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10 Best Hot Tub Covers of 2022 – Spa Cover Reviews

A hot tub is a great investment for your wellbeing. It lets you pamper yourself at will, massage bubbles and all! Unfortunately, hot tubs do raise utility-based expenses. Especially your power and water bills. But there’s a lot you can do to reduce running costs.

One important step is getting the best hot tub cover you can afford. It keeps bugs, pets, pests, and precious electronics out of your tub. Plus, hot tubs take 12 to 24 hours to warm up, and a good got tub the cover can speed up that process. Let’s explore a few popular options.

MySpa Hot Tub Cover
MySpa Hot Tub Cover

  • You can customize its measurements, skirt length, strap length, shape, and choose one of ten colors, so your spa cover will be uniquely tailored to your tub.
  • The manufacturer gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee and adds a 5-year warranty.
  • It’s double-stitched for strength and aesthetics.


The Best Hot Tub Cover on the Market of 2022

1. Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Hot Tub Cover

Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Hot Tub Cover

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Designated hot tub covers are pricy, so sometimes, you want a more affordable substitute. The Classic Accessories Ravenna hot tub cover measures 94 inches by 94 inches, so it will for the average hot tub regardless of its model or brand. It’s 14 inches high with an elasticated hem.

The hem has a toggle attached, so you can tighten or loosen the band to fit your hot tub better. The Ravenna cover is weatherproof, relatively cheap, and has a limited lifetime warranty. The cover is a blend of Gardelle One woven polyester, laminated on the bottom for waterproofing.

If your tub is outdoors, small animals like rodents, raccoons, or even pets might jump on the cover, scratch at it, or try to get under it. Ravenna double-stitches its covers, both for aesthetics and to strengthen the seams against being torn open. It also has extra buckles to hold it in place.

For a quick, simple solution to your hot tub cover needs, get a Ravenna Square Cover from Classic Accessories. It looks good, blends into your décor, and is gentle on your pocket.


  • Its inner surface is laminated to make it waterproof.
  • Its outer surface is treated with UV protection to reduce fading and slow down disintegration.
  • It has double-stitched ventilation that releases trapped air, reducing condensation, evaporation, and musty smells.


  • It’s waterproof, but it’s still polyester, so it may not hold against heavy snow or hail.

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2. The Cover Guy Deluxe Tapered hot tub Cover

The Cover Guy Deluxe Tapered hot tub Cover

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The longer the warranty, the better the quality. So when you get a product guaranteed for 7 years, you know you’re in luck. The Cover Guy Deluxe hot tub cover has that and more. Rather than elastic hems or tie-downs, it’s secured with buckles that are child-proof and pest-proof.

And in case those kids or rodents try to turn your tub cover into a trampoline, its high-density padding lowers their chances of the sinking into it. (Though you should never leave kids around the tub unsupervised. They’re uniquely skilled at working around the toughest safety measures!)

Regardless of your hot tub type, The Cover Guy Deluxe fits to a tee because they’ll call you to confirm your tub measurements, then send you a snug cover. Its padding is 5 inches thick. And because the cover has a taper down its middle, any heavy water, sleet, or snow slips right off!

If your hot tub is inflatable, you can bring it in for the winter. But if it’s a permanent fixture, invest in this all-weather hot tub cover. It will keep your tub safe until the sun comes out.


  • It comes in a dozen colors to suit your decorative style and theme.
  • The manufacturer calls you to get your tub dimensions so they can customize your cover and tailor an exact fit.
  • Its tapered center lets snow and ice slide off, making it ideal for winter coverage.


  • It can be customized to a perfect fit, but only for tubs up to 96 inches.

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3. MySpa Hot Tub Cover Our Top Pick 

MySpa Hot Tub Cover

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Leather gives everything a luxurious feel. But while it’s waterproof, it’s not intended for constant water exposure. That’s why this leather-looking hot tub cover isn’t actually made of leather. Instead, it’s made of 30-oz marine-grade vinyl. It’s available in ten gorgeous shades.

This tub cover comes fully customized – the manufacturer will fit it exactly to your tub. They’ll adapt your preference of everything from strap length to skirt size. But they can only apply the dimensions you give, so measure carefully to avoid mistakes that you will later blame in them.

This hot tub cover has R-21 insulation foam in the middle, made from virgin EPS. The tub cover weighs 60 lbs and conserves energy. It’s a suitable all-weather cover.


  • You can customize its measurements, skirt length, strap length, shape, and choose one of ten colors, so your spa cover will be uniquely tailored to your tub.
  • The manufacturer gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee and adds a 5-year warranty.
  • It’s double-stitched for strength and aesthetics.


  • Because it has to be tailored to your needs, it may take a little longer to deliver.

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4. Beyond Nice 6-Inch Hot Tub Cover

The best hot tub cover is the one included in your original hot tub package. The next best cover is one you can customize to your tub specifications. Beyond Nice hot tub covers have nine points of customization. They’ll call you and ask about color, shape, fabric thickness, and foam density.

You can choose a skirt up to 6 inches thick; decide on strap location, length and strength; or tell them which way you want it to fold. You can also get extra features like added insulation, vapor barriers, hinges, and handles. Don’t forget to confirm the dimensions of your hot tub.

Beyond Nice covers weigh 55 pounds and can be round or square up to 96 inches. They’re made from 28-oz marine-grade vinyl, padded with EPS foam, and lined with a galvalum c-channel. You can get from 4 to 8 tie-down straps, and each cover has a pair of nylon handles.

This tub cover offers complete customization with multiple metrics. You can buy it with or without a skirt, and you can leave it on the tub year-round, even in winter.


  • It has 12 color options from tan to teal.
  • It has a 5-year warranty for thermal insulation.
  • It has a 2-inch taper that lets precipitation slide harmlessly to the ground.


  • After you make your order, you have 10 days to respond to their email and send them your tub specs. If you don’t, they’ll cancel your order. So don’t forget to check your spam folder for your order confirmation.


5. Classic Accessories Veranda Round hot tub Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda Round hot tub Cover

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Your hot tub cover is intended to protect your tub from weather, dirt, and the effects of nosy kids, pets, or pests. It can also be used to heat the tub faster as you prepare for your soak. This round Veranda cover from Classic Accessories is a good choice on all counts.

Even though it’s not your original hot tub cover, its drawstrings help it fit right. It has air vents stitched into it, allowing your spa to ‘breathe’ without letting in moisture. The woven Gardelle polyester material of your cover is anti-carcinogenic and has fade-free UV protection.

This round cover works for tubs with up to 84-inch diameters. Each cover has a 3-year limited warranty and has padded handles for easy maneuvering. All this makes it a smart purchase.


  • Its elasticated drawstring ensures a snug fit.
  • It’s buckle straps hold it in place despite strong winds.
  • Its air vents are covered with flaps to maintain waterproofing.


  • The cover is waterproof and fade-resistant, but it’s not insulated or padded.

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6. Pool Spa Any-shape Hot Tub Cover

Pool Spa Any-shape Hot Tub Cover

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When a manufacturer suggests you can use your spa cover as a fish pond liner, you may giggle, at least at first. Then you may get concerned about their thought process. Or – depending on who you are – you might be impressed by their resourcefulness and ingenuity.

We choose to focus on what features this ‘unusual spa cover side gig’ represents. For example, you can be sure it’s waterproof, and that insects can sub-terranean pests can’t burrow through it. The Pool Spa cover is also windproof, secures with side buckles and elasticated corners.

It has a drawstring hem, so you can adjust it into a snugger fit. And since it barely weighs 3lb, it’s easy to position over your hot tub. You can order it in 130G fabric, which lasts two-and-a-half to three years, or in 150G fabric that can stretch its lifespan to four years.

This hot tub cover may seem flimsy, but it’s pretty tough and is designed for outdoor use. But the manufacturers themselves admit they don’t do returns except for ‘size and seller mistakes’.


  • It has wind-proof buckles on the sides and elastic belts at each corner.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to install.
  • It’s 100% waterproof and has built-in UV protection.


  • The manufacturer is openly finicky about returns, so be careful what you order.

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7. ULT Hot Tub Cover

ULT Hot Tub Cover

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Many hot tub replacement covers are made of polyester. The ULT is tougher because its 600D polyester construction is blended with canvas for extra weight and strength. Its skirt is longer too, at 20 inches. Top-side, it will fit a tub of 85 x 85 inches. It’s waterproof and eco-friendly.

To strengthen its seams, they’re double-stitched and taped. And its drawstring is half-way down its skirt rather than being positioned at the hem. The hot tub cover as two air vents to assist air circulation and prevent under-cover condensation. It has anti-scratch and UV protection.

Because the ULT is intended to fit over an existing hot tub cover, it has 2 inches of lag on all sides. Meaning it measures 87 inches square. It has a 3-year warranty and side buckles for added wind protection. It weighs a little under 10 pounds and is a neutral gray shade.

With the combined benefits of adjustable elastic drawstrings, buckled straps, and an extra-long skirt. The ULT hot tub cover is a useful purchase. You can’t use it on its own though.


  • Its warranty specifically addresses waterlogging.
  • It has a built-in vapor-proof barrier.
  • It’s made of 600D polyester canvas.


  • The cover has no built-in padding so it won’t insulate your hot tub.

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8. Spa Cover Thermal Hot Tub Cover

Spa Cover Thermal Hot Tub Cover

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Your hot tub will be idle for most of winter. And while it may have its own cover, it doesn’t hurt to get extra protection. This Thermal Spa cover is designed to support the spa cover you already have. Especially if yours isn’t waterproof. It’s thermal so it keeps your pump parts from freezing.

It also retains heat and reflects light, so when snow does fall on your cover cap, it will warm up and melt right off. The thermal cover has an elastic bottom, so it’s easy to slip it over your tub. It’s 8 feet by 8 feet by 12 feet, so it can fit tubs up to 96 inches. It’s made of durable polyethylene.

This isn’t the best choice to replace your original hot tub cover. But if you want a cover cap to extend the lifespan of your existing tub cover, especially during the winter, this works.


  • It has an elastic hem for easy fitting.
  • It’s waterproof and sun-proof.
  • Its silver coating is reflective, so it’s better at melting snow.


  • It’s intended to sit on top of your existing spa cover, so it’s not self-contained.

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9. Leaf Net Round hot tub Cover

Leaf Net Round hot tub Cover

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Outdoor tubs are great in the warmer months and largely ignored during winter. But they can be a nightmare in the fall, given all those blowing leaves and debris. You can solve that problem with the aptly named Leaf Net micro-mesh hot tub cover. It’s designed for round tubs of 8.5 feet.

The material used to make the cover is PVC netting. It’s durable but pliable, so you can easily fold it when you’re not using it. It’s weatherproof, with built-in UV protection. The mesh is packed tight, so it can keep out fine dust, bugs, and twigs. It only weighs 1.5 pounds.

The Leaf Net cover is adequate for keeping out pests and debris. But it doesn’t float, so you may have to put inner tubes or pool noodles below it if your home spa is on the larger side.


  • It’s lightweight, foldable and comes with a zipped carrier bag.
  • Its micro-mesh can block out the tiniest of particles.
  • It has a c-channel along its rim to help retain its shape.


  • It won’t stay put in strong wind, so you’ll have to weigh it down with water bags.

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10. Empire Hot Tub Cover

Empire Hot Tub Cover

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Some hot tub covers pride themselves on double-stitching. It makes seams more resistant to tearing. But there are other ways to do it. Empire – for example – welds its seams ultrasonically to ensure they’re waterproof and can resist mold, mildew, and dust. These seams are breathable.

Beyond the seams, Empire’s hot tub cover has an elastic hem you can easily pull over your 86 x 86 inch tub. The cover also has a 14-inch skirt. You can order the cover in nutmeg, tan, or tweed, and it has a top coating to protect it against ultraviolet radiation. The fabric is spun, not woven.

This cover is pretty but its thickness is minimal. It doesn’t have foam padding, so while it won’t absorb moisture or experience water damage, it won’t keep your hot tub water warm.


  • Its polypropylene fabric has three layers to keep it waterproof and prevent UV damage.
  • The middle layer is breathable with ultrasonic seams
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • This tub has micro-pores but no padding, so it’s not ideal for insulation needs.

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Buying Guide

How often do you drop your phone in the toilet? Once you install a hot tub, that risk increases. And it extends to eReaders and laptops as well. Installing the right hot tub cover drastically reduces that risk. It can also prevent energetic kids and pets from taking unplanned dips.

But not just any tub cover will do. You want to buy the best hot tub cover to ensure maximum protection. Both for your hot tub and your housemates. And it’s not just about that price – that’s the least of your concerns. Beyond dollars and cents, what other qualities should you look for?

Weather Patterns

Most hot tubs are installed outdoors. But even if they’re inside, prevailing weather affects your home spa. Typical hit tubs are locked away during winter months because temperatures below 40 ºF can ruin your pump. The rest of the time, you’ll worry about rain, wind, and fallen leaves.

If your neighborhood is windy, you need a cover tough enough to withstand gale forces. And secure enough to avoid being blown off. During the dry season, animals might seek water in your yard. So your tub cover will battle the claws of squirrels, raccoons, and other critters.

For areas that have temperature extremes, your hot tub cover may expand and crack in the heat, then contract and shrink when it gets cold. This can damage the cover even as it protects your hit tub. So invest in a tub that can toggle those polarities without getting spoilt.

Moisture Protection

One of the functions of your hot tub cover is heating. During the 12 to 24 hours when your water is warming up, you don’t want the tub water to evaporate. If it does, your pump and jet holes could be exposed, which can damage them. Evaporation also wastes water and electricity.

So while the outside of your hot tub cover should be waterproof, the inside should prevent water loss. Some tub covers are padded with foam on the inside, but make sure it’s the right type of passing. Otherwise, this consistent moistening could make your cover develop mildew.

Apart from controlling condensation and evaporation, your hot tub cover needs to retain heat. Moreso when you’re using it for prep. You’re preheating the tub before you step into it, so you don’t want your heating power going to waste. Thicker covers old heat better.

On the other hand, it’s hard to lift a heavy cover by hand. So if you do buy something dense, you may have to spend extra money on a cover lifter. These are mechanical or electronic devices that shift the cover off the tub. Unless you’re willing to buy one, opt for a lighter hot tub cover.

Proper Fitting

Hot tubs from different brands have slight differences, even if they’re the same size and capacity. Their pump nozzles, filters, and drains don’t have identical shapes or locations. This means the cover may jut in various positions or hang loose in others. Tub covers are rarely universal.

Most tubs come with original covers as part of your purchase package. So the hot tub cover you’re shopping for is probably a replacement. Try to buy the same brand and model as your hit tub. This guarantees the right fit, and you might even get an owner’s discount on your cover.

If that’s not possible, consider getting a customizable cover. This type of cover might have drawstrings or Velcro straps. Meaning it can be snugly adjusted around the shape and size of your tub, even if it’s not designed for your model or brand. It offers flexibility of use.

Extra Features

These aren’t essential, and they can drive your price up slightly. But if you can afford them, they’re good to have. For example, you could buy a hot tub cover with a c-channel. This steel bar runs along the perimeter rim of your hot tub cover, weighing to down to battle strong wind.

The c-channel can also prevent children and small animals from prying the cover off. Safety locks can help with this function too. Their latches are easy for adults but near-impossible for kids and wildlife to figure out. You could check the R-value, which describes heat retention.

Or you could check the type of plastic used to make the cover. Marine-grade-vinyl is a good choice. It’s tailored for seafaring, so it can withstand sharp rocks, powerful waves, and routine household manhandling. Verify its weight. 26 to 34 oz is best, preferably with UV protection.

Cover it up!

To be sure you’ve bought the best hot tub cover, you need to look past the price, and that’s what we’ve tried to do. So with all that in mind, Our favor is MySpa Hot Tub Cover. It fits tubs up to 96” and has a 5-year warranty with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer.

It’s a customized cover, and they’ll call you and ask the exact dimensions you need, including color, shape, and skirt. Its foam is EPS and its vinyl is 30-oz marine-grade. It has comfy handles and double-stitched seams for durability. In our opinion, it’s the best hot tub cover for you.

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