31 Homemade Bath Salt Recipes You Can DIY Easily

31 Homemade Bath Salt Recipes You Can DIY Easily

If you look up ‘bath salts’ online, you’ll find two rather polar descriptions. One is harmful to teens. The other means they might never leave the bathroom! We’re talking about the latter – a concoction of soluble minerals and salts you can add to bathwater. They tingle on your skin and simulate the effect of

31 Homemade Bird Bath Ideas You Can DIY Easily

31 Homemade Bird Bath Ideas You Can DIY Easily

Bird feeders are a clever way to bring beautiful and colorful wings into your yard. You can set up a bird cam and enjoy the view even when you’re at the office. And if you’re working from home or spending a lazy afternoon, you can set up a cozy chair where you can see the

Bath Fitter Cost Is it Really Cheaper than Replacement

Bath Fitter Cost: Is it Really Cheaper than Replacement?

When the time for renovating your bathroom comes, it usually involves weeks of work, the chaos around the house, and a lot of annoyance. Plus, you need to plan to spend a decent sum of money on material and labor costs, which will burden the household budget. Fortunately, there is an easier way nowadays to

Japanese Soaking Tub

Japanese Soaking Tub: Add the Exotic to Your Bathroom

For those looking to add a touch of the exotic to their bathroom, a Japanese soaking tub could be the perfect option. Offering luxurious Eastern-style relaxation and the chance of a deep, invigorating soak in the comfort of your home, it’s no wonder they are growing in popularity. If you are interested in installing a

Bathtub Drain Stopper

6 Types of Bathtub Drain Stopper: Which One is Best?

Everyone knows that bathtub drain plugs are used to keep water in a bathtub. However, they might be unaware that they have to consider some factors before choosing various types of bathtub drain stoppers. For instance, drains come in various sizes, and it’s vital that you choose a plug that matches the bathtub drain perfectly. It’s

5 Great Tips to Clean Bathtub

At some point, your bathtub tends to get very dirty. Although you might have use soap and water to wash it, the tub still doesn’t look sparkling clean. Well, if this is the case, then you need the right method or tip to clean bathtub properly. Many find it difficult to clean up the mineral

Standard Bathtub Sizes & Dimensions: Which Suits You Best?

In any bathroom, the bathtub is one of the most important elements. It’s not just a functional fixture – it’s also the focus and centerpiece of the room, and choosing the right one can greatly enhance the overall visual effect of the space, adding an extra level of style and elegance. However, before you even

15 Easy Steps to Paint the Bathtub

Painting an old standalone or corner bathtub serves as an affordable way to renew this item. Surprisingly, this task does not require much effort as it involves covering the cracks, sanding the tub, and adding paint. Overall, it’s cheaper than demolishing and replacing the entire bathtub and bath surround. Now that you know the benefit of slapping paint

Garden Tub: Everything You Need to Know

Perhaps you’re refitting your bathroom and you want to know more about “garden bathtubs”. Or perhaps you’ve simply heard the term mentioned and it’s piqued your interest. What is a garden bathtub? How much do they cost? And would a garden bathtub be right for you? If you have been wondering about these questions or

6 Easy Steps to Remove a Bathtub Drain

6 Easy Steps to Remove a Bathtub Drain

If your bath begins to drain slowly or stops draining completely, it has probably become blocked by a build-up of hair and grime. This means you will need to remove the drain and unblock it. You will also need to remove an old drain to replace it with a new one. Of course, you can