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7 Best Infrared Personal Sauna for Home Use (Reviews of 2021)

Regular saunas help you sweat your toxins out. They’re great after an hour at the gym or a busy week at work. But these days, you can install a sauna at home. And with infrared technology, the treatment reaches beneath your skin for better results. It’s a true healing tonic.

How can you be sure you’ve bought the best infrared sauna for your home? Most people focus on their budget, but there are lots of elements to consider. We’d like to explore some of those key areas. But first, let’s look at a selection of seven popular home saunas.

Radiant Coronado Infrared Sauna
Radiant Coronado Infrared Sauna
  • This item will be delivered curbside. To have the item delivered to a location of choice on your property, kindly make additional arrangements with a third party provider ahead of delivery
  • A RELAXING RETREAT – This gorgeous sauna is rich with soothing features, including chromotherapy lighting, an oxygen ionizer and restorative, infrared heat. It also comes with a high-quality sound system with aux inputs.
  • BUILT TO LAST – Solid, Canadian hemlock construction provides a beautiful look that’s built to last. The bronze-tinted, 8mm glass door is tempered for safety, reliability and longevity. And assembly is easy and secure with simple buckle connectors.
  • STEADY, EVEN HEAT – This Sauna’s 6 Carbon heaters are precisely positioned to provide an even stream of warm, comforting air. The infrared heaters provide up to 141 degrees of warmth and are easily adjusted with intuitive controls.
  • SEVEN-YEAR WARRANTY – Your sauna comes with a seven-year manufacturer warranty. Your item will arrive damage free with all necessary parts and accessories. If something goes wrong, we'll work tirelessly until you're satisfied with your sauna.


The Best Infrared Sauna on the Market 2021

1. JNH Lifestyles Ensi infrared Personal sauna

JNH Lifestyles Ensi infrared Personal sauna

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These days, our whole lives have a soundtrack, whether it’s piped ambient music or discreet earpieces connected to your phone. So a half-hour session in a steamy sauna may seem like the silent treatment. Luckily, JNH Lifestyles Ensi has you covered, so it won’t feel like a time out!

It’s a one-person sauna, so you won’t be trapped in awkward conversations with half-naked people. Instead, you can enjoy the radiant heat from six carbon plates, accompanied by the soothing sounds of your two Bluetooth speakers. The heaters are ultra-low far-infrared EMF.

The sauna isn’t ready-made, so you do have to assemble it yourself. It’s an easy procedure though, with no complex tools. Once you set it up, you can control the sauna via remote or you can use its intuitive digital panel. You can program volume, time, and temperature.

The sauna itself is 35.5 inches square and 75 inches tall. Its glass door and windows let in light and retain heat while giving you a clear view of your surroundings. It’s a far-infrared unit, which means you get limited penetration beneath your skin. It’s great for sweating out common colds.

To help your home sauna stay warmer for longer, it’s made using insulated double-walled DuraPanels. The timber is joined using tongue-and-groove seams to make the booth more stable. And instead of being centrally placed, your heating panels and strategically spread.

They’re positioned on the back and sides of the sauna, with a final pair angled to hit your calves. The sauna is lit by cost-efficient LED bulbs that use half the power consumed by regular bulbs. The sauna has a 3-year limited warranty, but you get free tech support throughout its lifetime.

For the environmentally-conscious sauna lover, the Ensi is a gem. It emits nearly zero EMF, saves on power usage, and is made of sustainably forested lumber.


  • It’s made of organic Canadian Hemlock with no chemicals, stains, or toxins.
  • It’s easy to assemble – all you need is a screwdriver.
  • It has two Bluetooth speakers ideal for mood music.


  • The tempered glass is see-through, so you may feel exposed. Plus, the unit weighs about 400 pounds, so you’ll have some tricky conversations with the delivery guy.

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2. Radiant Coronado Infrared Sauna Our Top Pick

Radiant Coronado Infrared Sauna

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Sometimes, you just want an easy DIY project that’s pretty and practical. The Radiant Saunas Coronado gives you all this and more. It’s a two-person home sauna that’s ridiculously easy to assemble. The wiring, power unit, and heating panels are fixed before your sauna is shipped.

The only thing you have to do is attach the walls to the floor. This part is easy, because wall guides show you exactly where to slot in your wall, and tightly clipped no-gap overlaps prevent heat from leaking out of the sauna. Recessed bulbs ensure your sauna is independently lit.

The lights lie outside the sauna, secured on a curved ceiling overhang. Inside the sauna, there are extra lights for chromo-therapy. You can also enjoy soothing music from your surround sound stereo speakers, and cleaner air from the oxygen ionizer. The sauna has 6 carbon plates.

Some saunas have Bluetooth speakers, but these are more analog, with aux inputs. Also, unlike other home saunas, the control panel is on your exterior sauna walls and there’s no remote controller. But the panels are larger than competitors, so there’s a wider heating surface area.

The sauna walls and made of Canadian Hemlock while the doors and windows are 8mm tempered glass with a bronze tint. The sauna sections are shipped in carefully designed packaging to reduce damage. This is reinforced by a generous 7-year warranty.

You need to be clear on dimensions though. On the outside, it measures 49 x 39 x 75 inches, but when you’re sitting inside the sauna, you lose a few inches on every side, reducing the internal area to 43 x 35 x 67 inches. The sauna can achieve a maximum temperature of 141°F.

For soothing sounds, purified air, and infrared release from sore joints and muscle tension, buy the Radiant Coronado. And it has room for two, so invite your gym buddy for a shared session!


  • Its carbon heating panels and power unit are pre-installed so it’s easier to set up.
  • Its floors have built-in wall guides for faster, more seamless installation.
  • Its doors and windows are tinted for privacy.


  • The control panel is on the outside, so you have to leave the sauna if you want to change your settings.

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3. Dyamic infrared Personal Saunas Barcelona

Dyamic infrared Personal Saunas Barcelona

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Ordinarily, saunas equipped with ceramic panels get hot faster than carbon heaters. But the Dyamic Barcelona sauna is an exception. It claims to heat up 30% faster than ceramics, thanks to its larger panels, which provide a bigger surface area that quickens heating action.

For your convenience, the Dyamic Barcelona has two control panels – one inside the sauna and the other on the outside. The sauna has 6 carbon heating panels strategically distributed throughout the sauna. This includes one heater on the floor and another beneath the bench.

All the carbon panels are tested and release low EMF with far-infrared radiation. The sauna frame is made from hemlock grown in sustainable forests in Canada. The sauna has a built-in sound system with two speakers, a pre-amp, and an MP3 player that has auxiliary connectors.

It’s easy to put this sauna together. Each of the pieces clasps together, and the overall process takes less than an hour. All the walls are double-paneled for added insulation. The sauna has a tempered glass door, with a smaller glass viewing panel beside it. No windows though.

It does have a chromo-therapy feature, and at 250 lbs, it’s lighter than most. It works best at 120°F but can go as high as 130°F. It’s safe for installation on any type of flooring including carpet, and you can set it up in the basement or garage as well.

The Dyamic Barcelona is stylish and simple to build. Its infrared rays sink deeper than most and its carbon heaters out-perform certain ceramics. It’s generally a smart purchase.


  • It only takes 30 to 45 minutes to assemble your sauna.
  • Its electricals are plug-and-play so you don’t have to do any wiring.
  • It offers 40% more penetration than typical far-infrared saunas.


  • It has no windows, so it can feel a little claustrophobic.

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4. Maxxus infrared Saunas Seattle

Maxxus infrared Saunas Seattle

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The Maxxus Seattle sauna has carbon fiber panels on almost every surface. So rather than emitting heat from one spot, the temperature is released across a wider area. This makes the heat softer, gentler, and more sustained. Also, unlike ceramics, carbon plates are forever.

This isn’t just because of their warranty. It’s also because carbon heating plates are designed to last a lifetime. They don’t need replacing. And while most saunas have calf-panels, the Maxxus Seattle has specialty foot heaters built with reflexology in mind.

The sauna has ceiling lights and an LED control panel on the inside. The entire front of the sauna is wood-framed glass, with a door in the middle and two vertical windows on either side of the clear glass door. The walls have double-paneled timber, and each panel is 6 mm thick.

The side walls are solid though – no windows there. And the 6 carbon heaters use a total of 1,750W, so your Maxxus sauna is energy-efficient. You can assemble this sauna in 30 to 45 minutes if you have someone helping you. It takes considerably longer to do it solo.

The Maxxus sauna has a limited lifetime warranty. It’s made of pure hemlock with no plywood fillers. When you’re putting it together, you may want to refer to the instruction manual. It comes hidden in the roof panel accessory box, which needs to be unscrewed open.

This sauna has a clear glass front, recessed ceiling lights, and underfoot heating pads. It comes with a 5-year warranty. Read the instructions carefully … if you can find them!


  • The floor heater is ideal for reflexology treatments.
  • It has a reading light and speakers inside the sauna.
  • The carbon panel configuration makes heat dissemination wider and softer.


  • The instructions are hidden behind a screwed panel, so many buyers are unable to locate them, and this leads to installation mistakes that could void your warranty.

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5. JNH Lifestyles Joyous infrared sauna for home

JNH Lifestyles Joyous infrared sauna for home

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Saunas designed by JNH Lifestyles have certain standard features. They all have dual-wall paneling for improved insulation. These wooden walls are called DuraPanels. They strengthen the structure of the sauna because they use customized tongue-and-groove joinery.

These lumber joints also ensure the walls and surfaces are tightly overlapped with no gaps, so heat can’t easily escape. This ensures the sauna retains its temperature for longer periods. JNH uses Canadian Hemlock for its saunas, and their timber is always reforested after harvest.

The lumber isn’t stained or treated in any way, for safety reasons. This is because any chemicals in the wood might leach into the air (or into the steam in case of traditional saunas). So, as a rule, home saunas are made from ‘raw wood’. Aesthetically, this wood has a rich, textured feel.

The JNH Joyous is a three-person sauna with an extended footprint of 39.4 inches by 59.1 inches. It stands 75 inches high, like most saunas. Infrared saunas offer the same benefits as regular saunas, but they achieve results at lower temperatures, and without using steam.

As a result, infrared sauna sessions can be longer than standard sauna sessions. That’s why your speakers are so handy. You could catch up on podcast episodes or ‘read’ your favorite audiobook while the carbon heating elements soothe your sore muscles and creaking joints.

All JNH saunas are easy to set up. Their components snap into place with minimal tools (just a screwdriver!). The JNH Joyous is great if you regularly need 2 or 3 simultaneous users.


  • It has 8 carbon fiber heaters.
  • It has a built-in breaker in case of power surges and electric overloads.
  • It has two Bluetooth speakers and a touch panel for settings.


  • The breaker is a helpful feature but it needs a dedicated NEMA 5-20P socket to function.

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6. Dyamic infrared Saunas Venice

Dyamic infrared Saunas Venice

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At first glance, this sauna may seem too small for two people. But that’s only because you’re used to viewing external dimensions. The Dyamic Venice has internal measurements of 43 x 37 x 70 inches. Its double walls are thicker than average, so it looks larger from the outside.

The outer walls are 1.13 inches thick while its internal ones are 6 mm. Instead of regular windows, the Dyamic Venice has narrow vertical windows that run the entire length of the sauna. Both the windows and the door are made of clear, slightly bronzed, tempered glass.

The sauna has the standard six heating panels, all made of carbon fiber. The wood in the walls in Canadian Hemlock. The sauna is built for indoor use. Remember, this is an infrared no-steam sauna, so it’s not designed to be water-proof (or weather-proof). It doesn’t anticipate humidity.

Each of the carbon panels is developed for low EMF emission. Straight out of the box, the sauna comes prepared to plug into a 110V 15 amp outlet, no additional wiring required. Like all Dyamic saunas, it has enhanced chromo-therapy and releases far-infrared heat rays.

If you want to save the trees and conserve water resources while still indulging in daily sauna sessions, go for the Dyamic Venice. Its reflexology foot heater is especially popular.


  • It’s built from reforested timber so it’s good for the environment.
  • It has elongated side windows to let in more natural light.
  • It has dual control panels both inside and outside the sauna.


  • It weighs about 400 pounds, so it can be tough to maneuver during delivery and set-up, especially for upstairs or basement installations.

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7. HeatWave Santa Fe Corner infrared sauna

HeatWave Santa Fe Corner infrared sauna

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Do you ever wish your home sauna had storage options? Well, infrared saunas don’t get wet or steamy, so it makes sense to have a magazine rack in there. The Santa Fe also has towel hooks and un-cushioned backrests because there’s no risk of mildew or water damage.

The front of the Santa Fe has a pretty three-sided shape while the two-sided back tucks neatly into your cornered location. This pentagon design is spacious and well ventilated, with seven carbon heating panels. Despite the additional heater, the sauna only uses 1,740W in total.

You can program the sauna before you step into it, and you can also adjust settings while seated inside. This is because it has control panels both inside and outside the sauna. Like many infrared saunas, the Santa Fe is made of natural unfinished hemlock and tempered glass.

The sauna also has an air purification system based on its oxygen ionizer. It has LED bulbs that offer both mood lighting and chromo-therapy. It uses 120V 20 amp outlets, so you’ll need an electrician to modify your standard sockets to avoid electrical damage and overloads.

The lights and sound system on the sauna have a 1-year warranty while the sauna itself has a 5-year warranty. The sound system comprises a radio, CD player, and MP3 player with aux speakers. Size-wise, the sauna is 53 inches in width and depth and stands 75 inches high.

For comfortable 17.7 inch benches with a backrest, ambient light, and a soundtrack of your choice, by the corner Santa Fe sauna from Heatwave. It only releases 0.8mg of EMF.


  • It’s designed to back into a corner but still has space for 3 people.
  • It has mood lighting on the inside.
  • Its benches have tailored backrests.


  • It’s a little slow on the uptake, needing fifteen to twenty-five minutes before it reaches 120°F. If you want to crank it up to 130F, it needs forty-five minutes to an hour.

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Buyer’s Guide

Infrared Sauna

In the movies, saunas are full of steam and sweat. But in real life, saunas often produce dry heat through burnt wood and heated stone. To create that balmy effect, an attendant may pour water over hot rocks to make them sizzle and steam. The walls are often made of unadorned wood.

Infrared saunas are a little different. Traditional saunas heat the air, and it’s the hot, dry air on your skin that warms you up. With infrared heating, light waves hit your skin, warming your body and soothing your muscles directly. This offers benefits you don’t get from regular saunas.

Apart from helping you release toxins through your skin, infrared sauna lamps help you sleep better and feel calmer. Their electromagnetic radiation tightens your skin cells, clearing clogged pores and reducing acne. It eases fatigue, relieves joint pain, and improves circulation.

Temperature Control

Personal Sauna

So how do you pick the best infrared sauna for your home? Ordinary wood-burning saunas often reach temperatures of 150°F to 180°F. You can get the same effects with an infrared sauna, but it only hits 120°F to 140°F. Lower temperatures are safer for your health, and infrared heats faster.

But as a home sauna owner, you want temperature dials that are easy to control. In a commercial sauna, you might pour water on the stones yourself. With an infrared unit, you want intuitive, user-friendly, sweat-proof touch-pads. A remote controller is even more convenient.

Sauna temperatures also affect the amount of electricity your infrared home sauna uses. If you’re worried about hiking your utility bill (and/or your carbon footprint), look for a green sauna. It may have an eco-mode, or it may have other power-saving systems.

Regular Users

Infrared Sauna reviews

If you have a home gym or an invalid resident, the sauna will probably be used every day. Some saunas can only fit one person while others can hold four or more users at a time. If you intend to take turns, you can buy a smaller sauna. But if you work out as a family, you’ll need the sauna at the same time. So you need enough space (and seating options) to use it simultaneously.

You should also think about who will use the sauna. Seniors are more focused on relieving joint pain. Younger users may be more interested in unclogging pores, clearing their skin, and tightening their creases. This affects seating positions. Central seats for a 360° experience?

Or longer side benches so you can all fit at once? Would you prefer individual chairs designated for each user? Or would you rather have a linear seat so you can stretch out and expose more skin to infrared rays? Maybe you’re concerned about privacy during solo and group sessions.

Manufacturer’s Benefits

Brand recognition is great. It comes with a certain quality promise, including trust and warranties. But there are other areas to consider. How good is their customer care? What’s their policy on returns, repairs, and refunds? Do they offer special deliveries or discounts?

What about accessories? Are there any features particular to that brand? Maybe they have upgrades or exchanges when they introduce new technology. As a previous buyer, do you have access to these improvements on the product you’ve already purchased? Ask before you buy it.

Radiation Options

Near-infrared rays are similar to sunlight. They heat your skin and slip up to 5 mm beneath the surface. This makes them more effective for twitchy joints and sore muscles. Far-infrared only reaches 0.1 mm under your skin, so it’s best for skin issues like acne, and for working up a sweat.

The type of heater also influences how well your sauna works. Remember, infrared saunas only use a third the amount of electricity that traditional saunas use. But they don’t produce steam, so psychologically, it may feel less effective than a regular wood-and-stone sauna.

That said, infrared sauna lamps can be ceramic or carbon. Carbon heaters are thinner, use less power, heat up more slowly, and spread their heat over a larger surface area. This means they distribute heat more evenly. Ceramic lamps get hot faster – usually in less than 10 minutes.

You can also find infrared mica heaters. They’re cheaper, but they don’t last as long. Whatever your heaters are made of, more surface area generally means more efficiency, so you can check whether your sauna has multiple small infrared plates or fewer large ones.

Soothing Sauna Selections

Given all this information, we stand behind the Radiant Saunas Coronado as our top pick. It has larger heating panels than most home saunas, so its heat distribution is better. These panels are installed at the factory, so you don’t need to do any complicated cabling or positioning.

Its tinted glass door has handles on the inside and outside. This sauna creates a sensory tank experience thanks to its chromo-therapy lights, surround sound speakers, and insulated wooden walls. Its design has coy curvy elements and its construction is quick and simple. Buy it!

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