6 Steps to Install a Garbage Disposal

How to Install a Garbage Disposal? (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Garbage disposal is a device you will want to install in your kitchen for easy waste removal. Although it can last for a very long time, you will need to replace it one day. Whether it’s a new one for a kitchen remodel or you want to replace the old one, you need to know … Read more

10 Tips to Use a Garbage Disposal

How to Use a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal is an electric grinding device placed the underside of the drainage hole in the sink. Its sharp blades shred food waste you put inside into tiny pieces. In the US, you can find two types of this unit, including batch-feed garbage disposal and continuous-feed garbage disposal. No matter which one you have in … Read more

7 Tips to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal? (7 Easy Ways)

In most cases, your garbage disposal will be highly efficient at removing food waste from your sink. The only condition you need to fulfill is to keep it clean to avoid developing of rotting food, growing mold, and the appearance of bad odor. Therefore, prevention and regular maintenance are crucial for the right functioning of … Read more

how to reset a garbage disposal

4 Ways to Reset a Garbage Disposal that Won’t Turn On

If you’re having trouble with your garbage disposal, there’s a neat little trick you need to know that will help to get it started again, and it comes in the shape of a little red reset button found at the bottom of the unit. In this post, we’ll tell you where to look for the … Read more

Garbage Disposal Humming Not Working (Causes & Fix Methods)

Today, most homes use garbage disposal. This machine performs a vital role in the kitchen sink while enduring many years of use. However, after repeated uses, you might start hearing annoying humming sound. This sound comes as one of the common issues in a garbage disposal unit. Most times, this problem comes from stuck parts … Read more

7 Tips to Unclog a Garbage Disposal

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal? (7 Easy Ways)

One thing about using your kitchen sink is that little crumbs of food remnants pass through with ease, but larger pieces can clog the garbage disposal. When this happens, the first question that comes to mind is how to unclog a garbage disposal.  Also, the first method that comes to your mind is to use the chemical drain … Read more

Why did my garbage disposal stop working? (Causes & Fix Methods)

Has your garbage disposal stopped working suddenly? You might experience some issues with the appliance. For instance, the unit could trip off or make strange noises. But before you ask yourself, why my garbage disposal stopped working, it will be best you know what could cause such problem. In this article, we will reveal to … Read more

Why is my garbage disposal leaking? (Causes & Fix Methods)

A leaking Garbage disposal can be quite frustrating because this makes the floor or cabinet under your kitchen sink severely wet. It could also lead to other water damages if you don’t get it fix fast. Luckily, if you’re experiencing such problem, you can handle this issue without contacting a plumber. To make things easier … Read more

Garbage Disposal Smells 14 Tips to Remove the Garbage Disposal Odor

14 Ways to Get Rid of Garbage Disposal Odor?

Basically, whatever model of the garbage disposal you have in your house, its maintenance is much the same. Every model has an upper hopper chamber for funneling the water from your dishwasher and food debris. Also, there is a lower hopper chamber for their collecting and pushing out into the drains. Small impeller blades cut … Read more