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7 Best Dual Flush Toilets of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Think about your last visit to the toilet. Did you wash your hands? And when you flushed, did the flusher have one button or two? Dual flush toilets generally have two buttons. In California, these toilets use 1.28 gallons, while other states can go up to 1.6 gallons per flush.

But how can you tell which brand provides the best dual flush toilet? You have to balance between the features you want, the brands available in your area, and the amount you’re willing to spend. Let’s look at seven dual flush toilets you should consider.

American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet
American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet

  • It has two convenient flush buttons at the top of the cistern.
  • Its rough-in is 12 inches, so it’s suitable for standard-sized bathrooms.
  • It comes in either plain white, bone, or linen-tone for added aesthetics.


The Best Dual Flush Toilet of 2021

1. Drake Two-piece Elongated Dual Flush Toilet

Drake Two-piece Elongated Dual Flush Toilet

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When EPA first insisted on reduced water usage, Toto released their Drake 2-piece toilet. It used either 1.6 or 1.28 gallons per flush and became the most popular model on the market. But it was a single-flush toilet. So Toto introduced the Drake 2-piece Dual Flush as an upgrade.

It shares many of the same features as the single-flush, but it has some snazzy add-ons as well. For light Number 1 flushes, the toilet uses 0.8 gallons. You only need the full 1.6-gallon flush for Number 2s. The toilet streaks less, because of its patented ceramic Cefiontech glazing.

The toilet is designed with fewer nooks and crevices, so there’s less space for dirt to hide. Unlike regular toilets, it has no under-rim. Instead, it has Dynamax Tornado Flush that goes all the way around the bowl. This guarantees effective waste removal, both in light-flush and full-flush.

This rimless toilet can seem a bit confusing because it’s so unlike regular toilets. You might find yourself staring at the bowl as it flushes, trying to peep under the edge. If you look carefully, you’ll see two slots at the ‘rim-line’ which swirl the water into a vortex. It’s enthralling to watch.

You can buy the toilet in white, beige, bone, or black, though color costs extra. The flushing mechanism can be a little confusing. Most dual-flush toilets have two buttons while single-flush toilets have a lever. The Drake 2-piece Dual flush has just one lever for both half and full flushes.

If you ‘push’ it backward, it does a 0.8-gallon half flush. And if you pull it towards your body, you get a full 1.6-gallon flush. But because of its rimless technology, the toilet flush is relatively quiet in both modes. The toilet rises a comfy 16.1 inches without its toilet seat.

If you’re a fan of the Drake 2-Piece single flush, then it’s worth trying out the Drake Dual Flush. It has median pricing, and its tornado flush technique ensures thorough waste removal.


  • It has five color variants to match your chosen décor.
  • It’s quieter than many dual flush toilets.
  • Its ceramic glaze lowers your toilet maintenance needs.


  • The toilet kit doesn’t include a seat, wax ring, bolts, or supply lines. You have to buy these separately, which adds to your installation cost.

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2. American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet (Our Top Pick)

American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet

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American Standard toilets have an aptly descriptive name. With elongated designs and 15-inch height, they’re suitable for US bathroom dimensions. In full flush, they use 1.6 gallons, while their semi-flush consumes just 1 gallon. Both these settings are WaterSense compliant.

To make flushing even more effective, the rims are fitted with a power-wash feature. This provides added ‘scrubbing power’ by hitting the bowl with high-pressure water. The bowl itself has patented EverClean glazing, both on the inside and outside of the toilet.

This glaze means dirt is less likely to cling to the inner toilet surface. But it also protects the outer surface from dust, algae, mildew, mold, fungus, toilet residue, or other bathroom spills. You won’t have to panic if your make-up or bathroom chemicals pour onto your gleaming loo.

If you’re unsure about the glaze quality, experiment with your model. It’s been known to withstand up to 6 months of daily use without ever requiring a toilet brush. This makes your toilet duties much more bearable. Cleaning is almost effortless, and it saves soap too!

The H2Option has a larger surface than typical toilets. This means the power-wash has more time and space to work. It gives flush-water extra momentum, making the flushing pressure more effective. The dual-flush buttons are chrome-coated to withstand frequent pressing.

For added hygiene, the toilet has a sanitary dam, and the EverClean glaze doesn’t stop at the bowl. It goes all the way into the trap, ensuring the unseen parts of your plumbing stay germ-free as well. The toilet has achieved a MaP rating for Maximum Performance.

This means its full flush can get rid of 1,000g of waste while it’s half-flush can eliminate 400g of waste. The toilet flushes via a pressurized siphon system that uses up 37.5% to 25% less water than average water closets. The rim releases jets of water while the bowl siphon sucks water in.

This push-and-pull combines for better flushing action while using less water overall. However, the toilet seat is sold separately, so that’s something to consider. Also, in case of clogs and breakdowns, push-button flushers are harder to repair than lever flushers.

So if you want guaranteed water conservation plus a 5-year warranty, buy this American Standard H2Option. It only has two bolt connectors and fewer moving parts, so it installs faster.


  • It has two convenient flush buttons at the top of the cistern.
  • Its rough-in is 12 inches, so it’s suitable for standard-sized bathrooms.
  • It comes in either plain white, bone, or linen-tone for added aesthetics.


  • This two-piece toilet is packed separately. Meaning it has two different boxes that occasionally have separate delivery dates. This could slow your installation schedule.

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3. WoodBridge T-0020 Dual Flush Toilet

WoodBridge T-0020 Dual Flush Toilet

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If you’re more drawn to lines than curves, the Woodbridge T-0020 is sure to light you up. It’s a cute, compact toilet with a square seat and cube-like design. Being a one-piece with a skirted trap, it has no seams, so there are fewer edges and corners for dirt and damp to hide.

The toilet looks small, but it’s not. While its compressed shape makes it suitable for cozy bathrooms, it’s dimensions are full-sized. The toilet sits 27.75 inches from the wall, with a narrower cistern to save space. The toilet is 18.5 inches from seat-bolt to rim and 15 inches wide.

This means the toilet seat is the standard size for elongated toilets, though its shape means it needs a customized seat. Luckily, the slow-closing toilet seat comes inclusive. This safety feature is essential because the lid is made of the same heavy vitreous china as the rest of the toilet.

The seat is held in place using a stainless steel hinge, and the T-0020 stands 16.5 inches tall. It comes with all the parts and tools needed to assemble it, including a wrench, bolts, and a wax ring. The toilet uses a siphon pressured flush, so it’s less likely to clog or leak.

This is because the siphon mechanism sucks waste into the trap even as the rim and cistern release water. This double-power pulls the toilet load straight through in a thorough but quieter manner. If you like, you can add an optional heated bidet feature for wet washing.

This toilet is nice to look at and environmentally conservative. Its styling provides a good talking point. And though it seems small, it effectively serves users of all heights, weights, and ages.


  • Its sleek, contemporary design adds pizzazz to any bathroom.
  • The clean lines, smooth glaze, and skirted bottom make it easy to clean.
  • It uses 1 gallon in liquid flush and 1.6 gallons in solid flush, so it’s WaterSense compliant.


  • It has a unique shape, so any replacement parts have to be ordered directly from the manufacturer. It’s not easy to find spares at your local hardware.

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4. Toto Washlet Dual Flush Toilet

Toto Washlet Dual Flush Toilet

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Technology is slipping into every area of our lives, and this Toto Washlet is the perfect example. In the past, wet wash bathrooms were culturally driven. But these days, a lot more of us are embracing this technique, both for hygiene and to reduce (toilet) paper waste.

The Toto Washlet is a bidet-style toilet that uses 1.28 gallons for solid flush and 0.9 gallons for a liquid flush. You don’t have to choose which way to go, because the toilet flushes itself automatically, based on your usage and load. The lid opens and closes automatically as well.

It’s a real valet experience because you can – if you wish – get a rear and front wash, complete with heated water and a built-in dryer. It even has a deodorizer to keep your bathroom smelling pleasant. The toilet has a modern conical skirt and a sleek one-piece structure.

For night-time use, the touch-pad lights up. You can also operate the toilet by remote, and program two individual settings for your master en-suite. You and your partner can pre-set separate preferences. No more fighting about up-or-down toilet seats and water temperature.

The toilet seat on the Toto Washlet is elongated, but with all those hi-tech features, your toilet will be useless during a power outage. It flushes using a gravity-based cyclone system, and the bowl is coated with SanaGloss glazing to keep it clean. The toilet seat can be heated as well.

The toilet is pricy though, so if you’re willing to pay for all the extra toys, start saving up. It looks a little fragile, but it can support heights over 6 feet and weights over 300 pounds.


  • Its fancy features make it ideal for gadget-loving consumers.
  • The warm water, electric dryer, and heated seat make it great for winter weather.
  • Its unusual design elevates the elegance of your bathroom.


  • Almost all its features are automated and electric, so it may lower your flushing bills, but it will raise your power consumption.

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5. Kohler Veil Dual Flush Toilet

Kohler Veil Dual Flush Toilet

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Most of us keep our guest bathrooms cleaner than our en-suites. We don’t want our home hygiene to embarrass us – or our guests. But if you have a high-end home, you can use that tiny quarter or half-bath to make an even bigger impression. For this, the Kohler Veil toilet is perfect.

It’s well suited for a small toilet because it could pass for a fancy trash-can. Both the one-piece and wall-mount occupy minimal space while packing a powerful technological punch. They could also entertain (or befuddle) your guests as they try to figure out how to use it.

For example, the toilet’s built-in bidet has multiple wet-wash options. You can set the water to spray nozzle, pulsating massage, or spiral clean, all with your temperature preference. The toilet also has a built-in dryer and deodorizer, which can all be pre-set.

You don’t even have to clean the wet washer, because it sterilizes itself with distilled water and UV light. To ease your guests’ learning curve, the toilet has a proximity sensor. Meaning the lid will open as you approach and close when you’re far enough away. Or you can use the remote.

The seat itself has an ergonomic French design and elongated dimensions for extra comfort. You can adjust the heat and pressure of your bidet water. Once you’re sorted, the toilet will automatically flush itself using 1.28 gallons for solid flush or 0.8 gallons for a liquid flush.

This toilet has no batteries though. It needs a direct AC plug. The nightlight and touch-panel remote controller are helpful for night-time use. If you haven’t used a bidet before, you might be a bit squeamish. But this automated cleaning function is great for elderly patients and invalids.

Despite all its electronics, the toilet still works without power. It has a manual back-up flush for emergencies. So if you can afford the expense, this is an impressive purchase.


  • Its minimalist design makes small bathrooms feel much larger.
  • It makes your toilet experience both luxurious and entertaining.
  • Its one-piece design allows for easy, fuss-free installation.


  • It’s pricy to purchase and pricier to repair, so don’t let the kids play with it!

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6. Renovator’s Supply Elongated Dual Flush Toilet

Renovator’s Supply Elongated Dual Flush Toilet

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When you walk into the hardware store, the glimmering trim on this toilet will catch your eye. Unlike plain white toilets, this one has a pretty border in green and gold. But it’s not just looks. This toilet also has a reasonable roster of features, including a slow-closing plastic seat.

The toilet has dual flush at 1.6 gallons heavy flush and 0.8 gallons light flush. Its surface glazing is scratch proof and stain proof for longevity and hygiene. The toilet is designed to be installed flush against the wall, even though its bolt covers are not included in the pack.

This toilet takes up a lot of space though. The tank alone is 14 inches tall and 18.75 inches wide. So the combination of the cistern plus the toilet seat is nearly 32 inches tall. This could crowd a small bathroom and even block the door from closing. And at over 90 pounds, it’s a bulky toilet.

This two-piece toilet has no skirt and lots of parts, so it can be cumbersome to keep clean. It also lacks a specific anti-microbial glaze. It’s comprehensive though and comes with all its relevant parts, including seats, washers, and valves. It’s specifically targeted for bathroom renovation.

Keep an eye on the toilet’s measurements. While it looks sufficiently tall, it’s 16.75 inches while bare, and rises to 18.75 inches after you add the toilet seat. There’s also a possibility of clogs and leaks because the aesthetics seem to gain more attention than flushing mechanics.

The vitreous china body and high-density plastic seat give the toilet heft. And its decorative finish gives it style. But its best for larger bathrooms that won’t be dwarfed by its glamour.


  • It’s very stylish and works great in a large guest bathroom.
  • It comes with all installation parts included.
  • It’s made by a renovation company rather than a mass-market manufacturer, so it’s better suited for your unique bathroom refurbishment needs.


  • The extra floor curves mean you have extra surfaces to clean.

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7. Swiss Madison Concorde Dual Flush Toilet

Swiss Madison Concorde Dual Flush Toilet

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Many of us associate the Swiss with clean design and superior style. This toilet ticks both boxes. It’s a sleek one-piece with gentle curves that are easy to clean. Yet it still retains a linear appearance because it has a square shape with rounded edges.

To make it even easier to clean, the toilet seat unlatches with a quick snap and push-button removal. You don’t need to pry or to unscrew the seat. This doesn’t mean the toilet seat is flimsy. It’s made of sturdy ceramics with a slow-closing lid to avoid cracks, slams, and injuries.

This toilet is suitable for California regulations because it only uses 1.28 gallons for a ‘big flush’ and 0.8 gallons for a ‘little flush’. The flush buttons themselves are white with chrome trim and are positioned on top of the narrow toilet tank. Its trap is discreetly concealed and saves space.

The bottom of the toilet has a skirted design and unique shape. It’s a statement piece that’s conveniently low-maintenance. And unless you add a bidet, it doesn’t use electricity. It’s an import though, so you have to be sure they can deliver (replacement parts) to your location.

The trouble with customized toilet seats is incompatibility. This one looks pretty, but its square shape isn’t comfortable for narrow hips. And if it does get damaged, you can’t order individual toilet seats. After all, the seats are too fragile and bulky to justify shipping them separately.

This toilet works well for a secondary bathroom that doesn’t get much use. Its minimal design means it doesn’t need much cleaning, especially its outer surfaces. Just don’t break it.


  • It has an attractive modern aesthetic, especially for an artsy or industrially theme house.
  • Its wide seat and sturdy structure are great for plus-sized homeowners.
  • It has a 1.28-gallon heavy-flush, lower than the more common 1.6-gallon cap.


  • As a fragile imported product, waiting for replacements – or even for initial delivery – can be frustrating.

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Buying Guide

Dual flush toilets are designed to save water. In the past, a typical toilet could use up to 3.5 gallons every time you flushed. In 1992, US regulation reduced that figure by half. But apart from ensuring it uses at most 1.6 gallons of water per flush, how else do you choose a toilet?

EPA Rating

Best Dual Flush Toilet 2020

While toilet companies must keep their cistern capacity below 1.6 gallons, they can do better. So if they design a toilet that’s 1.28 gallons or below, they get a special certificate. But this is only if the toilet still flushes effectively. Some toilets use less water, but don’t perform as well.

If conservation is that important to you, look for a toilet that has this EPA certification. This Certification is called EPA Water Sense. It requires the toilet to use 80% or less of the EPA’s standard (1.6 gallons). And it’s not about cistern size. It’s about the number of flushes.

Some toilets on the market use as little as 0.8 gallons per flush, but they need two or three flushes to completely get rid of toilet waste. Find a hardware store that will let you test before you buy it. This is crucial because those extra flushes could cancel any water savings.

Basic Features

Dual Flush Toilet

Your average toilet is 16 inches above the ground. ADA ‘comfort height’ is 17 inches, while ‘tall toilets’ can sometimes get to 18 inches. Or can have an optional step stool. So if you have special height needs, it’s something to check. You can also check the size and shape of the toilet seat.

Round toilets work well for small bathrooms, but elongated toilets are more comfortable to sit on. Then there are square, rectangular, or D-shaped toilets, for better aesthetics. Another basic feature is the one-piece with its cistern attached or the two-piece with a separate flush tank.

Check how the toilet is mounted as well. Is it a bidet with under-spray, or a wall-mounted toilet with hidden plumbing? Is it far from the wall or installed flush against the tile, pun intended? These are typical toilet features, so put them at the top of the list. Specials features come later.

Extra Features

Dual Flush Toilet reviews

These are the really exciting bits. They’re luxuries though, and they cost extra. So it helps to be sure what you’re willing to pay for. They include things like automated flushing. These toilets have motion sensors (or sometimes timers) so they flush themselves without your intervention.

Other features included colors, heated toilet seats, remote-controlled flushing, and slow-closing lids. The toilet bowls themselves may have a special glaze. This glaze prevents stains, but it can also resist mold and bacteria. It avoids stubborn residue that makes your toilet smell.

And then there are toilets with whirlpools, under-rim pumps, or power-washers. These all keep your toilet cleaner, so you’ll spend less time fighting with your toilet brush. Other toilets have built-in driers, fans, deodorizers, and WiFi. You’ll use less toilet paper, but more electricity.

Refill Rates

Toilet manufacturers are so worried about water usage and EPA standards. They want to use as little water as possible, and that’s great. But as a consumer, you’re more interested in time. There will always be situations when you want to toilet tank to fill up faster.

Maybe you’re at a party and there’s a long line outside the toilet. You’ve gone in right after someone else, and after doing your business, you have to twiddle your thumbs as the tank refills. Or maybe you need to re-flush, so you’re panicking about people potentially gossiping outside.

After all, you’ve been in that toilet for a while, and you’re wondering what they think you’re doing in there! So when you buy the toilet, use a stopwatch to see how long it takes between flushes. It prevents embarrassment, both for you and your house guests.

Noise Levels

Some toilets flush quietly. Others sound like rumbling drums. Generally speaking, this isn’t a big deal. But say you’re a new parent trying to sleep train your baby. Or you have a partner that’s a light sleeper. Or you entertain regularly and your guest bathroom is near the living room.

In all these cases, you don’t want that tell-tale growl announcing every visit to the toilet. Especially if you have multiple guests (or a small bladder), meaning the toilet flushes every half hour. In such cases, it may be worth investing in a toilet with a muted flush.

The flushing mechanism itself makes a difference too. Do you want up-jets, down-jets, cyclones, drips, or spurts? Do you want wall-mounted flush-buttons or cistern-top flushers? Would you prefer plastic, color-coded ones or shiny metallic ones? Your choices are endless!

Dual Diligence

We’ve checked each item on our buying guide and reviewed seven popular models. Based on our assessment, our favorite model so far is the American Standard H2Option. It has a built-in ‘scrub’ function that other toilets don’t have, and it’s perfect for US toilet dimensions.

Being a fully American brand, it’s easy to access customer care and replacement parts. Its EverClean glaze promises up to 6 months of toilet surface protection, even with heavy use. It’s fairly priced, but allow some time lag in your plan – the tank often arrives later than the bowl.

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