10 Best Bathroom Faucets of 2020 – Bath Faucets Reviews

A bathroom faucet is a small thing that can, aesthetically, have a significant impact on your bathroom style. If you are building a new bathroom or renovating an old one, you should choose a faucet carefully. With the right valve and a few more things, you can drastically change the look of your toilet.

There are many bathroom faucets to be found in the market. However, not all of them are good. Some might even look good but have poor quality. If you want to buy a new faucet for your bathroom, don’t look any further. In this article, we are presenting you with the best bathroom faucets that you can find on the market. Enjoy!

BWE Waterfall Spout Single Handle Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet Basin Mixer Tap, ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Lavatory Faucets Tall Body Commercial

BWE Waterfall Spout Single Handle Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet Basin Mixer Tap, ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Lavatory Faucets Tall Body Commercial


The Best Bathroom Faucet on the Market 2020

1. Delta Single-handle Bathroom Faucet

This faucet made by DELTA FAUCET is probably the first one that we should mention. Aside from providing high quality, it also looks fantastic! Its specific design makes it ideal for both modern-style and retro-style bathrooms, making it an excellent choice for your new toilet.

It’s a great thing that the company offers a lifetime warranty. If anything goes wrong with the product, the company will take care of that.

Another good thing is that although it looks sophisticated and a bit strange, it is relatively simple to install. It is designed to fit a single-hole and three-hole configurations of four inches. You can also get an optional deck plate for a three-hole installation.

You should know that this faucet is also a WaterSense labeled. But what does it mean? It means that it will use 20% less water than the industry standard, while still providing the best performance. It will save you money while using it as you would use any other faucet.

There are four different colors that you can choose, depending on your bathroom style. They all cost the same, excluding the chrome variant, which is much cheaper. Being able to choose between five different colors ensures that you can find the perfect fit no matter what style is your bathroom.

The only thing that we can find as a downside of this faucet is that you can’t move it from side to side. It is completely fixed, so it might be a slight problem if your sink is too small. For example, you might find it impossible to put a bowl or a bucket underneath and then move the faucet over it.

However, we can conclude that this is a lovely piece of bathroom equipment.  It works perfectly, fits every bathroom, and you can find it in five different color combinations. If you don’t mind it being completely fixed, this faucet can be an excellent choice for your new bathroom.

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2. Kohler Devonshire 2-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet

Another attractive sink faucet, with a specific, 2-handle design. With its premium, corrosion-resistant finish, this faucet is made to last for a long time. No matter which color variant you choose, they all have a high-quality finish.

Like the previous one, this faucet is also reasonably simple to install. It comes with pre-installed flexible supply lines to make the installing process as simple as possible. Even if you have never done that before, you will find it pretty easy and quick to mount and install.

The use of ceramic disc valves guarantees the increased lifespan of this faucet. It exceeds the modern standards of longevity and performance and is made to last very long.

As you can notice, this faucet has a specific design. It looks modern, even futuristic, and can fit any modern-style bathroom. On the other hand, there is an oil-rubbed bronze color, which gives it a slight steampunk design, ideal for a different type of bathroom.

You can also order additional elements with the faucet. For example, Kohler is selling a package that includes a valve, a toilet paper holder, and a towel holder. However, you will have to pay slightly more for this package. On the other hand, they perfectly fit each other.

There is only one small downside when it comes to the bronze variant. Paint might start to fleak over time, and the warranty does not cover that issue. However, it seems to happen only with the bronze variant.

We can say that this is an outstanding faucet for any bathroom style. Besides, it can be a perfect fit for the kitchen, too. Note that Kohler offers a lifetime warranty, which is excellent.

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3. Delta Faucet 567-LF Bathroom Faucet

This faucet is a little bit different than the previous two. It has a sharper, but still polished design. As you can notice, there aren’t many curves. It won’t suit every bathroom, but if your toilet has a similar style, it will be the perfect fit.

Like most of the Delta Faucet products, this one also comes with a lifetime warranty. As long as you own this faucet, you will feel at ease since the company will fix every possible problem that pops up.

It is straightforward to install, and you will also get a short user manual, in case you run into any problems. It can fit both single-hole and three-hole configurations, as long as they are 4 inches. However, you will have to purchase a deck plate separately, if you want to install it into a three-hole configuration.

Like the first one that we reviewed, this faucet is also WaterSense labeled. No matter how much water you spend, it will still be 20 percent less than what you would have used with the classic faucet. Interestingly, you won’t even notice that you are spending less water, and performance won’t be compromised.

However, there is a small downside to this product. The fact is that the pressure on water is a little bit low. Although some people wouldn’t mind, the guys from Delta Faucet could do a better job.

We can say that this is a pretty decent product. It is very affordable, and yet, it offers satisfactory quality and has a pretty design. If you don’t mind a possible low pressure on water, this might be an excellent product for your bathroom.

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4. BWE Waterfall-style Bathroom Faucet

Waterfall-style faucets are not a new thing on the market. We know about them for years. However, this one has a very unique and sophisticated design. It is ideal for any bathroom and comes as a single-part faucet or in a package that contains three pieces.

If you buy a single-piece package, you will notice that it comes with a beautiful, handy lever. It is a bit curvy, might remind you of some old school devices, and looks great. If you order a package of three pieces, instead of that level, you will have two separate levers for hot and cold water. These also look amazing.

Depending on which variant you choose, it will have a different finish. However, it is mainly a visual difference. All of those are durable and will last long. There are a few different colors, including gold, black, copper, gold, and chrome. You can buy each of those as a single or three-piece faucet.

It is straightforward to install using just a few simple tools, such as a proper screwdriver. You will also receive a handy user-manual, but most probably, you won’t need it at all.

There is only one thing that we can find as a downside. The fact is that it can’t be completely secured to the sink so that it might move a little. It doesn’t move too much, but still, it might cause a feeling of slight discomfort to some people.

After all, having the price tag and quality in mind, we can say that this is a pretty satisfying faucet. If you don’t want to invest tons of money in a new valve, and still want a promising quality, it might be your best choice!

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5. BWE Single Handled Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

Another waterfall faucet, also made by BWE, but slightly different. The first thing to notice about this faucet is that it is relatively cheap, and still, it looks impressive. Although it might seem like there is a catch, we assure you that there isn’t one. This faucet is excellent.

With an oil-rubbed bronze finish, it looks antique. However, you can order the one with a different finish to suit your bathroom.  There are four styles to choose from, which include oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, chrome, and copper.

The faucet also has a very reliable ceramic cartridge. As the BWE company states, it can survive more than 500,000 openings and closings. It feels pretty nice in hand and is very easy to control. You won’t have to worry about accidentally releasing too much hot water.

Besides the faucet, you will also receive all the necessary hoses and other stuff that you need when installing. It is straightforward to install, and you will also get a brief user guide to help you out if you run into any problems.

The only downside that we found about this faucet is that it might be too loud. When you try to force too much water through a tight slit, it might produce some unpleasant sounds. However, some people wouldn’t mind that.

We can say that this is a pretty lovely faucet. It is very affordable and provides excellent quality for that price. Since there are four styles to choose from, it can fit many different bathrooms.

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6. Citterio Modern Faucet by AXOR Bathroom Faucet

There are two things that you will notice immediately about this faucet – its design, and its price tag. On the other hand, the style is not futuristic, or old-school, or anything specific and noticeable, it’s just plain and simple. Whether you would like it depends entirely on you. Notice that there are no multiple color styles; the company sells only one variant.

However, you should know that it is designed by Italian designer Antonio Citterio, who won praises and awards in international communities. Since the modern era brings minimalistic design, we can say that this is pretty much modern faucet, as the title says.

The company states that there will be no leaks during use. It has a solid-brass construction and a ceramic cartridge that ensures leak-free operation and long lifespan of the faucet.

It is a single hole faucet, but you can also install it on a three-hole construction. However, you will have to pay for additional items, such as baseplate, which will make the total price even higher. The truth is, it will be too much for most people.

As already mentioned, the only downside that we have found about this product is the price. Although it provides a mesmerizing quality, it costs too much.

So, if we considered all the good and bad things about this faucet, what would be the final decision? The truth is that this faucet is outstanding! It is definitely worth the price, but it is too expensive. However, if you can afford this faucet, then you can’t go wrong by buying one.

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7. Kohler Single-Handed Bathroom Faucet

Again, we are presenting you with a bit odd-looking bathroom faucet. At first glance, you can notice that it has a strange, but still charming design. It has only one control handle to control the output of hot and cold water.

The Kohler company sells this faucet in two variants. You can choose between a polished chrome finish and a vibrant brushed nickel finish. No matter which one you choose, you can’t go wrong. Both of them look amazing.

It has a ceramic disc valve that is meant to surpass the industry standards that we know today.  You can even notice it from the design itself; there are no excess parts that might break or get damaged. It has a minimalistic design and can withstand a long time of regular use.

As the company states, it will remain leak-free for years. Also, it will resist any corrosion and tarnishing. Besides, if you buy the faucet, you will also receive a Kohler lifetime warranty.

However, although it is a high-quality faucet, there is one small flaw that we have noticed. The fact is that due to its design, it can gather water from the user’s hands that will leave spots all over the faucet.

In the end, we can say that this is an outstanding faucet. Yes, it costs a bit too much but is still considered to be affordable. If you are looking for a high-quality faucet that will last for years and includes a lifetime warranty, this one might be your best choice.

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8. ENZO RODI Bathroom Faucet

If you are looking for a simple faucet on budget, that still provides excellent quality, this one might be your best option. It is very convenient, it looks nice, and it will fit any bathroom style. You can also choose between chrome and oil-rubbed bronze finish.

The body is made of full metal, so it is reliable and durable. It fits both single-hole and three-hole configurations, as long as they are 4 inches. The valve is also straightforward to install, and everyone can do it at ease.

Although it is pretty affordable, it still has some advanced features, like WaterSense. You can buy it at a meager price, and it will also save on water costs over time. This valve will pay off in the first few months of use.

The one with the chrome finish is similar to faucets that you can see in most homes. However, if you pay just a little bit more, you can buy an oil-rubbed bronze finish, which looks excellent and unique. Of course, it all depends on your taste.

The chrome variant comes with a lifetime warranty, while the other one comes with a 5-year warranty for the body and 1-year warranty for accessories. Those include leaks, drips, finish defects, and other similar problems that you might encounter.

However, you should now that the chrome variant has a low-quality handle. The fact is that it is not a real chrome finish, but instead a plastic that looks like that.

If you are looking for a way to get a decent and nice-looking valve at a reasonable price, this one is your best choice. It will fit almost any bathroom, and the company offers an exceptional warranty that you shouldn’t miss.

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9. KAIYING Bathroom Faucet with Pull Out Sprayer

This valve is something utterly different from all the others on this list. As you can notice, it looks just like any other faucet. However, to make it handier, you can pull out the sprayer, which makes it great for many different situations.

If you want to wash hair, wash the sink, or shower your pet, you will find it to be much simpler with the pull-out sprayer. After you have finished, put it back, and you will have a standard faucet again. We consider that to be a feature that many people would find handy.

The valve is made of high-quality material, such as high-grade brass that ensures continuing stability and promises a long lifespan. You can buy it in four different variants, depending on the finish. There is a black, brushed gold, chrome, and white finish. However, this is only a visual difference since the material is the same on every variant.

Note that this valve has some downsides, too. For example, it can be a bit tricky to install and has no English manual. If you find that to be a problem, you might need to call a plumber, which will additionally raise the total price.

If that is not a problem for you, then this might be a perfect way to improve the look of your bathroom. It is not only beautiful, but the pull-out sprayer also makes it very convenient. Be sure to check it out!

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10. VIGO Two Lever Bathroom Faucet

In the end, we are presenting you with a valve that mounts on the wall. Instead of handles, it has something like “levers” to adjust the water temperature. It has a minimalistic style, to be able to fit any bathroom. Furthermore, there are three beautiful finishes to choose from.

It has a high-quality, German-made ceramic Sedal disc to ensure the best quality. The company guarantees that it can endure more than 500,000 uses, while at the same time ensuring against leaks and dripping.

Another good thing is that variants don’t differ only visually. For example, a chrome finish is not a plastic that looks like that, but a real chrome. Besides that, there are rubbed-bronze and brushed nickel finishes. The nickel finish is made of 7 layers, to ensure the best quality.

However, if you don’t install the valve properly, it might cause leakages. In case you experience any leakages, you should call a plumber.

If you are looking for a bit odd-looking faucet, this one might be the way to go. However, don’t forget that it might be a bit tricky to install correctly, and calling a plumber will additionally increase the total costs.

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Buyer’s Guide

bathroom faucet reviews

If you are looking for the best possible bathroom faucet in terms of price and quality, then you should check out this guide. Buying a perfect faucet can be a tricky thing to do sometimes, but our guide will help you out.

Brand Reputation

Most of the time, it is a brand that can tell the quality of a specific product. Some brands have a long history of manufacturing perfect-quality products, and you should stick to them. Also, never buy a used faucet since it can waste your money without providing quality.

Faucet Finish

When buying a faucet, you should always consider its finish. The finish is the surface treatment of the valve. If you buy a faucet with stainless steel, solid brass, or chrome finish, you can be sure that it will resist corrosion and rusting. Besides, those finishes can look pretty nice.


Faucet style has nothing to do with the quality that it provides. However, if you want a beautiful bathroom, you should pay a lot of attention to matching it with the right faucet style. You should also know that there are faucets that can be a perfect fit for any bathroom, no matter what style it is.


Another thing that you should consider when buying a new faucet for your bathroom. Before you order, you should find your sink size and shape and decide whether it will match, without compromising the quality. You should also consider the whole mounting configuration, such as the countertop, wall, sink, and so on.

You should also pay attention to the supply water line fittings. The fact is that in most faucets, those will be compatible with the standard size fittings. However, some valves might require you to buy additional accessories to make them fit correctly. Note that purchasing that stuff can slightly increase the total price that you have to pay.

Other things to pay attention to

The first thing that we should mention here is the valve type. There are three primary types, which are compression, ball, and ceramic disk valves.  Most of the modern faucets use the cartridge or ceramic disc valve types, which seem to be the best. They are also easy to replace and will last for long periods.

When buying a new faucet, you should also consider the features that it provides. For example, faucets with pullout spray heads are magnificent, and you should have that in mind, too. Of course, in today’s modern era, a lead-free faucet is a standard. The truth is that valves that are not lead-free can harm your health.

Also, a faucet should be easy to install. Especially if you have never installed a valve before, you don’ want to run into trouble. Probably you don’t want to call a plumber, too. Most of the faucets offer an easy-to-install design, and the package will include a brief how-to guide. Be sure to check the manual before installing the faucet.

If you run into any trouble, you should call customer service if you are not sure how to solve the problem. It is much better than trying to repair something and then ending up with even more troubles. Sometimes the manufacturer’s website can give you all the answers that you have been looking for.

In the End

So, which one of these is the best bathroom faucet? In most cases, the best will be the most expensive one. However, we are looking for the best plumbing when it comes to the ratio of price and quality that it provides.

After reviewing all these faucets, we can say that the definitive winner is BWE Single-Handled faucet. At first, it has an excellent design. It looks amazing. Besides, the company sells it in four different variants, depending on the finish material, and all of them are great.

Also, it provides excellent quality and reliability. If you buy this faucet, you will be sure that you won’t have to replace it for an extended period. It can serve you for years without any troubles or maintenance costs.

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