7 Best Kitchen Faucets of 2019

Kitchen faucets have come on a lot in the past few years. They are no longer simply a functional item that delivers water, they are now highly attractive fittings that provide a number of useful features for washing dishes, rinsing and much more.

There are so many great options available that the choice can sometimes be a little bewildering. To help you out, here, we look at our top picks for best kitchen faucets to ensure you select the right one for your home.

The Best Kitchen Faucet of 2019

1. Peerless Tunbridge 2-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Peerless Tunbridge 2-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Side Sprayer, Chrome P299578LF


This is a sleek and attractive high-arced gooseneck faucet that sells at a very reasonable price point. It will look great in most kitchens but won’t cost you nearly as much as some of the pricier options out there.

It is extremely easy to install. With a four-hole, 8” configuration, it is simple enough for most people to install themselves without the need to call in a plumber.

We like the high neck with 360° swivel capability. This makes it convenient for many uses, including filling buckets or watering plants.

It’s available in two different colors, chrome or stainless steel, and we appreciate the way that it’s entirely made of metal – it is better quality and will last longer than other faucets that contain lots of plastic.

One thing that some people might not like is that the spout is quite loose and moves easily. This isn’t really a problem in itself, but some people might be used to faucets that are a little stiffer to turn – so it could take a little getting accustomed to.

Another small complaint is that the hose for the side sprayer is a little short – although this is a very minor issue.

All in all, a classy-looking yet inexpensive and functional faucet that should last a long time. If you’re looking to replace your existing faucet with something that won’t break the bank, this model could be well worth a look.

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2. WEWE Single Handle Pull out Kitchen Faucet (Our Top Pick)

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull out Kitchen Faucet,Single Level Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Faucets with Pull down Sprayer


This classy modern-looking single-handle high-arc faucet has a sleek contemporary design that will make it a great addition to most kitchens.

It has three different modes – stream, spray and pause – giving you extra convenience when performing tasks like washing, rinsing or others. The pause feature is also useful as a quick way to stop the flow when you are holding multiple items in your hands.

One big positive is how easy it is to install. Even those with no previous experience will be able to install this faucet themselves, saving money you would otherwise need to spend on a plumber. Installation shouldn’t take more than around half an hour.

We like the 360° swivel capability that gives you more flexibility over how you use it, and we also appreciate that it is made of anti-corrosion, anti-rust material, ensuring it will last a long time.

One small gripe we have is that the hoses supplied are a little short and may not be enough for all installations – although the simple answer is just to measure before buying and to buy longer hoses separately if necessary. This is not an expensive solution.

Also, the plate (escutcheon) designed to cover the installation holes is on the small side and may only just cover the holes in some cases.

However, despite these small issues, overall this another solid faucet and one that will cost you a lot less than more top-end models. Another recommended option.

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3. Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Ufaucet Modern Commercial Lead-free Solid Brass Single Lever Pause Botton Pull Out Sprayer Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet, Kitchen Sink Faucet With Deck Plate


This faucet is made of brushed nickel, giving it a scratch-resistant, rust-resistant surface that will stay looking new for longer.

It features a high arc with 360° rotation, giving you more clearance and allowing you to easily fill buckets, water plants and use it for a range of other applications.

We also like the innovative pull-down sprayer wand – this is a smart addition that gives you even more options over cleaning or rinsing in your sink. We probably prefer this type to side sprayers since we find them easier to grab.

It also features three different modes, stream, spray and pause, ideal for a range of different uses.

It’s easy to install and is suitable for sinks with one-hole or three-hole configurations. However, we have to say we are a little disappointed with the instruction manual. It is not as clear as it should be and needs to be rewritten more clearly.

Another issue is the slightly small escutcheon. You might find it only just covers the holes in your sink – especially depth-wise – so you’re better off measuring before you buy it just to be sure.

Otherwise, this is another good value faucet if you are looking for something attractive and inexpensive – and if that sounds like what you need, this model should be of interest.

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4. Delta Faucet Leland Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, ShieldSpray Technology and Magnetic Docking Spray Head, Chrome 9178-DST


If you are looking for something in the middle of the price range that is higher quality than the most budget-friendly options but still costs less than some of the top-end fittings, this faucet from Delta could be of interest.

It features Diamond Seal technology that reduces leaks while increasing its life by as much as twice the industry standard. The manufacturer is also willing to stand behind its product since this faucet is backed up with a lifetime warranty.

One thing we appreciate is the magnetic MagnaTite docking system. This holds the spray head in place when not extended, ensuring it doesn’t droop with age, unlike many cheaper competitors.

It provides a powerful spray for rinsing and also incorporates a ShieldSpray mode that reduces splashing by up to 90%.

It is easy to install and comes in a range of colors, meaning you’re sure to be able to find one that is the perfect match for your kitchen.

There’s not much we don’t like about this faucet. While it is priced above some other faucets, you have to expect to pay more for higher quality, and this faucet still represents great value.

Some people might also complain that it’s slightly too large, although this is a matter of preference, and you will probably quickly get used to it.

To summarize, a good value, high-quality faucet in the middle of the price range. If you are looking for something that looks stylish and will also last a long time, this is a faucet that should be on your radar.

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5. Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Single Handle 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Dual Function Pull Down Spray Head Finish Kpf-1610SS, Stainless Steel


This commercial-style faucet from Kraus is designed to be both a highly functional and a visually pleasing addition to any modern kitchen.

It features a long 20” retractable hose that allows you to reach all corners of your sink and also offers two different modes, spray and stream.

It looks highly professional and is constructed of heavy-duty materials, meaning it’s built to last. It also features a ceramic cartridge that is designed to give you many years of drip-free operation.

It is available in a range of color options and will make a striking centerpiece to any kitchen.

However, despite all the great features, it’s still not quite perfect. The arm that usually holds the head follows the hose when extended. This means it can get in the way as you use it, something that some people might find irritating.

Also, the water lever you use to turn on the water is a little long. This means when you have it fully onto “hot”, it sticks out over the sink, again, possibly getting in the way – and is easy to knock by accident.

However, having said that, these are minor annoyances rather than fatal flaws, and if you can learn to get used to them, this is still a high-quality faucet that will enhance both the look and the convenience of your kitchen.

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6. APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Stainless Steel Brushed Nickel - Single Handle Commercial High Arc Pull Out Spray Head Kitchen Sink Faucets with Deck Plate


This sleek and stylish one-handled faucet from Appaso is designed to look great in any modern kitchen. It features a brushed nickel finish that resists rust and scratches and is made of eco-friendly, lead-free materials that are designed to be safe for you and your family.

It is easy to install and is compatible with both one-hole and three-hole sinks. The single-handled design and the 360° swivel capacity make it highly practical to use, and the three modes – stream, spray and pause – also add to its functionality.

It has a ceramic cartridge that offers drip-free use, and it is also backed up by a 90-day money-back guarantee as well as a five-year warranty to give you added peace of mind in case anything goes wrong.

One minor design flaw concerns the spray head. When the hose retracts, the spray head needs to be put back the right way around – if not, it doesn’t go back in correctly and sticks out slightly.

Another issue is the length of the water lever. Since it is quite long, it can stick out over your sink, getting in the way – and if you don’t have enough space between the faucet and the wall, you won’t be able to open it all the way in the other direction.

Overall, despite these minor design issues, this is another faucet we like a lot. It has an understated style that will look great in many kitchens and also retails at a very reasonable price point. For something simple and inexpensive that does its job well, it’s hard to beat.

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7. Kitchen Faucet Pull Down-Arofa A01LY Commercial Modern

Kitchen Faucet Pull Down-Arofa A01LY Commercial Modern Single Hole Single Handle high arc Stainless Steel Brushed Nickel Kitchen Sink faucets with Pull Out Sprayer


This is a great budget option if you are looking for a reliable faucet for your kitchen that also represents excellent value for money.

It features a high-arc design with a 360° swivel capability and a pull-out sprayer on a 20” hose. It also includes three operating modes – stream, spray and pause – making it suitable for washing, rinsing and more.

It has a one-handled design, making it easy to use, and it has a brushed nickel finish that resists rust and scratches, ensuring it will stay looking brand new for longer.

We also like the wipe-clean nozzles that allow you to wipe away any hard water deposits simply with your finger, meaning maintenance is minimal.

For a faucet of this quality and at this price point, there’s not much to not like. We could say that it sometimes tends to splash a bit – the water jet is quite powerful.

Also, perhaps the manufacturing quality is not as high as some more expensive models, although that’s only to be expected, and this is still a good quality item for the price.

If you are looking for something basic and functional at the lower end of the price range, this is a faucet that is well worthy of your attention.

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Buyer’s guide

If you are looking for a new kitchen faucet, you are probably wondering what the most important factors to consider are. Here, we talk about some of the things you should pay attention to when buying the best kitchen faucet for your home.


best rated kitchen faucets

The material your kitchen faucet is made of is important because it affects durability – it needs to be rust-resistant and built to last. Many faucets are made of materials like stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish, providing a rust-free and scratch-free surface.

Furthermore, since you probably want your kitchen to look as attractive as possible, you should also consider faucets with a color or finish that complements the style of your room.

Spray modes

best kitchen faucet

Many faucets now offer you more than one spray mode, including stream, spray and pause. These are useful when trying to clean extra-dirty plates or rinsing off soap suds after washing them. If you think this is useful to you, bear it in mind when choosing a faucet for your home.


best touchless kitchen faucet

Many modern faucets can swivel through 360° – this gives you extra flexibility over how you use it compared to faucets that only have a limited swiveling ability.

High arc

top rated kitchen faucets

A high arc or gooseneck-style faucet is more practical than a traditional-style one since it allows you to fill a wider range of containers.

For example, if you need to fill a large pitcher or a bucket or you need to water flowers in large pots, having a high arc faucet can make things much easier.

Pull-down hose, side spray or other

pull out kitchen faucet

One of the biggest innovations in modern faucets compared to older styles is the pull-down hose or side spray. These are spray heads on a pipe that can be pulled out to allow you to reach places you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

Whether you prefer a pull-down nozzle that pulls directly from the faucet itself or a side spray that is separate is a matter of personal preference.

Included supply lines

best kitchen faucet brands

Are the supply lines and everything you need for installation included? Also, check the measurements to make sure everything will fit in your kitchen.

Sometimes you might find you need to buy extra supply lines – this won’t cost you much, it’s just useful to know it before you start installing everything.

Easy installation

kitchen faucet reviews

How easy is the faucet to install? Many faucets now are very easy to install, and most people who can turn a screwdriver and a wrench will be able to do it themselves. This will save you the cost of hiring a professional plumber to do it for you.

Most easy-install faucets can be installed in a matter of only around 30 minutes, including the time required to remove the old faucet.

Also, make sure the faucet fits the type of configuration you have – sinks usually have a one-hole, three-hole or sometimes four-hole configuration.


best kitchen sink faucets

The escutcheon – also known as the base plate – is a plate that is used to cover any unneeded holes. For example, if you have three holes but only need one, the escutcheon is used to cover the other two holes. Check to see if one is included with your faucet – they usually are.

An attractive centerpiece and a functional fitting

As you can see, there are many faucets to pick from, each offering different features designed to make cooking and washing up easier. Furthermore, by choosing the right kitchen faucet, you can add a striking and attractive centerpiece to your kitchen.

As we said before, due the wide range available, finding the right one can be a challenge. If you need a new kitchen faucet but you still don’t know where to turn, any of the options in this review would be a great place to start looking.