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7 Best Whirlpool Tubs of 2022 – Which Model is Right for You?

For many people, a long, hot soak in a steaming bathtub is an invigorating way to wash away the stresses and worries of their daily life – and installing a whirlpool bathtub can take the whole experience to the next level of luxury and indulgence.

The problem is, these tubs can be expensive, and choosing one is a big decision. So to help, here are our top picks for best whirlpool tub to make sure you find the perfect model for your needs.

Woodbridge Water Jetted and Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub
Woodbridge Water Jetted and Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub

  • Attractive modern design – a stylish focal point to your bathroom
  • Generous size – for complete relaxation
  • Easy maintenance – simple to keep in perfect condition
  • 6 body massage jets – along with 10 whirlpool jets
  • Includes integrated overflow and pop-up drain – easy to install

American Standard 2774018W.020 Cadet 6-Feet by 42-Inch Whirlpool Tub
American Standard 2774018W.020 Cadet 6-Feet by 42-Inch Whirlpool Tub

  • Classic style – looks great in most bathrooms
  • Tough design – made of high-quality materials
  • Form-fitted backrest and molded armrests – for extra comfort
  • 8 multidirectional jets – for a soothing, refreshing massage
  • Deck-mounted on/off air switch – for ease of operation


The Best Whirlpool Tub 2022

1. American Standard 2774018W.020 Cadet 6-Feet by 42-Inch Whirlpool Tub (Budget Pick)

American Standard 2774018W.020 Cadet 6-Feet by 42-Inch Whirlpool with Hydro Massage System-I, White

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If you’re looking for a classic-style bathtub with whirlpool capability that will bring an extra level of luxury to your bath time, this model from well-known brand American Standard could be a smart pick.

It features a pleasing traditional aesthetic that will look attractive in most bathrooms, and it is made of tough materials that are designed to last, meaning you shouldn’t need to replace it for many years.

We like the generous size of this tub – at 75.75” x 46.25” x 28.25”, it holds over 60 gallons when full and is easily big enough for two adults to share.

In terms of whirlpool features, it boasts eight multidirectional jets that provide a comfortable and relaxing massage, and the controls are deck-mounted for ease of operation.

Perhaps one of our only gripes would be that compared to some other models, this tub is a little limited in what it can do – although, for people who like to keep things simple and uncomplicated, this could be a positive.

Also, it only has a one-year warranty, which is not as good as some of the competitors.

However, other than these minor issues, this is still an exceptional whirlpool bathtub and one that should appeal to anyone who prefers a simple, understated style rather than anything too complicated or ostentatious.


  • Classic style – looks great in most bathrooms
  • Tough design – made of high-quality materials
  • Form-fitted backrest and molded armrests – for extra comfort
  • 8 multidirectional jets – for a soothing, refreshing massage
  • Deck-mounted on/off air switch – for ease of operation


  • Limited features – although good if you prefer to keep things simple
  • Only 1-year warranty – other brands offer more

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2. ARIEL Platinum AM128JDCLZ Whirlpool Bathtub

ARIEL Platinum AM128JDCLZ Whirlpool Bathtub

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This large and luxurious whirlpool bathtub from Ariel has dimensions of 71” x 37.4” x 27.5” and holds a maximum of over 60 gallons of water. This makes it spacious enough to accommodate two average-sized adults comfortably.

Since it is made of high-quality acrylic reinforced by fiberglass, it is tough, durable and resistant, and it also includes a two-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

With 14 water jets and six different water flow settings, there’s plenty of scope for customizing your bathing experience. We also love the LED lights along with the other modern features like Bluetooth compatibility and touchscreen controls that add an extra layer of convenience.

Perhaps one negative to point out is that, despite being able to pour 3.7 gallons of water per minute, it still takes a while to fill completely due to its large size.

Less of a problem is that, for similar reasons, it also takes some time to drain – although this probably won’t be such an issue unless you need to empty it and refill it again for someone else to use afterwards.

All in all, there’s a lot to like about this bathtub and not much to dislike. It is well-designed, easy to operate and deliciously comfortable to spend time in when you need a well-deserved soak – and if those sound like the qualities you want, this tub could be well worth considering.


  • 14 jets and 6 settings – plenty of options to customize your bathing experience
  • Many modern features included – touchscreen control, Bluetooth, radio etc.
  • LED lights – for an even more relaxing experience
  • Large size – big enough for two to use at the same time
  • Comfortable position – perfect for long, relaxing soaks


  • Takes a long time to fill – due to large volume
  • Doesn’t drain quickly – although not a major issue

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3. Ariel BT-084-2017 Whirlpool Bathtub

Ariel BT-084-2017 Whirlpool Bathtub

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If you have enough space in your bathroom and you want to be able to enjoy the full spa experience in the comfort of your own home, something like this huge whirlpool tub, also from Ariel, could be worth thinking about.

It has a capacity of 90 gallons and is designed for two people to use together. There is a seat for each bather, and each seat even includes a removable head cushion for extra comfort.

The tub boasts an array of powerful water jets that work together to give you a firm yet comfortable massage, and everything is controlled by a stylish touchscreen computer that also includes a built-in radio.

One thing to take into account when considering buying something like this is the fact that it is a very large unit – although you may imagine you want a tub like this, it might not be the best option if your bathroom is on the small side.

Also, as you would expect, it isn’t cheap – either to buy or to run – so that’s something else to think about before deciding to buy one.

However, if you have the space and you don’t mind the running costs, this tub offers the ultimate home spa experience, and most people will love owning one.


  • Corner tub design – plenty of space for two people to share
  • Huge capacity – holds up to 90 gallons of water
  • Powerful multidirectional jets – provides a strong yet relaxing massage
  • Removable head cushions – gives you even more comfort
  • Computer control panel – makes it easy to change the settings


  • Takes up space – not ideal in smaller bathrooms
  • Not cheap – although only what you would expect for a high-end tub like this

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4. DKB Dylan Jetted Whirlpool Tub

DKB Dylan Jetted Whirlpool Tub in White | Deep Soaking Comfort | Hydro- Massage System 14 Whirlpool Jets & Adjustable Air Bubble Infusion | Center Drain | Handheld Shower |

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For those who crave the ultimate in luxury and decadence when they bathe, this tub from DKB should be of interest. It has dimensions of 68” x 34.5” x 25.75” and can hold a huge 77 gallons of water, allowing you to enjoy an indulgent experience in your tub.

Furthermore, it is designed with a deep shape, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the water, and the 14 jets with adjustable bubble infusion can help massage away all your aches and pains.

The freestanding style of this tub along with the attractive contemporary design will also make a bold statement in your bathroom, where this tub will become a prominent centerpiece.

One negative to bear in mind is that the surface is extremely slippy, so for safety, you might prefer to install some kind of non-slip matt. Also, the controls are not 100% intuitive, so operating it might take a little while to get used to.

In sum, this is a luxurious tub for those who take their soaking seriously, so if you need a large and capacious bathtub where you can spend long hours relaxing – and if a stylish modern look is also important – this is a tub that should be on your radar.


  • Extra-large capacity – holds up to 77 gallons when full
  • Deep design – for full immersion
  • 14 whirlpool jets – and adjustable bubble infusion feature
  • Stylish contemporary design – ideal for modern bathrooms
  • 2-year warranty – in case anything goes wrong


  • Slippy surface – maybe best to add a matt
  • Controls not completely intuitive – may take time to get used to

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5. Empava 59 in. Acrylic Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub

Empava 59 in. Acrylic Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub-Hydromassage Rectangular Jetted Soaking Tub with Center Drain-Waterfall Faucet, 59 Inch, White

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This tub from Empava is a more compact model than some others, so it could be a great choice for those who want a whirlpool tub in their home but have more limited space – it has dimensions of 59.5” x 29.5” x 22” and a maximum capacity of 42 gallons.

One advantage with this tub is the power of the 11 jets. There are four in the lumbar area, three for the body and four for your feet, providing a comfortable and invigorating full-body massage.

We like the way the whirlpool features are easy to use. The controls are simple and intuitive, making it a breeze to operate, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying your soak rather than messing about with complicated buttons and knobs.

Another positive is the generous three-year warranty, so you’re covered if anything goes wrong – and the auto-shutoff feature is also designed to help ensure nothing does.

Perhaps the main downside here is the more compact size since it isn’t as big as some of the more luxurious options. However, for those with smaller bathrooms, this could turn out to be a positive.

Also, the style is very particular – while some people might like it, others might find it doesn’t suit their taste.

That said, this is a great tub, especially for those who don’t have the space for a larger model – and if that includes you, this is a tub that should be on your list of possibilities.


  • Strong and durable – holds maximum weight of 660lbs
  • Easy to operate – simple and ergonomic controls
  • Powerful jets – gives a strong and relaxing massage
  • Auto-shutoff feature – helps ensure it lasts for longer
  • 3-year warranty – more than some other companies offer


  • Small size – not as large as many other models
  • Strange look – might not appeal to everyone

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6. Woodbridge 71″ x 31.5″ Water Jetted and Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub (Our Top Pick)

Woodbridge 71' x 31.5' Water Jetted and Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub, Whirlpool Tub

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When you have enough space in your bathroom, there’s nothing that says luxury and class like a stylish freestanding whirlpool bathtub dominating the center of the room, and if that’s something you agree with, this tub could be just the thing.

We love the look of this tub, and it’s the kind of model that makes a bold aesthetic statement. With dimensions of 71” x 31.5” x 29” and a capacity of around 60 gallons, it’s a tub that’s designed for pure relaxation and indulgence.

Since it’s made of high-quality materials, it should last a long time, and it’s also designed to be extremely easy to maintain, meaning you can keep it looking like new for many years to come.

In terms of features, it boasts six body massage jets along with 10 whirlpool jets, giving you a powerful yet comfortable all-over massage.

There’s not much we can find wrong with this tub. One thing to be aware of is that it’s quite light, which means you’ll need to be careful about fixing it in place properly during installation so it doesn’t move about.

Also, a minor complaint would be that the quality of the fittings supplied doesn’t quite match the quality of the tub itself, although it’s easy enough to replace them with better ones later.

Overall, another great pick for anyone who’s looking for a luxurious tub with powerful massage jets and who also appreciates the visual appeal a free-standing tub can add to a bathroom. If that sounds like what you want, this tub could be a top option.


  • Attractive modern design – a stylish focal point to your bathroom
  • Generous size – for complete relaxation
  • Easy maintenance – simple to keep in perfect condition
  • 6 body massage jets – along with 10 whirlpool jets
  • Includes integrated overflow and pop-up drain – easy to install


  • Lightweight tub – needs to be fixed properly in place
  • Fittings included not high quality – but easy to buy better ones

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7. Mecor Walk-in Whirlpool Bathtub

Mecor Walk-in Whirlpool Bathtub , Rectangular Soaking Bathtub,Left Intward Opening Door and Left Drain, 61'' x 30'' x 24'' , White

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If you have issues with mobility, the best solution is to choose a walk-in bathtub, and if you also want to enjoy the pleasures of a whirlpool model, this one could be a no-brainer.

It features a low door that opens, making it easy to get into and out of the tub. The door is designed so that no water can spill through, and the tub also includes other safety features such as grab bars and a non-slip floor to help avoid any accidents.

Something else we appreciate is the simple control system that’s easy for anyone to use, and this tub also incorporates a heater that prevents your water from getting cold, allowing you to enjoy long, indulgent soaks for as long as you like.

Another big plus here is the exceptional suite of warranties this tub includes. The door is covered by a lifetime warranty, the shell is guaranteed for 10 years and everything else is covered for five years, giving you complete peace of mind.

However, all this comes at a price, and some people might find this tub on the expensive side. That said, you expect to pay more for quality, and with this bathtub, you know that’s what you’re getting.

One other possible negative is the fact that it only has a limited number of jets – but if you are the kind of person who prefers simple but reliable products, this shouldn’t be an issue.

This is an exceptional high-end model that is perfect for anyone who needs an accessible tub and who doesn’t mind paying top-end prices. However, if you prefer a few more options and a bit more functionality, there may be better picks to consider.


  • Walk-in tub – perfect for anybody with mobility issues
  • Also includes grab bars and slip-resistant floor – for increased safety
  • Easy push-button controls – simple for anyone to use
  • Excellent warranty – 10 years for shell and 5 for everything else
  • Includes heater – keeps the water hot for longer


  • Only 8 jets – other models offer more
  • Expensive option – but you expect to pay more for quality

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Buyer’s guide

Whirlpool bathTub

If you’re thinking about having a whirlpool tub installed in your home, you’ll probably be interested in the kind of thing you should be considering when making up your mind which one to go for – so let’s look at this now.

Size and capacity

One of the first points to think about when choosing your tub is the size and capacity of the model you want to buy.

First, you should think about the size of your bathroom because if you choose a tub that’s too big for the space, it will make your bathroom feel small and cramped – which is probably the opposite of the opulent and luxurious effect you’re hoping for.

Next, think about how big you need it to be. If you need a tub for just one person, you can buy a smaller one – but if you plan for more than one person to use it at a time, you’ll need to choose a bigger model. Sharing a small bathtub is never much fun.

Finally, the last part of deciding which size to go for is related to the cost of running it. Larger tubs may use more power, and they will certainly result in higher water bills – so these are all things to think about before deciding which model to go for.


There are several different styles of whirlpool tub, and the considerations are similar to when choosing the size.

Alcove-style tubs are regular bathtubs that can fit into an alcove in a normal-sized bathroom.

For a little more style and luxury, you might choose a free-standing model. As the name suggests, these can be placed in the center of a room to add a certain touch of elegance and class to the space. However, they are less suitable for smaller bathrooms.

Finally, if you have lots of space, you might choose a large corner version – but these are usually only suitable when you have plenty of spare space.

Time to fill and empty

Related to the size of the tub you choose is how long it takes to fill and empty. Larger tubs obviously require more time to fill, and they will also take longer to drain.

However, some are designed to fill and empty quicker, so if this is something you think might be important to you, it’s worth looking at when buying.

Number of jets and settings options

The number of massage jets a whirlpool tub has is an important consideration since the more jets, the more luxurious the massage it will offer.

Even a tub with only around eight jets will provide a soothing and relaxing massage, but having more jets can enhance the experience.

Similarly, more advanced tubs allow you to adjust the settings, changing the power and choosing other modes, all of which allows you customize the experience to the way the like it.

Ease of use

Any tub should be easy to understand and use because you don’t want to find yourself playing around with confusing buttons when you should just be sitting back and enjoying the experience.

For simpler tubs with only a few jets, a simple on/off button will be all you need, and some people may enjoy this type of uncomplicated system.

However, more advanced models may boast touchscreen panels that allow you to adjust the settings – and if you choose one with something like this, you should make sure you understand how it works and that it is intuitive to operate.


Not all tubs are designed the same, and not every tub is as comfortable as the next one.

For this reason, you should make sure you choose a tub that is comfortable to sit or lie in – because if it isn’t, you’re not going to enjoy spending extended periods relaxing in it.

Materials and durability

Check that any tub you are interested in is made of high-quality and durable materials. Most modern tubs are constructed of acrylic that’s reinforced by fiberglass, and this is a good, strong option that also makes maintenance relatively simple.

Extra features

If you are interested in other extras such as Bluetooth compatibility, speakers or a radio to use while you soak, make sure the tub you choose includes the kind of thing you want.


Like when buying any expensive piece of equipment, you should pay attention to the warranty offered on the tub you buy.

If a tub is only covered for a year, you know that if anything goes wrong after that, you will have to cover it yourself.

On the other hand, if a company provides a long warranty of three or five years, you know the company is confident in the quality of the product, which should give you more confidence in buying it.

Plenty of great options to choose from

As you can see, there are plenty of great options to pick from that will allow you to enjoy the relaxing and decadent soak you deserve.

If you’ve decided you want to install a whirlpool tub in your home but you’re not sure which one to go for, any of the picks in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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