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How Much Should I Spend on a Hot Tub?

Do you know what to budget for that hot tub you want to be installed right at the back of your house? Choosing a precise hot tub to purchase can be a very tricky decision to make, considering the numerous brands available in the market.

However, having a foreknowledge of the price of your preferred hot tub can save you some stress and also prevent you from falling victims to hungry sellers that may capitalize on your naivety.

How much does a hot tub costis a topic we will be deliberating in this article. Also, we will examine different kinds of hot tubs and the factors that determine their prices.

What You Need to Know about Hot Tubs before You Buy Any

Knowing that hot tubs are a great source of relaxation is not enough to make the right decision when you want to buy one. Your hopes of having a luxurious time in your spa may fail if you do not have the necessary information on hot tubs to enable you to make a good purchase.

When you have this essential information, you will understand better why hot tub prices vary. Ultimately, you will know the kind of hot tub that will satisfy the level of relaxation you envisage.

Primarily, hot tub prices get determined by their varied qualities. The different attributes of hot tubs are, in turn, determined by the features provided in each hot tub. Even across different hot tub brands, those with similar characteristics may have considerable differences in their market prices.

The location also contributes a significant amount to the cost of hot tubs. Other accidental charges like added delivery charges, where provided, go a long way to influence the price of hot tubs.

Factors that Determine the Price of Hot Tubs

Factors that Determine the Price of Hot Tubs

In this section, we will take a closer look at some specific factors that determine the prices of hot tubs in the market. The most common factors include:

  • The material quality of the hot tub
  • Particular features of the hot tub
  • Size of the hot tub
  • Engineering
  • The design and aesthetic appeal of the hot tub.

You should know as well that the price of particular hot tubs also varies when you are buying from a manufacturer or a dealer. Standard hot tub prices range from $3,000 to $15,000. It is reasonable to expect that the higher the cost of the hot tub, the better features it has, and the better the relaxation experience you will be getting.

However, to make a more educated decision in buying a hot tub, your consideration should not only be the initial market cost of the hot tub. Remember that there will be a maintenance cost that will follow your hot tub subsequently.

You should also have a fair idea of what this maintenance cost will be before you buy it. Sometimes, maintaining some hot tubs and keeping all their features functional may cost more than the price of the hot tub within a short while.

How often you intend to use the hot tub should also guide you when you want to buy a hot tub. There is no need to purchase the best hot tub if you have no plan for regular use.

Hot Tub Prices

In this section, we will furnish you with the different price ranges for different hot tub categories available in the market.

1. First Category – $250 to $5,000

First Category - $250 to $5,000

The first category of hot tubs we will be looking at have price ranges between $250 to $5,000. The lowest-priced hot tubs in this category are mostly the inflatable types.

They are made of rubber and inflated with air. They are more suitable for weekend parties. You should only consider them as a buying option when you do not intend to use them for a long time. Even the best inflatable hot tubs do not last.

Under this category too are hot tubs made of rotationally-molded plastics. The significant advantage is their ease of movement. This portability is a credit to the lightweight plastic from which they were produced.

Another benefit is that they do not require any elaborate installation plans, which is quite unlike other more sophisticated hot tubs you will see later in this article.

However, their primary downside is that at different temperature ranges, the type of plastic from which they are made expand or contract. This uneven expansion and contraction may lead to leakage.

Both the inflatable hot tubs and those made of rotationally-molded plastics are too limited in features when compared with the other higher priced hot tubs we will be looking at in this section.

They are cheap and affordable, but when your motive is a maximum and lasting relaxation, they should not be your choice of a hot tub experience.

2. Second Category – $4,500 to $9,000

Second Category - $4,500 to $9,000

The second category of hot tubs has price ranges between $4,500 to $9,000. Your finding a product that will give you an excellent spa experience begins with this category.

It is in this category that you find standard designs with a lot of massage jets lining the seats.  Their interiors are mostly made of glossy acrylic materials, while the exteriors are of wood or varying qualities.

Note that most times, the hot tubs within this category have been compromised on in one way or the other. Because they are not priced high enough for the features they possess, the manufacturers sometimes compromise on the quality of the materials used in the production of their components.

Even when they come in good-enough varieties, the manufacturer may compromise on the functional efficiency. Sometimes, no measure is installed to regulate their power consumption and other running costs.

This compromise in either quality or features is the major drawback to the hot tubs in this category and could also be an explanation as to why these hot tubs have the lowest warrantees.

While they may last longer than the hot tubs in the first category, they may not give the best value for your money as they can only hold together for a few years.

3. Third Category – $7,000 to $11,000

Third Category - $7,000 to $11,000

The hot tubs in this category have price ranges between $7,000 to $11,000. The hot tubs under this category offer more relaxation experience in both installed features and durability than the ones in the second category.

They come with higher numbers of water jets, lighting, and more advanced control panels. They are also better engineered and more economical in terms of energy consumption.

They are more economical in terms of running cost than the hot tubs of the second category. They have better water purification systems options, which extends their maintenance periods.

They also come with more extended warranties than the hot tubs of the second category. The benefits of the hot tubs in this category are noticed more in the long term.

4. Fourth Category – $10,000 to $16,500

Fourth Category - $10,000 to $16,500

The hot tubs in this category have price ranges between $10,000 to $16,500. The hot tubs in this category present luxury as an art.

They offer the best kind of relaxation so far and come in qualities that guarantee a long-term assurance of enjoyment.  These hot tubs provide a combination of all the benefits we have seen so far in the other categories.

They come with the best designs made with high-quality materials averaging a life-span of 20 years and more. An additional feature that most hot tubs under this category have is a hydrotherapy massage from jets different from what is obtainable in lower hot tub classes.

It is essential to say that in any of the categories explained so far, the manufacturers may decide to add distinguishing features to improve the market value of his brand. Sometimes, the difference in price is determined not just by characteristics alone but also by brand.

A household name is always a more trustworthy brand, and so commands the highest cost among the lesser-known brands that are of the same category.

Other Factors that Determine Hot Tub Prices

Innovation grows with time. And these days, change is on a fast lane. What is best today will become monotonous tomorrow or even wear people out soon enough.

Then the features will get improved upon, and the price will also climb. We have classified the hot tubs in the fourth category as the best of the bests among the regular hot tubs available in the market.

However, if you are the type of person that would only use what no one else has, many hot tub manufacturers have gone ahead to make provisions for the construction of customized hot tubs.

These manufacturers will design the kind of hot tub you want, with the features and quality you want, and at the size you want it. The price of these kinds of unique hot tubs is determined only by the end product of constructing your dreams.

Find out more about the cost of hot tubs here.


In this article, we have presented you with useful information enough to make you make your hot tub purchase options. Also, we have shown you the fundamental factors that fix the market prices of hot tubs.

However, we advise that while you go shopping for a hot tub, do not get tempted to go for the lowest prices as they may not possess the features you want, nor should you jump for the highly-priced. They may contain more than what you need.

Please, it will excite us to get your thoughts and questions on this article, and we will appreciate it if you take a moment to share.

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