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10 Best Fogless Shower Mirrors of 2022

Fogless mirror is not only an easy-to-install upgrade for your bathroom but is also very helpful. If you ever tried to do your grooming or skin-care routine after taking a shower, you probably know how difficult it can be. However, that wouldn’t be a problem if you owned a fogless mirror.

There are two types of fogless shower mirrors, based on the way they work. The first ones use a chemical coating, while the other ones use a hot-water reservoir. Although the first ones are more compact for traveling, the ones with a hot-water tank will last for a lifetime.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best fogless shower mirrors. Be sure to check them out!

Upper West Rotating Shower Mirror
Upper West Rotating Shower Mirror
The mirror has a perfect suction lock to ensure that it won’t fall. You can mount and dismount it by rotating the suction cup.


The Best Fogless Shower Mirror on the market 2022

1. ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror

ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror

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This fogless mirror is one of the first that we should mention. It works with a hot-water reservoir and will last for years. Besides, there are also many satisfied customers all over the world, who guarantee the quality of this product.

It is pretty simple to mount on any shower surface, due to a sturdy double-sided tape. You don’t need a drill or any other tools, and there will be no damage to tiles or a wall.

ToiletTree sells this shower mirror in four different versions. The cheapest is the grey variant, which is also suitable for traveling. Besides grey and standard option, there is also a large mirror and the one that comes with soap dispensers on both sides. It’s also the most expensive one.

The only downside about this mirror is that it’s a bit difficult to remove. If you are not entirely sure how to do it, you might even damage your tiles. However, if you do it carefully once or twice, you will learn how to remove it easily every time you need to do so.

In the end, we can say that this is an excellent product, easy to use, and very affordable. If you are interested in buying a fogless mirror, be sure to check out this one.

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2. Brookstone Fogless Shower Mirror

Brookstone Fogless Shower Mirror

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A great feature that this mirror offers is LED lighting. Although it is relatively easy to see what you are doing while shaving in front of a fogless mirror, the built-in LED light makes it even more comfortable. Also, it offers an auto-shutdown feature so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the lights.

The mirror also has a lovely design. No matter if your bathroom is modern or old-school style, most probably, it will fit. It also has a stainless steel mirror; it’s shatterproof and shower-safe.

It also includes a razor holder, which makes this mirror a perfect accessory for your shower area. However, depending on your shower area size, it might be a bit bulky, so have that in mind.

One of the bad things about this mirror is that it comes with suction cups. It can stick to the wall pretty well but don’t be surprised if it falls. Double-Sided tape is a much better solution.

If we neglect the suction cups problem, this fogless mirror is a pretty decent product. It is affordable, provides excellent lighting, and can fit any bathroom style.

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3. ProBeauty Magnifying Fogless Mirror

ProBeauty Magnifying Fogless Mirror

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Anti-fog mirrors with magnification are usually hard to find. However, this one has a 5X magnification and still offers some other great features. For example, it is entirely shatterproof in case it falls, but yet, it is designed not to fall.

It also has an integrated razor hook. Shaving in the shower is a great thing, and with this mirror, you don’t need any extra hooks or storage for your razor.

Although we mentioned that double-sided tape is a much better solution than suction cups, this mirror comes with a cup that will never fall. It forms a strong suction and is very easy to handle. You have to rotate it clockwise to apply suction and counterclockwise to detach it from the wall.

However, a 5X magnification might be too much for shaving. The fact is that, if you want to shave correctly, you will have to be three inches or less to maintain focus. Some people might find that to be a big problem.

The truth is, this mirror provides excellent quality and functionality, but the magnification might be a significant downside. If you are used to being close to a mirror when shaving, it won’t be a problem for you. Otherwise, you might want to search for an alternative mirror or the one without magnification.

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4. iDesign Fog-Free Shower Mirror

iDesign Fog-Free Shower Mirror

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Compared to other mirrors that we listed, this one is truly unique. The exciting thing is that it connects directly to the power source. It means that you won’t have to care about the hot water, about filling the tank, or anything similar. You can adjust the water level by rotating the valve near the mirror.

The mirror comes with a flexible arm, so you can adjust the height and placement until you make the perfect fit. Since the mirror is not bulky, it can also be ideal for a kid’s bathroom. Besides, it is made of robust and durable plastic, which ensures years of use.

The only flaw that we found about this shower mirror is the installation process. You will have to remove the showerhead and attach the mirror directly to the water source. If you don’t do it correctly, it might lead to leaks and lower water pressure, so be sure to use Teflon tape when putting everything back together.

In the end, we can say that this is a great shower mirror, ideal for any bathroom. You can’t go wrong if you decide to get this one.

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5. A Budget-Friendly Fogless Mirror

A Budget-Friendly Fogless Mirror

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This mirror does not offer any special features, and you won’t be amazed by the way it works. However, if you are looking for a fogless mirror on a budget, this is the perfect solution for you.

It comes with a rope so that you can attach it anywhere you like. There won’t be any suction of falling problems, and you can easily remove it whenever you wish. Besides, it is small and compact and is an ideal suit for any bathroom.

You will also get a hook that you can attach to the wall and hang the mirror. The hook has a double-sided tape and will hold firmly on the wall, but you can still connect the mirror anywhere else you want – for example, on a curtain rod.

Please note that although it is better than a casual mirror, the reflection still won’t be brilliant. It will have a tiny amount of fog, but again, its better than being completely blurry.

If you are looking for a high-quality, high-end fogless mirror, this one won’t do the job. However, if you want a mirror on the budget, this mirror is, by all means, the best solution.

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6. ToiletTree Large Fogless Mirror

ToiletTree Large Fogless Mirror

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This mirror is a perfect solution for everybody looking for a large shower mirror. It is 20% larger than a regular mirror, and the ToiletTree company guarantees that it will be fogless for years.

For a bit more cash, you can get the version with two dispensers, in chrome or black color. They are ideal for holding up to 16 ounces of your favorite shampoo, soap, or bath gel. You can notice that there is also a razor holder at the bottom part of the mirror.

It works with a water chamber and requires no annoying fog-free sprays. Besides, it is attached to the wall with self-adhesive tape and is designed not to fall.

You might find it a bit hard to adjust, but due to its size, you won’t have to do too much adjustment. You can notice that it looks like a big computer display.

However, the fact is that LED lights are pretty much useless. They will be noticeable only if you get 3-4 inches from the mirror; otherwise, they won’t have any impact on the reflection.

Still, compared to all the other large mirrors, this is one of the best. If you don’t care about the LED lighting and still want a large shower mirror, then this is your best choice.

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7. Mirrovana Fogless Shower Mirror

Mirrovana Fogless Shower Mirror

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Another great fogless mirror, made by Mirrovana. This mirror works with a chemical that we mentioned earlier. You have to spray it periodically to create a specific fog-resistant coating.  When the layer is on, it will be perfectly protected from the fog and will provide an excellent, sharp reflection.

It installs using a suction cup, which is very solid and sturdy. You can also attach it on flat surfaces like enamel, marble, glass, porcelain, and many other materials. It will hold firmly and won’t fall.

Besides, it is light and compact, which makes it great for travel and frequent use. It is shatterproof so that you won’t have to worry about the broken glass or accidentally hurting yourself.

The only flaw that we could find about this mirror is that it fogs relatively quick. After you spray it, it will probably start to fog within the next couple of days.

However, it’s still a great product, having in mind that it is pretty cheap and provides decent quality.

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8. ART+SOUND Bluetooth Shower Mirror

ART+SOUND Bluetooth Shower Mirror

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This mirror is truly unique and different from all the others on this list. As you can notice, it provides many more features than just being a fogless mirror.

At first, it has a wireless splash-proof speaker. It allows you to listen to music or your favorite radio while showering. You can also pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled mp3 player, tablet, or laptop. Also, you can take phone calls directly using the built-in microphone with just the push of a button.

Although it looks like too much technology, you should now that everything is entirely water-resistant and can’t be damaged by water. Also, the mirror will hold firmly and is shatterproof in case it falls. However, it is designed not to fall.

One awkward thing is that the device produces some strange and slightly unpleasant noises while charging.

Anyway, if we neglect the awkward-noise stuff, we can conclude that this mirror is exciting and useful. There are not many fogless mirrors that allow you to listen to your favorite radio and directly accept phone calls.

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9. Upper West Rotating Shower Mirror (Our Top Pick)

Upper West Rotating Shower Mirror

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Most probably due to its simplicity, this mirror is currently among the top-rated and top-selling ones. The good thing is that you don’t need any anti-fog sprays or even a hot-water tank. You need to splash it with hot and soapy water once during each shower, and it will be completely fog-free.

It can rotate 360-degrees, allowing you to find the perfect position. However, it doesn’t only turn left and right, but can fully rotate in any direction. When you order, you will also get a bonus razor holder for free.

The mirror has a perfect suction lock to ensure that it won’t fall. You can mount and dismount it by rotating the suction cup.

However, depending on your shower tiles, the suction might not always work correctly. While attached to specific materials, it will fall after a couple of minutes.

Anyway, this is a pretty decent mirror, but – don’t expect too much.

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10. ReflectXL Fogless Mirror

ReflectXL Fogless Mirror

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This mirror is similar to the rope mirror that we mentioned. It also hangs on a rope and is very hard to break, ensuring your safety. To remove the fog, pour the hot, soapy water over the mirror, and that’s it. It will be completely fogless.

The company sells this mirror in five colors, which look lovely and cost the same. When you order, you will also get hooks that you can mount on the wall with self-adhesive tape that will hold firmly.

However, we have noticed that the mirror finish will quickly start to come off at the bottom edges. If you don’t want that to happen, you will have to pay extra attention to the mirror, which might become a bit exhausting over time.

In the end, if you are looking for a decent and affordable mirror, this one might suit your needs. Be sure to check it out!

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Buying Guide

Shower Mirror

Buying the perfect fogless shower mirror can sometimes be a bit tricky job. There are a few things to consider, and if you have never owned one, you might make a mistake. That’s why we have prepared this guide for you. Be sure to check it out!


Mounting is one of the first things that you should consider. There are three primary types of mounting, which include wall-mounted, hanging, and free standing mirrors.

Wall-mounted is usually the best and the most common. It is good because of two reasons – it provides easy accessibility, and it also saves space. If you never had a shower mirror before, this might be the best to consider.

Hanging mirror is usually a mirror that hangs on a rope. It is good because you can hang it almost anywhere you like. It is recommended if you have a rainfall shower.

Free standard mirrors usually come with a stand on which the whole mirror rests. You should choose carefully between these three, depending on your needs and on what type of shower you have.

The Temperature of the Water Steam

No matter which mirror you buy, it should have a label that says what temperature can it withstand. The fog on mirrors appears due to hot steam while showering, and you should know what temperature it is suitable for.

For example, if the temperature is usually too hot, it might be bad for self-adhesive mounting. It might fall off and break. Even if the mirror is high quality, you shouldn’t create the temperature that is higher than recommended.

Safety First

Fogless Shower Mirror

Safety is essential when it comes to fogless shower mirrors. There are many things to consider, but the most important one is the quality of the glass. It should be tempered and shatterproof since you don’t want it to fall off and break while you are in the shower. It might cause severe damage.

How Often Do You Travel?

If you travel a lot, you might prefer to always carry the mirror with you. It can come handy anytime. However, not all of those mirrors are suitable for travel. It is advised to choose the one with a suction cup. It will be much more challenging to carry the mirror with hot water always with you. Even if there is no water inside, the water canister usually makes it significantly bigger.

How to Keep the Condensation Away?

If you want to keep the condensation away, there are only two possible solutions. You can choose either a fogless mirror or a heated shaving mirror. However, both of them have their pros and cons.

When it comes to a fogless mirror, you should know that it is designed to repel the moisture. With special technology, the water will resist, and you don’t have to worry about any power supplies. These mirrors are almost always powerless.

A heated mirror is slightly different. It uses a power supply to heat the mirror to a similar temperature as the space around it. If the temperature is similar, it won’t condenstate. Compared to fogless mirrors, these are usually much better and much more effective. However, they are not ideal for traveling and often require special connectors. Also, they have to be fixed to the wall, and will usually cost much more than fogless mirrors.

Benefits of Fogless Mirrors

At first, the good thing is that you can install and fully adjust them in your shower area. That can help a lot while shaving while showering, and will prevent cuts and missing areas. Also, you don’t have to worry about electric. Just install it, and that’s it.

Another good thing is that installing a fogless mirror requires no particular parts. The installation process is straightforward, and all the elements that you need will be included in the package. Also, you can detach it and mount somewhere else whenever you want to.

Fogless mirrors are usually very affordable, and you can buy them for less than $15. If you don’t want to shave in a humid area anymore, a fogless mirror is a cheap, and yet a perfect solution.

As already mentioned, if you travel frequently, a fogless mirror is the best option for you. At first, those mirrors are usually small and compact, and won’t take lots of space while you carry them. Besides, most of them come with suction cups, so you can quickly mount and dismount them wherever and whenever you like.

However, some fogless mirrors use a fog-free coating to repel water and humidity. The problem is that it needs recoating over time. Some mirrors need recoating after a few years of use, but some need that much more frequently. Have that in mind if you decide to buy a fogless mirror.

Choosing the Winner

All of the mirrors that we listed are great in some way. However, when it comes to the ratio of price and quality that a mirror provides, which one is the best fogless shower mirror?

Among all the mirrors, the one made by Upper West seems to be the best. It is very affordable and straightforward to use. Just splash it with hot and soapy water while showering, and that’s it. There will be no fog.

Besides, it has a minimalistic design, which makes it a perfect fit for almost any bathroom style. Also, a unique flexible arm makes it ideal for soft adjusting. No matter where you put it, you can find the best adjustment (position) to fit you.

However, if you decide to buy a mirror that is not on the list, be sure to check out our buying guide. We are sure it will help you a lot!

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