Potable water

7 Ways to Make Water Potable and Safe to Drink

Since ancient times, humans have always loved clean water. During this period, you could quickly get it from natural water bodies. But as time passed, most water sources became polluted. Luckily, scientists created devices to purify unsafe water. With these ideas, companies and local authorities can supply water fit for human consumption and use. Governments

7 Types of Water Filters for Residential Use

There are two crucial things you need to consider before buying a water filtration system for your home. Firstly, you should get your water tested to see if you need a filter at all. After that, you will have a hard time picking out the right option among various models available on the market. Which

How to Calculate Water Hardness

How to Calculate Water Hardness

Have you heard of the term “hard water”? Well, water contains a high amount of minerals that include calcium and magnesium. It also occurs in many various water sources across the world. Although hard water does not cause illnesses, it can lead to various problems at home appliances or factories. For instance, it can destroy

Hard Water vs. Soft Water What's the Difference

Hard Water vs. Soft Water: What’s the Difference?

Are you one of those people believing that water is water? If the answer is YES, you are probably one of the lucky ones who enjoy the benefits of great and healthy water. Once you discover the way different types of water may influence your health, dishes in your home, and plumbing pipes, you will

Well Water vs. City Water What's the Difference

Well Water vs. City Water: What’s the Difference?

Water stands as the most important chemical compound which is used by humans daily. Since it is essential for healthy living, where you get your drinking water is important. Many people keep asking questions like, which water is best for use “well water or city water”? Both types of water have their various pros and

Spring Water vs. Purified Water What's the Difference

Spring Water vs. Purified Water: What’s the Difference?

Following the news of unhealthy city water, many people avoid drinking regular tap water. The main reason is that it contains a long list of harmful chemicals such as fluoride, arsenic, and fluoride. Instead, they go with bottled spring or purified water. However, you might want to know which stands as a better option? In

10 Ways to Remove Fluoride from Water

10 Ways to Remove Fluoride from Water

Are you looking for a way to remove fluoride from your water? Over the years, America’s and other countries have kept on adding fluoride to their public water supply. But according to research from various scientists, water containing fluoride affects the cavities and can cause other harmful effects. Fluoride has its benefits, but the adverse

how to filter water

13 Easy Ways to Filter Water (Home & Wilderness Strategies)

Human beings cannot survive for more than a few days without water, but thankfully, most of us have access to unlimited supplies just by opening the faucet in our kitchens. However, that water might not be as pure as you’d like, and you might want to purify it further before drinking it – and if

Water Filtration Media

11 Popular Water Filtration Media

If you are one of many people purchasing a water filtration system, you have heard of the term ‘filter media.’ It is a powdery substance, which you need to add to your filtration system to make the most out of your water filter. You can find various types of filter media on the market, offering