Effects of Infrared Light on Skin: Dangerous or Safe?

Are you ready to learn about the effects of infrared light on the skin? If you think back to your school days, you probably remember hearing about the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum is a range of energy that expands as it leaves its source; we explicitly refer to solar radiation for this article. As we … Read more

are saunas good for your skin

Is Sauna Good for Your Skin?

Did you know that saunas have long-lasting benefits for almost every organ in the human body, including your skin? Exactly! Sauna heat has outstanding healing properties, including cleansing, boosted circulation, and improved collagen production. In a word, saunas are an ideal solution if you wish to bolster your skin appearance using a natural solution. Yet, … Read more

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What Kind of Rocks are Used In a Sauna?

So, after weeks of pampering yourself at different day spas and wellness clinics, with the excuse of trying out different types of saunas, you have finally decided to bring the sauna experience into your home. You may have already placed your sauna of choice on order, or you may be in the final stages of … Read more

Electric vs Wood-burning Sauna

Electric Sauna vs. Wood-burning Sauna: Which is Better?

The health benefits of saunas are well documented – and the simple pleasures of sweating out the stresses and strains of the daily grind are cherished by sauna aficionados everywhere – but the choice of how to heat home saunas is a contentious issue that divides opinion. In simple terms, you have two main choices, … Read more

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17 Facts About a Swedish Sauna

Saunas are increasingly becoming an essential part of many people’s regular routines. They’re a great way to relax and unwind, whether after a workout or a busy week in the office. But with so many different types of saunas out there, the choice can be confusing. One of the many nationalities with their own sauna … Read more

Benefits of Sauna Suit

Can I Lose Weight with a Sauna Suit?

Sitting in a sauna can be a great way to relax and unwind. But there’s also some evidence that saunas can benefit athletic performance. That thinking is what lies behind the sauna suit as a way to improve the results of exercise. If you’ve been thinking about giving one a try, you’ve come to the … Read more

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How Much Do Infrared Saunas Cost?

Installing an infrared sauna in your home is an excellent and practical idea. It will cost you less money than a traditional model, and the maintaining is less complicated. In most cases, the infrared sauna cost will depend on its type and size. Plus, professional installation will increase the final price, as expected. You can … Read more

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Can You Take Your Phone in a Sauna?

For many of us, our phones have almost become another limb – it’s hard to imagine going anywhere without them! But not everywhere is a suitable environment for a phone. If you’re trying to fit some relaxation time into a busy schedule, you might visit a sauna. But what happens if you want to stay … Read more

20 Benefits of Sauna You Should Know

20 Benefits of Sauna You Should Know

Most information about the sauna we get from Finland. We can expect that since it is their national way of enjoyment. Many scientists from all over the world have confirmed that the sauna is highly beneficial for the human body. It seems that it can help us improve our health in many different ways. Let’s … Read more

Finnish Sauna

18 Facts About Finnish Style Sauna

For many of us, when we picture a sauna, it’s a Finnish sauna we imagine. A wooden cabin, big enough for a family, with glowing coals and plenty of heat. Perfect! But have you ever wondered what it is about this kind of sauna that makes it “Finnish”? How is it different from, say, a … Read more