10 Tips to Clean Range Hood Filter

Whether you have a ductless range hood or under the cabinet range hood installed in your kitchen, it is a device that needs regular maintenance. Since it is located above the stove, a layer of dust and grease from the vapor accumulates on its surface every time you prepare your meal. Therefore, you need to clean it at least once a month.

Nowadays, there are a lot of active degreasing agents for cleaning your range hood filter, and it’s up to you to decide on the most affordable option for your household. Let’s do it!

The Importance of Cleaning Your Range Hood Filter

Most of us use a range hood to get rid of unpleasant smells in the kitchen while cooking. However, it is not enough to install this device and forget about it. According to the manual most manufacturers includes to the package, you should wash the filter of this unit at least once a month. There are a few reasons for that, including:

  • Improving the power efficiency of your device
  • Providing a longer life of the range hood
  • Greater safety during use
  • Removing grease and smoke from your home
  • Faster cleaning than in the case of large neglecting and dirtiness of the unit

How to Start?

Cleaning the outside of the range hood

The first thing you should need to do once you decide to clean your range hood is to wipe down the grease and dust from its outside. You will need old clothes or thick paper towels for that purpose. Then, use one of the many useful methods for cleaning this particular part of your kitchen.

Cleaning the underside of the range hood

Now, you can begin cleaning the underside part of the hood. It won’t be an easy task since it is a place with installed vent. I am afraid that you will need a lot of patience and a scrubbing brush to remove deposits of grease and ash, especially if you haven’t cleaned this part of the device for a long time.

Take out and clean the range hood filter

In the end, you need to clean the filter. To clean your filter correctly, you need to remove it from its filter tray. Since most of the models have a metal loop, you should use it to pull the filter out.

The Best Methods for Cleaning the Range Hood Filter

As I have already mentioned, you need to remove your range hood filter from the tray. In most cases, you won’t have any problem to do that. Then, start with cleaning.

1. Bake the filter

You will need

  • Oven
  • Newspaper
  • Dish soap
  • Warm water


Place a layer of newspaper at the bottom of your oven tray and lay the filter inside. Heat the oven at 212 F (100 C) for approximately 30 minutes.

It is enough time for the grease to begin melting off the filter. Since the fat will fall onto the newspaper, you won’t have trouble washing your oven after filter cleaning.

Once done, you should rinse the filter with dish soap dissolved in warm water.

2. Steam cleaner

Steam cleaner

You will need

  • Steam cleaner
  • Paper towels


If you have a steam cleaner at your home, cleaning the filter will be a piece of cake. Just place the filter over paper towels and clean it by using a narrow nozzle of your steam cleaner. That way, you will push the grease and dirt through it to the paper towels. Throw them away and attach the filter back on its place.

3. Dishwasher

You will need

  • Dishwasher


Check if your range hood comes with dishwasher-friendly stainless steel or aluminum filter and use this advantage if it is a case. Put the filter into your dishwasher and turn it on a hot (pots and pans) cycle.

If you do that at least once in two months, you won’t need to wash them any other way. When there is too much grease stuck on your filter, you will need to scrub it before putting it into the dishwasher.

4. Baking soda – method one

Baking soda - method one

You will need

  • The large stainless-steel pot
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • Water
  • Paper towels or an old cloth


You can use any large pot for this task, but the one made of stainless steel is the best option you can make. Fill it with water and let it start bubbling. Carefully add baking soda spoon by spoon because it will cause the water to start fizzing.

That is the moment when you should dip the filter into the water for a minute. Then, do the same with its other end. It is enough time for the grease to melt off it. Throw water with collected dirt in the toilet.

Don’t forget to clean the underside of the hood, as well. Make a baking soda paste and apply it to this part of the device for about half an hour.

Baking soda will neutralize acidic compounds and help you to get rid of the grease. Clean the surface and remove it with an old cloth or paper towels.

5. Baking soda – method two

You will need

  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • Degreasing dish soap
  • Boiling water
  • White vinegar (optional)
  • Scrub brush
  • Old cloths or paper towels


Fill a bucket or kitchen sink to 3/4 depth with hot water and add baking soda and one tablespoon degreasing dish soap into it. If you need extra cleaning power, you can add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the water, as well.

Let the filter sit at least 10 minutes in this solution. Then, use a brush and begin removing the grease. You will probably need about 15 minutes to clean all the dirt from your filter.

If it is necessary, you should add more dish soap to the brush while scrubbing. Rinse the filter thoroughly in warm water and then use paper towels to dry it.

6. Baking soda and white vinegar

Baking soda and white vinegar

You will need

  • 2 teaspoons of baking soda
  • 3 tablespoons of white vinegar
  • Boiling water


The combination of baking soda and white vinegar is always an excellent option for removing the grease. Take a large pot and fill it with water.

After boiling, you should add white vinegar and baking soda into it. Let the filter sit in the solution for approximately an hour. After cleaning, let it dry and put it back to its place.

7. Ammonia

You will need

  • Ammonia
  • Water
  • Paper towels


Put your range hood filter in a 1 gallon (3.8 l) sizeable plastic bag and pour ammonia over it. Close the bag, place it on a table, and let it stay there overnight. Rinse the filter under warm running water after removing it from the bag. Keep rinsing it until water removes all of the ammonia, dry it with paper towels, and put it back in its place.

8. Ammonia and soap

Ammonia and soap

You will need

  • Ammonia
  • Dish soap
  • Water
  • Brush


If your filter is not too greasy, you can use a mix of ammonia and soapy water to clean your range hood filter. Dissolve dish soap in hot water and add ammonia to finish the job quicker.

Put the filter into the solution, let it stay for a few minutes, and start scrubbing dirt with a brush. After finishing the job, dry the filter with paper towels and put it back in its place.

9. Degreaser

You will need

  • Large cooking pot
  • Degreaser
  • Rubber gloves
  • White vinegar
  • Paper towels


For this action, you will need a large cooking pot. Fill it with water and add a degreaser before the water boils. Then submerge the filter into the pot and let it sit there for half an hour.

Use rubber gloves while manipulating with this dilution since it is slightly acidic and can damage your skin. After removing the filter from the pot, place it in the sink and start scrubbing it on both sides.

In the end, rinse the filter and clear away residue with paper towels and white vinegar.

10. Dishwasher detergent

Dishwasher detergent

You will need

  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Water
  • Non-abrasive scrub brush
  • Old toothbrush
  • Paper towels


If you don’t like using degreaser and dish soap, there is an option to clean your range hood filter with dishwasher detergent. Begin by wetting the filter with hot water and place it in a sink after that.

Spread the chosen product over the filter with an old toothbrush and let it sit for about one hour. Rinse the filter for the first time with hot water to remove grease. Then apply the dishwasher detergent once more over every part of the unit, including metal ones.

Now, there is the hardest part of cleaning. Use a non-abrasive scrub brush and try to scrub every trace of grease from the filter, including these hidden in the corners. After rinsing, you will decide if it is necessary to repeat the process more than two times.

After drying your filter thoroughly with paper towels, you can put it back to its place and keep using your range hood as always.

5 thoughts on “10 Tips to Clean Range Hood Filter”

  1. The dishwasher method is the easiest if your filters are dishwasher safe.

    If the filters are very dirty with a large amount of grease rather than pre clean the filters, just do this;
    * ensure you only put the filters in the dishwasher on their own
    * use the pots and pans cycle on the dishwasher or the hottest water temperature your dishwasher runs
    * add an extra dishwashing powder just sitting on the dishwasher door, or if you use tablets then an extra tablet in the cutlery basket so that the initial dishwasher pre rinse softens and starts the grease removal

    Then your very dirty filters will be sparkling clean in one go.

  2. Never pour hot water in the toilet, as they suggest above. You will cause the wax ring on the drain flange to melt, letting toilet water to leak out on the floor under the toilet.

  3. Thank you again for this help, I just moved into a new place and it appears that the old owners never and I mean NEVER…cleaned the range filter.
    This will help financially by knowing I can clean as opposed to replace it. Dishwasher too, yay!


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