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10 Best Corner Toilets of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer Guides

Corner toilets are – by design – smaller than regular bathrooms. They’re also highly likely to be used by guests. It’s often located in a tiny unused section of your home. Maybe you converted the space into a guest bedroom, so you squeezed in the toilet for their convenience and privacy.

Or maybe you got tired of strangers traipsing through your house and snooping in your private bathroom. It could even be a temporary fix to accommodate contractors during a renovation project. Or family members visiting for the holidays. So how do you choose the best one to buy?

American Standard 216 AD Corner Toilet
American Standard 216 AD Corner Toilet

  • It has a 2.125-inch trap and a 3-inch cadet system for enhanced flushing power.
  • It’s EPA-compliant at 1.6 GPF.
  • Its compact sizing is ideal for half baths.


The Best Corner Toilet on the Market of 2021

1. American Standard 216 AD  Our Top Pick 

American Standard 216 AD Corner Toilet

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When you’re decorating small spaces, you might feel constrained, pun intended. There’s only so much you can do! But just because it’s cozy doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. American Standard 216 is the perfect example. It combines good looks with functional features.

Like all Cadet toilets, its siphon trap is widened from the standard 2 inches to a broader 2 and 1/8 inch. The flush valve is also enlarged to 3 inches. Both these features increase the pressure, speed, and power of flushing water, allowing it to push a larger load while using less water.

The toilet has power-scrubbing and bowl glazing. These two features combine to reduce streaks and other toilet stains. The power-scrub function works by trapping air bubbles under the toilet rim at high pressure so when water pushes the bubbles, they ‘scrub’ the bowl.

The toilet has a standard toilet height of 16.5 inches without its seat, which you have to buy separately. It has a sanitary dam between its bowl and its tank, just like all American Standard two-piece toilets. Unfortunately, its trap contours create extra surfaces were dust can gather.

If you’re looking for a simple toilet you can install yourself, this option works. The small tank isn’t a flaw, because its Cadet 3 Power-Scrub system ensures effective flushing.


  • It has a 2.125-inch trap and a 3-inch cadet system for enhanced flushing power.
  • It’s EPA-compliant at 1.6 GPF.
  • Its compact sizing is ideal for half baths.


  • The toilet seat is sold separately, and the 1.6 GPF capacity is unfit for water conservation regulations in Texas, Colorado, or California.

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2. Kohler Veil Wall-Hung

Kohler Veil Wall-Hung Corner Toilet

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Corner toilets are ideal for small toilets because they squeeze into the corner. This leaves more open space for the user’s legs … and for the door to close. But if you don’t like the look of a triangular tank, you could forego the cistern altogether. Tankless toilets are a good workaround.

The Kohler toilet doesn’t have a visible tank, so you can install it in the corner or any of the sides. Just be sure to pick the right wall – you don’t want it blocking the door. The Kohler is a ‘floating toilet’, meaning it doesn’t touch the ground. Instead, it’s mounted on the wall.

This floating design leaves an open space beneath the toilet, which makes the bathroom feel larger and airier. It creates the illusion of space without expanding the room in any way. The toilet has a skirted bottom, so it’s easier to keep clean. Its conical bowl is pretty too.

This dual flush toilet uses 1.6 GPF in heavy flush and 0.8 GPF in light flush. Its chrome push-button flush is installed on the wall, a few feet above the toilet bowl. This offers a comfortable flushing height and keeps the toilet surface cleaner because you don’t touch it with wet hands.

Many corner bathrooms feel dank and claustrophobic. This Kohler Veil toilet opens up your room while elevating your style, pun intended. And it saves water too.


  • The floating design keeps your bathroom cleaner because you can mop or vacuum the floor beneath the toilet.
  • The toilet is supported by unseen brackets of stainless steel. They’re sturdy enough to hold this 53.5-pound toilet.
  • The toilet is mounted on the wall so you get almost 12 inches of extra bathroom space.


  • It’s a one-piece and they send you the bowl, lid, and flush plate. This seems normal until you realize it needs a tank and steel brackets to stay up. Order them separately.

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3. Renovator’s Supply Ceramic Dual Flush

Renovator’s Supply Ceramic Dual Flush Corner Toilet

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The reason you opt for corner toilets is to save space. So your measurement priorities will be a little different. For ‘normal’ toilet purchases, you’ll focus on measuring seat size, from the seat bolts to the rim. This helps you confirm whether your toilet seat is elongated or round.

Elongated seats work best because they’re more comfortable to sit on. And you can still buy a corner toilet with an elongated seat. But for the best corner toilet selection, you need to verify your distance from the wall. This tells you how far the toilet stretches towards the door.

Before you get to the store, open the bathroom door. Then measure the distance from the open door to the corner, and buy a toilet that can fit that space. The shorter the better. This Renovator’s Supply toilet has a convenient depth of 33.75 inches from the corner to the rim.

It’s made of ceramic material that’s resistant to stains and scratches. The back of the tank is right-angled, so it’s a perfect corner fit. The tank front is curved for added aesthetics, and it has attractive decorative detail. The toilet is 16 inches high and the cistern is 19 inches wide.

This dual flush toilet will save you space and water while adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom. It comes with a toilet seat but no mounting hardware, so buy your own bolts.


  • The toilet is coated in Reno-Gloss to prevent scratching, streaking, and staining.
  • It’s a dual flush toilet that uses 0.8 GPF in liquid-mode and 1.6 GPF in solid-mode.
  • Its intricately carved detail makes it pretty and distinctive to look at.


  • Its trap is exposed, which means you need extra dusting and wiping to keep it clean.

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4. American Standard 270 AD

American Standard 270 AD Corner Toilet

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In a typical toilet, the trap at the bottom of the bowl is 2 inches wide. The flush valve is often 2 inches as well. But if you want a stronger flush, you should find a toilet with a wider trap and a larger flush valve. The American Standard 270 AD has a Cadet 3 flushing system.

This means its trap is 2.125 inches, and its flush valve is 3 inches wide. In addition to added pressure, this flush valve is resistant to chemicals and corrosion. This means you can use whichever toilet products you’re most comfortable with. They won’t degrade your toilet.

The surface of the toilet is made of vitreous china and treated with EverClean glaze, so keeping it sparkling is almost effortless. Like all two-pieces from American Standard, you have to order the seat separately. Take your measurements carefully to make sure you get the right seat shape.

Your seat-less toilet is a standard 16.5 inches tall, so you should check the thickness of the seat and lid as well. It will usually add 3 or more inches to your toilet height. And the toilet weighs 90 pounds, so be careful as you unpack it. It could squash your fingers and toes!

This is a convenient toilet for awkward corner bathrooms. It only takes an hour to install, so you can flex your DIY muscles without compromising on quality. And it’s EPA compliant too.


  • The toilet maintains Right Height or Standard Height, even without its seat.
  • Its Cadet 3 mechanism reduces its likelihood of clogging.
  • It has a single flush capacity of 1.6 GPF.


  • You have to order the seat separately, so its quality may not match the rest of the toilet.

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5. Renovator’s Supply Corner Round

Renovator’s Supply Corner Round Corner Toilet

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Round toilets are recommended for small bathrooms. They’re only 2 to 3 inches shorter than elongated toilets, but it makes all the difference. It makes you far more comfortable as you sit on the throne, and can prevent your bathroom door from slamming into the toilet seat.

This Renovator’s Supply model not only has a round seat, but it also has a corner tank. And because it comes with the seat included, you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong size. You may get into trouble with the flushing buttons though – they’re often too long for the tank.

This toilet has a dual flush, using 1.6 GPF for heavy flushing and 0.8 GPF for light flushing. Unfortunately, it’s rather squat. It only stands 17.5 including the toilet seat and 14.875 inches without it. But it’s a lightweight toilet – less than 40 pounds. And it’s a total of 29 inches tall.

On the upside, it’s 30 inches from corner to rim. That’s 3 inches shorter than your average corner toilet. And it resists stains and scratches, so it retains its smooth sheen for years. This helps because its textured trap is a magnet for dust and droplets.

This Renovator’s Supply model works well in small bathroom spaces. It’s less likely to crowd your space or block your door. But when you measure it, start at the corner, not the walls.


  • The pentagon-shaped tank saves space in smaller bathrooms.
  • Its shiny surface is safe from stains and scratches.
  • It lowers your water usage by around 25,000 gallons every year.


  • It’s shorter than standard toilet height, measuring 14.875 inches without its seat.

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6. Signature Hardware Braeburn

Signature Hardware Braeburn Corner Toilet

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In most cases, a one-piece is better than a two-piece. This is because one-pieces have no seams or joints where dirt and damp can hide. But when you’re installing a toilet in a corner bathroom, a two-piece is easier to maneuver. During installation, squeezing a one-piece into place is tricky.

And because one-pieces are often placed flush against the wall, it can be hard to clean the areas around the trap and bowl. The Signature offers more visible floor space, which is ideal for daily maintenance. After all, you need access to those floor spots where water and dirt might fester.

The Signature toilet is 16 inches tall, and the slow-closing seat is included when you buy it. The toilet has a de-clogging 3-inch flush valve, and its convenient push-button flush is placed on the right. This is far more intuitive than typical left-located flush levers.

This toilet has a standard bolt spread of 5.5 inches, and its flush button is coated in chrome. The toilet has a limited lifetime warranty and visible trap contours. But like many two-piece toilets, the tank and bowl are shipped separately. So they’re likely to arrive on different days.

This toilet is smaller than you’d expect, so it’s ideal for tiny bathrooms. But those few missing inches make it less comfortable to use, especially its shorter, rounder toilet seat.


  • The flush button is on your right for easier access.
  • It uses 1.28 GPF so it’s suitable for all US states.
  • It offers easy 360º access for installation and maintenance.


  • The toilet pieces are rarely delivered on the same date.

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7. American Standard Titan Pro

American Standard Titan Pro Corner Toilet

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It’s reassuring when an item has a warranty. It means the manufacturer cares about your needs, even after they’ve taken your money and you’ve left their shop. But there’s a theory that warranties only cover a product’s expected lifespan. If it’s 1-year, expect it to die at 13 months.

Why? Because if they have to repair your toilet 15 times within the warranty period, they lose money. So it works out better if the product only breaks after the ‘free repair period’. In this case, a 10-year warranty means your toilet will last far longer than other brands.

Customer care promises aside, this toilet tank fills in a minute and only uses 1.28 GPF. It comes in a pretty beige shade described as ‘bone’. Its height is standard at 16.75 inches without its seat, which isn’t included in the initial package. You’ll have to order a separate seat.

It does have a skirt though, concealing the trap and making it easier to clean. The trap is glazed – both inside and out – to prevent streaks and stains. And while the seat is sold separately, the toilet comes with color-matched bolt covers, providing a streamlined look.

This toilet is the best corner toilet for refurbishment. Its skirt covers a wider floor area. This means its ‘extended footprint’ will hide any flaws, holes, or bolt marks from the previous toilet.


  • It has a generous 10-year limited warranty.
  • Its 1.28 GPF tank fits EPA requirements throughout the US.
  • It has a 3-inch flush valve that lowers its chances of clogging.


  • Despite being WaterSense compliant, this toilet isn’t sold in Texas or California.

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8. Woodbridge T-00200 Dual Flush

Woodbridge T-00200 Dual Flush Corner Toilet

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The reason we call them corner toilets is because their shapes fit right into the corner. Also, their depth is smaller, so they’re less likely to block bathroom doors. But what if you buy a right-angled toilet? One where every surface has its own corner – not just the back of the tank?

The WoodBridge T-00200 is a premium-priced square toilet. Everything is angled, from bowl to seat. So if you wanted to, you could feasibly install it in a small corner toilet. From wall to rim, the toilet is 28 inches deep, smaller than your average corner toilet.

This toilet is made of vitreous china. It’s a skirted toilet with square and trapezoid motifs throughout its design. Its soft-closing lid comes with the package, and its cistern has a sloping lid fitted with a chrome dual flush button. It uses 1 GPF for liquids and 1.6 GPF for solids.

This luxurious toilet looks gorgeous and fits perfectly. Its warranty is a year on mechanical parts and 5 years on porcelain parts. It may be hard to use in a corner though unless you sit sideways.


  • Everything you need comes in the box, including the seat, bolts, wax ring, and even a wrench.
  • It’s a one-piece skirted toilet so it stays clean and its maintenance needs are low.
  • It has a powerful but quiet siphon flush.


  • Its shape can technically fit in a corner bathroom, but that’s not its intended configuration. So it’ll look great, but sitting on it may need contortionist skills.

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9. Horrow Small Toilet

Horrow Small Toilet Corner Toilet

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Here’s another non-corner toilet you can slip into your closet-sized bathroom. From tank to rim, it’s a mere 25 inches. That’s shorter than most corner toilets. But this only works if you install it against a flat wall. Otherwise, the gap behind the tank will soak up extra floor space.

An interesting trick you can use is installing it against a window ledge. That way, the tank fits snugly in the corner, but you have more legroom on the side of the ledge. Of course, this depends on how your drains are set up. The toilet does have glazing, with a 5-year warranty.

This limited warranty specifically covers staining and fading. But the toilet has a separate 3-year warranty for its flushing parts. The toilet is 16.5 inches high and its seat is 16.5 inches long. A plastic PP soft-closing seat is included. If you want a premium UPF seat, buy it separately.

The toilet uses 1.6 GPF in heavy flush and 1.28 GPF in light flush, with both options using a powerful, quiet, siphon-flush system. Its trap is the usual 2 inches but it’s fully glazed. It’s an easy-to-clean toilet that’s generally easy to install, though it’ll take some wrangling to corner it.

Size-wise, the Horrow toilet is a great fit for corner toilets. It’s good-looking, space-saving, and water-efficient. Plus, its soft-closing lid is a helpful safety measure.


  • The toilet has D-shaped European styling.
  • It includes everything you need for installation, from bolts and washers to caps and seat.
  • Its one-piece structure and skirted trap make it easier to clean.


  • It wasn’t designed for corners, so yes, it will fit, but it’ll be an exercise in creativity.

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10. Bathroom Anywhere Hidden Plumbing

Bathroom Anywhere Hidden Plumbing Corner Toilet

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So you don’t want a triangular tank and square toilets seem like too much work. What other options do you have for your corner bathroom? Well, the goal is to create more bathroom space by ‘compressing’ your toilet. So how about a toilet with hidden plumbing?

On average, your toilet tank takes up 12 to 15 inches. So by hiding the cistern behind the wall, you give yourself more space. The Bathroom Anywhere has three configuration options. You can hide everything or leave everything out, depending on your spacing needs.

To give yourself maximum bath-room, pun intended, you can install your upflush tank and your outlet pipe behind your bathroom wall. This is especially helpful for hallway or closet installations. There’s no floor plumbing, so you’re not restricted to toilet location.

The Bathroom Anywhere is a macerating toilet, so you can position it against a flat wall or squeeze it into a corner. You do need vents though, so consider that as you install it. The toilet is 18.5 inches high with the seat included and uses 1.28 GPF. This version is bisque-colored.

This model lets you place your toilet anywhere in the house, even in a corner. But it doesn’t have a tank or pump in its box, so don’t forget to order them separately!


  • It has a reasonable 3-year limited warranty.
  • At 1.28 GPF, this toilet matches all water conservation regulations.


  • It has a toilet seat, bolt covers, and all mounting hardware, but it’s missing two crucial components – a cistern and an upflush grinder pump.

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Buying Guide

Corner toilets aren’t that different from other toilets. They have the same function and flushing options. So in many ways, you’ll use the same criteria as other toilets. But regular toilets won’t always be appropriate for this task. So how can you be sure you’ve bought the best corner toilet?

Bathroom Location

best corner toilet

In most houses, you can instantly tell which room is the bathroom. It will have a toilet and a sink. It might even have a bathtub or a shower. What you don’t see is the plumbing that leads to the sewers. They’re usually hidden inside the walls and under the floors, so they’re invisible.

Sometimes, your bathroom is in the basement. Or it might be a refurbished bathroom that was originally a bedroom, hallway, or closet. In all these cases, there are no sewage pipes or traditional plumbing. You need to be careful when you’re buying toilets for these bathrooms.

Your toilets have to be composting toilets, macerating toilets, or portable toilets. All three can work without standard sewer pipes, so they’re suitable for un-plumbed bathroom spaces. They also need customized ventilation, because they generate more smells than ‘normal’ toilets.

If your corner toilet is going to be installed in a basement or a room without plumbing, make sure it has sufficient pumping power. Check whether the room has access to electricity. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to buy a commode that uses a battery or flushes manually.

Bathroom Dimensions

corner toilet buying guide

The main reason for corner toilets is lack of space. When your bathroom is small or weirdly shaped, a corner toilet makes more sense. But the shape and size of the bathroom could influence where you install the toilet. Drain holes might be closer to the door, wall, or window.

Meaning your corner toilet won’t be anywhere near the drain hole. In that case, you could buy an upflush, because macerators don’t have to sit above the drain hole. A portable toilet or composting toilet could work too because they don’t necessarily need a drainage hole.

The size of the bathroom will also influence the size of the commode. For tiny bathrooms, you could get a compact one-piece or a tankless toilet. If you do buy a toilet with a triangular tank, it has to be small enough to leave legroom. And it shouldn’t block the bathroom door.

Another example is refurbished toilets carved out of hallways and closets. Or bathrooms installed in asymmetric rooms. The walls might be curved, or the corners may be more / less than 90°. This will affect the shape of the toilet bowl as well as the toilet tank.

Housing Region

corner toilet reviews

For US residents, toilets are expected to follow EPA regulations. That means they should use a maximum of 1.6 gallons per flush. In certain US states, the figure is even lower at 1.28 GPF. So before you order a toilet online, confirm it’s suitable for your local water usage laws.

That said, just because the toilet uses less water doesn’t mean it works well. You have to test it. Some toilet brands have lowered the capacity of their tanks, but they haven’t improved their flushing power. These toilets may fit legal requirements but they’ll just frustrate you.

Plus, if it takes three flushes to dispose of waste, you’re using almost 4 GPF, so you’re canceling out any water savings. Other toilet requirements include BPA for industrial chemicals, ADS for toilet height, and ANSI for safe sanitation and waste disposal. Verify all this before you order.

Bathroom Aesthetics

A lot of corner toilets are designed to squeeze into corners. Meaning the back of their cistern is triangle-shaped. Sometimes, the whole tank is a triangle. Other times, it’s a regular curved or square tank with a modified tip. This second design may project further forward.

As a result, these modified toilets will use up more bathroom space. But the plain triangular toilets have less space for water. And their shrunken tanks may affect their ability to flush effectively because they might not carry enough water. They need stronger flushing pumps.

Think about these three aspects when you’re buying that corner toilet. You may have to compromise between water usage, floor space, physical beauty, and purchase price. Decide which factor is your highest priority, then keep it in mind while you shop.

Keep it cornered

We’ve explored potential considerations for toilet shopping. And we’ve shown you ten models we think are particularly snazzy. While the final choice is yours, we would buy the American Standard 270 AD. Its corrosion-free Cadet 3-inch flush valves are less prone to clogging.

EverClean glazing and power-wash technology tag-team to keep toilet loads from clinging to your bowl. It stands at 16.5-inch Right Height and its limited warranty runs for 5 years. Its water surface is 8 inches by 9 inches, but at 1.6 GPF, you can’t legally get one in California.

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