waterproof wall panels

9 Tips to Buy Waterproof Shower or Bathtub Wall Panels

Whether you’re kitting out a new bathroom or overhauling an existing one, shower and bath panels are a great choice. They’re an easy alternative to tiles, looking good and protecting walls without requiring hours of grouting. But when it comes to buying the right ones, it’s not always easy. Fortunately, we’re here to help! We’re

Can You Shower After Getting A Tattoo

Can You Shower After Getting A Tattoo? (12 Tips to Care)

You’ve come back from your tattoo session or you’re preparing for one because you don’t want anything getting in the way between your perfect tattoo and you. You’re not completely sure about whether to take your tattoo artist’s advice and need more insight into whether it’s safe to shower after finishing your session. Don’t worry,

7 Tips to Get Rid of Mold in Shower Caulk

7 Tips to Get Rid of Mold in Shower Caulk

Molds are the most repulsive elements you can see in a bathroom. Mold spores can be found all around the house, but they thrive and multiply in a warm and moist environment, like your shower. If they are fed and unchecked, they can spread quickly, and your once clean and spotless bathroom can be covered

What is a Table Shower 1

What is a Table Shower? (The History & Benefits)

Table shower (Vichy shower, massage therapy, Scotch hose, hydrotherapy, Swiss shower) is a particular type of table with five to seven rain shower heads above. Many beauty salons and massage spas combine it with a manual massage for your full pleasure. In most Asian countries, this service includes sexual massage. However, when you decide to visit a

How to Clean Shower Tiles

7 Tips to Clean Shower Tile

Have you ever entered your shower and asked yourself, how on earth am I going to clean all these tiles? If you have, then welcome, we’ve got you covered. We know cleaning your shower tiles seems overwhelming, especially dirty grout, so we’ve compiled this guide to show you the best ways to clean your shower

6 Simple Steps to Remove Shower Drain

5 Steps to Remove Shower Drain

Are you stuck with trying to repair or replace your shower drain?. If it is your first time, don’t worry. You don’t need to use the services of a plumber or handyman. When you have the right tools and cleaners, drain removal becomes easy. Is your shower drain faulty and need repair? Do you need

11 Tips to Clean a Glass Shower Door

11 Tips to Clean a Glass Shower Door

All of us like having an elegant glass shower door in the bathroom. It brings a touch of sophistication to our homes, don’t you think? However, these lovely cabins designed for our enjoyment may transform into quite dirty and smelly places over time. There are a few reasons for that, but the most significant problems are

11 Tips to Clean Fiberglass Shower

There’s a joke about baths and towels, and it goes like this: if taking a bath or shower makes your body clean, then why is your towel always dirty? And while there’s probably a scientific explanation, your bath-time habits are a blight on your bathtub and shower caddy. Fortunately, cleaning the tub doesn’t have to

11 Tips to Remove Soap Scum from Shower Doors

If you have shower doors in your bathroom, you know how fast the ugly white soap scum occurs on the inside of the glass. It is a result of combining minerals from hard water, dirt, dead skin, body oil, bacteria, as well as wax, talc, and fatty acids from bar soap. Once soap scum hardens, you

how to to Clean Shower Door Tracks

5 Tips to Clean Shower Door Tracks

Door tracks are quite tricky parts of your shower door to clean. It is the place where all the dirt collects over time, especially soap scum and minerals from hard water. Most of us tend to neglect that part of our bathrooms. The problem is that these tracks become more disgusting the longer we delay necessary