Standard Toilet Rough-In Size

Standard Toilet Rough-In Size: How to Measure Toilet Rough-In?

If you are planning to buy a new toilet, you’ll want one that looks great, works well and is comfortable to use – but before any of that, you’ll need pay attention to the toilet dimensions to make sure it’s going to it in your bathroom. To do that, you need to know which measurements … Read more

How to Clean Siphon Jet Hole in Bottom of a Toilet?

How to Clean Siphon Jet Hole in Bottom of a Toilet?

Have you noticed an unpleasant-looking stain beginning to form at the bottom of your toilet? And is it particularly stubborn, resisting all your efforts to shift it with a toilet brush? Then you’re probably not alone. It’s quite normal for ugly stains to develop in the bottom of a toilet, but the good news is … Read more

camper toilet clogged with toilet paper

How to Unclog a Camper Toilet? (Causes & Prevent)

Spending time in an RV is such a wonderful experience – you have the freedom of the open road, but you also have your home comforts that you can’t take when you go camping in a tent. That is until something goes wrong – and one thing that can go wrong is the toilet. If … Read more

why does my toilet whistle when i flush it

4 Reasons Why is Your Toilet Whistling (High Pitched Noise Fix!)

We all want our plumbing systems to work perfectly without any glitches or problems, but unfortunately, with any system that contains so many different parts, at some point, something inevitably goes wrong. One common issue is to have a toilet that starts whistling when you flush it – and if this is a problem you’re … Read more

drano for toilets

4 Reasons Why Can’t You Use Drano in a Toilet

When your drains get blocked, perhaps the first product you turn to is Drano, one of the oldest brands of chemical unblocking solutions around. It’s a tried and tested method for clearing drain clogs, but does it work as well when it comes to toilets? In this post, we give you the lowdown on how … Read more

Disadvantages of Wall-Mounted Toilet

4 Big Disadvantages of Wall-Mounted Toilet

Wall-hung toilets are becoming more popular in the US, and with their striking sleek, modern look, it’s not hard to understand why. However, there are also some downsides to consider before deciding to install one in your home, so in this post we discuss wall-hung toilet pros and cons to help you make up your … Read more

how to flush toilet with frozen pipes

8 Ways to Keep Toilet Pipes from Freezing (Unfreeze Methods)

It’s a nightmare scenario for your plumbing system – the temperature outside drops and the water in your pipes freezes, leaving you with no running water. Then, when the pipes thaw, you find some of them have split, and the water comes pouring out, flooding your home. This is not a rare occurrence either, and … Read more

Toilet Water Rises Too High When Flushed

4 Causes Why Toilet Water Rises Too High When Flushed (Fixed!)

If you flush your toilet and see the water level rising above where it should usually be, it’s a sign that something is wrong somewhere in the plumbing system. And if it continues to rise, it can become quite alarming since you risk flooding your bathroom floor with dirty water. There are a couple of … Read more

Best Cover Materials for Composting Toilets

10 Best Cover Materials for Composting Toilets (Pros & Cons)

If for some reason you don’t want to or are unable to install a regular flushing toilet in a particular location, composting toilets can be a great solution. They are convenient, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and even produce compost you can spread on your garden. One of the few running costs associated with these … Read more