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13 Proven Benefits of Infrared Sauna Blanket

If you love saunas and want to receive all the health benefits – but in a more convenient form and at a lower cost – you may be interested in investing in a sauna blanket. And if that sounds like something you might to consider, here are 13 sauna blanket benefits to help you decide.

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7 Best Infrared Personal Sauna for Home Use (Reviews of 2021)

Regular saunas help you sweat your toxins out. They’re great after an hour at the gym or a busy week at work. But these days, you can install a sauna at home. And with infrared technology, the treatment reaches beneath your skin for better results. It’s a true healing tonic. How can you be sure

20 Benefits of Sauna You Should Know

20 Benefits of Sauna You Should Know

Most information about the sauna we get from Finland. We can expect that since it is their national way of enjoyment. Many scientists from all over the world have confirmed that the sauna is highly beneficial for the human body. It seems that it can help us improve our health in many different ways. Let’s

How Much Does the Sauna Cost 1

How Much Does the Sauna Cost?

The benefits of using a sauna are numerous, including boosting your immune system and protecting your heart. Plus, your body will work much better after getting rid of all toxins piling up in it. The sauna is a remedy well-known to humankind since the ancient times of the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, as

How Long to Stay in Sauna?

Entering and using a sauna will help your body to kick out the toxins, relax muscles, and even improve body circulation. Saunas are in widespread use all around the world, including the most famous traditional steam, rock sauna, steam room, and far-infrared sauna. All of them are excellent choices when you want to support your

12 Tips to Use the Sauna Like Pro

12 Tips to Use the Sauna Like Pro

If you have never taken the sauna, it is the time to try it. It will be highly beneficial for your mind and body. The high temperatures, in combination with increased humidity, bring many benefits to the human body. Plus, if you enjoy the sauna with your partner or friend, you will have an excellent

What Should & Shouldn not to Wear in a Sauna

What Should & Shouldn’t to Wear in a Sauna?

The traditional sauna originated in Finland, but we can have more other options nowadays, including an infrared sauna, steam room, or portable sauna, as well. As you probably know, the primary aim of the sauna is to enhance your emotional state and physical wellbeing. However, one of the crucial questions is what to wear in

Ideal Sauna Temperature: How Hot Is Your Sauna?

No one can give you a precise answer to the general question of how hot the sauna can be. It will depend on the type of sauna you pick out and its characteristics. For example, I like sweating in the warm, traditional sauna while sitting on the hardwood bench. From time to time, I pour

Does a Sauna Help a Cold

Does a Sauna Help a Cold?

The common cold is one of the diseases, which usually pass after a week with or without medications. However, it is a very uncomfortable condition that prevents us from performing our daily activities. Our grandparents know a bunch of home remedies that are proven cures for the common cold. One of them is the sauna.

How Many Calories Do You Burn In a Sauna

How Many Calories Do You Burn In a Sauna?

Some manufacturers of infrared saunas claim that everyone can burn from 300 to 1000 calories during one session of 30 minutes. On average, it is from 10 to 33.3 calories a minute! It sounds a bit unbelievable to me, especially if we know that athletes on a treadmill burn approximately 14 calories per minute. Some experts