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Spring Water vs. Purified Water: Which is Better for Health?

Following the news of unhealthy city water, many people avoid drinking regular tap water. The main reason is that it contains a long list of harmful chemicals such as fluoride, arsenic, and fluoride.

Instead, they go with bottled spring or purified water. However, you might want to know which stands as a better option? In this article, we will compare both items and see who wins this spring water vs purified water debate.

But first, let’s talk about spring water.

Where Does Spring Water Come From?

According to experts, this water moves (on its own) from an underground water basin to the earth’s surface. You can find the sources of spring water along with natural features such as mountains, valleys. If the water cannot flow primarily without external forces, then it comes from the pool of an artesian well.

Where Does Purified Water Come From?

This water passes through a filtration process which helps to remove the harmful substances in it. These disease-causing agents include germs, copper, lead, and toxins.

Before you consider water pure, it should have low levels of contaminants. Such conditions make purified water safer than tap water managed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The water also goes through strict testing by the Food and Drug Administration (FPA). This process ensures that the product does not cause any health issues.

How is Purified Water Produced?

This water comes from any source of water, including groundwater and tap water. Then it passes through various filtration and purification processes, thereby making it safe for human use.

Using a reverse osmosis system comes as one of the common ways to produce purified water. Here, the company uses a carbon filter that has a reverse osmosis filter.

This filter catches the clean water via a semi-permeable membrane while it removes toxins and debris at the same time. Some buildings use a special whole house water filter that does not offer carbon filters. Here, the water passes through filtration, UV treatment, and ozonation.

How is Spring Water Is Produced?

You can find springs in locations with thick limestone deposits. Since limestone stands as a soft material, it allows water to pass with ease. That means the large volume of water in the underground reservoir that rises to the surface creates a spring.

As the water moves through the rocks, it becomes purer via a unique water filtration process. As a result, it becomes clear, safe, and enriched with minerals. Some people even prefer taking this water without using a water distiller or water softener.

But even if this type of water looks like the winner of the spring water vs purified water debate, it has a few problems. For instance, the water can become polluted as it travels on the earth’s surface.

Before it’s bottled, it has to pass through a filtration and purification process. Next, the FDA will conduct tests to check its safety levels. Fortunately, the process does not remove the minerals in the water, thereby giving it a great taste.

Why Should You Drink Spring Water?

Why Should You Drink Spring Water

So what’s the difference between purified water and spring water? Before answering this question, let’s look at the benefits of drinking spring water.

Contains Vital Nutrients

Before you start spring water vs purified drinking water debate, you will need to know the various elements of spring water. You will also know how spring water contains valuable nutrients.

As it travels on through the ground, it meets multiple soil micro-organisms. As a result of its elements, the water flows in an upward path towards sunlight via a spring. During this process, the water catches extra nutrients that will enhance your health.

Supplies Oxygen to Your Body

The human body requires 80% water and the brain uses more of it. If the body does not contain enough water, it cannot fight diseases or concentrate on various tasks. It will also have a slow metabolism that can lead to several health problems.

But when you drink spring water, it provides extra oxygen to handle the needs of your body. Some bottling companies even add hydrogen plus to their spring water, which increases the volume of good oxygen in your body. It also helps repair damaged cells in your body.

It Maintains Your Ph Levels at an Ideal Rate

PH levels exist on a scale of 1 to 14. For water, seven stands as a neutral value. Many health workers advise that this PH balance stands as the major feature of a healthy body. For unhealthy people, you will notice acidic values ranging from 1-6 on the PH scale.

Acidic beverages include club soda, carbonated water, and energy drinks, while water stands as neutral drinks. So if you take spring water, you will tackle excess acidity and enjoy improved vitality.

Deals with Unhealthy Cravings

Are you dealing with an addiction? Then, spring water can help reduce your cravings. According to various studies, people with substance or alcohol abuse do not like taking water.

As soon as they used premium spring water, their need for drugs and alcohol dropped. The same results also occurred in people with salt, coffee, and smoking addictions.

Why You Should Drink Purified Water

Why You Should Drink Purified Water

Healthy and Supple Skin

Healthy skin has the right water content, which improves its look. Furthermore, the ideal volume of water in your skin offers a nourished and soft look.

If your skin appears dull, then it has low water content while containing dead cells. To improve its look, you will have to drink safe mineral water regularly.

Dry skin also produces extra oil to protect it from damage. Overall, it offers an unattractive look. To improve your skin, do not splurge on costly skincare routines. You will only need to drink at least eight glasses of water to take out all the unhealthy substances.

Gives You a Healthy Head of Hair

If you have bad hair, consider checking the condition of your drinking water. Consuming water with excess chlorine can damage the skin on your head. To avoid damaged hair, you will have to drink water that does not contain chemicals.

Since water weight makes up the weight of your head, consuming large volumes of water can make it stronger. But if the hair has low water content, it will break easily and have split ends.

Apart from your hair, your scalp also needs enough water to look healthy. For instance, it will enjoy improved blood flow, which leads to better use of nutrients in damaged areas. Overall, it helps the scalp repair damaged skin. Furthermore, the ideal water content can solve hair loss and dandruff.

Cuts down Your Weight

Are you looking for an easy way to lose weight? Then you should drink more water as it does not contain calories. Moreover, consuming water speeds up your metabolism, eradicates toxins, and reduces your need for food. However, you will need to watch your diet and workout, particularly if you want to shed excess weight.

Tips for Drinking Water to Lose Weight

  • Grab a drink before eating: If you drink water before having your meal, you will have less appetite, which means you will consume fewer calories.
  • Swap sugary beverages with water: Avoid sodas, carbonated water, and energy drinks. These beverages contain unhealthy calories. So, if you feel thirsty, grab a bottle of clean water.
  • Take Ice Cold Water: Your body uses extra calories to heat cold water. This means you can burn unwanted calories by just drinking a chilled glass of water.

Gives You Healthy Joints and Bones

Many fitness buffs have strict routines, especially during workouts, diets, and other activities. However, they tend to forget about taking adequate water.

Since most muscles contain water, such athletes will need to drink enough water to keep our muscles in perfect condition. Furthermore, adequately hydrated tissue can withstand cramps and injury.

Water even plays a role in lubricating the joints of the body. Overall, adequate water intake benefits the musculoskeletal system.

Supports Your Digestive System

If you have a digestive issue, consuming safe water can help stop any problems. For example, water helps split massive food particles into smaller sizes for quick absorption by the body. Water also transports materials in the digestive system. You can also drink a large amount of water to soften stools and allow free bowel movement.

Enhances Digestion in Your Body

Apart from the above functions, purified water helps your digestive system. Here, it allows the body to take in and break down food while tackling bloating, constipation, and stomach pain.

Moreover, taking clean water prevents your body from absorbing unhealthy toxins and split food into smaller pieces for easy use. As a result, you will have an ideal metabolism and experience proper bowel movement.

Spring Water vs Pure Water: Which is Better?

Before you ponder on which is better spring water or purified water, you should know that spring water has a higher edge.

According to the EPA, you can consume both products without worrying about pollutants or toxins. They even offer a high level of purity than tap water. So you can choose either purified or spring water based on your preference.

If you prefer spring water, you will consume natural minerals that will improve your health. You will also enjoy a refreshing and great flavor.

But if you choose purified water, you will have one of the highest levels of purity. You will get it for a lower price than spring water. It’s also easier to find than spring water.

Fortunately, you can get an alternative that beats any of the products mentioned above – home purified water. This comes as a suitable replacement because it does not use harmful plastic bottles like retail purified or spring water.

In your home, you can produce clean water by using a reverse osmosis system or another premium water filter. You will also enjoy a regular supply of portable and great tasting water without bothering about harmful plastic bottles. You can find the filters on the unit; thus, it’s easy to use.

Wrap Up

Since tap water contains harmful substances, many consumers prefer spring or purified water. Both types of water have high levels of purity, thereby making them fit for consumption. They also offer various benefits to every part of the human body.

But home purified water stands as an ideal alternative as it does not use plastic bottles. You can produce your filtered water via a reverse osmosis filter.

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