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10 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs of 2022 – Blow Up Hot Tub Reviews

We usually think of inflatable tubs as kids’ toys. Something to distract them during hot summer days. Conversely, we think of hot tubs as more grow-up playthings. They offer a sensual element, but they seem too luxurious and pricy for everyday use. But what if we combine them?

The best inflatable hot tub is one that merges these elements. It’s a blow-up bath, which means you can put it away between uses, so it won’t clutter your bathroom. It’s both sensuous and playful in its features and visual design. Below is a list of ten options we find impressive.

Coleman SaluSpa Portable Hot Tub
Coleman SaluSpa Portable Hot Tub

  • It’s easy to set up, inflate, drain, and dismantle. Each process takes a few minutes.
  • The tub includes a cover and repair kit. The kit has patches and simple instructions.
  • Its control panel is auto-clocked to stop you from accidentally changing your settings.


The Best Inflatable Hot Tub on the Market 2022

1. Coleman SaluSpa Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Our Top Pick 

Coleman SaluSpa Portable Inflatable Hot Tub

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Whether you want to unwind after a long day or have an adult spa party, Coleman SaluSpa meets your needs. It can seat between 4 and 6 people per session, and you can enjoy a relaxing hot tub soak for hours. It holds 254 gallons and is so soothing you might fall asleep inside it!

This is where the half-hour switch-off comes in. Remember, this tub elevates your body temperature, so if you soak too long, your skin could shrivel up and you may get woozy. So every thirty minutes, the massage function and water filter turns off to save power.

You can turn it back on in thirty-minutes increments. The inflatable hot tub is easy to operate, with all its valves, adapters, min/ax water level clearly labeled. You can fill the tub with a regular garden hose. The tub has a cover included and comes with a chemical float.

The Coleman Spa is easy to use, with intuitive buttons for heat and massage system. Both systems hibernate automatically after 72 hours, and it’s TriTech ‘skin’ offers years of use.


  • It’s easy to set up, inflate, drain, and dismantle. Each process takes a few minutes.
  • The tub includes a cover and repair kit. The kit has patches and simple instructions.
  • Its control panel is auto-clocked to stop you from accidentally changing your settings.


  • The tub heats up very slowly – around 2º every hour, so it could take a full day to reach the temperature you want. You can save some time by filling the tub with warm water.

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2. Intex PureSpa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Hot Tub

Intex PureSpa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Hot Tub

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One of the least favorite tasks for many pool owners is checking chemical levels. And while inflatable hot tubs aren’t for swimming, they face many of the same challenges. They need chlorine to prevent germs, but you don’t want them over-drying your skin.

The Intex PureSpa solves this issue through a chlorine floater. It works your tub’s hard-water system to gradually leech into your tub. This protects your skin as well as your pump parts, preventing scale build-up. The tub holds 290 gallons and has 170 air jets for a full massage.

It’s made of Fiber-tech, so it rarely gets holes, and comes with a pair of cartridges to purify your spa water. If you want to use it on-the-go, use its convenient carry case. Be sure to drain and deflate it completely before you pack it, and don’t leave it outdoors in sub-40ºF weather.

The Intex PureSpa has snazzy features and a 1-year warranty. It seats 6 and has above-average water capacity. Unfortunately, this high water storage makes unsuitable for use in California.


  • The control panel has a waterproof, tamper-proof see-through cover.
  • It has water softeners built-in and inflates in 20 minutes.
  • It has multi-colored lighting for night-time soaks under the stars.


  • It’s a 6-person tub but only 2 of you get headrests.

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3. Coleman Saluspa 4-Person Square Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman Saluspa 4-Person Square Inflatable Hot Tub

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It’s not always easy to decide how many people should sit in your tub. In theory, you can keep stiffing people in. But if you want comfort and room to stretch out, fewer is better. With the Coleman Square, you can use apply a simple rule – one user per corner!

Like most tubs, the SaluSpa takes hours to heat up. And while filling it with warm water can help, you don’t want boiling water. It might damage the plastic. So instead, set it up 12 hours ahead of time at the minimum. The built-in timer with auto-on and auto-off is ideal for this.

It’s easy to carry the tub around using its two handles, and its cover has safety clips attached. The tub has no seats, but its i-beam technology keeps the sides rigid so you can settle comfortably against the walls without them bending or warping. They feel sufficiently solid.

With good looks and great features, the SaluSpa Square is a good portable choice. It’s about 6-foot square and 30 inches tall, bringing water to a satisfying chest-level while seated.


  • Its distinct square shape gives added aesthetic appeal.
  • It has 114 air jets for a soothing spa experience.
  • It has a built-in timer for convenience and power saving.


  • Although the sides offer secure seating, some owners would prefer actual seats. It can be harsh to be directly on the floor if you have back or knee problems.

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4. Bestway Helsinki Salsa 6-Person Portable Spa Hot Tub

Bestway Helsinki Salsa 6-Person Portable Spa Hot Tub

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These days, most inflatable hot tubs come with a cover included. It helps the tub heat up faster and protects the water from insect contamination. The Helsinki is special though. Its underside has an aluminum foil for added insulation. And the tub itself is suitable for colder weather.

Most tubs shouldn’t be out under 40ºF, because the cold will damage the pump. But Helsinki has freeze-shield technology. This automatically starts the pump and increases the rate of water circulation when surrounding temperatures hit 43ºF. You can also set the timer manually.

The Helsinki Salsa has its air jets on the tub floor, which is a different experience than side jets. That said, the tub sides have drop-stitch fabric that has thousands of threads, helping it hold its shape when inflated. This combines the feel of a solid tub with the convenience of portability.

This tub blends beautifully with natural surroundings or wooden patio decking. It can be used even in snowy settings, but only while the power is on, so be wary during blizzards!


  • Its realistic wood-panel pattern makes your tub gorgeous for outdoor cabin use.
  • It’s built for 6, but its large dimensions can hold up to 7 users simultaneously.
  • Unlike most tubs, its freeze-shield system makes it suitable for winter use.


  • 83 to 90 air jets are on the lower side for a 7-person inflatable tub.

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5. GoPlus Portable 4-6 Person Portable  Hot Tub

GoPlus Portable 4-6 Person Portable Hot Tub

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On a hot day or a chilly evening, it can be tempting to dangle your feet in a puddle. Of course, the puddle would have to be hot /cold t suit your needs. And if you have an ordinary inflatable hot tub (rather than a pool), you might miss out on this pleasure. Not so with the GoPlus.

This portable tub has i-beam sides. This means once it’s full of air, it’s as strong as solid pull coping. So you can sit on the sides and twiddle your feet without sinking in. you won’t even know it’s an inflatable! Be careful with the jargon though, as it could trip you up.

For example, it’s described as a quick-heating model at 34º to 36º F per hour, but that’s exactly the same as the industry’s average hourly heating rate of 1º to 2ºC. On the upside, it’s a pump-less model thanks to the automated inflation hose. The hose comes included with the tub.

If you want a low-fuss square inflatable tub without the fuss or bulk of a separate pump, buy the GoPlus. It only has one filter cartridge though – most other brands come with two.


  • It has 130 bubble jets, which is generous for a pool of this size.
  • Its no-pump technology increases its portability.
  • It has a zipper bag and carrying handles for easy transportation.


  • It’s positioned as a 4 to 6 person tub, but it’s two different models, which can be confusing. The 4-person tub holds 147.5 gallons while the 6-person tub holds 238 gallons. The two tubs have different weight capacities as well.

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6. Coleman Lay-Z Spa with 6 Filter Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman Lay-Z Spa with 6 Filter Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

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Hot tubs are sexy, but only if you don’t think about the germs. After all, you’re sharing a tiny space with 4 to 6 sweaty bodies. That’s a lot of intermingling. And because the water is hot and the setting is cozy, there’s more potential germ-fare than your average public pool!

This is why sterilization is so important, and the Coleman Lazy-Spa ramps it to the ax. It’s has 6 filtration cartridges set up as 3-twin packs. This gives you 6 times as much purification. And there’s a chlorine floater to boot! The tub has all the other features that Coleman is famed for.

These include sturdy i-beam walls, quick installation, complete portability, and versatility for indoor or outdoor use. Its digital panel has almost no learning curve, and its shipping weight is roughly 90 pounds. And while it doesn’t stretch in sunlight, it doesn’t work well in winter.

The Coleman 6-Filter Lay-Z spa stays cleaner than other spas. But its twin-configured filters aren’t compatible with regular store-bought filter refills, so they’re not interchange-able.


  • It has extra water-cleaning power, with 6 filters instead of the usual 2.
  • It drains out of the bottom, not the sides.
  • It doesn’t use as much electricity as other home spa models.


  • It takes 24 hours to heat up and can be affected by algae if you leave it unused for a few weeks, so always drain it and put it away when you’re not using it.

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7. GyMax Hydrotherapy 6-Person Portable Hot Tub

GyMax Hydrotherapy 6-Person Portable Hot Tub

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Sometimes, technology puzzles us. We love fancy features, but it helps if that hi-tech gadget says ‘Press here for ON’. The GyMax hydrotherapy isn’t quite that dumbed down, but it accompanies its symbols with descriptive language, so even the most tech-challenged users fell at home.

This inflatable tub holds 264 gallons and has a power cable that’s a little over 10 feet long. It as a reasonable height of 26 inches when inflated. It works well outdoors, but only in the summer, since the pump could lock in wintry sub-zero temperatures. Ideally, use it above 40ºF / 4ºC.

For basic spa use, the GyMax does the job. But it has a base-level bubble ring rather than side jets, so if you’re looking for stimulating massages, this isn’t the right fit.


  • The control panel has both icons and words, making it easier to use.
  • It comes in attractive beige-bamboo or coffee-colored-reed variants.
  • At 55.5 pounds while empty, it’s a lightweight tub.


  • Its warranty is only 180 days, which seems too brief. Also, it has no power jets.

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8. Bestway Siena Airjet 2-Person Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Bestway Siena Airjet 2-Person Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

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If you’d like a simple daily treat for you and your partner, you could install the Siena in your bedroom balcony. It inflates quickly and has two filtration cartridges to keep your spa water safely disinfected. Be wary about the weight requirements though, they can be deceptive.

The tub is 96 pounds when empty, but once you add water, it can up to 2,100 pounds, excluding your body mass. Make sure your floor can withstand that weight, and that it’s completely flat. The tub loses heat faster than other inflatables though because it has lots of air bubbles.

For a tub that makes a strong visual statement, but the Siena SaluSpa. It’s ideal for couples’ bonding, and as long as your central heating is one, you can use it indoors during winter.


  • Its elongated shape gives users more room to stretch.
  • It has 120 air jets, which is great for a 2-person tub.
  • The included DVD visually demonstrates the set-up process.


  • Do people still have DVD players? Also, as a two-person tub, this is mostly for couples. It’s not suitable for parties or summer entertainment – unless your guests take takes.

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9. Comfort Line Spa-in-a-Box Inflatable Hot Tub

Comfort Line Spa-in-a-Box Inflatable Hot Tub

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Many home spas switch off their filtration systems after 72 hours. The idea is to conserve energy and protect the pump. The Comfort Lime Spa-in-a-box leaves that decision on your hands. It will run uninterrupted until you shut it down. This keeps your water purifies 24/7/365!

This inflatable tub has beauty and brawn, with its hexagonal shape and convincing wood-panel print. It uses a 1,000W heater with a thermostat to maintain your pre-set temperature. And it offers scintillating TurboWave massages through 100 air jets. It installs in less than 30 minutes.

The inflatable tub is constructed using marine-grade PVC, the same kind used in white-water rafts. Meaning it can withstand sharp jagged rocks and high-speed water pressure, so to can certainly survive in your flat, grassy yard. And it levels up your décor game too!

Match your wooden deck with this gorgeous timber-patterned hot tub. It plugs into regular 110V outlets and inflates in half an hour, soothing you with 100 hydrotherapeutic air jets.


  • It has a stylish visual appeal.
  • It has a 24-hour filtration system.
  • It’s made with rugged K2 marine-grade plastic.


  • The manufacturers advise against using extension cords, so you have to install it close enough to your power outlet. This limits where you can use it.

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10. Vanish Spa Realtree Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Vanish Spa Realtree Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

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On the odd chance, you want a hot tub for camping, the Vanish spa will probably do the trick. Its real-tree camo print blends beautifully with bushy surroundings, but you do need electricity to power it up. It has 88 air jets, well below the industry average, so it’s a bare-bones model.

Its inflation system is built-in for faster filling – as quick as ten minutes! The tub floor has thermal padding for added comfort. If you fill it with cold water, it can day a day to reach comfortable temperatures, so you can try mixing cold and hot water to heat it faster.

The tub weighs 65 pounds while empty, so it’s a great unit for that fully portable experience. But with less than 100 jets, you should get something more hi-tech for home use.


  • It only takes 10 minutes to fully inflate.
  • Its real-tree camo can fade into your back yard landscaping for added privacy.
  • It has a cup-holder that can fit two glasses, two bottles, or two coffee mugs.


  • The tub is large enough for 6 people, but it only has 2 headrests.

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Buying Guide

portable hot tub

Inflatable hot tubs are a great way to start the day, cool down after strenuous exercise, or wash off your stress after work. They offer you a ‘spa on-demand’ with none of the expense or hygiene concerns. After all, saunas are fun, but that’s a lot of shared germs! Better to do it at home.

But there are so many inflatable hot tub options. We’ve looked at ten already, and there are hundreds more available on the market. How can you tell you’re buying the best one? Well, pricing is crucial – you’re limited by what you can afford. But what other factors can you use?

Number of Users

best portable hot tub

In public saunas and health spas, you’re often sharing the space with ten or more people. This can make you queasy if you’re a germophobe. But even when you’re using it at home, you may have to share. The difference is you control whose body gets in the tub with you.

Is this an intimate personal tub you’ll only share with your partner? A sub-section of your shared en-suite bathroom? Do your kids and teens have access? Because in that case, they’re sure to have sneaky hot tub sleepovers for their friends. Especially when you’re not home.

Or maybe you’re the one that likes having hot tub barbeque parties. That needs an outdoor inflatable since you’re unlikely to host them in your bedroom. Inflatables typically fit two to six people. Think about how many people will use it, and how often. Is it daily or just weekends?

Larger inflatables allow more simultaneous users. But remember, these tubs are essentially waterproof balloons. Meaning you have to blow them up. And the larger they are, the longer they take to fill, deflate, and clean. This affects electricity bills as well because pumps use power.

Water Capacity

inflatable hot tub

Before you buy your hot tub, check its specs. It will often say how much water the tub can hold. This could be anything from 175 gallons to 275 gallons. But this figure changes when you’re inside the tub. If you’re on the heavier side, your 200-gallon tub may flood the floor.

Or maybe it says 250 gallons on the cover, but is that for one user or two? Once a third person steps into the tub, you may have to limit water to 100 gallons. That means everyone gets less of a soak. But apart from physical submersion levels, more water means more heating time.

Before you buy one, you may not know hot tubs aren’t instant. They can take up to 24 hours for the water to get suitable hot. And the ore water your tub uses, the longer it takes to warm up. You can’t just fill it halfway to make it heat up faster, because that may leave your parts exposed.

Every tub has a minimum and maximum water level. If you fill it too low, important parts of the tub may be left uncovered. This affects the effectiveness of your tub, and could even damage your equipment. So if you want to use less water, buy a tub with a lower capacity.

Built-in Timers

inflatable spa

As we’ve seen, you need to plan your tub time. The hot tub needs 12 hours or more for the water to reach a usable temperature. Some users set the tub when they leave for work, or when they go to bed. That way, it’s ready when they want to use if. But this can be risky.

You might sleep in and miss your alarm. You may get delayed in traffic. Your boss could call in for a last-minute meeting that stretches into the night. If you have a good system, the extra heating time won’t fry any circuits or cause any damage. But it will waste electricity.

To avoid redundant utility bills, you could buy an inflatable hot tub with a timer. Set it to automatically go on (or off) at a certain time. You might even get one connected to an app or remote controller. That way, you can program it even when you’re not in the neighborhood.

Spa Features

The main difference between inflatable hot tubs and regular inflatable tubs is the jets. Hot tubs have air jets that push pressurized air bubbles into the bathtub. These high-pressure bubbles massage and tickle your skin, giving your skin a pleasurable sense of stimulation.

The hot tub might also push high-pressure water into the tub. The water surges in through tiny jet streams, and this is sometimes called hydrotherapy. Your portable hot tub might have an additional chroma-therapy feature. These often involve underwater lighting and Bluetooth.

All these features cost extra, but if you’re willing to shell out more bucks, they’re nice to have. They’ll affect your power bill too, so weigh the pros and cons. Talk to your supplier and ask lots of questions to be sure you understand the jargon. 8,000 jets aren’t necessarily better than 10.

Blow up your Bubbling Bath!

Armed with these guidelines, and based on our assessment of the inflatable hot tubs above, we recommend the Coleman Saluspa. It’s made of a leatheroid tri-layered material so it doesn’t puncture easily. And if it does, you can repair it in minutes uses the included repair patches.

For emergency refills scenarios, the inflatable tub comes with six cans of condensed water. The tub’s floor is padded for insulation and comfort. Th i-beams on the sides let you lean back without wobbling, tipping the tub, or sinking into the plastic. We fully approve of this purchase.

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