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8 Steps to Remove a Garbage Disposal

All kitchen appliances depreciate with time and your garbage disposal is no different. Given the continuous work it does, it will lose its efficiency, thus requiring a change or to remove it permanently.

Many things may influence your desire for a new garbage disposal or complete removal. It could range from reoccurring issues with worn out drainage pipes to unwillingness to clear debris from the garbage disposal. Whichever one it is, we give you a step by step direction on how to remove garbage disposal.

How to Remove Garbage Disposal (Step By Step Guide)

Garbage disposal consists of numerous accessories. For example, the electricity cable that brings power (maybe from the main box or from auxiliary source), the dishwasher drainage system, and support that stands the disposal.

Before thinking of how to remove a garbage disposal, you should get these tools handy:

  • Wrench
  • Plane screwdriver
  • Basket filter
  • Plumber’s gum

Step 1: Disengage the Garbage Disposal

Before replacement, you should first disconnect the current disposal from the sink. This is the first step on how to remove garbage disposal.

When you’re done with the disconnection, it’s time to separate the drainage pipelines. You can do this by removing the clamps. Before that, ensure you position a container beneath it, so water does not spill all over. It could get all messy.

Then use your wrench to loosen the double clamp nuts holding the pipeline, and then slowly drag the pipeline downwards. Make sure you pull perpendicularly, so it doesn’t break, in case you need a spare.

Step 2: Detach the Dishwasher Drainage System Before You Take Out the Disposal

Step 2 Detach the Dishwasher Drainage System Before You Take Out the Disposal

Garbage disposals are coupled with the dishwashers. That means you have to detach the dishwasher drainage system before you take out the disposal. But first, you should know how to remove a garbage disposal drain pipe to be able to get this done.

You have to take out the drainpipe of the dishwasher from the garbage disposal.

Step 3: Take out the Disposal from the Sink

In this section, we’ll tell you how to remove a garbage disposal from a sink in no time. The garbage disposal functions directly with the tub. So use your plane screwdriver and undo the snap ring that attaches the disposal to the pan. And down it goes!

Step 4: Disassemble the Garbage Disposal Mounting

Step 4 Disassemble the Garbage Disposal Mounting

The two components of the mounting assemblage are on the top (waste drainage) and beneath the sink (for support). The element with the shape of a triangle is beneath the sink and is held by three nuts. These nuts connect the garbage disposal to the mounting assemblage, and once you undo them, take out the disposal.

And you need to put a soft landing so that the disposal doesn’t spoil your flooring. You may hold with your hands or better still put a piece of thick clothing. When you’ve removed your garbage disposal, you need to connect back the sink’s drainage system, if there’s no new disposal.

Step 5: Mount the Basket Filter

Mount the Basket Filter

If there’s no arrangement for replacement disposal, I’ll advise that you mount a basket strainer. This equipment traps debris or food particles from blocking the drainage system and is a worthy substitution. As usual, it usually comes with its installation manual so that you can follow it.

Notwithstanding, we’ll suggest that you apply plumber’s gum evenly on the body of the filter before attaching it to the sinkhole. First, you place the plastic washer, and then you fix the base mounting cup and finally screw in the nuts. Make sure you tighten them well to avoid leakages, and then clean out the surplus gum.

Step 6: Connect the Dishwasher and Drainage Channel

You can attach the basket filter to the drainage channel using an extended tailpiece pipe. Also, attach a dishwasher to this connection with a tailpiece pipe that’s branched. This material has multiple channels, even for the dirty water from the dishwasher.

The basket filter usually is attached straight to an extended tailpiece pipe. It often comes with its matching tailpiece pipe, and you should use it to avoid fitting problems. Put a little gum on the nut used to attach the basket filter to the tailpiece pipe.

In the same way, attach the dishwasher hose and the tailpiece pipe with a wrench. To avoid leaks, use the correct pipe length and enough plumber gum.

Step 7: Fix In the Continuous Drainage Pipe

Step 7 Fix In the Continuous Drainage Pipe

If you are familiar with how to remove a garbage disposal drain pipe, this would be an easy job. You should be aware of the needed pipe length for your kitchen before getting one. Sometimes you may need to cut out the drain pipe if it’s too much by scratching the spot.

Join two pipes with plumber’s gum if it’s short or better still get a longer one. Ensure that your washers are faced the right way, pointed downwards in the direction of the threads.

The drainage pipe needs to look down a bit towards the drain. Ensure you make the screws tighter when you have correctly fixed the pipe.

Step 8: Reconnect the Trap

Lastly, you have to connect the trap with the trap wing or arm. You can try to extend your pipeline with a flange tailpiece pipe to get the right length. Cut your pipeline to match all the screws and tighten them, ensuring the glide combined washers are faced rightly.

However, you don’t need the glide combined washer if the trap and trap wing are jointly connected. Ensure that the entire screws are very tight to avoid leaks. You can confirm this when you fill-up the sink with water and allow it to drain out.

If there are no leaks, thumbs up to you. But if you notice any, make the screws tighter with a wrench.

Wrap Up

The kitchen equipment gets old or faulty and requires replacement or total removal, and the same applies to the garbage disposal. While removing the disposal unit, you should know how to remove a garbage disposal locking ring because it makes it more accessible.

The same way you disassemble the locking ring is how to remove garbage disposal. Do not forget to:

  • Ensure you have the appropriate tools
  • Tighten all the nuts correctly to avoid leaks
  • Examine the two sides of the sink for leaks
  • Ensure you don’t damage the flooring while removing the disposal

With the above steps, we have got you covered on how to remove garbage disposal. Nonetheless, if there any questions at all, do well to ask in the comment section.

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