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31 DIY Homemade Moss Bath Mat Ideas

You probably know what moss is. It’s that soft, green plant that sometimes forms on old tree trunks and damp concrete. It used to be a weed that people struggled to get rid of. But now it’s considered classy and sophisticated to grow a moss garden. And it can be practical too.

Making a moss garden takes time though. And regular watering. But making a DIY moss bath mat is far easier. Moss absorbs and holds moisture, so it’s the perfect bathroom accessory. So let’s look at some common, low-fuss methods you can use to craft a moss mat.

1. Corinne’s DIY Moss Bath Mat

DIY moss bath mats have two main components – moss and high-density foam. Trace the shape of your bath mat base on a piece of cardboard and use it to cut two foam sheets. Get clumps of moss, trace their outlines onto the top sheet, and cut out the shape. Glue the foam sheets together. Put Moss-tac in the cut-outs, sprinkle water, and fill with pre-soaked moss.


2. HGTV DIY Moss Bath Mat

HGTV DIY Moss Bath Mat

The steps involved in making this DIY moss bath may seem overwhelming. But there are photos for every step so it’s easy to follow. You’ll need the plastic lid of an old storage tub, a non-slip shelf liner, glue, and moss. Stick the non-slip liner under the lid to stop the mat from sliding on the bathroom floor. Now stick the moss on the upper surface. All done!

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3. Lanium’s DIY Moss Bath Mat

You have tons of options for your DIY moss bath mat. This one uses a silicone mat as a backing sheet and a coconut fiber liner as a substrate. Both can comfortably handle wet bathroom conditions. If you have access to ‘wild’ moss, collect some. Moss growing on rocks is easier to work with. Soak it in rainwater then pack it densely onto your coconut rug.


4. Plastazote DIY Moss Shower Mat

Plastazote DIY Moss Shower Mat

Plastazote foam is a useful base for DIY moss mats because it holds water well and is easy to work with. Order preserved moss plugs online (or collect tufts from nearby rocks and woodsy areas). Cut holes in one foam sheet to match the size and shape of each moss plug. Glue your two sheets of foam together with clear silicone. Then stick your moss plugs into the cut-outs.

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5. Buzzfeed DIY Moss Bath Mat

Clumps of moss are described as moss plugs. And when you’re making a DIY moss bath mat, buy (or gather) moss plugs in different colors, sizes, and species. This makes your mat more attractive. Also, consider collecting a little rainwater – you may need to water your moss mat in case the bathroom moisture isn’t enough. And rainwater gives quicker restoration results.


6. Homesthetics DIY Moss Bath Mat

Homesthetics DIY Moss Bath Mat

Moss is highly absorbent and doesn’t get moldy. But the ground below the moss might be damaged from all that waterlogging, so seal the top and bottom of your substrate with clear silicone (or a cement-based caulk) to make it waterproof. Before attaching the moss to your base, spray water on the base to saturate it. You can also soak the moss to help it latch better.

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7. Alley’s DIY Moss Bath Mat

You don’t have to use foam as a base for your DIY moss bath mat. You can use a plastic tray or storage tub lid that’s an inch deep. Fill the tray with stones – about an inch deep. Pack them close together for moss traction. This lets the moss drain and hold water so you can skip a few days watering the mat. Stack the moss among the stones, ensuring they stay tight.


8. DIY Moss + Cork Bath Math

DIY Moss + Cork Bath Math

Swing by the junkyard, that backroom in the office, or your kids’ day-care … they’re sure to have an old bulletin board you can reclaim. Or buy a new one from the hardware store. Find some cork tiles too. Use a non-slip shelf liner as a backing sheet. Glue this to the bottom (floor-facing side) of the cork. Use organic moss adhesive to glue the moss to the top side.

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9. DIY Wild Crafted Moss Bath Mat

You won’t know it until you try, but cutting through foam is the toughest part of making a DIY moss bath mat. Use a sharp utility knife, an electric bread knife, or a rotary blade to make it easier. You can also use a soldering wand to smooth untidy edges by carefully melting them down. The solder is also convenient for your moss-plug cut-outs. Do it in the open air!


10. Green Beagle DIY Moss Bath Mat

Green Beagle DIY Moss Bath Mat

When you’re making a DIY moss bath mat, you might need two types of glue. You can use a hot glue gun, caulk, or clear silicone to glue the backing sheets together – most bath mats need at least two. The second type of glue holds the moss in place. You can buy Moss Tac that’s specifically meant for moss. But you can also just saturate the backing with water.

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11. Woodsy DIY Moss Bath Mat

Start with two sheets of foam and use one to cut and glue a one-inch border over the other. Add a moss adhesive (like Moss Tac) to the exposed central section of your backing foam. Spray water over the Moss Tac then follow with densely packed moss plugs. The moss can be fresh or store-bought. Line the border with rounded pebbles, river rocks, or smooth baubles.


12. IFL DIY Moss Shower Mat

IFL DIY Moss Shower Mat

Different kinds of moss thrive in different environments. But most mosses want dim conditions and lots of water. So unless your bathroom is shared by twelve people who all shower twice a day, keep some rainwater to mist the mat every day or two. Other than that, use dense foam as your substrate and glue the moss into place with designated moss glue.

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13. Stephanie’s DIY Moss Bath Mat

Foam is surprisingly tricky to work with. Especially the cutting part. So you can use a plastic tray instead. It should have a lip that’s at least an inch high. For glue, E6000 works well. You can also mix fresh moss with preserved colored moss (that you can order online). It’ll give you a pretty green gradient. Also, mixing mosses gives your mat a better chance of thriving.


14. DIY Maven Moss Bath Mat

DIY Maven Moss Bath Mat

Moss doesn’t have typical leaves and roots. But it has latching mechanisms. So whether you buy preserved moss online or grab some tufts from damp neighborhood cement, it can attach itself to any damp substrate and regrow. So for this symmetrical bath mat, make round holes on the foam and space them evenly. Then wet the foam and tack on the moss.

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15. Nection DIY Moss Carpet

This is an ad – not a tutorial. But mimicking their DIY moss bath mat is relatively easy. Towards the end of the video, you can see its basic structure – two foam mats with circular holes on the top sheet. That’s where the moss plugs go. Remember, mosses grow in wetlands, so even in the bathroom, you may have to mist it twice a day. Ideally, spritz it with rainwater.


16. Wonderful DIY Moss Bath Mat

Wonderful DIY Moss Bath Mat

Natural moss comes in various shades of green. But artificial moss comes in a wider range of palettes. So as you shop for DIY moss bath mats, decide whether color is more important to you than using green organic moss. If it is, you have so much more wiggle room. This mat mixes live green moss with waterproof white tufts of Icelandic moss and rounded river rocks.

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17. Natalia’s DIY Moss (for a Bath Mat)

Icelandic moss and reindeer moss aren’t true mosses – they’re actually lichens. But its white wispy fronds are often described as ‘vertical moss’ and can be used in DIY bath maths. You can dye the moss if you want a pop of color. Spanish moss is easy to dye as well. This video shows you how to collect, clean, dye, and preserve moss. Then you can embed it in foam.


18. Green Gradient DIY Moss Mat

Green Gradient DIY Moss Mat

In the wild, moss clumps often have a variety of hues and tones. Even when they’re growing right next to each other. So when you go ‘moss hunting’ be sure to gather mixed tones. And if you’re ordering online, as for specific species (e.g. forest moss, island moss, ball moss, or Icelandic moss) so you can maximize the color. Your substrate can be plastic, fiber, or foam.

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19. DIY Fake Moss Bath Mat

DIY Fake Moss Bath Mat

Maybe you like the idea of moss mats and moss carpets. But you might not be wild about living décor. So why not fake it? You’ll use the same styling base as an organic moss mat – but you’ll fill the cut-outs with fake moss plugs. The video isn’t in English, but you can easily follow along. Or you could stitch a shag rug (or a pompom rug) using fat fluffy green yarn.

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20. Little Things DIY Moss Bath Mat

Little Things DIY Moss Bath Mat

DIY moss bath mats are simple. And once you figure out how to cut the foam, the physical work takes minutes. Just glue the moss to the base and let it dry! But you can add unique touches to personalize your bath mat. Arrange a row (or two) of stones around the edges of the substrate. This adds aesthetic appeal but can also stop moss tufts from filling the floor.

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21. DIY Multicoloured Moss Bath Mat

Maybe you want that spongy texture in your bath mat. But you might not want live moss in your home. So try this idea to make multi-colored faux moss using dye, a sponge, and a coffee grinder or food processor. You can then glue the moss to a plastic tray, fiber rug, or backing sheet. Frame the sponge with glass pebbles or river rocks to enhance your DIY moss mat.


22. DIY Fun Moss Mat

DIY Fun Moss Mat

Not everyone is sold on bath mats. They do look cute. And if you’re into environmental conservation and organic living, it could be an ethical option. You’ll technically save water because you don’t have to wash this DIY moss bath mat. But you might need to water it if your bathroom is only used a few times a day. Try a colored foam substrate for contrast.

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23. DIY Shag Rug Moss Mat

Shag rugs make good bath mats because they absorb moisture and feel soft and spongy on your feet. The liner that holds the yarn is often non-slip and waterproof, so that’s safe for bathroom use as well. Use yarn in different shades of green to get that mixed moss effect. But remember that shag rugs can get smelly if they stay damp, so dry them outdoors regularly.


24. DIY Homegrown Moss Mat

If you already have your dense foam sheets or plastic trays (and if you’re willing to wait a few weeks) here’s the trick. You’ll have to waste a can of beer though. Find a clump of fresh moss and a patch of concrete. It should be a shady area. Soak the moss in 12oz of beer and half a teaspoon of sugar. Dump this mess on your chosen spot and it will sprout thick, fluffy moss.

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25. DIY Pom Pom Bath Mat

Just like shag rugs, a pompom rug in the right shade of green can make a valid substitute for organic moss mats. And just like the shag, you need open-air drying and/or a bathroom fan to stop your mat from getting moldy or smelly. You can use a different shade of green for every pompom. This simulates the effect of those preserved moss plugs you order online.


26. Auntie Mame’s DIY Moss Bath Mat

Hot glue guns are a convenient tool for working with DIY moss bath mats. They make it easy to trace adhesive outlines. But individual moss plugs, use Moss Tac or a moss-specific adhesive. Using hot glue or some other synthetic sticky matter might clog the rhizoids. Those are the hair-looking strands under moss that serve as ‘roots’ to absorb water and nutrients.

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27. DIY Aquascaping Bathroom Mat

The basic idea of a moss bath mat is to stick mossy clumps on a waterproof backdrop. So the kind of moss carpet that you can stick in a fish tank? That works great on your bathroom floor. You’ll just have to water it more often now that it’s not submerged. Use green string to match the moss and pick the right rust-proof, non-slip mesh backing for your bathroom.


28. Reddit DIY Moss Bath Mat

Making a DIY moss bath mat isn’t rocket science. It’s two layers of dense foam stuffed with moss plugs and glue. But for Redditors, this subreddit can answer any questions you may have. Moss does attract insects, but because it’s a small rug that’s only a foot or two, the bugs outside are unlikely to notice it. But you can get fake moss if you’re worried about insects.

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29. Flipagram DIY Moss Bath Mat

Interlocking foam mats are easier to work with than regular sheets of foam. They’re compact, non-slip, and waterproof. And they’re modular so you can link them for a bigger base if you like. This DIY moss bath mat uses different tones of Spanish moss, including some pale ones that you could dye if you wanted to. And the foam pads can withstand watering as well.


30. Real Moss DIY Bath Mat

Your DIY moss bath mat can be as dense or scattered as you want it. Some mats have seven moss plugs – others get as high as seventy. More moss means your bath mat feels softer and spongier. But it also means you may need to water it more often. But a lighter dusting of moss clumps means more exposed foam, and those foam patches may need extra cleaning.

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31. Doll House Moss Bath Mat

Here’s one for the kids. And the kids at heart. If you want a playtime bath mat rather than a human-sized one, try this mermaid-themed DIY moss bath mat. It looks great in a dollhouse, but you can also use it for décor in a child’s doll-themed bedroom. The foam is the same ones we’ve used before, but the moss plugs are green-felt pompoms glued on the mat.

What’s your favorite DIY moss bath mat? Show us how to make it in the comments!