Toilet Seat Turned Yellow After Bleaching

Toilet Seat Turned Yellow After Bleaching (Causes & Prevention)

Having yellow stains on your toilet seat can be highly embarrassing, especially if you have visitors in your home who might see them – and it can be particularly problematic if you can’t get the stains off. There are several reasons why these stains might appear, but one of the worst is due to bleach. … Read more

how long does it take to replace a toilet

How Long does it Take to Replace a Toilet? (3 Parts)

Perhaps you are about to fit a new toilet DIY and you need to know how much time to leave yourself – or maybe you are having one installed by a professional plumber and you want to know how much time it will take because you want to know about the cost. In any case, … Read more

do toilet paper expire

Does Toilet Paper Expire? (Tips to Store)

In the “old world” we once knew before covid came, not many people would have thought much about stockpiling toilet paper, but in our new post-virus reality, having lived through the pandemic, people stocking up on the stuff suddenly seems much more normal. However, this throws up a problem, because if you have mountains of … Read more

Can You Put a Residential Toilet in an RV

Can You Put a Residential Toilet in an RV?

Whether you plan to go camping for the weekend, take a long road trip, or want to live in your camper, toilet comfort is a serious matter. When comparing an RV toilet with a residential one, you will probably conclude the latter is undoubtedly more comfortable. At first glance, both serve the same purpose, and … Read more

Can You Flush Paper Towels

Can You Flush Paper Towels?

Most people use the toilet a few times a day, and it may happen to run out of toilet paper at an inconvenient moment. You may think that using paper towels in such a situation sounds like a logical and reliable alternative. However, the crucial question is, can you flush paper towels? Unfortunately, throwing them … Read more

8 Reasons Why Your Toilet Water is Yellow (Causes & Solutions)

8 Reasons Why Your Toilet Water is Yellow (Causes & Solutions)

Having yellow water in your toilet is not only unsightly but it can also be highly embarrassing if any guests to your house see it and draw the obvious conclusions, namely, that you’ve forgotten to flush your toilet. However, the fact is, yellow water in your toilet may be due to different reasons entirely – … Read more

Ambulant vs. Accessible Toilets What's the Difference

Ambulant vs. Accessible Toilets: What’s the Difference?

Any business building has a legal obligation to include easily accessible sanitary facilities for disabled people. However, it is common confusion about recognizing ambulant vs. accessible toilets and the differences between them. Both types have the same purpose of facilitating access to the toilet, but you should know to recognize design and functional differences between … Read more

How Do Snakes Get In the Toilets (Prevention Tips)

How Do Snakes Get In the Toilets? (Prevention Tips)

Snakes are typical but unwanted toilet visitors in the areas where their native habitats are, and you can find reported cases of these reptiles appearing in toilet bowls and bathtubs. Such occurrences are understandable since toilets are dark, moist, and quiet environments with plenty of water. Additionally, a sewage system provides food, including rats and … Read more