7 Best Shower Heads of 2019

Showers are more than just a way to get clean – time spent under a hot shower can be a relaxing moment of pleasure and indulgence when we can forget for a short moment all the stresses and pressures of the outside world.

However, for the full effect, you need a shower head that can deliver the power and jet style you need to be able to enjoy it fully. There are many excellent – and inexpensive – options on the market, and if you’re having trouble choosing, here are our top picks for best shower head.

The Best Shower Head Reviews of 2019

1. WASSA High Pressure Shower Head (Our Top Pick)

WASSA High Pressure Shower Head - 3 Inch Anti-leak Fixed Chrome Showerhead - Adjustable Metal Swivel Ball Joint


If you are looking for a shower head that will deliver extremely high-powered water delivery, even if the water pressure in your home is low, this could be the one you are looking for.

It is quick and easy to install, requiring no tools. Everything you need to fit it in your shower is included in the box, including Teflon tape. Once installed, maintenance is minimal. It features 45 self-cleaning jets that minimize lime and hard water deposit build-up.

One thing we like about this shower head is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. This shows that the company that makes it has faith in their product and is willing to stand behind it, giving you peace of mind that you are covered if something goes wrong.

We also love the price – for such a high-quality item, this shower head retails at a very reasonable price point.

There’s very little about this shower head not to like, but it’s still not perfect. As it’s so powerful, it tends to use up a lot of water very quickly. People with limited hot water might find they need to rush through their shower to finish before the water runs out.

Also, and just a minor complaint, there is only one setting – you can’t change the style of water delivery in the same way as with many other shower heads.

However, this product is designed primarily to deliver a very powerful jet of water, and if that’s what you value most of all, this is an obvious pick. A highly recommended option.

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2. KOHLER 10282-AK-CP Wall-Mount Shower head

KOHLER 10282-AK-CP Forte 2.5 GPM Single-Function Wall-Mount Showerhead with Katalyst Spray, Polished Chrome


This innovative shower head from Kohler is designed to replicate the effect of rain for a smoother, gentler, more luxurious showering experience.

It does this by incorporating a Katalyst Air Induction system that infuses the water with two liters of air per minute inside the shower head. This breaks up the water jets, creating larger droplets that cling to the body.

Another useful feature, especially in hard water areas, is the MasterClean™ spray face, which helps reduce hard water deposit build-up on the shower head, making it easier to clean and maintain.

The spray face contains 66 individual water nozzles and measures 5 ½” in diameter – it is capable of delivering the maximum legal flow of 2.5 gallons of water per minute. This unit is also very easy to install, requiring only a few minutes of simple work.

On the downside, due to the air induction system that creates the rain effect, this shower head does make a slightly strange noise when in operation. Some people might not like it at first, and it can take a little getting used to.

Another small issue is that is it mostly made of plastic rather than chrome. This doesn’t affect its functionality, but some people might feel it isn’t as likely to last as long as a metal shower head.

Overall, this is an excellent product that produces a smooth and pleasant flow of water that feels comfortable on the body. If you are looking for an upgraded shower experience, this shower head is well worth a look.

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3. AquaDance High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Hose

AquaDance High Pressure 6-Setting 3.5" Chrome Face Handheld Shower with Hose for the Ultimate Shower Experience! Officially Independently Tested to Meet Strict US Quality & Performance Standards!


This chrome-faced shower head from AquaDance has been independently tested and meets the highest USA quality and performance standards.

It can be used either as an overhead or handheld shower and features six different settings (power rain, pulsating massage, power aeration, rain massage, aeration rain and water-saving pause), allowing you to customize the water jet.

The angle of the overhead bracket can be changed, further allowing you to customize how you take your shower.

Something else we like about this shower head is that everything is included for installation. It comes with clear instructions, and you can have it installed and ready to use in a matter of minutes without the need to use any tools.

To throw in a few negatives, it is mostly made of plastic, meaning it might not have such a long life as metal shower heads. Also, it is an extremely powerful shower head – so much so that some people might find it too powerful.

However, despite these minor issues, this is still a quality product that most people will enjoy using – and with such a low price tag, with this shower head, you can hardly go wrong.

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4. Ezelia High Pressure Hand Held Shower Head

Ezelia High Pressure, 5-Settings Hand Held Shower Head with 60 Inches Stainless Steel Hose, Adjustable Angle Bracket, Check Valve, 3.7 inch, Chrome


This shower head from Ezelia is designed to deliver a high-powered jet of water, even when the water pressure might be lacking.

It has five different spray settings, shower, massage, spa spray, mixed power and pause mode, allowing you to customize your showering experience. The angle of the overhead bracket is also adjustable, allowing further customization of how the water reaches you.

Installation is extremely easy and will only take a few minutes. You don’t need any tools, and everything you need to fit the shower head is included in the box. It also comes with a 60” hose, to make showering more convenient.

Although installation is easy, the instructions are poorly written and could be more helpful – although most people should be able to work out what needs to be done.

Also, the materials it is made from are not of the highest quality. However, it still works well and should last for at least a good couple of years.

If you are looking for a versatile and powerful spray head that allows you to choose between several different spray modes and that represents great value for money, this model should be high on your list of possibilities.

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5. SparkPod Shower Head

SparkPod Shower Head - High Pressure Rain - Luxury Modern Chrome Look - Easy Tool Free Installation - The Perfect Adjustable Replacement For Your Bathroom Shower Heads


For a spa-style experience that tries to recreate a monsoon in your shower, this model from SparkPod is an intriguing possibility.

From the box, it is quick and easy to install. It comes with everything you need for installation, and you should have it in place and ready to go in around only five minutes.

One thing we like is that the water restrictor inside the shower head is very easy to remove. This allows you to choose between having a high-powered jet of water or reducing the flow to save water and be kinder to the environment.

Another useful feature is the self-cleaning nozzles that resist hard water deposit build-up, making this shower head low-maintenance and easy to clean. It is also BPA-free, meaning you don’t need to worry about any harmful effects it might have on you or your family.

Some people might feel that the shower head itself is a little small – often, these types of shower head are physically larger. Also, it isn’t made of the highest-quality materials, and some people might prefer to opt for something with more metal components.

However, this shower head retails as a very reasonable price point, and for this kind of money, in this category, it would be hard to find anything better. For us, this is an excellent option if you want this style of shower head, and it comes highly recommended.

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6. Delta Faucet Hand Held Shower Head with Hose

Delta Faucet 7-Spray Touch-Clean Hand Held Shower Head with Hose, Chrome 75700


This high-powered shower head offers a total of seven different spray settings, giving a great deal of control over how the water is delivered. It is ideal for regular washing but can also provide an indulgent massage when required.

The water power it delivers is impressive too. It can reach a water flow of 2.5gpm, the maximum legal amount in the US – although a 2.0gpm version is also available for those who want to conserve water.

It is easy to clean – you can simply wipe away hard water deposits with your fingers – and requires no chemical products for maintenance. It also includes a long 72” hose for extra convenience when being used as a handheld shower.

One downside is that this shower head requires tools for installation. You will need a wrench as well some Teflon tape to fit it – although installation isn’t particularly difficult.

Another slight gripe is that the hose isn’t flexible enough, although this is a minor issue, and most people will quickly get used to it.

Overall, a solid option that will appeal to anyone who enjoys changing the water spray setting and who is also looking for a shower head upgrade that won’t break the bank. If that sounds like what you are looking for, this is another option that’s worth investigating.

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7. HIGH PRESSURE Rain Shower Head

High Pressure Shower Head, 8 Inch Rain Showerhead, Ultra-Thin Design-Best Pressure Boosting, Awesome Shower Experience Even At Low Water Flow, Nearmoon High Flow Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Head


This large 8” shower head is designed to produce a rain-like effect and creates a high-powered jet of water, even in low-pressure areas.

The whole unit is constructed of solid stainless steel, making it rust-free and resistant. It also features 90 food-grade silicone nozzles that are designed to resist hard water deposit build-ups as well as being easy to clean.

Installation is quick and easy. No tape is required, and the only tools you will need to fit it are included in the box. Installation time should be no longer than just a few minutes.

Furthermore, one thing we like a lot about this shower head is the way it looks – it is an attractive fitting that will add a touch of class to any bathroom. Finally, this is an item that retails at a very low price for what it is, making it great value for money.

On the downside, this is a shower head that will cause you to use a lot of water. It is not an ecological option, and if you have limited hot water, you may find you use it all up before you finish your shower.

Also, despite the all-stainless-steel build, some people might still find the construction quality lacking slightly since the metal is quite thin – although this is only a minor complaint and nothing serious, especially at this price.

All in all, a good option if you want a large, luxurious shower head that produces a rain-style stream of water and that won’t break the bank. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, this is a product that should be worth investigating further.

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Buyer’s guide

Let’s have a look at some of the most important factors to bear in mind when choosing the best shower head for your bathroom.

Fixed or handheld?

shower heads

One of the first things to look at is whether a shower head is fixed or handheld.

Fixed shower heads are fixed to the wall and can’t be removed. Normally the head can be turned slightly on a ball connection, allowing you to adjust the angle of the water, but you can’t hold it in your hand to shower yourself.

Handheld showers are held overhead in a bracket, but if you want to, you can take it down from the bracket and use it in your hand instead.

There is no better type, it’s just a question of personal taste and which style you prefer.

Number of spray modes

shower head reviews

Many shower heads allow you to change the spray mode. Some will offer a regular shower mode as well as a powerful jet for massaging your head or back. Others may offer more variation – some have five or even more different spray modes.

Ease of installation

best handheld shower head

Ease of installation is an important consideration. If the shower head is not easy to install, you may have to call out a professional to install it, which can end up costing you a lot of money.

However, many shower heads nowadays are very easy to install, and you can do it yourself in a matter of only a few minutes.

Also, check to see if it is possible to install the shower head without the use of tools – or if you require tools, whether they are included. Some shower heads include everything you need to install them, including anti-leak Teflon tape.

Construction material


Pay attention to what the shower head is made of. Many of the less expensive models are made of a mixture of metal – stainless steel, for example – and plastic. The very cheapest ones may incorporate more plastic, while better-quality ones will be made entirely of metal.

Whatever the material used, make sure it is rust-resistant. Since it will always be in contact with water, if a shower head is not rust-resistant, it will need to be replaced within only a few years or less.

Water power

best showerhead

Look at how powerful the jet of water a shower head can produce will be. Some shower heads are designed specifically to produce a very powerful jet of water, even in areas where the water pressure is low.

Most people prefer a fairly powerful shower, but sometimes, shower heads can produce a jet of water that some people may find too powerful. If you prefer something gentler, make sure you don’t buy anything too extreme.

Water consumption

shower head

Related to water power is water consumption. Sometimes, with very powerful shower heads, you will find you get through a lot of water. This can be a problem if you only have limited hot water in your tank and is also not particularly good for the environment.

If you are concerned about how much water you will use, this is a point to bear in mind. Also, some shower heads come with a flow restrictor that can be left in or removed, depending on whether you want more power or prefer to conserve water.

Water consumption is measured in gpm, Gallons Per Minute, and the legal limit in the US is 2.5gpm.

Easy to clean

best shower head with hose

With time, shower heads can become clogged by a buildup of hard water deposits. In the old days, when this happened, the only solution was to remove it with chemicals or perhaps by soaking the shower head in vinegar.

However, many modern shower heads are designed to resist such build-ups, making cleaning and maintenance much easier than ever before.

When buying a new shower head, pay attention to how easy it is to clean and if it is resistant to hard water deposit build-ups.

A quick, easy and inexpensive way to enhance your shower experience

Many shower heads are relatively inexpensive, but the difference choosing the right one can make to your overall shower experience can be huge.

There are many options on the market, and many different styles, all with their associated advantages and disadvantages. If you are feeling a little confused by the wide range of shower heads available and don’t know where to begin, any of the shower heads in this review would be a great place to start looking.