Upgrading Your Wisconsin Home with a Personal Sauna

Upgrading Your Wisconsin Home with a Personal Sauna

Consider adding a personal sauna to your Wisconsin house to give it a luxurious and healthful makeover. Homeowners are now more able to afford this renovation project, which was formerly thought of as a premium facility for upscale resorts and fitness clubs. Personal saunas provide a private haven for health advantages and relaxation. Although the … Read more

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17 Facts about Japanese Sauna Culture (Sentō 銭湯)

Japan famously has a long tradition of public bathing, whether in urban bathhouses or rural hot springs, and visiting one of these is something that every visitor to the country should experience at least once. In the past, the sauna wasn’t a traditional part of bathing, but in recent years, saunas have become increasingly popular … Read more

Will An Infrared Sauna Help You Lose Weight

Can You Burn Calories in an Infrared Sauna?

Different cultures around the world have been using saunas for various purposes. While some preferred to indulge in a sauna for warming and health benefits, others visited it for socializing and relaxing. But could you ever guess that infrared saunas might help you shed a few unwanted pounds? So far, researchers have supported this claim. … Read more

Sauna vs. Hot Tub What's the Difference

Sauna vs. Hot Tub: Which Is Better?

If you spend time in a hotel, gym or spa, you may enjoy using the hot tub or sauna there as a way to relax, relieve stress and generally forget about all the pressures of your daily life. Some people also might be inspired to install one in their home, and for those who can’t … Read more

Infrared Sauna Benefits & Disadvantages (Tricks to Use)

Infrared Sauna Benefits & Disadvantages (Tricks to Use)

Infrared saunas can offer a long list of benefits, whether you have been searching for relief of a particular condition or just looking to take advantage of its reported wellness features. If you have seen your favorite celebrity endorse infrared therapy, read on to find out why people can’t get enough of this revitalizing technology. … Read more

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Infrared Sauna vs. Steam Room: What’s the Difference?

Many people who want to indulge in sauna sessions have doubts about the unit they need to purchase. Should you go for a steam room or an infrared sauna? What are the most significant benefits of each, and which one is better? Discerning the slight differences between steam and infrared saunas is a challenging venture … Read more

Steam Room vs. Sauna

Steam Room vs. Sauna: Which is Better?

Did you know that many practitioners recommend multiple visits to a spa or sauna to reap the many benefits associated with heat therapy? Well, that’s because heat therapy is scientifically proven to provide a range of therapeutic benefits to one’s body. Today, let’s explore the similarities and differences between steam rooms and saunas. What is … Read more


15 Facts About a Korean Sauna (Jjimjilbang)

A sauna is a great way to relax and de-stress. And with more and more kinds of saunas readily available, the choice of how to get hot is increasing all the time! But with so many sauna traditions, it can be hard to keep track of what’s what. That’s where we can help! We’re going … Read more

Sauna Accessories

11 Sauna Accessories You Must Have

More and more of us are choosing to fit a regular sauna into our routine. They’re a great way to relax and recharge our batteries. But if you want to get the most out of your sauna session, you’ll need the right sauna accessories! We’re going to take a look at ten tools for a … Read more


18 Facts About a Russian Sauna (Banya)

If you love your sauna blanket, you might be thinking about trying a full-on sauna experience. Russian saunas are becoming increasingly popular as a way to relax and unwind. But what is a Russian sauna? What makes it different from other kinds? And what do you need to know before you use one? We’re here … Read more