Absorbent Perfect Absorbant Plush Machine Washable Dry Carpet Grey Gentsing

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Some bathroom rugs have yarn woven into multi-strand braids. Gentsing threads are clumped together in loosely twisted tufts that give the rug an ultra-soft texture and appearance. But these ‘strings’ are so securely attached that they can machine-wash and tumble-dry without coming loose. This keeps the rug cushy and absorbent. The non-slip backing is made of TPR.


27. Homeideas 3-Piece Bath Mat

HOMEIDEAS 3 Pieces Bathroom Rugs Set Light Gray, Luxury Soft Chenille Bath Mats Set, Absorbent Shaggy Bath Rugs & Slip Resistant Plush Carpets Mats for Tub, Shower, Bathroom

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This dense bathroom rug is so soft and fluffy you could stare at the threads for hours. With a 1-inch pile and 16 fingers per square inch, the rug is extremely plush. Especially as each thread is made up of endless mini-threads, giving the rug a fuller appearance. The threads sit on a 6mm sponge that’s secured to PVC backing. But don’t tumble-dry it on laundry day. Hang or dry it flat


 28. Pauwer 2-Piece Rug Set

Pauwer Bath Rug Set 2 Piece Bathroom Contour Rug Combo Non Slip Microfiber Bath Shower Mat and U-Shaped Toilet Rug (21' x 34'+20'x 20', Grey and White)

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If your fashion sense falls on the bolder side of the spectrum, consider the distinct print on these Pauwer bathroom rugs. Don’t worry about the white bits getting dirty – the rugs can be tossed into the washing machine each time they stain. The rugs are soft but not very lush, with a pile of 0.6 inches. But their TPR backing has a good grip, and the rugs dry extremely fast.


29. Ravcon Chenille Bathroom Rugs

RAVCON Bathroom Rugs,Chenille Bath Rug,Machine-Washable Bath Mats,Water Absorbent Dry Fast Rugs,Shaggy Bathroom Mat,Non-Slip Soft Microfibers Carpet- 20 x 32 Inch Yellow

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Step out of the bath and sink your toes into this hyper-plush micro-shag bathroom rug. Its extra-thick tufts are tightly packed, with their spacing about 0.7 times the proportions of hair on your scalp. This rug is 3.3 inches deep, including both the tufted pile and the anti-skid backing. You can machine-wash this rug in cold water, but don’t tumble it dry or you’ll ruin your rug.


30. RJUN Shaggy Bathroom Rug

RJUN Bathroom Rug, 31x20, Non Slip Bath Mat Water Absorbent Soft Microfiber Shaggy Bathroom Mat, Machine Washable Bath Rug, Perfect Plush Carpet Mats for Tub, Shower, and Bath Room (20'x31', Gray)

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How resilient is this rug? Well, it has a decorative label imprint, but if you cut off the label, the tufts will spring up and get fully vertical in a few hours. This bathroom mat is soft, fluffy, and absorbent. It gets heavy when wet, so it’s not suitable for low-powered washing machines. It dries quickly though, so you don’t have to worry about mold or lichen.


31. Vagau 2-Piece Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom Rugs Chenille Bath Mat Set, Soft Plush Non-Skid Shower Rug +Toilet Mat. (Black)

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While it’s not as tightly spaced as some rugs, Vagau is sufficiently plush and absorbent. The pile is 1 inch deep and the tufts are planted on PVC backing. You can machine-wash and tumble-dry as long as you keep the washing water cold and the drier heat low. The rug comes in 19 shades.

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