10” vs 12” vs 14” Rough-In toilet Which Do You Need

10” vs 12” vs 14” Rough-In toilet: Which Do You Need?

When fitting a toilet, the key measurement is the “rough-in”. It’s the first thing you need to know, and if you get it wrong – or just guess what you think it is – it can cause all kinds of problems when it comes to installation. To help you understand everything you need to know … Read more

Should Toilet Flange be Flush with Floor (Correct Height)

Should Toilet Flange be Flush with Floor? (Correct Height)

When installing a toilet, everything needs to fit together perfectly or you run the risk of the toilet springing leaks or sewer gas escaping from any gaps in the plumbing, and a major part of this is ensuring the toilet flange is installed and attached to the toilet horn correctly. This means you need the … Read more

toilet flange too low

Toilet Flange Too Low (Why it Happens & What to Do?)

Toilet installation is not usually such a difficult job, and it’s one most competent DIYers can handle by themselves. However, there are several problems that may arise during the installation process, and discovering that the toilet flange is too low is a common one. The good news, though, is that when it occurs, this is … Read more

Basement Drain Backing up When Flushing the Toilet

Solved! ! ! Basement Drain Backing up When Flushing the Toilet

Modern bathrooms use less water with each flush. Since water goes slowly through the pipes, such a flow can increase the risk of clogging. When noticing that your basement drain backing up when flushing the toilet, you can be sure there is an issue with a clogged sewer line. In some cases, you can solve … Read more

Toilet Shut-off Valve Size

Toilet Shut-off Valve Size & Types (Chart)

Sometimes, you will need to replace the old shut-off valve to solve the problem of plumbing malfunctioning that occurs due to the pipeline blocking or clogging. In case of such an accident, the freshwater begins to overflow inside the toilet bowl until replacing the valve. The first thing to solve before installing the new valve … Read more

eau de toilette meaning

Why is Perfume Called “Toilet Water”? (French Mistranslation)

Perfume is something we wear to make ourselves smell nice and to make ourselves more attractive and alluring to other people – so calling perfume “toilet water” seems particularly bizarre. However, there are good reasons why it is referred to in this way, and in this post, we reveal the answer to this conundrum and … Read more

8 Chemicals That Dissolve Poop Fast

8 Chemicals That Dissolve Poop Fast

Unfortunately, you will sometimes face a toilet blocked with poop due to old pipes, a slow septic system, mineral build-up, and clogged S-traps. Therefore, you should be prepared to prevent such an inconvenience and make flushing toilets more efficient. Many people prefer natural ways to solve this problem, but chemicals that dissolve poop are sometimes … Read more

Siphonic vs. Washdown Toilet (9 Differences)

Most people are unaware of how toilets work and that a few different types are available on the market. Even though the toilet flush system is not too complicated, it is crucial to differentiate the siphonic vs. washdown toilet type. As you know, the base of toilet flush is utilizing the water power to push … Read more

Standard Toilet Rough-In Size

Standard Toilet Rough-In Size: How to Measure Toilet Rough-In?

If you are planning to buy a new toilet, you’ll want one that looks great, works well and is comfortable to use – but before any of that, you’ll need pay attention to the toilet dimensions to make sure it’s going to it in your bathroom. To do that, you need to know which measurements … Read more

How to Clean Siphon Jet Hole in Bottom of a Toilet?

How to Clean Siphon Jet Hole in Bottom of a Toilet?

Have you noticed an unpleasant-looking stain beginning to form at the bottom of your toilet? And is it particularly stubborn, resisting all your efforts to shift it with a toilet brush? Then you’re probably not alone. It’s quite normal for ugly stains to develop in the bottom of a toilet, but the good news is … Read more