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7 Best Corner Bathtubs of 2022 – Corner Tub Reviews

Everybody loves a nice hot bath after a rough day at work. It’s soothing, both physically and psychologically. But what happens when you don’t have space for a bathtub? Well, you could buy a smaller one. Tiny-house bathtubs can be as small as five feet, so you can squeeze one in.

But corner tubs are a more sensible option for tight bathroom spaces. They can measure 48 inches, sometimes less. And because they’re designed for corners, they won’t feel as compressed or squashed as a tiny-house tub. So how can you be sure you’ve bought the best corner bathtub?


The best Corner Bathtub on the Market 2022

1. Eago 1-Person Acrylic Whirlpool Corner Bathtub

Eago 1-Person Acrylic Whirlpool Corner Bathtub

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In the movies, corner tubs are used for a romantic effect. So even if you have your own tub at home, it can feel a little sad and lonely. Solve that problem by investing in a one-person tub. After all, you won’t feel you’re missing out when there’s no room for someone else.

The Eago One-Person tub takes self-love to a whole new level. You’re pampering yourself, and you deserve it! This whirlpool bathtub had 7 jets on the side plus a portable shower head. Its full drainage means there’s never any smelly stagnant water rusting in your pipes.

The tub has a convenient headrest to support your head and neck. It’s perfectly positioned to let you sit back and relax for some home-made chroma-therapy. And it’s black, so it camouflages greasy hair stains. It’s an acrylic bathtub, so it’s lightweight, long-lasting, and easy to keep clean.

This 59-inch whirlpool tub soothes your body and your mind. It doesn’t need much maintenance, and it drains on the right. It’s not cheap though, so start stashing those coins!


  • Its seven side jets all have back-flow valves.
  • It drains completely leaving nothing in its pipes.
  • It measures 59 inches by 39.4 inches so it’s a space-saving model.


  • It’s 25.6 inches high, so you’ll struggle climbing into it if you have weak knees.

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2. Symbolic Spas 2-Person Whirlpool Corner Bathtub

Symbolic Spas 2-Person Whirlpool Corner Bathtub

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Depending on how old you are – and what movies you enjoy – you may be wary of electric bathtubs. This phobia haunts anyone who enjoys 80s horror flicks. The kind with an ax, a misty mirror, and a hairdryer. But electronic bathroom appliances have come a long way since then.

Symbolic Spas 2-Person Whirlpool is the perfect example. It combines cozy comfort with supreme safety. This corner tub uses water jets and air jets to offer up to six massage modes. Both jets have separate pumps so they can function independently or in tandem.

Underwater LED bubs let you turn down the lights for a relaxing soak. You don’t even need the potential fire hazard of ‘sexy candles’ because its LEDs provide enough ambient illumination. To run your bath – pun intended – you can use your remote controller or your LCD touch panel.

You don’t have to worry about your water getting cold, because the tub has an inline water heater that keeps your bath temperature constant. You can soak until you shrivel and your water stays hot the whole time. Plus, the tub has Bluetooth and FM radio, so set up your soundtrack!

Symbolic Spas offer you waterproof neck cushions, multiple whirlpool jets, and tunes from your favorite radio station. The tub keeps the water warmer for longer, and disinfects the water too!


  • It’s 71 inches by 47 inches, with two individual headrests.
  • It has 6 rear jets and 13 air jets.
  • It has underwater lighting and a remote control option.


  • While the inline heater maintains your bathing temperature, you still have to pre-heat the water before you fill the tub. Be sure to set the right faucet temperature beforehand.

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3. Carver 2-Person Corner Soaking Tub

Carver 2-Person Corner Soaking Tub

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Not everybody wants fancy features and widgets. Some couples prefer a simpler approach to bath time. Maybe you live off the grid, or you’re serious about your carbon footprints. Or maybe those 80s horrors we mentioned earlier won’t let you mix power and water.

If that’s the case, this analog Carver soaking tub is just right for you. Its cozy inner contours offer a nice aesthetic touch. This is an acrylic tub, so it’s long-lasting and non-porous. But its surface is glazed with fiberglass, giving it more gloss and beauty. It resists scratches and stains.

This particular model is a bare-bones option for lovers of simplicity. But there are versions with 6 to 14 whirlpool jets, a vibrosonic massager, and an optional built-in heater. Carver is known for environmental care, molding its tubs out of recycled materials without carbon emissions.

If you’re looking for a green, no-frills tub for relaxing off the grid, this is a good choice. But get ready to bathe old school, boiling the water elsewhere and filling the tub one bucket at a time.


  • Its 70-gallon capacity gives you satisfying soak.
  • It measures 55 inches by 55 inches and has visually pleasing curves.
  • Its inner floor is slip-resistant so it’s less prone to accidents.


  • Most models have no drain so you’ll either have to drill one yourself or manually fill and empty your tub. You can ask the manufacturer to drill an overflow hole for you though.

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4. Jacuzzi Signature 60-inch Corner Bathtub

Jacuzzi Signature 60-inch Corner Bathtub

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Did you know Jacuzzi is a brand name? They make hot tubs, but they also make toilets and other types of bathroom hardware. This is important because walking into a hardware store and asking for a Jacuzzi could give you mixed results. You might not get the jet sprays you expect.

The Jacuzzi Signature 60-inch perfectly demonstrates this principle. Its pentagon-shaped exterior and curvy inner contours are reminiscent of the superman symbol. But it doesn’t have any ‘superpowers’ beyond the ability to keep water hot. It’s a no-frills acrylic soaking tub.

The bathtub has three contoured corner ledges that you can sit in as you soak. This means in theory, up to three people can use it at a time. Each corner bench has ergonomic lumbar support. The drain sits in the middle of the tub, which has 60-inch by 60-inch dimensions.

If you want basic features and a pretty, high-gloss finish, opt for the Jacuzzi soaking tub. It slopes at 25° for comfy back support, and its drain is centrally located for easier installation.


  • It has a broad footprint of 60 x 60 inches but is still shaped in a way that saves space.
  • Its three-cornered design makes it suitable for up to 3 simultaneous users.
  • Its floor is textured to prevent slips and falls.


  • While the outer pentagon is 60 x 60, the inner curves only reach 48 x 48 so you’re not getting as much tub as you think. It’s also fairly hefty at 151 pounds.

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5. Kohler Corner Bathtub

Kohler Corner Bathtub

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Just because your soaking tub is basic doesn’t mean it’s low-tech. This Kohler corner bathtub doesn’t have any whirlpools or air jets, but it applies superior ExoCrylic construction. This means the tub is made using four layers molded onto each other for improved performance.

The top layer is pretty and glossy, resistant to stains and scratches. The middle layer has a specialized bonding surface to prevent the top from slipping or scraping off. The third layer uses recycled plastic to help the tub retain its shape. It’s all held together by a bottom resin layer.

This ProFlex under-mounted tub has ExoCrylic technology. It’s 22 inches deep and has two handles. Unfortunately, its floor isn’t textured, so you might slip as you step into the bath. It doesn’t have a bottom drain. It does have a side drain though, which is ideal for sunken tubs.

This acrylic drop-in tub is easy to install and has all the necessary hardware. Its glossy top is FRP-grade while its supporting structure is ABS. Its holes aren’t pre-drilled though.


  • Its quadruple-layered ExoCrylic technology gives your tub a longer life.
  • It’s a green tub made of recycled raw materials.
  • It measures 54 x 54 inches and two people can use it comfortably.


  • You might mistake this for a three-person tub due to its contours, but it’s too small for your third wheel. Also, you’ll have to drill the drain yourself.

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6. Neptune Corner Tub

Neptune Corner Tub

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Lots of times, what you buy isn’t what you get, whether it’s a bathtub or a burger. You look at the picture, read the description, and check out the features. But in the case of the Neptune corner bathtub, a lot of these features are optional. And this isn’t always clear on the box.

The Neptune is a pretty, plastic bathtub that’s nearly 60 inches long and roughly 36 inches wide. Its outer edge curves in a wide arc, and the tub is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It holds about 56 gallons of water, which goes just short of 15 inches deep.

When you buy the tub, the holes are already drilled and tile flanges are included in the package. For anything else, you have to pay extra. These include optional heating, lighting, muffling, and any whirlpool jets. The back-rest can be heated as well if you want. It soothes your stress points.

If you buy the right settings, this is the best corner bathtub for sore muscles. It can massage your neck, back, and feet. But it doesn’t come that way out of the box, so you’ll need help shopping!


  • The tub has six color options including white, bone, gray, and black.
  • The curvy outer edge adds style and visual space.
  • It has two built-in arm-rests for comfy soaking.


  • This tub has lots of possible features, but you only get the shell when you buy it. You’ll have to give the supplier more specific instructions if you want extra bells and whistles.

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7. Ariel Corner Tub

Ariel Corner Tub

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It’s easy to fall in love with the heart-shaped footprint of this corner hot tub. Its drain is central, but if you prefer, you can choose a flexible drain position. It has a walk-in entrance for mobility-challenged users, and a corner lip bench if you just want to soak your feet.

This two-person tub has waterproof pillows and chrome bath faucets. Its LCD control panel is easy to use and features settings for temperature, volume, air bubbles, and water pressure. It has a built-in heater pump to keep water hot throughout your soak. You have to pre-heat the water.

It’s a short tub though. And because it has water jets at the bottom, cold water is introduced to the tub at intervals. This can be a problem because once inside the tub, the heater pump only retains your current water temperature. It can’t heat cold water that jets in from the bottom.

This tub looks good, feels great, and has its own soundtrack. But its FM radio can be problematic, because it’s set for top frequencies, so it may not catch the signal in remote areas.


  • It holds 98 gallons for a deep, satisfying soak.
  • The handheld showerhead offers directional flexibility.
  • It has 9 whirlpool jets for a comprehensive massage.


  • It only has a 220V version, so you’ll need a step-down adapter for 110V outlets.

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Buying Guide

The main reason for buying a corner bathtub is space. Or lack thereof. But just because it’s tiny doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped. Having a bigger tub could squash your bathroom even further. So let’s look at some tricks to help you pick the right bathtub for your space.

Bathroom Size

If you have a small bathroom, your intuitive response is to buy a small tub. But if the tub is too small, it could affect your perception. It could make everything else seem small too, giving your whole space a comic baby-like effect. A medium-sized tub might be better for aesthetics.

On the other hand, if your bathroom is on the bigger side, you might rush for a king-sized Japanese bathtub. But because of its exaggerated size, the tub might still crowd your bathroom. If your bathroom has extreme proportions, opt for a happy medium in your bathtub dimensions.

The color of your tub can affect your bathroom size too. It can’t make the walls any taller or the floors any wider. But it can create an illusion of length or depth. Consider pale colors to make the bathroom bigger. Black, dark brown, and navy tubs shrink the appearance of your bathroom.

Bathroom Shape

Square bathrooms aren’t the best for rectangular bathtubs. The tub will fill up half the room and leave you feeling claustrophobic. And apart from the visual squashing, air won’t circulate effectively. So your bathroom may feel stuffy and accumulate mildew, mold, and damp.

On the other hand, a bathroom that’s long and narrow may feel skewed by a rectangular bathtub. It will make the room seem to ‘sink’ in the direction of the tub. Especially if you ensconce it in the back corner of the bathroom. For narrow bathrooms, corner tubs work best.

The shape of your bathroom should affect the shape of the tub itself. Your bathtub might have a curvy shape molded into an angular frame. Your bathtub shape might mimic your sink, lampshades, shelves, or other fixtures and features in the room. It can create a pretty accent.

Drainage Location

Technically, the best corner bathtub sits at one corner of the bathroom. If the bathroom is especially narrow, it may fill the shorter end of the room. But not all corner tubs are equal. Some tuck onto one side, leaving the other wall exposed. Others have a curved edge.

With this kind of tub, you have to be careful with the drain. If you buy a wrong-facing tub, the drain may have no access to your plumbing. Before you go shopping, check whether your floor drain is centralized or off to one side. Make sure you buy a tub with the right drain position.

Along the same lines, think about your bathtub installation process. Most of the time, this involves aligning your tub drain with your floor drain. If your corner bathtub is a DIY project, pick something simple. Otherwise, you may end up paying for emergency plumbing services.

Cozy Corners

After assessing some of the features that inform your bathtub choice, we suggest you buy the Symbolic Spas Corner Bathtub. It’s a perfect fit for two, but it doesn’t over-crowd your small bathroom. Dual headrests keep you both comfortable, and its hi-tech features are impressive.

Your thermostat faucets heat water on its way into the tub, and inline heaters keep your water temperature constant. Its ozone sterilizes your water, your faucets, and your tub surface. Plus, it has an FM feed so you can listen to your favorite tunes so get your home spa today!

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