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7 Best RV Toilets of 2021 – Camper Toilet Reviews

RVs offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to spend time in the great outdoors without giving up the comforts of home – and part of that means having your own personal sit-down toilet to use.

If you are in the market for the ideal bathroom option for your RV, here are our top picks for best RV toilet to help you choose the right one for you.

Aqua-Magic RV Toilet
Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush
  • More home-like styling
  • Taller seating height for more comfort
  • Attractive, economical and easy to use.Seat Design:Angled Back
  • Includes Three Year Thetford Toilet Warranty
Camco Camper Toilet
Camco Portable Travel Camper Toilet
This is an ideal option for anyone looking for a budget-friendly and versatile toilet option for an RV or other camping use.


The Best RV Toilet on the Market 2021

1. Thetford Parchment Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet

Thetford Parchment Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet

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This is a toilet that is designed for permanent installation in any RV and that empties into an onboard holding tank. It is made of durable plastic and is rugged enough to last for a long time.

It has a classic design and is intended to give you as close to the feel and comfort of a household toilet as possible while you are away from home in your RV.

It features a textured lid that is designed to shed water and that is also scratch-resistant – even if it takes a few knocks, it should remain in one piece and not look any worse for the experience.

It boasts a convenient one-handed flushing system. To fill with water, you push the flush handle only half-way, and to flush, you push the handle all the way.

The water continues to flow until you release the lever, allowing you to conserve water each time by deciding how much water you want to release. The water that comes out gives 100% bowl coverage.

It is extremely easy to install and comes with all the hardware and fittings you need, so you shouldn’t have to buy anything else for installation – unless you need to make some minor modifications to your RV. Servicing it is also easy.

At only 8.8lbs, it is lightweight, and it has a height of just under 13”, making it compact enough for RVs where space is limited.

It is also possible to install a hand sprayer to further reduce your water consumption.

It sells for a very reasonable price, making it great value for money, and at this price point, it’s hard to find anything we don’t like about it.

We could mention that the flush handle seems to be slightly flimsy – it isn’t quite up to the standard of the rest of the toilet. Also, some people might find it a little low, but this is down to personal preference and also depends on the space you have available in your RV.

Overall, this is a solid pick if you want a durable permanent toilet for your RV, especially if you place importance on value for money. If that sounds like what you need, then this is a toilet that could be well worth checking out.

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2. Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush (Our Top Pick)

Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush

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If you like the sound of the Thetford RV toilet above but you prefer something a little larger for extra comfort, then this model from the same company should be of interest – this toilet is designed to feel even more like the kind of toilet you might have in your home.

One of the main differences with this model is that it is a higher version. It measures 17 ½” in height, quite a bit more than the first model we looked at, and it will appeal to anyone who prefers a higher sitting position when they use their toilet.

Despite the extra height, this version is hardly much heavier – it weighs only 9.8lbs, making it convenient to fit in almost any RV.

It is made from the same rugged plastic as the other version and features the same scuff-resistant lid. This means it will remain in great condition for many years to come, even if it receives some occasional rough treatment.

Another major difference between this model and the first one we looked at is that this version features a foot pedal flushing system rather than a hand-operated one.

However, it functions in a similar way to the hand-operated version – pressing it half-way causes the water to fill the bowl while fully pressing it causes it to flush.

It is easy to install, too, and comes with everything you need. The only thing you might need to think about is making minor modifications to your RV if this is a replacement for a different brand of toilet.

Perhaps the only thing to point out is that, despite the extra height and the fact that it is designed to replicate a home-style toilet, it is still an RV toilet, so it is still smaller than what you would expect in a regular bathroom.

However, since RVs don’t have unlimited space, this is understandable, and as long as you understand this when you buy it, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Other than this, this is another excellent option if you need a toilet for your RV. Like the first model, it represents great value for money – so if you are looking for something similar but with a few extra inches in height, this could be an obvious choice.

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3. Dometic 310 Series Standard Height RV Toilet

Dometic 310 Series Standard Height RV Toilet

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This toilet from Dometic has a height of 18”, making it another good choice for anyone who doesn’t enjoy sitting on RV toilets that are too low to the ground. However, it is also available as a low-profile version if you don’t have the space for the larger model.

It features a gravity flush system with a 100% vortex action. The powerful swirl-jet provides plenty of cleaning power to make sure nothing is left in the bowl. The flushing mechanism is operated by foot.

It is made of vitreous ceramic, making it a good choice for someone who enjoys a certain amount of luxury, even when sleeping in an RV. If you don’t like using plastic RV toilets, this could be a good alternative.

It is very easy to install. It includes all the hardware you need to fit it and it features an easy-access waterline. It is also designed to be low-maintenance and easy to care for – and it comes with a two-year warranty for extra peace of mind in case anything should go wrong.

Some other things we like about this toilet include the fact that it is very quiet to flush compared to other similar models. Another positive to note is that it closes tightly, trapping any unpleasant odors inside.

On the downside, it is slightly more expensive than many other options – however, for a larger model that is made of superior materials, this is only to be expected.

Another negative we want to mention is the toilet seat itself. It is made of plastic and is much flimsier than the rest of the toilet. Some people might prefer to replace it with something more durable, which would add a little bit extra to the overall cost.

Other than these minor issues, there’s a lot to like about this toilet. Traveling in an RV doesn’t mean you have to forsake all the comforts of home – and if that’s a sentiment you agree with, this is a toilet that should be on your list of possibilities.

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4. Dometic 320 Series Standard Height RV Toilet

Dometic 320 Series Standard Height RV Toilet

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If you are interested in the Dometic 310 above but you would like to add even more luxury to your RV, this is an alternative model that could be worth a look.

It is 18” in height and features an elongated bowl for extra comfort. Instead of the plastic seat you get with the 310, this version boasts a full-size residential-style wood seat, so you can enjoy all the comfort of being at home, even when you’re on the road.

It also boasts a vitreous ceramic bowl that is scratch-resistant and design to stay in perfect condition for longer.

This toilet incorporates several features we appreciate. It has great water efficiency, using only around one pint of water per flush.

It also has a special rim design that is made to prevent any spills or splashes. The pressurized full-rim 360° Rim Wash flushing action ensures that the whole bowl is cleaned when you flush and that nothing is left behind.

The flush is operated by foot. If you push on the lever half-way, you release water to fill the bowl – or by pressing completely, you flush the toilet.

Like many RV toilets, this one is also very easy to fit. It features two-bolt installation and offers a quick-access water connection.

It comes in two possible colors – white or bone – allowing you to choose one that matches the interior décor of your RV’s bathroom. It is also available as a lower 14” version if you don’t have the space for the taller model.

This is an excellent upgrade option and we’re struggling to find anything we don’t like about it. One small issue could be that the nuts are made of a kind of plastic that can break if you tighten them too much – but as long as you’re careful, this is hardly a problem.

All in all, this would be the ideal option for someone who wants as close to a home-style toilet in their RV as possible.

It is large, high, comfortable and solid – as well as being a quality product. If that sounds like what you are looking for, then this toilet should be worth considering.

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5. Camco Portable Travel Camper Toilet (Budget Pick)

Camco Portable Travel Camper Toilet

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This portable toilet for RVs, camping and other uses is a great option if you are looking for something more flexible than a permanently installed toilet in your RV.

It features a 2.5gal flushing tank – when you finish using it and flush, waste is then moved into the 5.3gal holding tank where it is locked away inside by the sealing slide valve that effectively traps all odors inside and protects against leakage.

When in place, the side latches attach the top half to the bottom securely so it can’t move. The whole thing weighs 10.8lbs when empty – and around 32lbs when full.

It is a highly compact unit with measurements of 15 ½” in height x 14” in width x 16” in depth. The seat itself is 13” wide – or 8.5” x 9” on the inside.

While this might not be the most comfortable toilet to sit on, it is small and portable enough to fit inside even a smaller RV bathroom or be set up anywhere else you might need it.

It is made of durable polyethylene and is built to last – whether you use it in an RV or in other camping situations, it will stand up to a fair amount of abuse.

It features a bellow-style flush. However, some people might find the flush a little underpowered – another option is to buy your own hand-sprayer for more effective flushing after use.

One of the only other negatives is the emptying system. When it’s full, it can be quite heavy – and tipping out the contents can be unpleasant. You need to be careful not to splash it everywhere, and perhaps a better system could have been devised.

This is an ideal option for anyone looking for a budget-friendly and versatile toilet option for an RV or other camping use. For this kind of function, it will be hard to find anything offering you a better combination of quality and price.

However, if you want something more permanent, you might prefer to look elsewhere.

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6. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet (Upgrade Pick)

Nature's Head RV Toilet

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This innovative alternative to a traditional RV toilet was originally designed by two sailors for use onboard boats. However, it is also perfectly suited for use in a wide variety of other situations such as in an RV, while camping or many more.

It is a composting toilet that separates urine and solids. While urine is emptied every two or three days, the dry solids are stored inside to compost, meaning they take up very little space.

The idea is that the solids don’t need to be emptied as often as with a regular holding tank-style toilet, and when you empty them, they will have been transformed into compost that can then be disposed of hygienically or even used as fertilizer.

Theoretically, solids only need to be emptied every 80 uses or so.

Since it was designed for the harsh marine environment, it is rugged and durable – it is made of all stainless hardware. This means that if you are using it in your RV, it is sure to last a long time.

The toilet itself is elongated in shape and designed to be large and comfortable to use. The unit includes a vent hose and a fan, and it is easy to disassemble for emptying or washing. Unlike many regular holding tank toilets, odors are sealed away and neutralized.

On the downside, it isn’t easy to see when the urine tank starts filling up, and it’s best to develop the habit of emptying it often rather than letting it fill up and overflow.

Also, the other issue is that when the time comes to empty the solids, the whole unit can be quite heavy, and it is easier to do it with two people working together.

Otherwise, the major issue is the price – this is far more expensive than most other toilet options available. However, it is a hygienic and practical solution for dealing with human waste on the road or at sea.

If you are looking for something that can be used for longer periods in your RV without the need for plumbing or electricity – and it’s within your budget – this is an option that could be worth investigating further.

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7. Porta Potti White Thetford Corp RV Toilet

Porta Potti RV Toilet

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If you are looking for a toilet for your RV that doesn’t need plumbing in – and that can be used in other situations too – this highly versatile option could be what you need.

It features a comfortably high seat as well as a relatively large bowl, making it more pleasant to use than some smaller camping toilets.

It includes a battery-powered flush as well as a toilet paper holder for extra convenience. It also has a carrying handle for ease of transportation.

One thing we like about it that makes it especially suitable for RV use is that an optional hold-down kit is available. This makes it easy to fix it in place in the bathroom or your RV, even if you don’t want a fully permanent installation.

It is designed to be odorless and splash-proof. It also incorporates a rotating pour-out spout that allows you to empty it hygienically and without creating any mess.

One minor gripe we have is that the “automatic flush” feature is not particularly effective, and you will often find you still need to flush manually.

Also, be aware that it is not a full-sized toilet, and taller people may find it a little awkward – although it’s still better than many comparable versions that are smaller and lower.

In sum, a versatile option that could be a viable alternative to a plumbed-in toilet in your RV. It’s well-priced, reliable and practical – another recommended option.

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Buyer’s Guide

camper toilet

If you’re on the lookout for an RV toilet, you’re probably wondering about the kind of factors to consider when making up your mind. Let’s have a look at some of the most important ones now.

Plumbed-in or portable?

RV toilets come in two main varieties, plumbed-in or portable.

As the name suggests, plumbed-in versions are permanently installed in your RV’s bathroom and are connected to the water tank, emptying into the onboard waste tank. They most closely resemble home toilets, are most comfortable and don’t need emptying as often.

Portable toilets, on the other hand, are not plumbed in, and waste is flushed into a holding tank that needs to be emptied more frequently. They are more versatile and can be used anywhere, not just in an RV – however, they are usually smaller and less comfortable.

A plumbed-in version is the best option if you want a permanent solution for your RV – but if you want something that offers more flexibility or are just looking for a temporary solution, a portable version could be an option.

Height and size

camper potty

The height and size of a toilet are important considerations. Of course, a larger, higher toilet will be more comfortable and convenient to use. However, if space is limited in your RV, choosing a toilet that is too large for the room may make you feel cramped.

Choose a toilet that is appropriate for your RV – and if you have a smaller RV, this could be a good reason for choosing a smaller portable version rather than going for a larger plumbed-in option.

Holding tank

If you choose a portable version, pay attention to the capacity of the holding tank. A larger tank will mean you have to empty it less often – but bear in mind that a large holding tank can be very heavy and difficult to empty when full.


best rv toilet

Portable toilets are generally made of plastic. In this case, you should ensure the one you choose is made of a strong and durable plastic that will last more than just a few trips in your RV.

If you choose a plumbed-in toilet, you can choose between plastic models and models made of ceramics like home-style toilets. Ceramic options will last a long time and are more luxurious – you won’t feel like you are using a camping toilet.

However, they are also pricier, so you need to decide whether you want something functional or something that reminds your more of the comforts of home.

Ease of emptying

If you choose a portable toilet, the best ones are designed to be quick, easy and hygienic to empty. However, inferior models can be dirty and awkward.

If you don’t want to end up with unpleasant splashes everywhere when it’s time to empty the tank, make sure it has a well-designed emptying system.

Several solid options to pick from

As you can see, there are several solid options to pick from in a range of different styles. If you need a toilet for your RV but are having trouble deciding which one to buy, any of our top picks would be a great place to start looking.

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