8 Easy Steps to Tile a Shower

8 Easy Steps to Tile a Shower

If you’ve splashed out on a new shower, tiling around it can save considerable expense. And you’ll also have the satisfaction of having done it all yourself. But if you’ve never done it before, it can be daunting. Don’t worry! Our guide to how to tile a shower is here to help. We’ll take you

13 Steps to Install the Glass Shower Door

Are you sick and tired of your shower curtain?  Maybe you dream about a bathroom looking elegant and chic like in modern home decoration magazines? Have you always secretly desired to have a glass shower door? If the answers to all these questions are – YES, you are at the perfect place right now. I

8 Simple Steps to Build a Shower

8 Simple Steps to Build a Shower

Have you ever dreamed about a new shower cabin? I have, but my first thought connected with that job is a bunch of plumbers making a mess throughout my house! Have you had the same problem? If yes, I can offer you an excellent solution! Yes, it is possible enjoying a beautiful bathroom without tolerating

8 Steps to Remove Shower Doors

Have you thought of swapping your old shower doors for a fine silky curtain yet? Surely, Curtains will be a great alternative since it doesn’t require much space and they are much easier to maintain. Several things might push you to want you do complete removal of the door. Either the door is looking unpleasant

12 Tips to Build a Steam Shower

12 Tips to Build a Steam Shower

Steam showers are a thing of beauty and comfort. After a long day of work, the steam-surround in your shower can be pricelessly relaxing. You used to need to go to a health spa to get such luxury. Nowadays, you can build yourself a steam shower or remodel your old shower into a steam shower.

11 Tips to Grout Shower Tile

When you’re laying bathroom tiles, you want to wait 24 hours for your thin-set to dry. This process is called curing. The next day, you’ll want to grout your tile. This fills in the joints and makes your walls and floors more attractive. Be sure to do it within a day, to avoid damage. If

6 Simple Steps to Retile a Shower

Is your bathroom looking old an unpleasant? Do you want to give it a completely new look? Then look no further – we have prepared a special article to show you how to retile a shower at ease. Even if you have never done that before, sticking to this guide will make this job fairly

6 Simple Steps to Build a Walk-in Shower

If you look around the web, you’ll find conflicting information about walk-in showers, so let’s begin with the basics. A walk-in shower is a standalone unit that’s not connected to a bathtub. Sometimes, it’s part of a ‘wet room’, meaning the shower isn’t secluded from the bathroom. But even in this scenario, the walk-in shower

7 Easy Steps To Prepare Shower For Tiles

10 Easy Steps to Prepare Shower Wall for Tiles

Most times, our bathrooms need a little remodeling to enhance it looks, and installing or replacing the shower tiles can help you achieve that. It might be tedious to install, but believe me, the outcome outweighs the labor. Tiling is the main thing, but you need to know how to prepare shower walls for tiles. Bathroom

Shower Pan: Things You Need to Know before Building

Whether it is about building a new bathroom or re-modeling the old one, one thing that definitely goes into the to-do list is revamping the shower area. Can it be done without having a shower pan, shower filter or a basic shower door? And the answer remains NO, it cannot be! Building a shower pan