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31 Bathroom Shelf Ideas – Bathroom Shelving for Saving Space

How many bathrooms are in your house? And how big is your household? On average, we spend 10 to 20 minutes per shower – longer if we’re soaking in the tub. So if multiple people share a bathroom, it’s probably a humid space. It’s also probably full of bath products.

These might include towels, shampoo bottles, cosmetics, detergents, pill canisters, or spare toilet paper rolls. Meaning you need shelves, drawers, hooks, shower caddies, or cabinets. How do you settle on the best bathroom shelf for your needs? Let’s check out some popular options.

1. Soduku Wall-Mounted Floating Shelves

SODUKU Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Storage Shelves for Kitchen, Bathroom,Set of 2 Brown

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If you have a small bathroom (or maybe you just like open décor), floating shelves are a good choice. They’re mounted on the wall, so they don’t take up floor space. This wooden pair of bathroom shelves is made of radiata pine lumber. The wood is treated to resist heat and water damage. It has metal railings to prevent items from falling over, and it has a towel rack at the bottom.


2. Honey-Can-Do Metal Bathroom Shelf

Honey-Can-Do BTH-05281 4-Tier Metal Bathroom Shelf Space Saver, 24.02 x 11.02 x 67.72, Chrome

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Shelving rails are another viable option for small bathrooms. This model has rails and grates but no solid surfaces, so you can install it around your toilet. It stands 68 inches tall and has four shelving grates. They allow air to circulate freely, reducing moisture damage and mold. The shelf extends 11 inches from the wall. Its rubber feet protect your floor, but it needs DIY assembly.


3. Bayka Floating Shelves

BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall Mounted, Rustic Wood Wall Shelves Set of 3 for Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen

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Floating shelves are designed for space-saving practicality. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty. Bayka bathroom shelves have a quirky, rustic design. Their black brackets beautifully contrast their off-center positioning and can be mounted in creative layouts. The wood itself can be pine or paulownia, plain, stained, or painted. It’s a DIY shelf though, so get those tools out!


4. Homfa Bathroom Floor Cabinet

HOMFA Bathroom Floor Cabinet, Wooden Side Storage Organizer Cabinet with 4 Drawer and 1 Cupboard, Freestanding Unit for Better Homes and Gardens Office, White

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Not everybody enjoys fancy bathroom shelves. If you’d like something more traditional (and if you have the space for it), consider this Homfa bathroom cabinet. It rises 32.3 inches off the floor, and it’s 22 inches wide and 11.8 inches deep, so it takes up a lot of room. The cabinet has four drawers and a side closet. The shelf requires home assembly – video tutorials are available.


5. Utex Bathroom Organizer

UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet, Bathroom Spacesaver (Gray)

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If you like the idea of vertical bathroom shelves but you’re uneasy about metal, consider Utex. It’s gray painted wood installed over your toilet, and it has three open shelves of solid timber. The organizer is 61.5 inches tall. The front leg slants slightly for aesthetics and extra stability.


6. Greenco Tiered Corner Shelf

Greenco 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves Espresso Finish , 7.75' L x 7.75' W x 48.5' H.

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For those with artistic leanings, this curvy off-kilter bathroom shelf is just the thing. It has 5 tiers of quarter-circle shelf linked by five wall-mounted square boards. These bathroom shelves are visually striking and are quite strong. They need to be drilled into the corner, and they come with pre-drilled holes to ease your assembly process. The boards are laminated MDF.


7. Love-Kankei Floating Shelves

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set of 3, Rustic Wood Wall Storage Shelves for Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Office and More Carbonized Black

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You will love these Kankei bathroom shelves. They come in three pieces of varied length, so you can lay them out to match your aesthetic preference. The shelves don’t have guard rails at the front, but their wall brackets are coiled into decorative curves. The shelving boards are made from solid paulownia wood and they carry a maximum of 40lbs so don’t overload them!


8. Greenco Floating U-Shelves

Greenco Set of 3 Floating U Shelves, Espresso Finish

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U-shaped shelves aren’t actually u-shaped – they’re too boxy for that. But these Greenco shelves will add style and function to any bathroom. They come in threes, each a size smaller than the previous shelf. And they’re available in 6 colors. The shipping box contains all the hardware you need to mount these bathroom shelves. The smallest shelf is about half the size of the largest.


9. Del Hutson Floating Shelf

Del Hutson Designs Industrial 3-Tier Floating Shelf with Towel Bar (24 Inch, Walnut)

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What makes a bathroom shelf? The most important feature is water resistance since bathrooms can get quite humid. Especially shared ones. Del Hutson Industrial Designs have combined beauty, practicality, and water impermeability in their floating shelf. The three tiers are linked by mounting brackets that can be vertical or diagonal. A towel bar hangs below the third shelf.


10. Brakites Tempered Glass Shelf

Brakites Tempered Glass Bathroom Shelf, Wall Mounting Glass Shelf with Towel Bar Wall Mounted Shower Storage 23.6 by 4.7 inches (Silver)

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If you want to go even simpler and more contemporary, talk to Brakites. Their bathroom shelf is a single pane of tempered glass hemmed in by anodized aluminum railings. A rust-resistant towel bar is positioned beneath the glass shelf. The glass is 0.3 inches thick, 23.6 inches long, and can support loads of up to 22 pounds. All necessary installation hardware is included.


11. Yaheetech Over-the Toilet Bathroom Shelf

Yaheetech Over The Toilet Cabinet Space-Saving - Bathroom Cabinet w/Adjustable Shelves, 23.2in L x 7.4in W x 68.9in H

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Shelves installed over toilets tend to be hollow and airy. Not this one. It’s white though, which matches the toilet bowl and psychologically makes it feel more area. It’s well compartmentalized, with 6 separate shelves and a partial door over one shelf section. It’s 68.9 inches tall and has a black faux-marble counter on its bottom-most shelf. Screw the shelf to the wall or it may topple.


12. Best Choice Over-the-Toilet Cabinet

Best Choice Products Wooden Modern Contemporary Over-The-Toilet Space Saver Organization Storage Cabinet for Home, Bathroom w/Adjustable Shelves, Cubby, Framed Door Panel, Espresso

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This bathroom shelf is almost identical to the one we’ve just reviewed. Its white version is almost indistinguishable, with its artificial marble counter and its partial glass door. But this shelf has a dark brown (espresso-colored) version. Its MDF shelves are fully adjustable.


13. Freestanding Corner Shelf

Free Standing Bathroom Corner Storage Shelves, 2-Tier, Satin

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The bathroom shelves we’ve reviewed have been wall-mounted or floor-based units, sometimes with protective feet to guard your tile. Bit what if you want a countertop shelf? This one is perfect. It’s streamlined and rustproof, with grills on all its surfaces. And it’s only 10 inches tall.


14. Italian Marble Corner Shelf

Italian Marble Corner Shelf - Shower Soap Dish - 8' Natural Stone Bathroom Caddy - Bath Wall Shampoo Holder (Carrara Bianco)

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You may want to go even simpler with this marble slab shelf. It’s cut into a quarter-circle that’s 3/8 inches thick and has an 8-inch radius. These one-piece bathroom shelves serve more as bathroom caddies. Their natural stone composition can withstand water, rust, and soap stains, but they hold minimal weight, so it may only hold a bar of soap or a toothbrush tumbler.


15. Industrial Bathroom Shelf

AMOAK 4-Tier Bookshelf, Industrial Ladder Shelf, Bookshelves, Vintage Bookcase, Storage Rack Shelves for Living Room, Bathroom, Wooden and Metal Frame, Retro Brown

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This rustic-looking multipurpose shelf might be used for books. But because it’s rust-proof, it makes a good bathroom shelf as well. The self has 4 tiers, and its deep brown MDF boards pleasantly contrast a bathroom tiled in whites and pastels. The shelf is 59.8 inches tall.


16. Henf Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Henf Bathroom Cabinet Bathroom Storage Corner Floor Cabinet,Free Standing Toilet Tissue Storage Tower Shelf,Paper Holder Organizer W/Drawer and Single Shutter Door Garbage Can

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For those drawn to contemporary design, this toilet paper tower is the perfect accessory for your bidet. It stands 31.5 inches tall and its floor space is 9 inches by 9 inches. The shelf is made of wood, with the center section tucking toilet paper and the bottom functioning as a trash can.


17. Giantex Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

Giantex 3-Tier Bathroom Shelf Bamboo Bath Storage Space Saver Organizer Shelves Rack Shelving Unit (Natural)

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A lot of people buy bamboo when they want to create a woodsy aesthetic. It’s natural, organic, great with moisture, and easier to maintain than solid hardwoods. This bamboo organizer has three tiers of pallet-style slatted shelving that curves toward the back. The sides of the shelf are open to allow air circulation. It’s easy to assemble, with screws and instructions included.


18. Binrrio Bathroom Cabinet Type-2

Binrrio Bathroom Storage Floor Cabinet Free Standing with Double Door Double Compartment, Multifunctional Bathroom Organizer Bathroom Storage Shelves in Bathroom, Living Room White

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When you buy from Binrrio, be sure you’re ordering exactly what you want. Their shelves come in seven styles, so it’s easy to pick the wrong one. Type-2 is a double-door organizer with three tiers, no drawers, and a usable table-top surface. The sides are open and the shelf is waterproof.


19. Greenvelly Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

Greenvelly 100% Bamboo Bathroom Shelf, 7-Tier Multifunctional Storage Rack, Shelving Unit, Bathroom Towel Shelf for Kitchen, Livingroom, Bedroom, Hallway Black

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You might want an extra-large shelf if you have a lot of clutter. But you don’t want your bathroom to feel crowded. So consider this bamboo bathroom shelf. These 2-in-1 bathroom shelves have 7 tiers. Each tier has ventilation slats, and you don’t need tools to assemble it.


20. Mainstay 3-Tier Shelf

Mainstay 3-Shelf Toilet Space Saver with Liner, Satin Nickel with Toothbrush Holder

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Some home-owners (and renters) prefer the simple approach, and this over-the-toilet shelf fits that bill. It has hollow feet and grilled shelves, so it lets air flow freely. But if you want that ‘solid fee’, the shelf has optional grill-liners you can. It needs to be anchored to the wall though – it’s not sturdy enough to stand alone. And it comes with a cute little toothbrush holder for free.


21. Hanging Bathroom Cabinet

[US Stock] Home Bathroom Wall Cabinet Hanging Storage Cabinet with Rod and Adjustable Shelf

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When we mention floating cabinets and floating toilets, we generally mean they’re installed a foot or less above the floor. Floating shelves are higher off the ground, and this hanging cabinet is closer to the ceiling. It had double doors that reveal two tiers, and there’s a towel bar below the cabinet. The shelf measures 25 inches by 23.8 inches by 8.9 inches and is made of MDF.


22. SafePlus Towel Rack and Organizer

Safeplus Bathroom Towel Rack, Mounted Chrome Bathroom Shelf with Towel Rack Shower Organizer, Perfect for Toilet Bathroom

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Decorative items can be functional too, as we’ll see with these wall-mounted bathroom shelves. Their open sides, distinct curves, and unexpected designs are a joy to look at. The organizer is made of chrome-coated iron and has 2 perforated shelves. It looks flimsy, but it can hold 8.8lbs


23. Homfa Slatted Bathroom Shelf

Homfa Bamboo Shelf 6 Tier, 63.4 Inches Height Free Standing Bookshelf Plant Flower Stand Rack Bathroom Storage Tower, Multipurpose Utility Organizer Shelf 100% Nature

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This bathroom organizer has six tiers. But because of the protective rails on the sides and back of each shelf, it seems to have more tiers than it does. It’s a tall shelf – 63.4 inches high with about a foot (11.8 inches) between tiers. The natural bamboo tiers all have ventilation slats.


24. Corner Mounted Bathroom Caddy

New Corner Mount Storage Holder Shelves, Shaped Corner Storage Shelf Storage Rack Hooks,Strong Suction Wall Mount Shelf Bathroom Kitchen Easy to Install

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You don’t always want the fuss of bathroom shelves. Sometimes, you just want a tiny platform for your soap and shampoo. Preferably one that waterproof and doesn’t need you to crack any tiles. This corner caddy is ideal. It’s made of ABS, uses suction pads to stick to your shower wall, and has two hanging hooks below it. It has a 9.05-inch radius and can hold up to 10 pounds.


25. Low Profile Over-the-Toilet Shelf

Giantex Over The Toilet Storage Rack for Bathroom W/Side Storage Cabinet, Paper Holder and Adjustable Shelves, Bathroom Freestanding Space Saver (30' x 8' x 42')

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Vertical shelves save floor space, but because they’re so tall, they can visually crowd your room. But above-toilet shelves don’t have to be bulky. This Giantex one – despite its name – only stands 42 inches high. Its sides a solid but it has two open tiers and a mini-countertop. There’s also a 6-inch-wide mini sideboard hidden behind the door with three adjustable storage cubbies.


26. Greesen Over-the Toilet Organizer

Greesen Bathroom Over Toilet Shelf Organizer, Toilet Storage Shelf Unit Freesanding Bathroom Racks and Shelves Space Saver with 2 Hooks, 3 Tier Shelves, Black

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This bathroom shelf follows the more stereotypical style for over-the-toilet shelves. It stands 59.4 inches high with open sides and three solid tiers. The iron storage rack has plastic caps at the bottom (to protect your flooring) and the top (to avoid scraping your fingers). It also has two hanging hooks on the side for towels. The shelf can hold up to 40kg of bathroom baggage.


27. Tribesigns Bathroom Blanket Ladder

Tribesigns Ladder Shelf, 5 Tiers Wall-Leaning Shelf Blanket Ladder Bamboo Decorative Shelf Corner Shelf Ladder Style for Living Room Bathroom

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We like to joke about using chairs as clotheshorses after laundry. The clothes are clean, but we never get round to folding and storing them! Well, what if you could have a ‘laundry chair’ in the bathroom. This Tribesigns bathroom organizer resembles a chair with a really high back.

The ‘ladder rungs’ make great towel bars. Because of the open structure, moist air circulates freely for enhanced ventilation and quicker drying. And you have two storage tiers! The ‘ladder’ structure keeps the shelf sturdy. It’s made of bamboo and assembled using mortise-and-tenon joints. This oil-brushed shelf comes with an 18-month replacement policy.


28. Odthelda Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

Odthelda Bamboo Bathroom Shelf 4-Tier Rack Multifunctional Storage Organizer

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You might be the type of buyer who abhors all the fuss. In that case, buy Odthelda. These simplistic bamboo bathroom shelves have for slatted tiers, open sides, and no fancy features. The shelf is convenient, lightweight, waterproof, and fully organic. It stands 43.3 inches high and leaves 11.4 inches between tiers. Each tier can support about 33lb of bathroom weight.


29. Yaheetech Espresso Bathroom Cabinet

Yaheetech Bathroom Floor Cabinet, Wooden Storage Cabinet with 2 Drawers and 1 Shelf, Multifunctional Side Organizer Rack Stand Table, Espresso

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Still catering to lovers of simplicity, this bathroom shelf has two drawers and an open shelf. It comes in white as well. The drawers are removable, so if you prefer, you can use them as storage cubbies and leave the shelf open for better ventilation. The shelf stands 35 inches high, and each drawer measures 10.6 by 10.2 by 9.6 inches. The top of this MDF shelf is 11.8 by 11.8 inches.


30. JawM Corner Shelf

JAWM 4-Tier Waterproof Bathroom Corner Storage Unit Shelf Wood Plastic Composite Corner Shelf Bedroom Livingroom Display Free Standing Rack White

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We’ve looked at a few corner shelves, and this one is a little puzzling. It has 4 quarter-circle tiers attached to a corner frame. But the frame has vertical ventilation slats. These are good in theory, but since the slats will press against the wall on both sides, they seem superfluous. The moving air can’t pass through the slats since there’s nowhere to go! It’s still a pretty shelf though.


31. Yaheetech 2-Piece Bathroom Cabinet

Yaheetech 2 PC Bathroom Furniture Sets - 2 Doors Floor Cabinet & Wall Cabinet Storage Organizer with Adjustable Shelf for Bathroom/Medicine/Kitchen/Laundry White

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We’ll close with a twofer. With this set, you get two bathroom shelves that seem identical, but one is a floor cabinet (three tiers) and the other is wall-mounted (two tiers). Both are white P2 MDF shelves with double doors, adjustable tiers, and no drawers. You can install them above each other or space them out. The shelves have painted veneer surfaces to resist water damage.

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