3 Easy Ways to Clean Glass Cooktop

Owning a glass cooktop stove is great for your home kitchen, but you need to clean this cooking device regularly to keep it looking good as new. If you use harsh cleaning products to wipe out the stains, you might damage it. Luckily, you can handle any grime with simple household items. Within a few

How to Replace Electric Cooktop

9 Easy Steps to Replace Electric Cooktop

Putting a new portable cooktop in place of a rusty spiral kind electric cooktop is harder than you think. It is not just a small work you can do it by yourself and neither is it an easy project. Much planning is required because the replacement will cost a large amount of money for the

8 Easy Steps to Install & Replace a Gas Cooktop

Installing a gas cooktop is always a daunting task because of the risk involved. Be it electric current, flare gas, or just dealing with fragile equipment, the risks are numerous. The question that pops up continually is, can I install a gas cooktop myself? Well, I’m here with some good news. This installation is not