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10 Best Kitchen Faucets of 2021 – Top Rated Kitchen Faucet Brands Reviews

Kitchens and bathrooms are similar because they’re both humid spaces. In most homes, these two rooms are tiled. Tiles help you manage moisture and dissipate excess heat. And they’re low maintenance too. But as for the kitchen sink, it needs a specialized faucet.

Kitchen sinks are often deeper than bathroom sinks, so it helps if your faucet has a longer neck or spout. You’re unlikely to need two handles, even if your kitchen has a hot water supply. Let’s look at some top models in our quest to identify the best kitchen faucet.

WEWE Kitchen Faucet
WEWE Single-Handle High-Arc Kitchen Faucet

  • Its spray wand hose extends up to 23 inches.
  • Its spout swivels 360°.
  • Its rubber spray nozzles have easy one-touch cleaning.


The Best Kitchen Faucet on the Market 2021

1. Moen Arbor Motion Sense One-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Moen Kitchen Faucet

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Hands-free taps are a stylish addition to your home, and the Moen Motionsense 7594EC is a beautiful specimen. In finishes ranging from mirror-like chrome to matte black, the Moen 7594EC flatters any kitchen. And it has two motion sensors for better reactivity.

One sensor is under the tap, allowing intuitive rinsing. It opens the faucet if it senses your hands beneath the aerator. The second sensor is over the neck of your faucet, and it activates the tap if you wave your hands above it. You can also turn the tap manually using its ergonomic handle.

Pull the handle forward to release water, then twist it right or left for hot or cold. The spout is 15.5 inches high with a 7.88-inch reach. The spout is retractable, with a flexible pull-down wand. The wand offers multiple spray patterns and pressures, all with a simple pressure button.

The kitchen faucet also has a Power Clean function that increases water pressure by 50%. The tap only has one handle, but it has a deck plate in the box, which can be used for installation on a three-hole sink. The faucet comes with a Moen limited lifetime warranty, but it needs 6 AA batteries.

When you want a bit of fancy in your faucet, buy the Moen 7594EC. You can operate it by hand or wave your hands over it in a Magic Jedi Wave. The pull-down option is a nice touch too.


  • It works equally well with one-hole or three-hole sinks.
  • It has a 68-inch pull-down spout for easier use.
  • It has two motion sensors built into the faucet.


  • It has a flow rate of 1.5 GPM, but the hot water side accumulates sediments which slow the flow over time, so it needs occasional flushing with cold water.

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2. Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

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The Delta Leland offers reach and flexibility, thanks to its retractable spray wand. The spray uses ShieldSpray technology for high power and low splatter, promising up to 90% less mess. Depending on the mood you’re going form you can order the faucet in chrome or bronze.

There are two stainless finishes too (Arctic of SpotShield). The faucet has a ceramic disc reinforced with a diamond valve, so it lasts twice as long as standard faucets and has fewer points of leakage. And you don’t need to worry about piling up sediments.

Why not? The kitchen faucet has Touch-Clean holes. A gentle tap on your rubber spray wand nozzles removes any residue. The faucet has a height if 14.88 inches and a reach of 9.2 inches. It’s worth noting the deck plate is 10.75 inches wide, ideal for 8-inch spread three-hole sinks.

When you want flexibility, go for Delta. Its nearly 15-inch spout swivels 360° and its retractable wand hose gives you 20 extra inches. Open a regular stream or power-rinse in spray-mode.


  • It has Innoflex PEX supply lines which lessen the likelihood of leakage.
  • It has Diamond Valve ceramic seals for longer faucet life.
  • It MagnaTite docking to securely retract the spray wand and hold it in place.


  • At 1.8 GPM, its flow rate and water consumption are on the higher side.

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3. WEWE Single-Handle High-Arc Kitchen Faucet Our Top Pick

WEWE Single-Handle High-Arc Kitchen Faucet

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How often do you attack your kitchen spout or showerhead with vinegar and an old soft-bristled brush? Well, if you invest in a WEWE faucet, you can say goodbye to toothbrush trauma! Every spray head is fitted with rubber nozzles, and if you gentle pass your finger over the nozzles, it dislodges dirt effortlessly. Even better, the spray hose stretches 23 inches for added versatility.

The kitchen faucet is finished in brush nickel, so you get a soft shine with no watermarks and no elbow grease – just wipe after use. You can install the faucet on your own. Set aside half an hour and watch the simple video tutorial. You’ll need a wrench – and clothes you don’t mind getting wet.

The faucet has a single handle that toggles right or left to release cold or hot water. And the spray wand has the three standard kitchen sink modes (spray, pause, stream).


  • Its spray wand hose extends up to 23 inches.
  • Its spout swivels 360°.
  • Its rubber spray nozzles have easy one-touch cleaning.


  • The spray head and aerator are made of ABS plastic so they won’t last as long as the rest of the faucet.

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4. Pacific Bay Rainier Gooseneck Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

Pacific Bay Rainier Gooseneck Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

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Some home-owners mix up pull-down and pull-out faucets. Pull-downs can be tugged lower down the sink, bring the sprat head closer to your fruit, dishes, or whatever you’re rinsing. Pull-outs go forward, back, and side to side. Most flexible wands can do both, including this one.

Rather than retractable magnets, the Rainier faucet uses a spring mechanism to swing the spout around. When it’s not being used, a steel bar locks the spout in place without messing your kitchen sink aesthetics. The wand has two modes – aerated and spray stream.

The kitchen faucet has hoses made of braided stainless steel and the faucet body is finished in brushed satin nickel. It has a high flow rate of 2.2 GPM and an extension of 28 inches. The faucet weighs 5 pounds and is compliant with Prop 65 in California. The Rainier stands 22 inches tall.

When you’re looking for a lead-free no-magnet faucet that needs no prior plumbing skills, buy the Rainier. The spray wand is detachable but the lock bar is permanent, so you can’t lose it.


  • It has a protective lock bar made of steel and an optional 10-inch deck plate.
  • Its silicone spray nozzles get clean with one touch.
  • Its brushed nickel finish requires minimal maintenance.


  • At 7.82 pounds, it’s on the heavier side. Also, while it touts itself as a US model, it’s made in and shipped from China.

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5. American Standard Colony Kitchen Sink Faucet

American Standard Colony Kitchen Sink Faucet

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Typical faucets are made of metal and plastic, with the plastic portions being cheaper and less durable. The American Standard Kitchen Colony goes metal all the way, with a brass swiveling spout and chrome or stainless finish. The wand is retractable with several spray modes.

The kitchen faucet has a single handle that toggles to control the temperature. But the faucet also has a built-in memory, so the next time you open the tap, it will retain the temperature you previously set. The handle itself complies with ADA requirements and doesn’t scratch, corrode, or tarnish.

The faucet comes with braided supply hoses that measure 20 inches each, and its disc valve is ceramic. Despite abiding by California’s Prop 65, you can’t ship the faucet to California – or Texas. The faucet has a limited lifetime warranty and weighs 6.1 pounds.

This American Standard Colony faucet is simple and stylish. It has a memory valve for consistent temperature and an 8-inch arc above counter level.


  • It comes in two contemporary shades – mirrored chrome or stainless steel.
  • It has a high arc with 8 inches clearance, and its spout is nearly 15 inches tall.
  • It has a flow rate of 2.2 GPM and a full swivel spout.


  • Its flow rate overshoots the California (and Texas) standard of 1.6 gallons, so it can’t be sold in these two states.

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6. Kraus Bolden Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Kraus Bolden Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet

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18 inches may seem like a lot. And in certain circumstances, it is. But in the world of kitchen faucets, 18 inches are considered compact, an ideal size for smaller kitchens. The Bolden faucet has a spring coil around the spout to pull it down. This gives it an additional 20 inches reach.

When the faucet is inactive, a steel rod holds the spout in position. It has a stationary reach of 8.69 inches, and its spout is 6.38 inches tall. It also has braided supply lines that measure 22 inches each. There’s no lead in this faucet, so it’s lean and green, with a 1.8 GPM flow rate.

Most retractable kitchen faucets use a magnetic trigger, but Kraus kitchen faucet uses a weighted ‘anchor’ instead, The weight snaps the spray head into back place after use, then the steel lock bar secures it. However, while this gooseneck is expected to stand high, it droops on occasion.

If magnets aren’t your thing and you still want a retractable tap for your kitchen, buy the Bolden. Its brass body, steel finish, and permanent lock bar make it a sturdy selection.


  • It has ten finish options including five mix-and-match combinations.
  • The faucet stands 18 inches tall and is made of solid brass.
  • The gooseneck swivels 180° and the handle turns 90°.


  • The spray head sometimes stretches too far, sagging as low as 6 inches above the sink.

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7. Kohler K-560-Vs Bellera Kitchen Faucet

Kohler K-560-Vs Bellera Kitchen Faucet

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Sometimes, working under pressure is a good thing, and Kohler Bellera faucet proves it. The faucet releases water at 60 PSI, and with a flow rate of 1.5 to 1.8 GPM. It has a high-arc spout that can turn 360° while its retractable wand is held in place via DockNetik technology.

This kitchen faucet works equally well with one hole or three holes, thanks to its decking plate. The faucet also has ProMotion technology which prevents the retractable hose from tangling itself while it’s in use. It achieves this by combining a braided hose with a smooth ball joint.

In terms of spray modes, Sweep widens the arc of flowing water while Boost adds 30% more pressure, raising your faucet flow rate. And whichever finish you choose, it will withstand scratching, tarnishing, rusting, or other forms of oxidation and surface damage.

If you want a low noise, high-pressure, reliable kitchen faucet, you should buy a Kohler model. The Bellera has a limited lifetime warranty, and you can install it without a plumber.


  • It comes in three finishes – bronze, chrome, and stainless.
  • It has three wand modes – stream, sweep, and boost.
  • It’s 16.75 inches tall and nearly 8 inches in reach.


  • Hot water comes from a boiler that’s prone to sediment, so when you turn up the heat, it may lower the water pressure in your faucet. De-clogging the hot hose should help.

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8. Hotis Three-Hole Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Hotis Three-Hole Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet

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Sometimes, you’re not sure whether you want tradition or contemporary styling. The Hotis can help you get a bit of both. Its design is sleek and modern but its oil-rubbed bronze finish is very vintage. The tap stands 15.7 inches high, raising the spout 9 inches above the sink’s top surface.

Below the bronze finish, the kitchen  faucet is made of solid brass with a ceramic disc valve. The faucet only has one handle with a hot/cold color code indicator. But because it’s paired with a soap dispenser, it needs at least two holes. The dispenser can hold 13 ounces of liquid hand soap.

Hotis nozzles are made of rubber, so you can gently rub them with your finger to dislodge dirt. Do this after every use to avoid residual build-up. The tap has a 100% money-back guarantee, but it only lasts 90 days post-purchase. The faucet has two spray modes and a 20-inch hose.

Although this faucet looks good, it has some plastic components that may shorten its life. Namely. The aerator and the spray head. Plan to replace them as needed.


  • It has a soap dispenser that’s easy to refill.
  • It has a high-arc spout of 9.06 inches that rotates 360°.
  • Its reach is equally generous at 9.45 inches.


  • It doesn’t have glossy modern finishes (chrome, stainless, nickel, etc.), so it limits the style choices of your bathroom fixtures.

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9. Wasserrhythm Pull out and Pull Down Sprayer Spring Kitchen Faucet

Wasserrhythm Pull out and Pull Down Sprayer Spring Kitchen Faucet

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When slim is in, consider the Wasserrhythm kitchen faucet. Its narrow streamlined silhouette can be swapped for a slightly wider one as needed. It’s easy – just replace the thin spray head with a thicker one. Whichever spray head you insert, you get two spray patterns each.

The kitchen faucet is finished with nano-brushed nickel over a brass bass. The faucet uses a steel lock bar to secure its hose, and the narrow spray head has two buttons while the wider spray head has only one. In both cases, you can opt for pressure-spray or gentler stream functionalities.

The nano-brushing means your faucet doesn’t easily show scum, fingerprints, watermarks, or other stains. It’s easy to install this faucet on a single hole sink or a three-hole one because it has an escutcheon included. The hose pulls both out and down before retracting.

Rather than coiling a spring around the hose, this entire hose is made of springy copper coils, giving the faucet a unique silhouette. And it has accessories too! Buy it for fashion and function.


  • It’s 18.11 inches tall with a reach of 8.66 inches.
  • Both the spout and the spray head can independently rotate 360°.
  • It has a spare spray head for when you want a wider stream of water.


  • Despite its height, it has a low arc and only rises 5.31 inches above the counter.

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10. Kablle Commercial High Arch Kitchen Faucet

Kablle Commercial High Arch Kitchen Faucet

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This bulbous commercial faucet has some unexpected curves and hidden features. While most retractable wand hoses are 20 inches long, the Kablle goes above and beyond, stretching to a clean 30 inches before clipping back into its faucet spout. This DIY faucet is all style, with its brushed nickel finish and its gently curving swells over a composite metal base.

The faucet’s single lever makes it easy to control the pressure and temperature of your kitchen sink. And thanks to its 360° rotation, the faucet is delightfully flexible and easy to use. Its escutcheon means you can install it just as easily on one-hole or three-hole sinks.

The ‘seamless vase design’ of the Kablle makes it more hygienic because there are no joints where damp and muck can hide. Each part of the faucet is made from various materials including zinc, brass, stainless steel, ceramics, and ABS plastic. All mounting hardware is included in the box. Remember to leave at least 2.5 inches of clearance from the backsplash.

When you’re looking for extra height, extra reach, extra hose length, and extra curves, talk to Kablle. The kitchen faucet has an easy-clean nickel coat over zinc, steel, and brass.


  • It has an extra-long 30-inch retractable hose.
  • The spout reach is 8.8 inches and the spout rises 9.45 inches above the counter.
  • It has a deck plate included for three-hole installation.


  • Weighted hoses are more cumbersome than magnetic retraction.

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Buying Guide

best rated kitchen faucets

Are kitchen sinks that different from bathroom sinks? Yes. For one thing, they face heavier traffic, due to all those dishes. And between greasy residue and food waste, your kitchen drain works harder than your bathroom sink. So how do you choose the best kitchen faucet?

Type of Tap

We’re talking about the handle here. Faucets with levers are easier than faucets with the more traditional rotary knob. These rotating dials were fine in the past because you could tighten them to reduce leaky. But the tightening threads get loose over time, so they’ll still drip.

More importantly, it’s hard to turn a rotary dial when your hands are slippery with soap or overloaded with dishes and vegetables. Lever-style taps are better. You flip the up, down, forward, or backward, depending on the design. You can pair levers with a swivel neck spout.

Neck Length

best kitchen faucet

Many kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel. This supports the heat from hot cooking pots and heated dish waster. It’s also easier to clean, given the heavy-duty dirt that will pass through the sink. But to accommodate the extra load and deeper sink, you want a long-necked spout.

This spout increases water flow and capacity, but it also leaves room for larger vegetables, bigger pans, or longer kitchen utensils. (Have you tried washing a frying pan in the bathroom sink?!) If possible get a flexible neck that can be stretched as needed. Spring faucets work well here.

Arc Height

The length of the faucet isn’t the only consideration. Its curve matters too. Low-arc faucets are between 3 and 8 inches above the kitchen counter. High-arc faucets are higher than 8 inches, giving you more sink space to work with. A high-arc with a swivel neck is the best combination.

These high-arcs are sometimes called gooseneck faucets. Long-necked faucets offer higher water pressure because they provide more resistance. You should also check whether the spouts have aerators, or whether they have different stream patterns and adjustable sprat options.

Faucet Reach

top rated kitchen faucets

With bathroom taps, reach beats height, because bathroom sinks tend to be wider and shallower than kitchen sinks. But reach is important for kitchen faucets too, especially if it’s a double sink. Check your counter length and think about your kitchen usage patterns.

For example, do you fill your pots or clean your veggies directly in the sink or do you prefer to swivel your spout to the side? In that case, you need a longer spout to make your work easier. Which means the horizontal reach is a bigger priority than other faucet features.

Kind of Finish

Even more than bathroom sinks, kitchen faucets are exposed to high temperatures, acidic foods, scorching hazards, and kitchen chemicals. So the best kitchen faucet can withstand corrosion, scratching, wearing out, and extreme temperatures. The faucet should also be easy to clean.

If you can find a faucet that has all these features but still matches your kitchen décor, you’re in a good purchasing space. Many buyers like the sparkle of chrome or stainless steel, but these are easily dulled and need lots of buffing, so consider brushed nickel instead.

Fitting Factors

kitchen faucet reviews

A lot of faucet replacements are done during home renovations. So if your refurbishing your kitchen as a DIY project, buy a faucet you can install yourself. Otherwise, plumbing costs may blow your budget. How is the sink set up? One hole or three? 4 inches or 8? Pre-drilled or not?

What about mounting decisions? Will your plumbing be under the sink or will the faucets jut out of the wall? How many tiles are you willing to disrupt on the wall, floor, and countertop? Do you want your kitchen faucets connected to your boiler, or your rainwater storage tank?

Water-saving Features

These days, many municipalities have rules and regulations concerning conservation. If your faucet has an aerator, you’ll use up less water because the rate of flow slows down. You can also buy a faucet whose built-in flow rate is less than 1 GPM, though it’ll cost you more.

Another costly but worthy option is to buy a no-touch faucet. These faucets often have built-in infrared motion sensors. They automatically turn the tap on or off when they sense your hands nearby. Test them for kitchen use, to see how sensitive they are to pots and kitchen produce. Just because they respond to your bare hands doesn’t mean they’ll react to a spoon or a carrot.

Don’t Kitsch Your Kitchen!

Now that you have so much information to work with, you have no excuse for a generic sink or bad kitchen décor. Instead, buy a premium WEWE Kitchen Faucet. It offers you:

  • A high spout arc with sufficient reach (both 8.5 inches).
  • An optional escutcheon for 8-inch widespread sinks.
  • A retractable wand with multiple spray modes (stream, spray, and pause).
  • A brushed nickel finish that’s high in style and low in maintenance.

What type of spout is in your kitchen at the moment? Show us a photo in the comments and maybe we can help you pick out something better!

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