5 Easy Steps to Adjust Toilet Float

Have you ever been frustrated with too much water in your toilet tank or faced with low water level while using a flushing toilet? Excess water in tank can often lead to water wastage. On average, a leaky toilet tank can waste over 6,000 gallons of water within a month. While there are several factors

How Much Water Does a Toilet Use?

Each of us flushes a toilet approximately five times per day. If you know that the national average cost of water is 2 cents per 1000 gallons (almost 3 800 l), you may ask where was the problem. What if I told you that 300 million Americans waste over 5 billion dollars on flushing their

10 Easy Steps to Replace a Toilet Seat

7 Easy Steps to Replace a Toilet Seat

Are you tired of the seat on your flushing toilet? Luckily, you can change the current one without any special skills or tools. Also, there’s no need to ring up your plumber to handle this task. If you know how to replace a toilet seat, you should loosen the old one and install a new accessory. Sometimes

How Much to Install the Toilet

Toilet Installation Cost: How Much to Install the Toilet?

Calculating and budgeting can be a real nightmare. In my experience, whenever I do any installations or repairs, it costs regularly more than I have expected. To avoid any misunderstandings and embarrassing situations, you need to make precise calculations in advance. I will share with you my experience about how much money you probably need

7 Tips to Remove Hard Water Stains from Toilet

7 Tips to Remove Hard Water Stains from Toilet

Unfortunately, most of us live in the region with hard water. The result of that inconvenience is the occurrence of hard water stains on the bowl of your elegant American standard toilet. You can clean faucets, sinks, or showers quickly, but removing scale stains from the toilet is a real nightmare. I know that you

How to Fix a Toilet Flapper?

An ordinary or a compact toilet that doesn’t flush well can be quite frustrating. It wastes water as well as your potty time and leaves you wondering what had gone wrong. Most toilet components are easy to fix, so you don’t need to call the plumber to do it for you. Toilets differ in models,

11 Excellent Tips To Unclog A Toilet With Poop In It

11 Excellent Tips to Unclog a Toilet with Poop in It

There are a few quick tips to unclog the American standard toilet with poop in it. You can also use these methods to dissolve poop stuck in every other toilet you have. That is not a pleasurable and comfortable job at all. However, I am sure that you can finish the job without spending money

9 Easy Steps to Replace a Toilet Seal

A toilet seal is a part of the toilet you don’t see when you look at your facility. It is, however, an essential component on the floor of your bathroom directly at the bottom of the toilet. It is a small wax ring, which keeps smelly water from spreading all over the bathroom floor. You

4 Steps to Use a Squat Toilet like Pro

4 Steps to Use a Squat Toilet like Pro

For most westerners, using a squat toilet is a whole new experience. Basically, everything we see for the first time in our lives seems strange and difficult to understand. I saw this weird toilet during my traveling throughout East Europe. However, they are not rare. Can you believe it? Nowadays, in many countries, people increasingly

Where Does Toilet Water Go? (13 Stages)

Ordinarily, one of the least thought about things in a home or building is its toilet water. But when you eventually think about toilets systems or specifically consider where toilet water goes, it suddenly becomes imperative to discover the magic behind the curtain. Don’t rack your head too hard trying to figure it out; it’s