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7 Best Comfort Height Toilets of 2021 – Tall Toilet Reviews

A toilet that’s the right height and that can be used safely and comfortably is important for everyone. But if you have a mobility issue, or share your home with someone who does, it’s essential.

Here, we take a look at seven of the best comfort height toilets on the market today. And our buying guide will help you choose the one that’s right for you.

TOTO GMAX CST744SL Drake 2-Piece Comfort Height Toilet
TOTO GMAX CST744SL Drake 2-Piece Comfort Height Toilet

  • 5 inch seat height
  • Excellent flushing system
  • Smooth contours make this easy to clean


The Best Comfort Height Toilet on the Market of 2021

1. KOHLER K-3589-95 Cimarron Chair Height Toilet

KOHLER K-3589-95 Cimarron Chair Height Toilet

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American manufacturers Kohler offers an impressive range of comfort height toilets. The first of three to make our list, the K-3589-95 offers chair height seating. The higher seat level makes standing and sitting far easier for anyone with mobility issues.

Another useful feature is the elongated bowl. This allows for more comfortable and secure positioning when using the toilet. And despite being longer than standard, the compact design takes up no more space than a traditional round-front bowl.

The powerful flush uses what Kohler calls an “AquaPiston” canister design. This enables water to stream down every side of the bowl. It makes for highly effective flushing and you won’t have to worry about clogged pipes.

An added bonus is that both the flush and refilling is quiet. Anyone getting up to use the loo in the middle of the night won’t disturb the whole household. It’s particularly good for en suite facilities attached to shared bedrooms.

It’s a good-looking toilet too, with clean lines. The classic two-piece design that will work with either traditional or contemporary bathrooms. And it’s available in a wide choice of colors – white, almond, ice-grey, sandbar and black – to coordinate with your suite.

The only downside in terms of style is the flush. It’s pretty basic for what is quite an expensive toilet.

Installation is straightforward. You’ll need to provide your own wax ring and flange bolts though. And be warned: there’s no toilet seat included in the package. On the plus side, that gives you the flexibility to choose something to fit your preferences.


  • Higher seat level makes this easier to use for anyone with mobility issues
  • Quiet yet powerful flush
  • Available in a wide choice of colors


  • The flush handle design isn’t as stylish as the rest of the toilet
  • You’ll need to buy the toilet seat, wax ring, and flange bolts separately.

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2. WOODBRIDGE T-0019, Dual Flush Comfort Height Toilet

WOODBRIDGE T-0019, Dual Flush Comfort Height Toilet

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The T-0019 from Woodbridge is a great choice for anyone looking for a modern, stylish loo.

Its one-piece design means it will fit beautifully into contemporary bathrooms. It comes in a choice of black or white, and has clean, sleek lines.

There are no sharp corners or grooves here. There’s also a skirted tramway. Together, these features mean this is an exceptionally easy toilet to keep clean.

So much for the aesthetics. But what about the specifications?

Well, the seat is at chair height, making sitting and standing easier. That’s a real bonus for anyone with arthritic hips or other mobility problems.

The seat itself has a soft-closing function. As well as making you feel like you’re in a high-end hotel, it avoids any clattering from nocturnal bathroom visits!

The seat is pre-installed, and it attaches to the body of the toilet with a stainless steel hinge. That means the hinge won’t harbor germs. And if, after a few years of use, you feel like it needs a deeper clean, it’s easy to unscrew it. The same goes for tightening it if it works loose.

There’s a dual flush so you need use only as much water as required. If you have a metered water supply, this can make a surprising difference to your bills over time.

The flush works by pressing a neat chrome button on the top of the toilet. The siphon design is quiet and powerful, and with the glazed bowl, you’ll rarely need to use a loo brush.

Unlike the Kohler model, you won’t have to buy any extras with this one. It comes with everything you need for installation.

In addition to the pre-installed toilet seat, the package includes a pre-installed water fitting, wax ring, and floor bolts. And there’s even a hand wrench tool to help you tighten the bolts in tight spaces.

So is there anything not to like?

Well, installation isn’t particularly easy. The main issue is that you can’t see the bolts if you’re working in a tight space.

Some people have found using the cameras on their smartphones a good way of dealing with this problem. Others have used tape on the floor and side of the toilet to provide guides.

And beware if you’re a cat owner! The skirted design creates a tiny hidey-hole at the back that will be irresistible to any self-respecting feline. If Puss disappears, you know where to look…


  • Stylish design that’s great for contemporary bathrooms
  • Comfortable, soft-closing seat
  • Comes with everything you need for installation


  • Tricky to install
  • Owners of curious cats may prefer a non-skirted design.

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3. Convenient Height Extra Tall Toilet

Convenient Height Extra Tall Toilet

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When a company calls themselves “convenient height”, you can have a good guess at the design feature they’re focusing on. And with this extra tall toilet, you’d guess exactly right.

The height from the floor to the top of the bowl is 20 inches. There’s an extra inch to the top of the toilet seat. That’s five inches higher than a standard toilet. And it gives you a very comfortable position for sitting and standing without too much effort or joint strain.

The design here is simple and classic. It comes in white only, and there are no awkward nooks and crannies to collect germs.

The height from the surface of the water to the seat is eight inches. So you won’t have any issues with unhygienic splashes.

There’s an elongated bowl for comfort. It’s 27 inches long by 14.75 inches wide, by 36 inches tall. The compact dimensions mean it will fit neatly into smaller bathrooms.

The base is structurally reinforced and is capable of bearing very high loads without issue. So there’s no need to worry about having that extra mince pie at Christmas!

This is another toilet with a dual flush, so it’s very water-efficient. A full flush will use 1.28 gallons, while a light flush will use just 0.9 gallons of water. The tall bowl also means that gravity gives extra power to the flush, avoiding blockages.

This comes with a soft-closing toilet seat. It’s fairly lightweight, but as long as it’s correctly installed it won’t budge. If you prefer a heavier or padded seat, it won’t be for you. And it’s narrower than some other toilet seats on our list.

Convenient Height set great store by the quality of their product. Every part of the surface is perfectly glazed – even the back, which no-one will see after installation.

The company is also keen to respond to customer feedback. The design of the flush handle has been improved following complaints about the previous, rather uninspiring version. There’s now a smart chrome handle.

And detailed troubleshooting guidance is available to avoid any pitfalls arising from installation.


  • The seat is five inches higher than that of standard toilets
  • Powerful and water-efficient dual flush
  • High quality finish and a real focus on customer service from the manufacturers


  • The toilet seat will be too narrow for some…
  • …and if you prefer a heavier weight seat, this won’t be for you.

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4. Kohler K-3658-47 Highline Classic Class Comfort Height Toilet

Kohler K-3658-47 Highline Classic Class Comfort Height Toilet

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If you’re looking for a comfort height toilet with a vigorous flush, the K-36548-47 from Kohler could be for you.

The second Kohler toilet to make our list, this one uses Class Five flushing technology. What’s that, you ask? Well, it uses a canister valve to generate power without using a lot of water. The result is best-in-class solid waste removal.

Press down on the flush, and it gives a satisfying gurgle and whisks away the contents of the bowl. Refilling is pretty quiet too.

Although this model doesn’t have a dual flush, it’s still efficient in its use of water. A single flush uses 1.28 gallons. That could generate an annual water saving of 16.5 gallons per year over standard toilets. That makes it a great option for environmentally-conscious consumers.

The seat height here is significantly higher than standard loos, though it’s not quite as tall as Convenient Height’s model.

The distance from the floor to the top of the seat is about 18 inches. That’s the same height as a standard chair. That makes it comfortable for people who may struggle to bend, without being awkwardly high for others.

There’s an elongated bowl too, adding comfort and security.

The design is two-piece, and will work best in more traditionally styled bathrooms. It’s available in a choice of white, biscuit, almond and black. The flush is positioned on the left – so make sure that will work with your bathroom layout.

It comes with all the hardware for installation, with the exception of the wax ring. You will, though, have to buy your own toilet seat.  Make sure you’ve got one ready to go, or you’ll have a frustrating wait to use your new loo!

We have heard of occasional issues with the porcelain around the base not arriving in a pristine condition. It’s a rare problem, but very frustrating if you don’t spot the stains until the toilet has been installed! Make sure you give it a careful check before you put it in place.


  • Powerful yet water-efficient flush
  • Elongated bowl for comfort and security
  • Comes with all hardware for installation (except the wax ring)


  • You’ll need to buy your toilet seat separately
  • We’ve heard of occasional issues with stains to the porcelain.

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5. TOTO GMAX CST744SL Drake 2-Piece Comfort Height Toilet Our Top Pick 

TOTO GMAX CST744SL Drake 2-Piece Comfort Height Toilet

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Another two-piece toilet with a simple yet attractive design, this model from TOTO has plenty to recommend it.

Its clean lines will look at home in either a traditional or a contemporary bathroom.

It comes in a range of colors to allow you to coordinate it with your other fittings. Choose from cotton white or colonial white – the latter being a slightly darker, off-white shade. There’s also bone, the creamier “Sedona beige” and black.

It’s smooth, fully glazed contours are easy to clean. And there are no awkward grooves or ridges to trap germs.

The seat height here is 16.5 inches, making it suitable for wheelchair users and others with mobility difficulties. There are a range of different Drake designs, though, so make sure you check the model number carefully. Only the CST744SL and CST744EL have this higher seat height.

The engineering focus with this toilet is firmly on the flushing system.

This uses a three-inch wide flush valve, 25% wider than standard. The extra-large GMAX siphon jet after which the range is named produces higher flow. This means water enters the bowl faster and leaves with more force. And the large trapway is fully glazed.

Together, these features give a strong flush and minimize any risk of blockages. The system is fast and quiet too.

You’ll use more water per flush, though, than with some other toilets on our list. The CST744SL uses 1.6 gallons of water every time. That’s 20 percent more than Kohler’s K-3658-47. And a staggering 78% more water than the light flush option of the Convenient Height toilet.

If you’re on a metered supply, or in an area that experiences water shortages, this won’t be the best option.

We’ve also heard of some quality assurance issues. Bases that aren’t as flat as they should be, or tank lids that don’t properly align. TOTO’s customer services have generally been responsive, however.


  • 5 inch seat height
  • Excellent flushing system
  • Smooth contours make this easy to clean


  • Not as water-efficient as other options
  • Some customers have experienced quality assurance issues.

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6. American Standard Cadet 3 Comfort Height Toilet

American Standard Cadet 3 Comfort Height Toilet

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American Standard’s Cadet 3 model has a smooth, clean design that will fit comfortably in any bathroom.

The two-piece design comes in only one color – pure white. But if that’s what you’re looking for, this is a toilet that offers plenty of features.

The seat height is 16.5 inches to the bottom of the toilet seat – about the same as a standard chair. If you’re looking for more height, there are better options out there. But as a toilet to be used by people with and without mobility difficulties, this is a good compromise.

The smooth finish with concealed trapway makes it easy to clean. And the ceramic surface is coated with a substance called “Ever Clean” to inhibit stains and mildew.

The design is round-fronted, which some people may find less comfortable. It does, though, require less space than toilets using elongated bowls. So if you’re looking for a toilet to fit a compact space, this could be a good choice.

This is another toilet with a slow-close seat. We think this is a great way of avoiding unwanted seat slamming. But if you prefer a heavyweight option, you’ll need to replace it.

The flush system is very efficient in its use of water. While there’s only one setting, it uses just 1.28 gallons each time it’s activated. And the “Power-Scrub” technology means the water hits the bowl at pressure. That means fewer occasions where you’ll need to get out the loo brush.

The one disadvantage with this toilet is installation – it’s a real pain. The instructions aren’t as clear as they could be, and we’ve heard of unhappy experiences with customer services. If this is the toilet you choose, we’d recommend having it installed by a professional plumber.

It’s not just the plumbing that’s tricky either. The soft-close seat is very awkward to adjust. Make sure you get your plumber to do that bit too!

But get past the issues with installation, and this is a compact, attractive toilet with some great features.


  • Slow-close seat for safe and quiet use
  • 5 inch seat height is a good option for toilets used by people both with and without mobility issues
  • Strong, efficient flush


  • Installation is very difficult. Call in a professional.
  • Adjusting the loo seat is tricky too.

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7. Kohler K-3889-0 Highline Comfort Height Toilet

Kohler K-3889-0 Highline Comfort Height Toilet

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The third and final Kohler on our list, step forward the K-3889-0. If you liked the American Standard but were put off by the installation issues, this may be the toilet for you.

The simple design will work whether you have a contemporary or classic style bathroom. It has a concealed trapway, so there aren’t any exposed pipes to collect dust and bacteria.

The height from floor to seat is about 18 inches. That’s about the same height as a standard chair.

This uses the same Class Five flushing technology as the K-3658-47. There’s a canister flush valve to generate lots of flushing power and reliable bowl clearance. And the flush handle itself is an attractive chrome bar (it sits on the left-hand side).

It’s nice and quiet, and you’ll use just 1.28 gallons of water every time you flush. That’s about a fifth less than standard toilets. There’s just a single flush option though, so you’ll still use a little more water than dual flush models.

But the ease of installation really is a selling point for this toilet. It comes with three pre-installed tank bolts which significantly reduce the time you’ll need to spend getting it in place.

There isn’t much not to like here – but Kohler could improve on their packaging. While the toilet is carefully packed to avoid damage – and we can’t argue with that – far too much of it is non-recyclable.


  • Simple, versatile design
  • Powerful and water-efficient flush
  • Installation is super-easy.


  • No light flush option
  • Too much non-recyclable packaging.

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Also check our guide on Bidet Toilet Seat!

Buying guide

If you’re still wondering how to choose the right toilet, wonder no more! Our buying guide will help you focus on the features to look out for.

How high is the right height?

tall toilets

You might be forgiven for imagining that “comfort height” is a standard height. In reality, the different models on our list vary significantly.

The Convenient Height toilet measures 20 inches from the floor to the bottom of the loo seat. The same distance for the Toto is 16.5 inches.

Taller toilets will better suit people who find it harder to bend. For those with more serious mobility issues, the Convenient Height model will be a winner.

But those used to conventional toilets may feel their legs are dangling in space – especially if they’re shorter. If the loo is going to be used by a range of people, a compromise option may have advantages.

The importance of the flush

chair height toilet

An effective flush is essential for hygienic toilet use. Look for options engineered to force through the water at pressure. They’ll mean the plunger and loo brush come out far less often.

And don’t forget to consider water efficiency. Toilets with dual flushes give you the option of selecting a light or full flush. They can save a lot of water. That’s good for the environment – and your water bills.

Installation and maintenance

Some toilets can be installed with relative ease by any competent DIYer. Others are trickier beasts.

An incorrectly installed toilet can cause all manner of problems. So check out reviews before you buy. And if your DIY skills are less than top-notch, factor in the cost of a professional plumber to your purchase.

And don’t forget cleaning. Look for smooth lines, covered trapways and stainless steel hardware to avoid germs gathering. Some toilets also have special coatings on the porcelain to avoid solid waste sticking to the surface.

Ready to choose?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our reviews of seven of the best comfort height toilets out there. And that our guide has given you all the information you need to be confident in your purchase.

Our favorite toilet is the TOTO GMAX CST744SL. We love its powerful flushing system and easy-clean design. And the 16.5 inch seat height is a good option for people of all levels of mobility.

Whichever model is right for you, a comfort height loo is a wise investment for anyone with restricted movement. Make your choice, and get ready to benefit from safe, comfortable trips to the smallest room.

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  1. Great Information. I am interested in helping seniors. One way is with tall toilets. Are there any concerns that would prohibit a senior from using the tall toilets you mentioned? I enjoyed your post and will be coming back. Be safe.

  2. As a person who suffers with those ‘mobility’ issues I find it incredulous that accurate heights to the TOP of the seat (what actually matters!) are not given on each and every model. It is so frustrating not only to learn that many manufacturers firstly consider 16″ as a suitable height for someone with bad knees but that there isn’t an industry standard and that few reviewers like yourself are capable of relaying the most important information to us.


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