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10 Benefits of Using a Charcoal Water Filter

As humans, we need to keep drinking clean water as it helps digestion and keep you hydrated, thereby promoting healthy living. However, this water could be unfit for consumption if there are tiny impurities in it. Also, if you’re to consider other dangerous effects of drinking unsafe water, it will be best to find a solution to eradicate such a problem.

One of the best ways to make your water stay clean and pure for drinking is by employing a water distiller. And the most effective alternative distiller you can use is the Activated carbon water filter. When used in water, it helps to collect all impurities, thereby keeping the water from toxins.

There are many benefits of using a charcoal water filter. Hence, read on as we provide you with the benefits of charcoal water filter.

What You Need To About Charcoal Filter

To produce this charcoal, you will need to burn wood, coal, coconut shell, or bamboo without using oxygen. Next, you will heat the product to a high temperature, thereby releasing some gases. Due to the spongy nature of this material, it’s known as Activated carbon.

Activated charcoal has a large surface area for binding any substance. Instead of absorbing toxins, it attracts toxic particles to its surface.

Apart from this quality, this item does not smell or have any taste. It also does not contain any toxic materials, so it’s safe for whole house water filter units. Now let’s see the benefits of charcoal water filter products to our health.

What Does A Charcoal Filter Do?

Since ancient times, people have discovered the benefits of using a charcoal water filter. For instance, people in 17th century Japan used activated charcoal sticks as water filters.

Since the material has an absorbent surface, it can catch pollutants found in freshwater. Apart from acting as an alternative to a water distiller, activated charcoal adds minerals to the liquid. Now let’s talk more about the benefits of using a charcoal water filter in your home.

Benefits of Using a Charcoal Water Filter

As mentioned earlier, activated charcoal has a porous surface. Since it has a large surface area, it attracts impurities to its carbon surface.

A filter made from this material helps water maintain its natural features. It can also improve your health in multiple ways. Now here are more than 5 benefits of using charcoal water filters.

1. Provides Healthy Water

Provides Healthy Water

Charcoal filters perform more functions than purification. For instance, it increases the quality of water by providing essential minerals. Such elements include calcium, iron, and magnesium. It also allows the water to retain its nutrients while improving its general taste.

2. Easy to Maintain

After spending a pocket-friendly amount on this product, you will also spend less time caring for the filter. After all, they do not require constant checks or repairs. To maintain this device, replace the filter element, especially if it’s exhausted.

A new filter can last for many months. However, after four months of use, check on them. The period might be longer due to the following factors.

If your household uses a large volume of water, you might have to use a considerable amount of filters in a short period. Nevertheless, if the water has a weird color or taste, you will have to change the unit.

When you notice a reduced water flow, you might have to change the filter. This is important when the unit contains too much debris. Since the filter parts do not cost much, you can replace the elements quickly.

3. Creates a Unique But Refreshing Taste

Do you notice any weird smells on tap water? Does it have a funny taste in your mouth? Well, you can blame this scenario on the chemicals used to purify water in treatment plants.

Some people might forego drinking tap water because of its odor and smell. In the end, they will have to endure hours of thirst, especially if they can’t find an alternative.

Charcoal filters can remove these odors within a short period. They can even take out any taste or color that exists in municipal water. In the end, you will have a glass of great-tasting water.

4. Does Not Require Much Cash

Does Not Require Much Cash

Every building needs a water filtration system. However, you will have to spend excess cash as these models come with massive price tags. If you are looking for an affordable option, consider getting a charcoal water filter.

These units do not cost as much as conventional systems. Overall, you will have a better filtration system at a low price.

5. Does Not Remove the Mineral Salts in Water

Freshwater has minerals and salts, which can enhance your general health. But the water might also contain harmful particles, which makes it unsafe for drinking. With a whole house water filter, you can extract these toxins.

Unfortunately, the filter also removes the vital minerals in the water. As a result, you will enjoy fewer benefits than expected. If you also distill the water, you will destroy all its nutrients.

But activated charcoal helps the water keep its minerals. It does this by allowing them to pass through its surface while it traps the toxins and particles.

6. Improves Your Dental Health

Harmful materials and poor mouth care can result in discolored teeth. Even the fluoride in tap water can change the original look of any tooth.

Activated charcoal can tackle any dental issues in many ways, thus giving you a remarkable smile. For instance, it extracts any particles that can harm your teeth. Next, it washes the teeth and removes unhealthy smells via its features.

7. No External Power Source Required

No External Power Source Required

If you want to use this model, there’s no need to connect it to a power source. Instead, the filter runs on water pressure and the activated charcoal itself. This comes as one of the great benefits of charcoal water filters, mainly as you will spend less on utility bills.

8. Can Handle Aging and Alcohol Poisoning

Do you want to look younger than your real age? Then you should use active charcoal because it maintains the health of vital body organs. This function has an impact on the cellular age and your general well-being.

The activated charcoal reduces the number of harmful substances in the water. This reduction allows your organs to fight fewer toxins while your cells live longer.

You can also use active charcoal to reduce the alcohol levels in a drunken person. When the individual takes beer or spirits, the liver works overtime to break down the chemicals, thus straining the organ. But a dose of active charcoal can deal with any signs of alcohol poisoning.

9. Works Great with Other Purification Systems

Works Great with Other Purification Systems 1

If you have a water filtration system in your building, you can pair it with a charcoal filter.. For example, a reverse osmosis unit can work with this form of filter.

With reverse osmosis water filter system, water passes through a semipermeable membrane at high pressure. During this process, dissolved particles get caught.

When you use an RO system with a charcoal filter, it lasts longer as the activated charcoal helps remove impurities. By trapping huge debris, the charcoal filter prevents the RO system form clogs and excess work. Also, a combination of both systems extracts traces of pollutants.

10. Allows Selection of Purification

Water comes with impurities that can affect people in various ways. For example, water for drinking requires extra care than water for cleaning.

With a charcoal filtration system, you can determine how your system cleans the water. To do this, find personalized filters that can handle specific issues.

Possible Side Effects of Using a Charcoal Filter

Like water distiller and water softener, a charcoal filter also has a few drawbacks. Below are some facts you should consider before using this product.

  • If you are on medications, consult your health provider before using this system. You should take this precaution because active charcoal reacts with sorbitol (a medicine sweetener), thus leading to several problems, including dehydration and shock.
  • Do you plan to use active carbon for stomach pains? Well, some people claim it works wonders for several digestive problems; however, it comes with several side effects. For example, it can lead to nausea and vomiting. If consumed in excess amounts, the substance can block your bowels and damage your digestive system. You might also observe a strange taste in your mouth and black stools.
  • Avoid exposing your eyes to the charcoal. But if the substance touches this organ, quickly flush with clean water. Activated charcoal can scratch the protective layer of your eyes. If you have this problem, immediately make an appointment with your physician.
  • Improper use of this material can also harm the human respiratory system. When taken wrongly, the carbon can travel to its organs, thereby causing a form of acute lung injury.

However, any of the scenarios mentioned above occur in rare cases. So there is a high chance that it does not happen to a large number of people that use the substance.

Wrap Up

An active carbon filter helps extract toxins and particles in polluted water. It performs this task via its surface that can attract harmful substances. Unlike a water softener, it maintains the minerals of the water while offering excellent taste and several benefits.

In tap water, treatment plants use chlorine to kill toxins. This chemical makes the water have a weird taste and smell. But active carbon can make the water pleasant by taking out the chlorine. So I recommend that you consider investing in an active carbon filter.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of using a charcoal water filter in your home, feel free to buy a unit on our online store.