standard shower head height

What is the Best Shower Head Height?

Many experts will tell you that the standard shower head height should be 80 inches above the floor of the bath. Although this dimension is ideal for most people, a shower head with a long neck can reduce this measurement by some inches. But do you know that there are other heights for showerheads? Some are 96

3 Easy Steps to Raise Shower Head

There are various heights to mount your shower head. However, most plumbers place this item 80 inches above the floor pan. Although this distance caters for people with average heights, it can be uncomfortable for very tall people. Sadly, many homes have annoying showerheads that hang too low. Other buildings offer these fittings in spots

5 Easy Steps To Fix a Leaky Shower Faucet

One of the main features of an annoying bathroom is a leaky shower faucet or shower head. Apart from making the occasional frustrating noise, these faulty fittings can increase your utility bill due to wastage of water and heat used. Unfortunately, the problems of leaky fittings do not end there. A long period of drips

5 Easy Steps to Change a Shower Head

Bathroom looks incomplete without a sparkling showerhead because when the fixture becomes old, it looks unpleasant to the eyes. Apart from it changing the overall look of your bath space, a rusty shower head serves as a breeding ground for germs. These microorganisms are linked to conditions such as lung disease. For this reason, if

6 Ways to Clean a Shower Head

Showers may be what we use to clean ourselves, but if you don’t look after them, the shower head itself may become dirty. Hard water may cause deposits to build up, and shower heads can also harbor lots of nasty bacteria that can even make you ill. For this reason, it’s extremely important to make

5 Easy Steps to Unclog Shower Head

Do you have a clogged up shower head? And are you looking for the best way to unclog shower head to keep the water pressure strong and steady? If this is the case, we got you covered in this article to provide great insight on how to clean a clog shower head. The clogged shower

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7 Best Shower Filters of 2022 – Shower Head Filter Reviews

Do you suffer from eczema, itchy skin, dandruff, tired-looking hair or brittle nails? Believe it or not, all of these problems can be related to the water you use for showering – and the solution could be to install a shower filter. These devices can remove chemicals and impurities from your water, making it much

Best Shower Head

10 Best Shower Heads of 2022 – Top Rated Showerhead Reviews

There’s nothing more important for the perfect shower than getting the right shower head. But how do you know which one to choose? Relax, and let us do the hard work for you. We’re going to explore ten of the best shower heads available right now. And our buying guide will help you select the