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10 Best Shower Head Extensions of 2022 – Shower Arm Reviews

When you’re shopping for a home, you focus on the size and number of bathrooms. But you don’t always look at your bathroom hardware. Fortunately, it’s easy to change your faucets or showerheads of you don’t like them. And you can do this even in a rental home.

Shower head extensions are one quick-fix. They can change the style and ambiance of your bathroom. Some adjustable shower arms are DIY projects while others need assistance from a plumber. So how do you select the best shower head extensions? Let’s review some examples.

Delta Faucet Adjustable Extension Shower Arm
Delta Faucet Adjustable Extension Shower Arm

  • It stretches your showerhead up to 18 inches forward.
  • It’s easy to install without outside help.
  • It swivels up and down for your convenience.


The Best Shower Head Extension on the Market 2022

1. Hansgrohe Raindance Shower Arm

Hansgrohe Raindance Shower Arm

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The Raindance showerhead is sleek and simple. It’s designed to sit close to the wall, with an 8-inch vertical lift and right-angle bend that swivels left and right. Of course, this assumes your arm is long enough to turn it. After all, it feels awkward stretching your arm that high.

The right angle also limits your choice of showerheads. The shower head has to be narrow enough not to bump the wall or the shower arm. That said, its included escutcheon plate makes it easier to install. The escutcheon adds aesthetic appeal and makes the shower arm more stable.

The Raindance has a limited warranty that covers your lifetime, so you’re covered for basic replacements and repairs. It’s a German brand, so you’re assured of superior engineering and good build quality. The shower arm is made of solid brass with a decorative coating.

This coating can be brushed nickel or gleaming chrome. Raindance is compatible with round or square Hansgrohe jet rain showerheads. It’s a heavy shower arm with a 10.5-inch vertical and a 15-inch reach. The shower arm weighs a little over 3 pounds.

Escutcheon plates give shower head extensions and cleaner, more professional finish, and the Raindance has a solid rounded one as its base. It’s ideal tall users, thanks to its 8-inch height.


  • It can turn 90º to the left or right.
  • It has an escutcheon plate included.
  • It raises your showerhead 8 inches or more.


  • The shower arm has heft, so you have to be careful while installing. It can easily damage your bathroom tile, even with the provided escutcheon plate.

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2. Purelux Extra-Long Shower Extension

Purelux Extra-Long Shower Extension

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The Purelux shower extension is designed for spacious bathrooms. If you’re tired of rubbing against the wall when you shower, this shower arm has you sorted. It doesn’t offer added height, but it pushes your showerhead a good 16 inches away from the rear shower wall.

The base of the shower arm is stainless steel, with three coating options to set your bathroom mood. The flange is separate from the shank, so you’ll have to do some assembly work. Make sure you screw it in correctly to avoid wastage through leaks and water damage to the wall.

This shower arm works well with a Purelux showerhead, but it has standard thread dimensions for the US. Meaning you can combine it with showerheads from other brands. The Purelux has been vetted against salt-water and corrosion. Its simple silhouette is pretty and practical.

It’s lightweight at 10.7 ounces and is backed by a 2.6-inch flange with a rubber gasket. Teflon tape is included because both ends of the shank are threaded. Use the Teflon to seal both ends before you screw them into place. Make sure the showerhead you choose isn’t too heavy.

This shower head extension is simple and stylish. But it’s a lightweight model. So while its threads can screw into any brand, be careful the showerhead’s weight won’t drag it down.


  • Its shank expands shower reach by 16 inches.
  • It comes with tools and accessories, including a flange and plumber’s tape.
  • You can buy it chrome, brushed nickel, or oiled bronze finish.


  • The shower arm doesn’t swivel, so give yourself enough ceiling clearance to twist it into place. You need at least 4 inches from your rooftop to avoid damaging your plaster.

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3. Delta Faucet Adjustable Extension Shower Arm (Our Top Pick)

Delta Faucet 10

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Sometimes, 10 inches isn’t 10 inches. The shank of this Delta Faucet adjustable arm is 10.19 inches long. But because of how it’s constructed, it can increase the reach of your shower 8 inches more than that. And it only takes a few minutes to install.

The Delta Faucet shower head extension has a brass base coated in chrome. It has a limited lifetime warranty and you can adjust it on both the showerhead side and the wall-connection side. This lets you shift vertical height, but you can change the showerhead angle as well.

The shower head extension weighs 10.2 ounces, so while it can fit a wide range of showerheads, err on the side of lightness. Showerheads of 2 pounds or less work best. Because it has threads at both ends, you may be tempted to link two shower arms together and widen your reach.

In theory, this works. In reality, the weight could damage your wall tiles, and the connection between the two shower shafts is likely to leak. It can also be hard to maintain your shower head angle given the extra weight of two shower arms. Stick to one shower head extension at a time.

The Delta Faucet shower arm has a utilitarian design. But it lets you adjust the length, height, and angle of your showerhead, providing a triple-pronged advantage.


  • It stretches your showerhead up to 18 inches forward.
  • It’s easy to install without outside help.
  • It swivels up and down for your convenience.


  • There’s a high likelihood of the shower arm being crooked because aligning the threads is tricky, especially on the wall side.

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4. Hanebath Brass Shower Arm and Flange

Hanebath Brass Shower Arm and Flange

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When you’re changing shower fixtures, you want pieces that are compatible with multiple styles and brands. This broadens your shopping choices for bathroom accessories. This matte black Shower arm works with almost any decorative theme, though you can also buy it in other colors.

The Hanebath shower head extensions fit showerheads from Delta, Moen, and Kohler. The Hanebath shower arm is categorized under S-shape shower arms but it’s flatter, with rounded bends instead of curves. This distinct look distinguishes it from other shower extensions.

The base of the shower arm is brass, and it weighs 1.22 lbs. The box comes with a flange included. Some homeowners try installing this shower arm in their existing faucet hole. But it has a wider wall thread, so you have to drill at least 1.65 inches square for a good fit.

When you look at this shower arm, it seems easy to install. But it needs special attention, extra holes, and a larger connecting nipple that isn’t included in the package.


  • It offers 6.3 inches of extra height and 13.6 inches of extra reach.
  • It comes in matte black, oiled bronze, or brushed nickel.
  • Its gooseneck shape works well with rain showerheads.


  • It’s not a plug-and-play ready-to-use accessory when it comes out of the box. You have to drill an extra square-shaped hole in your tile to facilitate installation.

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5. Danze 13” S-Shape Shower Arm

Danze 13” S-Shape Shower Arm

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Sometimes, simplicity s best, and the Danze shower arm is as simple as they come. No drama, no frills, just a single sparkling shaft with one threaded end. If you don’t like the shine, you can buy a duller version in brushed nickel. All Danze shafts have a brass base though.

It’s logged under s-shapes arms, but the ‘s’ is stretched out to create a more distinctive, less curvy silhouette. It’s a solid metal shower head extension, so it’s hefty at 1.15 pounds. The arm extends your showerhead reach by 13 inches and your shower head height by 10 inches.

However, the horizontal sections are slanted, so once you attach your showerhead, it won’t point straight down. It will have a slight tilt meaning your water will hit you at an angle. This could be a problem in a smaller bathroom because more water lands on the shower door or curtain.

In terms of installation, the wall flange is permanently attached, so you can adjust your plumbing or wall connections if you need to. Also, while the photos show different angles. The Danze only works as a wall-mounted shower arm. You can’t install it on the ceiling.

The Danze showerhead extension looks good, withstands steam, and adds both height and length to your showerhead position. It’s easy to install and it comes with a wall flange included.


  • It comes in brushed nickel, gleaming chrome, or polished brass.
  • It has a slim silhouette and a consistent water flow.
  • It screws directly into the wall, with no tools needed.


  • The horizontal portions are much shorter than the shaft, so that limits your showerhead sizes. Anything up to 12 inches should be fine, but a 160inch showerhead won’t fit.

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6. Vida Alegria 18” Shower Extension Arm

Vida Alegria 18” Shower Extension Arm

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Nobody likes running around their shower enclosure chasing spurts of water. So if your shower is large enough, just get a longer shower head extension! It gives you wiggle room. You can turn in all directions and let the water hit every part of your body. So why not enjoying 18 inches?

The Vida Allegria offers 18 inches of reach, and it swivels up and down to set your preferred shower angle. To keep it from wobbling mid-shower, the arm is held in position with interlocking teeth, so it won’t slide higher or lower unless you want it to.

And adjusting the position is easy. Just turn the ergonomic clamp and lock it tight. The base of the shower arm is solid brass, with coatings of oiled bronze, brushed nickel, or chrome. Its angling means it can support extra-large showerheads. It works especially well with rain heads.

If you’re looking for a DIY project that guaranteed results, buy the Vida Allegria. It has clear instructions and provides the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.


  • Water flows through the shower arm at 7 gallons per minute.
  • The shower arm can support showerheads of up to 5 pounds.
  • It has a 3-year unconditional warranty.


  • The height adjuster is convenient, but you have to be careful about locking positions. If you try to force it, you could hurt yourself or break the shower arm.

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7. Aqua Elegante 10” Adjustable Shower Head Extension Arm

Aqua Elegante 10” Adjustable Shower Head Extension Arm

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Want a shower arm that works both indoors and outdoors? Try the versatile Aqua Elegante. It can hold both wall-mounted and flexible shower heads that weigh up to 3 pounds. The shower arm itself is made from 9.6 ounces of solid brass topped with decorative coatings.

It’s a 10-inch extender, and swivels up and down but can’t move left or right. The shower head extension has two-sided knobs on both ends for easy adjustment. It only takes a few minutes to install, and you don’t need tools or external help. It even comes with free Teflon tape.

It’s covered by a 5-year warranty in case of any problems. This isn’t a wall-mounted shower arm. Its threaded end is designed to attach to your current shower arm. You’ll have to unscrew your current showerhead, attach the Aqua Elegant, then re-screw the showerhead back in place.

Of course, if you’re changing the shower arm, you’ll probably change the showerhead too. Aqua Elegante can hold showerheads under 3 pounds in weight. If you want to mount your shower arm on the wall, you’ll have to buy a separate wall flange to attach it.

This is the most versatile showerhead extension you can find. It’s resistant to moisture, rust, corrosion, rust, and grit, so you can use it indoors or outside in the yard.


  • It works with both wall-mounted and hand-held showerheads.
  • Its rotating elbow swivels up and down to change your shower angle.
  • It can hold a showerhead of up to 3 pounds.


  • It’s a twist-on unit, so it doesn’t attach to the wall. Instead, you twist it onto the shower arm you already have, then add a showerhead at the bottom.

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8. WaterPoint Adjustable Shower Head Extension Arm

WaterPoint Adjustable Shower Head Extension Arm

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How much extra reach do you need? WaterPoint provides 11 inches, with a rotating elbow that lets your shower head swivel up and down before locking into position. You can also shift the angle of your water, pointing it straight down or slightly skewed to hit your body better.

The shaft is 12.8 ounces of solid brass coated in chrome or oiled bronze. Installing it is easy. The package includes instructions, sealant tape, and an extra washer, just in case. It comes with a lifetime warranty and has a 180º arc at both ends. This seems a little superfluous. How so?

Well, at the showerhead end, you don’t need the showerhead to face the ceiling. Still, the reach and ease of angling are helpful. And the free-spinning lock holds your shower arm and showerhead secure in your chosen position. All three finishes are moisture-proof.

If you want an adjustable shower arm that looks good, offers versatile height and reach, and is easy to clean, go with the WaterPoint.


  • Its elbow rotates on both ends, so you can adjust both the height and angle of your showerhead.
  • It comes in contemporary chrome or rustic oiled bronze.
  • It has a locking collar to keep your showerhead level.


  • It can swivel up to 180º but only if you have room. So if you install it too close to the ceiling, you limit upward movement

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9. NearMoon Adjustable Shower Arm with Showerhead

NearMoon Adjustable Shower Arm with Showerhead

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Most shower extensions are made of solid brass. With NearMoon, both the showerhead and the shower arm are stainless steel topped with chrome. This creates a shimmering modern ambiance that’s easy to maintain. The arm extends the showerhead by 11 inches.

You can swivel both the shower arm and its showerhead up and down (but not side to side). Their combined weight is a little over 2 pounds, and the escutcheon supports them well. Remember to loosen the nut before adjusting, to avoid damaging your bathroom hardware.

To reduce limescale, the showerhead is lined with silicone nozzles. And because the rain showerhead has 90 of them, reinforced with air-powered technology. This means the shower pressure is maintained even when it’s low at the mains. The showerhead can swivel 360º.

It’s unlikely you’ll upgrade your shower head extension without changing the showerhead as well. This NearMoon bundle has all you need in one box … except for the installation wrench.


  • It’s a two-for-one product with an adjustable shower arm and a showerhead.
  • They work well, releasing 2.5 GPM even in areas with low water pressure.
  • The head and arm are both made of stainless steel with chrome finishing.


  • Since you bought them together, you’ll have to be extra careful if you’re replacing wither component with a spare from another brand.

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10. American Standard Wall Mount Shepherd’s Crook Shower Arm

American Standard Wall Mount Shepherd's Crook Shower Arm

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Sometimes, you long for the simplicity of a rustic log cabin. American Standard Shepherd’s Crook shower arm provides that. Its oil-rubbed bronze shower arm looks straight out of a fairy tale. It’s curvy and medium-weight at 13.6 ounces and has a limited lifetime warranty.

Although it seems narrow, it maintains a respectable water flow rate of 2.5 GPM. And if you want a less traditional look, you can buy the shower arm in black bronze, satin nickel, or polished chrome finish. You’ll pay a steep price for it though, given its simple appearance.

The crook portion rises 5.5 inches, so position it low enough to avoid grazing the ceiling. The wall flange is included in the package, and the piping has a standard half-inch threaded connection. The shower arm is compatible with Delta and Moen Showerheads.

For a bathroom steeped in tradition and simplicity, this shepherd’s crook shower head extension will do the trick. Especially if your order it in blackened bronze or oil-rubbed bronze.


  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It extends showerhead reach by 12 inches.
  • It’s made of brass and finished in bronze, nickel, or chrome.


  • While it does enhance reach, it doesn’t swivel, your showerhead is locked in a permanent position. It also needs 5 to 6 inches of clearance space from the ceiling.

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Buying Guide

When you walk into a bathroom, you probably won’t notice the shower head extension. But as you turn the faucet, you’ll soon realize how important that shower arm is. It plays the biggest role in your shower experience because it dictates where you stand and how you rinse.

So what features should influence your purchase, and how can you be sure you’ve bought the best shower head extension? Here are some shopping tips for adjustable shower arms.

Construction Material

Obviously, anything used in a bathroom should be waterproof and rustproof. It’ll be exposed to constant humidity so it needs the capacity to withstand consistent moisture. But shower arm extensions might also be exposed to hard-water, salt-water, chlorine, and acidic bath products.

Check that your shower head extension is made from durable materials that are immune to corrosion, limescale, and similar types of damage. These adjustable shower arms are commonly made from chrome, nickel, stainless steel, brass, or plastic coated with metallic paint.

Apart from longevity, each of these materials creates a different mood. Oiled bronze has a vintage feel. Black brass is edgy, while chrome and stainless steel give off a minimalist contemporary feel. Plastic can influence your bathroom’s mood, depending on the colors used.

Installation Method

Ideally, you a shower arm you can install yourself. Outsourcing to a plumber is expensive, so avoid it if you can. Reviews might claim your shower head extension is easy to install, but it’s best to watch a video demo. This gives you the most accurate assessment of how to install it.

Another element of your installation process is positioning. Will you mount the shower head extension on the ceiling or the wall? Is your existing showerhead hand-held or fixed, and do you want to change that? Are you prioritizing vertical height or horizontal span? What about the showerhead itself?

Rain showerheads have a larger surface area and more water pressure. So your shower head extensions need room for the showerhead. It also needs to control how far the water will spray. Will it wet your cabinets, towels, and tissue rolls? Then maybe you need a different installation.

Size Preferences

The size of your adjustable shower arm is related to installation requirements. For example, if your shower cubicle is long and narrow, you may want an extension that’s 16 inches or longer. On the other hand, if you have high ceilings (or tall residents), you want more an upward curve.

Say your bathroom ceiling is vaulted. You may want a shower head extension with a shorter span. This keeps it closer to your sloped roof and works better with a wall-based installation. If your shower is outdoors, size is even more important. Is it hung on a tree or under an awning?

Shaded showers are restricted by the height of the building, so you want a shorter shower arm. If it’s too long, it may stretch past the shade and expose you to the open sky. Also, if it’s an outdoor shower, it needs to be weather-proof, insect-proof, bird-proof, and rodent-proof.

Fitting Requirements

Does the shower head extension come with a showerhead included? This may seem like a benefit, but it could work against you. These two-for-one deals are tailored to each other. Meaning they’re probably incompatible with standard bathroom faucets and fixtures.

So if either part breaks, you have to buy a new set. And if the set you bought is out of stock or out of production, you may have to renovate your entire shower system. You’re better off buying a shower arm extension that has standard styling and dimensions.

This may mean your adjustable shower arm is less unique. But it also means it’s easier to find replacement parts in case of age or damage. Pick a shower arm that fits showerheads from any other brand. Also, check whether it clips on or screws into your showerhead, just to be sure.

Additional Features

Do you want a shower head extension that can be expanded or shrunk? Some designs have flexible rods you unscrew to make the arm longer or shorter. Other shower arms can be turned 90º or even 180º. Some can be angled higher or lower, while other swivel 360º.

Every extra feature comes with an extra cost, so be careful what you wish for. Balance your budget with your requirements and decide what you can compromise. For example, you may agree to pay more for a one-piece shower arm that’s lighter and easier to install.

Conversely, you may shell out a little less for a shower head extension that needs detailed assembly. It takes longer to set up, but it costs less at the outset. Apart from the shower head extension construction, you could consider the shape and style of your shower arm.

Show Off Your Shower!

The best shower head extension is one that’s easy to set up, comfortable to use, and looks good too. Given these conditions, we recommend the Delta Faucet Adjustable Extension Shower. Although it’s only 10 inches long, it’s designed to add as much as 18 inches to your showerhead’s height and reach.

The shaft swivels up and down, letting you adjust your shower angle. And it’s a brass base with a chrome coat, so it looks good and feels solid. But it’s a lightweight model, so don’t pair it with a showerhead that’s too heavy. Also, be careful to correctly line up your wall threads.

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