25 Most Popular White Kitchen Ideas

For centuries, white color has represented purity and elegance. Not only does it match every style, but it also highlights the spaciousness and vastness of your household. A white kitchen can give a bright and light atmosphere to the area, as well as greatness, innocence, and cleanness.

You can’t go wrong when choosing white for your kitchen style, nor are you old-fashioned. White is always modern. I will give you a few excellent white kitchen ideas here. Choose the pure white and stylish cabinets, cupboards, appliances, and countertops, and enjoy the elegance.


1. Luxury white kitchen

Luxury white kitchen

The real queen among white luxury kitchens is in front of you! A perfect white ceiling with hanging lighting will depict the clean atmosphere and brightness. Moreover, by picking out the model of a cupboard touching the ceiling, you won’t leave any room for dust.

To get the look of the luxurious and sophisticated place, you should add two comfortable armchairs and a few white cabinets with long metallic handles. All kitchen appliances should be white or match these handles.


2. White kitchen placed next to a terrace

White kitchen placed next to a terrace

An ideal place to install a white kitchen is next to the tall window or a wide terrace door. That way, plenty of natural light will highlight the whiteness of your kitchen, especially in contrast with a panoramic view you have in front of your eyes.

Wooden cabinets, with tinny handles and glassy hanging lights, will fit this exceptional whiteness nicely. An excellent part is that a kitchen sink is part of the island. It is an ideal solution for you if you have a small loft kitchen.


3. White, wooden kitchen 

White, wooden kitchen 

Scandinavian-like wood and white combination is an ideal option for nature lovers. A bright wooden countertop, combined with backsplash made of white bricks, will add an extra rural vibe to your space. Plus, the lack of cabinet and drawer handles will contribute to the minimalistic and refined style of this elegant kitchen.

There is enough space for an elegant kitchen sink and a modern induction cooktop, as well. The adequate lightening will contribute to the romantic mood, while tall bar chairs next to the kitchen island make the entire atmosphere calm and cozy.


4. White and silverfish kitchen style

White and silverfish kitchen style

Luxury wooden cabinets in combination with heavy embroidered handles are an excellent choice for you if you are brave and bold enough. Be one of the people with an eye for details, and enjoy the luxury style this particular kitchen offers.

Hanging cabinets with glassy wall cabinets in combination with silver chandeliers will knock you off your feet. Crafty assembled, these hanging cupboards don’t follow the straight line. They will enchant you if the simple style is not your pair of shoes. A white kitchen sink matches the atmosphere, while the dark countertop defies the whiteness.


5. White aligned kitchen

White aligned kitchen

Symmetry lovers, there is the perfect kitchen for you! I like this classic corner aligned kitchen, with cabinets and an island of the same height. Plus, you will get all the cabinets and drawers in the same size and design.

A glossy countertop is simple in style but rich in quality, and it makes a fantastic combination with white and yellow kitchen wall tiles. Dark handles match the dark wooden floor as a perfect contrast to the whiteness and simplicity of the cabinets.


6. White one-piece kitchen

White one-piece kitchen

One-piece kitchen against the wall, with a lot of countertop space, is an ideal option for owners of huge kitchens with minimalistic style. There is no need for wall cupboards as the kitchen is long enough to ensure enough place for all your appliances.

The white color and the slim and white door handles will contribute to this reduced style. Plus, a light matt metallic cooker and range hood assembly fit nicely to the entire design. The area beneath the sink is ideal for installing the under-sink water filter.


7. Modern futuristic kitchen

Modern futuristic kitchen

What a beautiful combination of white kitchen elements and a marine blue wall in between. By adding professional lighting, you can gain an astonishing reflection, which is more brilliant as the countertops are glossier. Together, they reflect the magical blue light around.

Aligned wall cabinets without handles are glossy, as well. To highlight the total simplicity of this design, the handles of the cabinets should be simple, slim, and white. The possibility of implementing the dining table into this lovely arrangement will make your kitchen adorable and convenient.


8. Corner window kitchen

Corner window kitchen

To use natural light fully when washing the dishes and reduce electricity bills, I suggest you install a kitchen sink cabinet under the window. Be sure that white kitchen parts will reflect the natural light no matter how big your window is.

Handless wall cupboards and cabinets make the surface of this particular kitchen quite flat and spacious. To break the whiteness, you can implement green plants and flowers on a countertop.


9. Large granite bar kitchen

Large granite bar kitchen

If the party is your middle name, you should choose the massive and luxury style kitchen. Look at this model, which includes a huge island bar with an impressive granite countertop defying the white cabinets.

The wall cabinets are tall to the ceiling, and they give the impression of nobility while silver details and wall lightening add unique shining and sparkling effects. The induction cooktop under the elegant silver range hood makes this kitchen chic and practical.


10. Luxury cabinetry kitchen

Luxury cabinetry kitchen

From the elegant wooden floor to the white ceiling in beams, this modern kitchen represents pure luxury. The combination of backsplash made of white bricks, marble countertop, massive terrace door, and wide window make this kitchen ambiance extraordinary.

I like these dream-like white wood cabinets with ornaments and stylish handles. Kitchen appliances, including a cooker, chandeliers, and kitchen sink, are picked carefully and don’t strike out as odd. They match perfectly!


11. Modern silver white kitchen

Modern silver white kitchen

A white kitchen island and a cupboard framed with a shiny silver countertop are a real example of contemporary interior style. The cabinets are also white but not dull thanks to elegant details, such as long, slim, rectangular handles.

Two tall, plastic chairs next to the island present modern society and usage of plastic items. It is quite an innovative detail, don’t you think?


12. Simple Scandinavian style

Simple Scandinavian style

White kitchen cabinets combined with light wooden pattern countertop resemble original Scandinavian simplicity and efficiency. It is an ideal option for you in case you can’t put wall cabinets for some reason. This kitchen design has none!

On the other hand, there are a lot of drawers with dark handles helping you arrange the kitchen items comfortably. The long hanging lighting will smooth the wall without the cupboards make it less odd. All in all, it is a quite warm, open-space kitchen you will adore.


13. White kitchen with parquet floor

White kitchen with parquet floor

A beautiful and refreshing rustic parquet floor gives the domestic atmosphere, along with a kitchen with a white-brick wall instead of ordinary kitchen tiles.

I find these non-symmetric white cabinets and the kitchen island with a solid surfacing countertop quite daring. Since the inside of the island is wooden and the outside is white, adding tall wooden bar chairs will contribute this fantastic, eye-catching combination.


14. White wooden kitchen with Harlequin floor

White wooden kitchen with Harlequin floor

A cozy little kitchen with a decorative curtain on the window reminds me of my grandma’s kitchen. The white texture is more comfortable when using a bright wooden countertop. Plus, it will give the optical illusion of a more extended kitchen and broader space.

The cabinets with small white round handles look lovely and modest. Since Harlequin style fits the white wood perfectly, the grey and white tile floor will represent an excellent contrast.


15. White kitchen with an inside garden

White kitchen with an inside garden

If you want to avoid introducing colors into your white kitchen but need some contrast, having some plants inside is an excellent idea. Depending on your preferences, you can organize a garden-like, park-like, or spices-like design.

I recommend you choose a variety of pots with herbs since this solution is both stylish and useful. As a result, you will get the white kitchen with a shiny floor, silver appliances, an elegant sliver range hood, and pleasant greenery. Perfect!


16. White, minimalistic, eco-friendly kitchen

White, minimalistic, eco-friendly kitchen

Since I prefer minimalistic style in the kitchen, this option is one of my favorite ones. The open cupboard shelves are perfect for you if you use your kitchen daily. The absence of constant opening and closing wall cabinets’ doors makes this design highly practical.

The subtle style includes simple cabinets without handles and any decoration. There are just kitchen sink and induction cooktop as a contrast to pure whiteness of this eco-friendly choice.


17. White wooden kitchen

White wooden kitchen

Handmade wooden cabinets represent the craftsmanship and fine carpentry at their best light. This kitchen is profound, elegant, and full of details.

You can also add unique details, such as a wine cabinet and a net door cupboard, to contrast the whiteness of the kitchen. The beige brick wall suits the ambiance perfectly and gives the soft touch to your kitchen.


18. Simple closet kitchen

Simple closet kitchen

Functionality is the essence of the simple closet kitchen. There are no creative cabinets, elegant drawers, or decorative handles. The kitchen goes to the ceiling, covers the whole wall, and uses the space entirely.

The bright wooden countertop contrasts the whiteness of the kitchen. In combination with wooden parquet, all pieces of this particular kitchen match perfectly.


19. Marble countertop kitchen

Marble countertop kitchen

Stylish and spacious kitchen rich in the contrasting details will take your breath away. Its marble countertop sends a clear message of appreciating quality.

The stainless refrigerator door gives the silver and rich effect to this kitchen, as well as a stainless-steel kitchen faucet and sink. Wooden floor and wooden-like tiles highlight the whiteness of the kitchen in the best possible way.


20. Family kitchen

Family kitchen

It is spacious, covers the two walls, and includes all the elements you need for everyday cooking. There is an induction stove, a kitchen sink, a practical kitchen faucet made of stainless steel, and an oven to make your everyday cooking comfortable.

Also, there are cabinets with a lot of drawers for putting away the dishes and kitchen items. Plus, the glossy white tiles make the kitchen looks light and extra tidy.


21. Contemporary white kitchen

Contemporary white kitchen

Subtle design without many details represents the kitchens of the future. There are no handles and ornaments, just an ordinary white surface. The kitchen floor is white, as well.

The kitchen sink is a part of a cabinet with enough space underneath for under sink water filter. It fits perfectly with this modern style.


22. Too white kitchen

Too white kitchen

It is an entirely white kitchen, with an excellent combination of white wood and brick walls looking a bit cold and dreamy. There are also white shelves, white curtains, and white windows as irreplaceable parts of this frozen kingdom.

The appliances, such as kitchen sink and kitchen faucet, are also white.  Even the plants on the table are white! I am wondering if the view from the window is also white.


23. In-wall kitchen

In-wall kitchen

If you have space inside the wall, it can be suitable for installing in-wall kitchen cabinets. There is also a practical place for the kitchen sink under the window, which allows using the natural light.

A wooden parquet floor, which matches the wooden handles and a countertop, breaks the monotony of white. All in all, this kitchen looks intimate and family-like.


24. Whitish kitchen

Whitish kitchen

It is not a purely white kitchen as others, but it looks more or less white, depending on daily light. A white countertop, chairs, walls, and a table make it whiter than it is. The delicate light illusion will make you wish to spend more time there.

Cabinets are simple without handles and decorations. There is also a lot of space for all your appliances. In combination with a terrace door or wide windows, this kitchen offers a pure beauty and simplicity of light play.


25. Small, wall to wall kitchen

Small, wall to wall kitchen

It is a convenient option for a small kitchen area or a kitchenette. Being white, it creates an illusion of larger space, while the black countertop sets the tone of depth.

Its simple design reflects in having no handles or ornaments. An elegant black kitchen sink with black kitchen faucet matching the countertop make this kitchen stylish and unique.

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