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Top 7 Best Two Person Hot Tub of 2023 (Reviews & Buyer Guides)

Hot tubs aren’t just for sexy-time. They can soothe sore muscles after exercise, or offload the stresses of the day. And just because it’s a two-person tub doesn’t mean you have to use it simultaneously. But it’s a good way to avoid bath-time scheduling wars in your master en-suite.

Two-person hot tubs can be a bridge to intimacy. But if they have separate seats, you can still use them in platonic settings, or as a therapeutic tool. It could even be part of your medical regimen if the second user is your home nurse. So what’s the best one to buy?

American Spas Triangle 2 Person Hot Tub
American Spas Triangle 2 Person Hot Tub

  • You can mix and match two tub colors and two shell colors to suit your décor.
  • It has 28 water jets made of stainless steel and holds 130 gallons of water.
  • It has a built-in whisper-soft titanium heater.


Best 2 Person Hot Tub on the Market 2023

1. American Spas Triangle 2 Person Hot Tub

Our Top Pick

American Spas Triangle 2 Person Hot Tub

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Two-person hot tubs are often used in tandem, so you want one with sterilizing properties. That keeps it more hygienic for both of you. The sterilizer eliminates pathogens while making your tube easier to clean. American Spas triangle tub does this through its HydroClear Ozonator.

The tub has a Coronator discharge cell that releases bubbles of ozone into your two-person tubs. These bubbles diffuse into the water, release O3 and purifying your bathwater without damaging your skin. It’s thought to reduce inflammation, promote hair growth and strengthen your nails.

The tub also has re-usable filters, and they’re easily accessible when you need to replace them. This triangular tub is ideal for corner placement in small bathrooms or tiny balconies. It has two molded seats that run independently, so you can set your own jet pressure and direction.

The tub comes with a cover included, and you’ll have to install the tub yourself. So if you’re not handy with DIY plumbing, call a contractor. This tub works with both 110V and 240V outlets. 110V-options work straight out of the box, but it needs rewiring for 220v to 240V power sources.

Even when you’re not using the tub, it can heighten the décor of your yard. It has two waterfall streams you can turn on. Backlight them with built-in LEDs for added aesthetics. It’s a great way to wow your date before they even step into the water. The LEDs can cycle through seven colors.

If you’d like to tuck your tub into a corner, and if your partner or roommate constantly argues over the thermostat, this tub will work for you. Why? Both seats have independent spa settings.


  • You can mix and match two tub colors and two shell colors to suit your décor.
  • It has 28 water jets made of stainless steel and holds 130 gallons of water.
  • It has a built-in whisper-soft titanium heater.


  • It’s a heavy tub at 600 lbs, so be careful your floor can support the tub weight, including the additional water weight plus the mass of two users (about 1,735 lbs in total).

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2. Essential two person hot tub

Essential two person hot tub

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Many hot tubs are dumped on your doorstep, leaving you to figure out its set-up. The trickiest bits are plumbing and electricals. This Essential Hot Tubs two-person spa solves one of these problems. It comes with a 15-foot GFCI cord so you don’t have to play with wires.

And it’s safe outdoors too. The reason many hot tubs get locked for winter is snow and temperature. The Essentials Hot Tub lets snow slip right off its tapered clip-on cover. And because it’s insulated, it keeps the water and pump parts from freezing over.

It needs a lot of room though. It measures 84 inches by 60 inches and stands 35 inches off the ground. When full, the tub can hold 220 gallons. The seats are designed to let you sit back with your legs raised. And there are special jets positioned to soothe and massage your legs and feet.

There are other jets positioned behind the backrest, and they offer relaxing lumbar massage. The backrest itself offers effective back support for an extended soak. All the hot tub jets are organized around a two-speed pump, so you can pick your preferred pumping pace.

The Essential Hot Tub doesn’t need complex wiring. It comes ready to plug in and can be filled with any garden hose. You can set its underwater lights in multiple colors, and the wood-imitation offers the beauty of timber with none of its attendant drama.

When you want a tub that’s ready-to-use as soon as it ships, buy the Essential Hot Tubs Two-Person version. It weighs 2,000 lbs when full, and has a built-in Ozonator for hygiene.


  • It has 24 water jets and its insulated cover can be clipped into place.
  • It’s a 2-person tub, but in a pinch, you can seat three.
  • Because of its tapered cover, it works throughout the year, even in winter.


  • You can’t run the heater and the jets simultaneously, so you have to wait until the water reaches optimal temperature before you can turn on the hydrotherapy settings.

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3. American Spas Valentine 2 Person Hot Tub

American Spas Valentine 2 Person Hot Tub

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For most of us, a relaxing evening bath starts by setting up scented candles and adding aromatic oils to the tub. With American Spas Valentine tub, you can skip that first step (and its potential to start a fire!) Instead, turn on your spa’s underwater lights, which can turn several shades.

The hot tub has both a 50-foot filter and a built-in Ozonator, so your bathwater is always sterile. It comes ready-to-use, so all you have to do is fill it up and plug it in. The tub has waterproof Bluetooth speakers built into it, so you can select the most soothing soundtrack.

This oval two-person tub has 18 stainless steel water jets, and each user can programs their settings separately. The tub has no headrests, but it has molded seats. It’s especially helpful for computer-based workers, musicians, gym-rats, and gamers, because of one specialist feature.

To ease palm pain and wrist tension, the tub has carefully placed hand jets that are great for soothing carpal tunnel and finger bumps. It’s a quiet tub despite all that power, and its 5.5KW tub is certified as whisper-quiet. Its titanium construction resists corrosion, rust, and oxidation.

Sometimes, fine particles inside the tub can slip into the mechanical sections of your tub, causing expensive damage. The American Spas Valentine tub keeps tub water sealed off with a TeleWeir gate. The tub’s control pad is easy to use, even for the most technologically-challenged.

This tub is ideal for couples. Instead of designing identical seats, the Valentine has his-and-her seats molded to suit the typical contours of each gender.


  • It has hand jets ideal for soothing anyone that spends their day typing, playing guitar, biking, knitting, or performing strenuous, repetitive hand movements and work.
  • Both bathers can set their preferred water pressure for their side of the tub.
  • The tub has two cup holders, so you can both enjoy a drink.


  • At 90 inches by 48 inches, it needs more installation space than many two-person tubs.


4. QCA Gemini two person hot tub

QCA Gemini two person hot tub

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For a hot tub that’s 10 inches longer than average, this twin tub doesn’t have a lot of features. It only has 8 water jets, which seem too few for its extended length. Also, you’re likely to battle your partner over who gets the best side, because the layout of the jets isn’t identical.

One side of the tub has three back jets while the other side has four back jets and a leg jet. Both sides have reclines backrests and a step that doubles as an armrest, so soaking comfort is assured. Because the tub is low on features, it’s energy-efficient and easy to maintain.

The tub also conserves energy through its EconoBoost feature. The pump heats up as it works, and the tub redirects this heat and repurposes it to warm up the water. The shell is made from triple-layered Lucite-Extra Dura-Bond acrylic. It weighs 244 pounds while empty.

This 190-gallon two-person hot tub is 7.5 feet long, but that’s its biggest selling point. It looks good but has no built-in purification and only 8 water jets.


  • It has a two-stage system to even out the water temperature.
  • Its GFCI cord is 15 feet long, so you don’t need to do any wiring.
  • It has 8 hydro-jets in graphite gray.


  • The unit doesn’t have a built-in filter or Ozonator. It has an Ozonator slot where you can slip one in, but you’d have to buy the Ozonator separately.

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5. SDI Hydrotherapy Indoor Jetted 2 Person Hot Tub

2 Person Indoor Whirlpool Jetted Hot Tub

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Re-designed and upgraded for 2020, this sleek black two-person tub has a total of 25 jets. These comprise 13 air jets, 6 back jets, and 6 adjustable massage jets. The spa has three right angles and one rounded side, giving it an unusually sophisticated silhouette.

It has two molded seats, two headrests, and an adjustable shower wand. The headrest pillows have waterproof padding, and the tub has an Ozonator to keep your bathwater pure. The tub also has underwater LED bulbs and waterproof Bluetooth speakers to help you set the mood.

When you’re inside the tub, you can access 60 inches of stretching space. But its external length is 71 inches, so be sure you have enough room to install it. It has an outer width of 47 inches and an inner width of 38. The jets can be controlled using the included remote controller.

You don’t need to worry about overfilling your tub. Or about too much water evaporating and exposing sensitive parts of your tub. It has a built-in water sense to prevent both calamities. It’s a sturdy tri-layered hot tub, with a stainless steel framed topped with fiberglass and acrylic.

With all this seeming mass, the SDI two-person tub remains a lightweight 242 pounds when empty. It looks good but is best kept indoors, since it’s not built to be weather-proof.


  • It has 6 back jets, 6 adjustable jets, and 13 air jets.
  • It has two distinct pumps for air and water, and they run independently.
  • Its sleek black body matches a wide variety of décor options.


  • It’s an indoor tub, so if you want to install it outside, you’ll have to build a shelter for it.


6. AquaRest two person hot tub

AquaRest two person hot tub

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This loosely triangular tub seems built for three. But it only has two seats, and its third corner hosts a control pad. It’s a low-tech model with only 14 hydro-jets. But it does have a beautiful backlit waterfall that offers 9 colors. The tub is 80 inches long and 68 inches across.

It’s a medium-heavy tub, starting out at 308 pounds before you add water or step into the tub.  It doesn’t use much power though, because it has no electric heater. Instead, the motor that powers your pumps releases heat, and this heat is used to warm up your bathwater.

Also, the jet positioning on the seats isn’t identical. One side has 5 jets while the other only has 4, so you may have to toss a coin when you’re deciding who sits where. But there’s a central hand jet that is great for wrist pain. And there are two foot-massage jets at the tail end of the tub.

The hand jet is only one though, so you may have to use it on a roster. Maybe you could switch seats on a timer, allowing both of you to soothe your hands in turn. It also resolves the argument over rear jet allocation. This two-person heater uses 160 gallons.

A two-person hot tub can be a great tool for intimacy. But with a single hand jet and different back jets for each seat, this AquaRest hot tub is more about conflict resolution.


  • It has two cup holders and a central hand jet.
  • It has 9 underwater LED lights to match your every mood.
  • Its foot-massage hydro-jets are perfect for soothing high-heeled feet.


  • The back hydro-jets aren’t identically aligned, so that could cause some conflict.

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7. Canadian Spa Yukon 2 Person Hot Tub

Canadian Spa Yukon 2 Person Hot Tub

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Most modern hot tubs come equipped with underwater lighting and some kind of sound system. But while some tubs have FM radio and Bluetooth speakers, this hot tub has a digital MP3 player. It’s accompanying speakers are pop-up LED versions for easier programming.

The tub aims to give you a full sensory experience, so it’s not just lights and sounds. It also has aromatherapy canisters. You can fill them with essential oils of your choice, depending on the type of mood you want to evoke. The tub has a small filter with 35-square-foot capacity.

To keep your spa water warmer for longer, the shell of your Canadian Spa hot tub is surrounded by a thick layer of high-density foam. The outer cover of the tub is then lined with an infra-red cabinet that had added insulation properties. The inner and outer casings are complementary.

The hit tub weighs 330 pounds while empty, and will get significantly heavier with water weight plus user weight, so be wary of your flooring when you install it. Have a professional assess the floor beforehand because your tub is plug-and-play so you don’t need a plumber on delivery.

The hit tub itself is made of a combination of high-quality hot tub materials. These include Lucite acrylic plastic plus patented components from Waterway and Balboa. The tub is designed so that all its jets are controlled individually, so you can fully tailor your hot tub experience.

The tub measures 84 inches by 40 inches and is 29 inches high, so it’s a bit on the shorter side. It plugs into any household outlet, with no additional wiring or plumbing needed. You do have to set up the drain though. The ozone filter eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

The Canadian Spa Yukon hot tub combines clean lines and cute curves to offer superior aesthetic appeal. But with 16 jets and one pillow, it’s underwhelming.


  • It has 16 hydro-jets, though the configuration varies on each side.
  • It’s insulated with high-density foam cells.
  • It has multicolored LED lighting.


  • It only has one filter, which isn’t optimal for a two-person tub.

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Buying Guide

Bathtubs are nice, but hot tubs are even better. In addition to the nice, relaxing soak you get in a regular tub, hot tubs heighten the home spa experience.

They have added features like chroma-therapy, hydro-therapy, and built-in massage. So what criteria should you use to buy one?

Hot Tub Size

Two-person hot tubs are designed to be smaller than regular hot tubs. But you still need space to install them. And they occupy more room than standard bathtubs. They need extra square footage for their plumbing, pumps, heaters, and accessories. Also, think about drainage.

The hot tub’s drain cover has to be positioned over your floor drain. So the size and shape of your hot tub have to allow intuitive, leak-free installation. If you’re installing it in a corner, square or triangular tubs are best. But check that the dimensions match your available space.

Aside from location and positioning, the size of your hot tub will affect expenses. It’s not just about the purchase price. The bigger the tub is, the more water it uses, and the more electricity you need to heat it up. Bigger tubs might also have more jets, which raises utility bills even further.

Customized Seating

In theory, any bathtub can be a two-person tub. They’re roughly 6 feet long, you and your sweetheart can cozy up in comfort. But with hot tubs, a little more maneuvering may be needed. Apart from the faucets, the tub may have thermostats, air jets, water jets, and filters.

Also, these gadgets take up valuable tub space. So it helps if your tub has specialized seating arrangements. The best two-person hot tubs have molded seats with headrests, to ensure you’re not too squashed. They might also have a cub holder so you can enjoy a drink in your home spa.

Check that the headrests are waterproof and easy to clean. You don’t want fabrics that show dirt easily, because your head will be sweaty and your hair may be greasy from all the steam and frizz. Some fabrics are also susceptible to mildew or mold, so double-check the features of your fabric.

Water Options

You’re most likely to fill your hot tub through the water mains. If your water source is hard-water, your hot tub may accumulate limescale and other calcite stains. Get a hot tub that’s easy to clean, because you may have to wipe off that calcite residue quite regularly.

The tub should also withstand the effect of bath salts and essential oils. If you want a salt-water bath, buy one specifically designed for that purpose. Pouting salt-water into a regular hot tub might corrode the mechanical parts of the tub, leading to expensive repairs.

Plus, salt-water tubs need special salt-water cartridges and filters. That adds to the purchase price as well as running costs. On the other hand, a salt-water soak can feel more therapeutic than a regular bubble bath, so decide of the extra luxury is worth the added expense.

Hot Tub Materials

Analog bathtubs can be made from porcelain, enamel, metal, or even wax-coated wood. But hot tubs need extra care. In addition to being waterproof and heat-insulated, they have to be protected from electrical damage. Their wiring has to be fully protected to avoid exposure to water.

Hot tubs usually have a molded shell fitted over plumbing and mechanical parts. Common construction materials include acrylic, vinyl, and plastic. Some rarer options are wood, metal, fiberglass, or concrete. Inflatable hot tubs are made from marine-grade vinyl or blow-up PVC.

Pick a hot tub material that matches your decorative theme. Frequency of use matters too. If you plan to sink into the tub every day, you want a material that can withstand daily cleaning. It’s even better if it cleans in 5 to 10 minutes. Timber tubs are probably a bad choice for daily users.

Double Bubble

Whether you’re planning a romantic evening or just catching up on the day’s drudgery, two-person tubs are a godsend. Keeping in mind that double-tubs sometimes need 220V connectors to safely support all that power usage, our top pick is the American Spas Triangle 2 Person Hot Tub.

It’s designed for his-and-hers usage, with each seat uniquely contoured to match distinctly gendered body types. Its hand jets soothe the strain of typing, driving, and gamin. Its acrylic shell resists cracking, splintering, or staining. And its filter is infused with anti-bacterial agents.