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How to Measure Kitchen Sink? (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

It’s everyone’s dream to own a kitchen sparkling with extraordinary beauty. Often this would start from replacing the old dull sink with a new and vibrant one. Sometimes the task is not as easy as it sounds because you have to get the right measurement first.

With that said, you need to know how to measure kitchen sink to get the right size. Then uninstall it and measure the size of the sinkhole. The measurement you got will give you an idea of the size of the new sink to buy when you visit the store.

Tools for Measuring Kitchen Sink

Getting the correct measurement of the sink before going to buy a new one is the right thing to do. You need the right tools so that you make mistakes in calculations or assume the wrong sink size.

  • Paper and pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Straight ruler

Tips for Measuring an Old Sink

Step 1: Get the Depth of the Sink

With the help of a ruler, you can get how to measure kitchen sink depth correctly. Start by placing the ruler across the bottom and the top of the sink. Make sure the depth of the new sink is not deep or shallower than the old one.

Step 2: Measure the Length of the Sink

Measure the Length of the Sink

The sink length starts from the place which is a little higher than the area where the sink has a curve. Stretch the tape to the same point near the bottom to get the length of the sink basin.

Step 3: Find the Width of the Sink

Find the Width of the Sink

Move the tape to a position slightly higher than the bottom of the sink to get the width. Then stretch the tape across it from back to front to the same place on the other side.

Step 4: Measure the Width of the Top Part of the Sink

Measure the Width of the Top Part of the Sink

The topmost part of the sink is usually wider than the lower part, so try to get its exact measurement. This method is true for drop-in or top-mount types and not sinks with an under-mount style. Uninstall the sink and turn it upside down, and then measure the flush to the edge of the lip.

The size of the opening of the cabinet is equally essential. Crawl under the sink and measure it from side to side. Place the ruler or tape across the top left to the top right corner to get the actual size.

Step 5: Get the Measurement of the Countertop Hole

Get the Measurement of the Countertop Hole

With the help of a friend, carefully remove the old sink to avoid damaging the countertop. Place tape across the hole to get the correct measurement of the countertop. Hold one end of the tape at the bottom while your friend works at the other end.

Measure the length and width of the countertop hole by placing the tape from right to left of the hole. Do the same thing to determine how wide the kitchen sink is from front to back.

Step 6:  Measure the Width of the Cabinet Opening

Measure the Width of the Cabinet Opening

Some sinks come together attached to the cabinet. If that’s what you have, then the measurements have to extend further than the sink.

Go under the countertop and then measure from the top part of the left to the top right corner.  Keep the extra details in mind when going to buy a new sink. Any sink that is wider than in measurements will not fit in well.

Step 7: Take the Measurements to the Local Store

Take the Measurements to the Local Store

Go to the store and find out if there are sinks with the same measurements with your old sink. The sizes are written on the boxes that come with new sinks. If you cannot locate them, seek the help of the home improvement store worker.

The lips of top mount sinks often rest on the counter, so there’s nothing wrong if they are smaller. Undermount sinks fit perfectly into the hole of the countertop, and that means that the hole should be an exact match.

How to Get the Measurement of an Undermount Kitchen Sink

When it comes to getting an Undermount type, you need to also know how to measure the kitchen the sink. This type of sinks does not come with lips, so you shouldn’t expect to see one. Undermount style is different from other sink types, so you have to put that into consideration during replacement.

Get the correct measurement of your sink after you have moved it from its position on the countertop. The faucet does not come off with the sink, so create enough space when you are installing a new one.

How to Measure a Corner Sink

How to Measure a Corner Sink

Knowing how to measure kitchen sink with the plan to fix in a new one requires different kinds of measurements. Create enough room on the counter for the new sink and the pipe size that will go with it.

Whether it’s an under sink water filter or a countertop water filter, getting the exact measure is essential. If you want to know how to measure a kitchen sink for replacement, do the following.

  • Measure from the wall to the end of the counter to find how much room you have. A well-installed sink should exceed the edge of your counter.
  • Place the tape horizontally from the far edge of the counter to the point where the sink ends. Write down the measurement as it indicates its maximum limit.
  • Crawl under the counter and measure from the end of the sink to the floor. The measurement will give help you know how deep your new sink should be.
  • From under the counter, stretch the tape from the nearest pipe to the position of the sink. The number you get will show you how much pipe to use for the new sink during installation.

Additional Tip

Give attention to the cutout on the corner radius. If it’s smaller on the replacement sink, it won’t cover at all. You don’t need to get the exact measurement, make sure the new sink covers the gap well.

The Importance of Measuring Your Kitchen Sink

The Importance of Measuring Your Kitchen Sink

It is important to understand how to measure kitchen sink size or make a replacement when the need arises. Even when fixing a sink for the first time, how to measure for kitchen sink matters a lot.

Wrong measurements can lead to the purchase of the wrong one, which will make installation a hard task. Make sure you have enough room for the sink and the right size for the countertop.

Final Words

Changing your kitchen sink shouldn’t be a hard task once you know how to measure the kitchen sink. With a measuring tape, you can get the right size of your sink, the countertop, and the pipes to use. With this simple process, you can visit the store with the measurements you got.

If you are faced with an emergency fixing, remember how to measure a kitchen sink in these simple steps:

  • Get out your measuring tools
  • Measure the length, depth, and width of the old one
  • Find the measurement of the cabinet and pipes
  • Visit a store and buy a new sink

Fixing a sink may or may not be your first time. Hence, we would like to know what you think. Use the comment section below to ask your questions.