How to Remove & Replace a Toilet Yourself

Do you want to learn how to remove a toilet without asking for help? We’re no longer in a time when you always have to get someone else to fix things around the house. When your toilet is faulty or needs replacement, you can replace it on your own.

You will solve many problems at once when you replace an old toilet with a new one. You can pick a portable toilet, camping toilet, or any type depending on the one you prefer.

Learning how to remove a toilet tank saves you some cash to enjoy for other important things. Whether you’re having a hard time flushing toilet or the toilet seat faulty, thereby making want to change the entire hardware, there are great tips to follow.

Things You Need

  • Good rubber hand gloves
  • Appropriate sponge for toilets
  • A bucket or two
  • Tongue-and-groove pliers
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • A utility knife
  • A Putty Knife

How to Remove a Toilet Safely

Let’s take these simple steps one after the other.

1. Turn off the Water

Turn off the Water

The first thing is to find the source of the water located below the toilet seat. Then, turn it off by moving the handle in the other direction. This process is essential when replacing a toilet.

Check if the valve in the pipe is getting old and worn out and replace it too. You don’t want to have another problem to fix later. To change the valve requires you to turn off the source of water that comes into the house itself.

2. Empty the Toilet Tank

Empty the Toilet Tank

Don’t forget that some water may be in the toilet tank. Put on your rubber gloves and hold the handle until all the water gushes out of the tank. Next, scoop out the remaining water or dip in a sponge and wring it out until the place is dry.

3. Separate the Tube and the Tank

Separate the Tube and the Tank 1

Use tongue-and-groove pliers to unscrew the pipe connecting the tube to the toilet tank. Also, keep a flat-head screwdriver with you in case you need it. Keep the bolts, nuts, and washers securely because they might be useful later.

Then carefully pull off the tube from its positions above and below. There are things in the tank that may need to be unscrewed for easy removal of the tank. Remember to use the screwdriver when you need to.

4. Remove the Toilet

Remove the Toilet

Check the base of the flushing toilet where the toilet meets the floor to determine the right tools to use. With the help of a utility knife, you can cut off the layer at the base.

Gently move the toilet from side as you cut through to avoid damaging the floor of the room. Then lift the bowl with care and place it somewhere safe.

5. Clean the Spot

Clean the Spot

Check out for some old caulking on the floor and cut it off with a knife. Mind the floor while you do this to avoid any harm to the flooring.

Toilets are of different sizes, so you need to check if the new one can fit in. If the footprint is bigger or smaller, clean the outline of the old one until it is no longer visible. It’s easier to clean up immediately after removing the old toilet than when you have installed the new one.

How to Place a New Toilet

After you might have removed the old toilet, follow these easy steps to fix a new one.

1. Attach the Toilet Flange

Attach the Toilet Flange

You don’t need a college degree to learn how to remove a toilet flange. You may discover some old wax around the hole of the previous flange. Use a knife to remove the wax, making sure you don’t damage the flange. It is a costly mistake to leave the rag in place, so never forget always to remove it. Next, put the new wax seal and set the bolts into their slots on the flange.

2. Place the Wax Ring

Place the Wax Ring

Find the wax ring, unwrap it, and place it right above the open drain. This ring makes the drain area water-tight. If water drips out, then you have to get another new wax ring.

3. Position the Outer Connector

Position the Outer Connector

Place the outer connector to fit into the bolts of the flange properly. Then gently slide washers and nuts over the bolts. Make use of a crescent wrench to tighten them as firm as possible.

4. Fix the Main Body and its Hardware

Fix the Main Body and its Hardware

Carefully lift the toilet bowl and place it over the protruding bolts on the floor. Make sure that the holes on the body match the size of the bolts on the floor. Gently hold it down until it joins the seal perfectly.

Slide washers on all the bolts, put their nuts over them. Then secure them firmly with a wrench. Do not tighten them too much to avoid damaging the area around the bolts.

Some bolts can be very long, and in that case, you can cut them off with a small hacksaw. After that, fix the trim caps over them to cover the ends.

Next, install other hardware like the toilet seat and make sure you follow the right other of placement. The manual that comes with the hardware has enough instructions to guide you on what to do. Then connect the supply to the bottom of the tank and secure it with slip-joint pliers.

5. Connect and Turn on Water Flow

Connect and Turn on Water Flow 1

Finally, you have come to fix in place. Use Teflon tape to wrap the body of the connectors. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when doing this.

Why Your Toilet Needs To Remove and Replace Your Toilet

If you’re not sure why you need to replace your toilet, here are some reasons to do that.

Signs or Actual Cracks on the Tank

Signs or Actual Cracks on the Tank

You don’t need to wait until the tank breaks in two. If you see cracks on its surface, it is a sign that you need a new one. Don’t opt for repairs, instead get a new one.

Also, if water pours on the floor anytime you flush, it shows that something is not right. A loose bolt or eroded washer can make water leak out of the tank. A professional plumber can help you find out the actual cause of the problem.

A Cracked Bowl

You need to replace your toilet if you notice a crack in the toilet bowl. Most often, you detect by a tiny visible crack on the surface of an offensive smell in the toilet room. If it’s a big crack, water or dirt will gather at the base of the bowl.

However, a blocked toilet can cause water to leak out onto the floor. But when your toilet is functioning well, and you still notice water around the floor, a cracked bowl is a possible cause.

A leaking bowl will reduce the efficient use of water, especially when flushing the toilet. This reason alone should make you fix the problem as quickly as you can.

The Use of an Old Toilet

The Use of an Old Toilet

If you are still making use of an old toilet, it’s time to think of replacing with a new model toilet. It may seem to be in good condition, but it’s better to upgrade to a better and more water-efficient toilet.

It’s not worth to have to spend money every week repairing the old one when you can install a new toilet and rest for a long time.

You pay lower utility bills when you have a new toilet facility than when using an old one. A simple calculation can help you decide on the right thing to do.

Moreover, an old toilet looks unattractive and needs a lot of scrubbing to make it shine even a bit. With a new and efficient model, you don’t have to feel embarrassed when your friends come around.

Constant Repair of Toilet

When you always call a plumber to fix the toilet, you don’t need anyone to tell you to change it. A toilet that needs repairs is more expensive to maintain than a new one. Besides, replacing your toilet allows you to get a model that can use water efficiently.

Even when you know how to remove a toilet, getting spare parts for your old model toilet can pose a severe problem. That can pose a lot of challenges to you and your family. When you add up the money, you spend searching for the parts and the cost of maintenance; you will certainly find installing a newer model cost-effective.

Wobbling and Movements

Good toilets don’t rock from side to side like a swing. If you notice any unusual movement of the toilet bowl, quickly check if you need to replace it.

Loose washers or bolts are one of the reasons a toilet wobbles. Call your plumber to ascertain the real problem before you decide to replace it or not.

Corrosion wears, and tears can make a toilet bowl wobble, so you need to get a replacement as immediately.

Physical Appearance

Physical Appearance

Sometimes, a toilet may be in good condition but is old-fashioned. It may even have a color scheme you’re not proud to show your friends. You don’t want them to feel like you are from another planet, do you?

With that said, you should give your toilet a new appearance by installing a modern, comfortable, and attractive model. You can choose from so many designs and brands of toilets in the market.

Save yourself the stress of using wobbling, leaking faulty toilet facility. Put the troubles behind by getting a new one like the Toto toilet. New models are easy to come by, and you get in return the real value for your money.

Wrap Up

You don’t have to be an expert to know when your toilet needs replacement. You can learn how to remove a toilet in a matter of minutes. A simple examination of your facility can give you all the clues you need. Follow the simple steps on how to remove a toilet, and you are good to go.

When it comes to essential things like toilets, getting the best product is a key decision. While you engage in a conversation with us, you can also:

  • Examine your toilet properly
  • Observe the problem for a while
  • Call a good plumber for advice
  • Fix your toilet yourself if you can

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