28 Beadboard Bathroom Design Ideas

28 Beadboard Bathroom Design Ideas

If you’re looking for a way to add a distinctive touch to your bathroom décor, why not consider beadboard? It’s a great option for bringing another dimension to your design scheme. But if you’re not sure where to start, why not let us inspire you? We’ve found 28 design ideas for beadboard in the bathroom.

25 Small Bathroom Floor Plans

25 Small Bathroom Floor Plans

If your bathroom is bijou, planning the space carefully is essential. Do it right, and you can create a cosy sanctuary. But just how do you go about achieving that? That’s where we come in! We’ve sourced 25 small bathroom floor plans to get the most out of limited space.  So step this way for

21 Bathroom Wall Paneling Ideas

21 Bathroom Wall Paneling Ideas

If you’re looking for a way to add character and style to your bathroom, why not consider paneling? It’s a distinctive option that can ooze sophistication and elegance. So how do you incorporate it in your design scheme? That’s what we’re here to show you! We’re going to share 25 bathroom wall paneling ideas for

31 Bathroom Window Ideas

31 Bathroom Window Ideas

Bathroom windows are often small and textured. The idea is to provide privacy and keep out the nosy pervs. But your bathroom window sometimes becomes a storage spot. And once it does, it can accumulate germs, becoming both unsightly and unhealthy. So what can you do with that small space? Let’s explore some bathroom window

30+ Bathroom Backsplash Ideas – Tile, Sink & Vanity Backsplash

Your bathroom backsplash is primarily functional. It stops gray water and bathroom products from seeping into the wall. Accumulated splashes and overflows may end up causing water damage and eventually stain your surface, crumble your plaster, and ruin the bathroom. It can even mess with the structural pillars of your house. Backsplashes from a protective

31 Bathroom Lighting Ideas - Shower Light Ideas

31 Bathroom Lighting Ideas – Shower Light Ideas

Lots of us prefer to shower before we leave the house in the morning. Or sometimes, we get home from work and want to wash off the stress of the workday. Meaning we mostly use the bathroom in the dark (pre-dawn or after sunset). Plus, many bathrooms have small windows. They’re often positioned in the

31 Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas - Towel Storage for Small Bathroom

31 Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas – Towel Storage for Small Bathroom

Towels are meant to be absorbent. It’s their entire reason for existing. But bathrooms are often humid. And keeping damp towels can create a health hazard. Plus, it’s just icky. So your bathroom towel storage ideas need to be … airy. They should help your towels dry faster, avoiding mold and stuffiness. Let’s check out

31 Bathroom Mirror Ideas - Unique Bath Mirrors

31 Bathroom Mirror Ideas – Unique Bath Mirrors

Mirrors seem pretty straightforward. And we use them several times a day. But they go beyond mere functionality. A good mirror builds your confidence and starts your day off right. Plus, it avoids embarrassment and social faux pas. Things like having spinach in your teeth or tucking your skirt into your pants. So let’s explore

Shiplap in the Bathroom: Is It A Good Idea?

If you renovate your house and want to achieve a rustic, farmhouse style, you should consider installing a shiplap in a few rooms, for example. That way, you will create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your space, plus add some interesting texture to the walls. The best thing is that you can do the

Barn Door for Bathroom Is It a Good Idea

Barn Door for Bathroom: Is It a Good Idea?

Whatever style you pick for your bathroom, the choice of door is the final addition to its appearance. Barn door for the bathroom is increasingly popular in modern homes. That is s safe and easy-to-use model, plus you can install it on your own. Nowadays, you can choose among a variety of designs and colors