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7 Best Water Distillers of 2022 – Water Distillation Unit Reviews

If you have hard water, putting into appliances like steam irons or humidifiers is a no-no. Before you know it, they’ll be clogged with limescale and malfunctioning. But invest in a home water distiller, and those problems will be a thing of the past.

But a word of warning: it’s not the best choice for drinking water. And certainly don’t use it as your only source of drinking water.

There’s solid scientific evidence that the low mineral levels in distilled water can be harmful.  That’s especially the case for small children, and for athletes who’ll lose electrolytes through sweating. A balanced diet with plenty of minerals from fruit and vegetables will help, but won’t entirely offset the effects.

So, with that out of the way, let’s take a look at the best water distillers out there today.

best water distiller
Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

  • Water is distilled at 212 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Good quality materials
  • Six activated charcoal filters included in the package

Mophorn Countertop Pure Water Distillation Purifier
Mophorn Countertop Pure Water Distillation Purifier

  • Large capacity of just over a gallon
  • High-quality aluminum condenser fan
  • Available in a brilliant range of colors


The Best Water Distiller on the Market 2022

1. CO-Z 110V FDA Approved Water Distiller

water distillation unit

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Every part of CO-Z’s water distiller is made of materials approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. So you won’t have to worry that while you’re removing impurities distilling the water, the container is adding new ones.

The whole steam chamber is made of 304 stainless steel. That includes the dome and the condensing coil. All other parts are made of BPA-free plastic.

It’s very energy-efficient too. The 50 Herz, 750 Watt heating element will distill at a rate of a quarter of a gallon per hour. In other words, have it working solidly all day, and you’ll have six gallons of distilled water at the end.

And there’s no need to be concerned about the unit overheating. It’s thermostatically controlled, so it will switch itself off if the temperature exceeds 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the unit runs low on water, it will stop working. Refill it then press the reset button to start it up again.

If your water contains impurities with a higher boiling point than water, they won’t be removed by distillation. This model also incorporates an activated carbon filter in the spout.

The condenser fan makes a low hum when the machine is in use. The unit also emits warm air at the top. Bear that in mind if using it in a confined space like an RV. It will help keep things cozy in winter – but in high temperatures, you may want to place it outside.

Cleaning and maintenance are generally straightforward. Both the distiller and the carafe have large openings so you can reach all parts with ease.

But if you let the distiller run dry, the task will be more difficult. you’ll be left with caked-on residue that’s very hard to remove.

One thing to bear in mind is that this unit isn’t compatible with a 220 Volt power supply.

If you run into any problems, it’s reassuring to know that this distiller comes with a one-year limited warranty. The manufacturer will exchange it for free during this period if you find your unit develops a defect.


  • All parts made of FDA-approved materials
  • Thermostat prevents overheating
  • One year limited warranty


  • Tricky to clean if it runs dry
  • Hot air from the top will heat up a small space.

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2. Megahome Countertop Water Distiller Our Top Pick 

water distiller reviews

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Megahome’s distiller works more slowly than the CO-Z model. Its advantage, though, comes in its top quality materials.

Let’s start with speed. It will take five and a quarter hours to distill a gallon of water using the Megahome model. That’s considerably longer than the four hours for CO-Z.

The water is distilled at a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The manufacturers say this is the optimal temperature for the removal of contaminants.

Also included with the unit are six optional activated charcoal filters. These are designed to remove chlorine and other substances.

With this model, water doesn’t come into contact with any plastic at any point. The boil chamber, upper steam dome, and condensing coils are all made of stainless steel. The spout is lined with ceramic, and the carafe into which the water is dispensed is made of glass.

That means there’s no chance of chemicals leaching from plastic into the water. If you want to drink it occasionally, you won’t have to worry about any plastic taste.

Indeed, Megahome claims that distilled water is great for drinking, because of its purity. And if you visit their website, there’s an article claiming to debunk what they call the “myths” around drinking distilled water.

Don’t be misled.

Of the nine myths apparently busted there, none properly addresses the key problem with distilled water: that it leaches minerals from your body. While the website correctly states that the acidity of distilled water doesn’t mean it leaches minerals, that’s not the real problem.

The reason distilled water leaches minerals from your body isn’t anything to do with its acidity. It’s the absence of electrolytes that causes difficulties. These are needed to allow water to be absorbed into your body. So if the water itself doesn’t have any, it will take some from your body to do the job.

So while there are lots of nice features about this distiller, it’s not a solution for regular drinking water. If you drink it occasionally, you’re highly unlikely to have any issues. But no matter what the manufacturers say, distilled water is better in household appliances than in your body.


  • Water is distilled at 212 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Good quality materials
  • Six activated charcoal filters included in the package


  • Lots of the features here are designed to market this for drinking water – distillation isn’t the best choice for this.

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3. H2O Labs Stainless Steel Water Distiller with Glass Carafe

best water distiller

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This stainless steel distiller from H2O Labs looks very similar to the one from Megahome. And it has a lot of the same specifications too.

It has the same combination of a stainless steel distillation chamber and glass carafe. And it too has a porcelain nozzle. The plastics used in its construction are all free of BPA. But in any case, the water doesn’t come into contact with the plastic at all.

Also included is a pack of six activated carbon pods. These are only really useful if you plan to occasionally drink distilled water. As we’ve said, we wouldn’t recommend it. But if you want to do so now and again, the pods may improve the flavor.

The heating element here is 565 Watts. H2O Labs say this is an improvement on units with larger elements, which can heat the water too quickly.

They argue that this can raise the temperature to the point where volatile organic compounds evaporate alongside the water. So when the steam condenses, those contaminants will be found in the distilled water.

Again, this is really only an issue for drinking water – and … No, we’ll stop there. We’re getting boring!

The design here makes cleaning simple, with large openings to the distillation chamber and carafe. Also included in the package is a large jar of non-toxic cleaning crystals.

This is another unit that is designed to work with 110 to 120 Volt power supplies. Don’t try to use it if you’re in a country with a higher voltage supply.

H2O makes different models for countries with 220 to 240-volt supplies, so make sure you’re ordering the right one. For reasons known only to themselves, H2O say they’ll refuse to exchange it if you’ve just made a mistake.


  • Good quality materials and construction
  • Six activated carbon pods included as standard
  • Easy to clean – and the package includes cleaning crystals too


  • Another distiller where lots of the extra features are aimed at drinking water. How many times can we say it? Distilled water isn’t the healthiest option.
  • Make sure you choose the model with the right voltage for your domestic power supply. H2O will refuse to exchange it if you get it wrong.

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4. Mophorn Countertop Pure Water Distillation Purifier Budget Pick 

best home water distiller

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The Mophorn distiller is great if you’re looking for a model with a large capacity. It will hold just over a gallon of water at a time.

The shell is made of food-grade polypropylene, with a BPA-free carafe and stainless steel boiling chamber. The inner cap, condensing coil and water inlets and outlets are all made of stainless steel too. And there’s a soft catheter to prevent any leaks.

The condenser fan has been changed from earlier plastic models and is now made of aluminum. The upgrade is designed to improve the cooling effect.

This is another distiller designed to work with a 110 Volt power source. The power output is 750 Watts, and it has an automatic shut-off for safety. If the temperature rises above 320 degrees Fahrenheit, the distiller will power down.

Keep it on constantly, and you’ll be able to distill up to six gallons of water per day. There’s a useful handle on the top, so you can move it from place to place easily.

And Mophorn gets points for being one of the few manufacturers of water distillers to be honest in their marketing.

They note that distilled water is beneficial in skincare routines, for contact lens cleaning, and to prolong the life of electrical appliances. And while they argue it can make tea and coffee taste better, they don’t pretend it produces perfect drinking water.

Top marks to the marketing department.  A free activated charcoal sachet is included in the package. We’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that’s included to improve water for occasional beverages.

But perhaps our favorite part of this distiller is the funky choice of colors. You can pick from pure white, fiery red, silver or – for the ultimate bling – gold. With the silver version, you can adjust the temperature, making it a great option for distilling alcohol.

Are there any downsides? Well, just a couple. The instructions aren’t as clear as they could be about how to add and remove the charcoal sachet. And like other distillers on this list, it doesn’t have a power switch.  Remember that you’ll need to unplug it to switch it off.


  • Large capacity of just over a gallon
  • High-quality aluminum condenser fan
  • Available in a brilliant range of colors


  • The instructions don’t explain how to use the charcoal sachet included in the package
  • There’s no on-off switch.

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5. Pure Water Mini-Classic CT 120v Countertop Distiller

distill water maker

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If you’re looking for a compact unit for modest quantities of distilled water, Pure Water’s Mini-Classic could be for you.

This space-saving countertop distiller produces 0.8 gallons of water at a time in a process that takes 3.5 hours.  It will consume around 2.4 kWh of electricity to do it. That means it won’t make a big impact on your power bills.

Most parts are made from stainless steel, with a glass collecting jar for the distilled water. The jar has a lid for portability, and that’s made from BPA-free plastic.

The whole boiling chamber can be removed to make filling and cleaning easy.

The construction overall is mostly very good quality – this is one machine that’s built to last. That’s backed up by the impressive warranty. Pure Water offers a 15-year warranty on the stainless steel, and two years on the electrical components.

We have, though, heard some concerns about low-grade welding with some machines. In some cases, this has led to people describing their water as having a metallic taste. But do we need to say it again? Distilled water really isn’t great for drinking!

There’s double cladding to reduce the external temperature and prevent burns. But one thing to note is that there’s no automatic shut-off function with this one. If the tank is empty and it’s switched on by accident, it will heat up and burn the coils. So take care.

The fan here is fairly noisy. It shouldn’t bother you if you’re in another room. Bear in mind, though, that it will be on for over three hours at a time to distill one batch of water. If you’re sensitive to noise, this won’t be the best option.

All in all, this is a robust machine that’s great for households needing modest amounts of distilled water.


  • Space-saving option for households with low usage levels
  • Boiling chamber can be removed for easy filling and cleaning
  • Impressive 15-year warranty on stainless steel and 2 years on electrics


  • No automatic shut-off
  • The fan is quite noisy

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6. H2O Labs Convenient Water Distiller

water distillation system

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If you’re looking for a lightweight water distiller, check out this one from H2O Labs. It’s less sturdy than their stainless steel versions, but you won’t find a carafe that’s easier to move around.

It takes around five hours to distill a gallon of water. It couldn’t be simpler to use, with a clear refill and reset LED indicator. Note that, as with other distillers, you won’t be able to refill the reservoir while distillation is in progress.

The carafe is made of plastic, but it’s BPA-free. This kind of distiller is marketed for use in autoclaves – machines that sterilize laboratory or medical equipment. It’s great for household appliances like humidifiers, but not designed for drinking water.

There’s nevertheless a carbon filter with this unit. It sits on top of the collection jar, and you’ll need to remove it to access the water. For all but the most organized of people, this puts it at high risk of being misplaced.

Like other distillers, this will produce warm air. We’ve heard of some people using it to warm bathrooms at the same time as distilling water! But just bear in mind that if you’re in a hot climate, it may make the temperature uncomfortable.

You’ll hear the fan running while this is in operation. It’s not excessively loud, but it’s noticeable.

Cleaning is simple. Just use vinegar to remove any sediment. The lightweight carafe is very easy to maneuver while you do it.


  • Exceptionally lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Simple to use with refill and reset LED indicator
  • Easy to clean – just use vinegar


  • The location of the carbon filter isn’t very user-friendly
  • Produces a lot of hot air while working – not great if you live in an area with high temperatures.

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7. VEVOR Countertop Water Distiller

distilled water machine

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If you’re looking for a water distiller that works relatively quickly, VEVOR’s countertop unit is worth considering. It has a power output of 750 Watts and will distill over a quarter of a gallon of water per hour.

It’s also great for style-conscious distillers looking to make a statement in the kitchen. You can choose from white, beige, red, silver or even fabulous gold finishes.

Getting started is as simple as plugging it in and pushing a single button. Just make sure you keep an eye on the water level. If it boils dry, you’ll be left with a burnt-on residue that’s really tough to remove.

There’s a thermostat though, so you won’t need to worry about the machine overheating. If the temperature gets above 300 degrees Fahrenheit, it will switch itself off.

The business end of the machinery is all made of stainless steel – that’s the steam chamber, dome, and condensing coil. The carafe and some of the other components are made of plastic, all of which are free of BPA.

This is another distiller where the fan is made of aluminum. The manufacturers say the metal blades are better at cooling the air than plastic versions. And they’re less likely to warp or become misshapen over time.

The unit comes with a useful handle on the top. If you want to move it from room to room, that will make the task much easier.

It isn’t, though, the easiest machine to clean. You’ll need to pick up the whole thing in order to remove the lid.

And if you hit the “on” button while cleaning – beware. There’s no “off” button, so it will start running as soon as you plug it in again. That’s the case even if there’s no water, and if the lid isn’t in place.

But take care while cleaning and you’ll have a simple, attractive machine that distills water effectively. And it’s faster than many of its rivals too.


  • Quick – distills over a quarter of a gallon an hour
  • Automatic shut-off to prevent overheating
  • Aluminum condenser fan for more effective cooling


  • Not easy to clean
  • No “off” button

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Buying guide

So you’ve looked through all our reviews and you’re still not sure which is the best water distiller for you. Never fear – our buying guide is here to help! Read on to find out how to choose the features you need for the best results.

How much distilled water do you need?

The first question to ask yourself is how much water you need to distill each day. If the answer is enough to fill your iron now and again, opt for a small distiller. There’s no point in spending time and electricity on distilling large quantities of water you won’t use for ages.

The space-saving Pure Water Mini-Classic is the smallest unit on our list. That will give you 0.8 gallons of water from one distillation cycle of 3.5 hours.

But if you need to fill a number of humidifiers, you’ll want something with a bigger capacity. CO-Z’s model will produce over a gallon in just half an hour longer than the Pure Water version.

What about safety features?

A distiller can reach high temperatures, so consider what safety features you might need. That’s particularly important if you live in a household with small children. Little fingers pushing buttons can cause big problems!

Models with automatic shut-offs are a good choice. These will switch off the machine if a certain temperature – generally around 300 degrees Fahrenheit – is exceeded.

And look for machines with good quality cladding to keep the exterior cool.

Finally, note that not all distillers have power buttons. Many will simply start working as soon as they’re plugged in. If you choose a model like this, make sure that there’s water in the chamber before connecting it to a power source. If it’s empty, the condensing coils can burn and cause a fire hazard.

Consider cleaning

Distillers aren’t always the easiest pieces of equipment to clean. That’s especially the case if you’ve left them to boil dry! You’ll be left with a gunky residue that’s very hard to remove.

So look for models that have removable steam chambers to make cleaning easier. And check the size of the openings on the chamber and carafe. You want them to be large enough to access easily.

Some distillers will also come with their own cleaning products. If yours doesn’t, vinegar – and some elbow grease – will usually do a good job at getting it sparkling again.

Ready to go shopping?

That brings us to the end of our round-up of some of the best water distillers on the market today. We hope you’re now as clear as distilled water about which is the best option for you!

Our top pick is Megahome’s countertop water distiller. It’s made of good quality materials, it’s easy to use, and it reliably distills water at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Just don’t believe everything the manufacturer tells you about drinking distilled water!

Whichever option you choose, distilled water can be a real lifeline for your appliances. Happy shopping!

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