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How to Use Toilet Paper Properly?

The toilet paper comes as one of the popular item to use to clean up after using the bathroom. However, many people do not clean up well enough, thus leading to itchy, uncomfortable, and smelly behinds in the end.

To avoid these problems, you need ideal techniques to perform a cleanup. You will also need to use a skin-friendly toilet paper.

So do you want to learn how to use toilet paper? Are you curious about the best paper for wiping your delicate parts after using a portable toilet? Well, you are in the right place.

Easy Steps on How to Use Toilet Paper

Now that you have chosen the toilet paper that you can use with even an RV toilet, here are the steps to using it.

  1. After using the loo, remain in the seated position as this allows a thorough wipe. Tear a reasonable amount of tissue for this task. If you don’t know the amount of paper you need, tear out about three rounded squares from the toilet roll.
  2. Take the paper around and behind your bum and lean to the facing cheek. Clean up with index, second, and ring fingers. Raise your middle finger by half-inch while your index and ring finger slightly resting behind you.
  3. Wipe slowly from front to back and ensure you apply a reasonable amount of pressure. Maintain this activity while using a similar quantity of toilet paper. You can stop when the level of fecal matter has reduced.
  4. Now you have less mess to handle, which means you will need less tissue than at the beginning. Here, two fresh balled squares should be a perfect fit for the job. Repeat the steps 2 – 3, but add more pressure with each wipe. Sustain the movements until the quantity of fecal matter on the paper reduces to a lesser amount.
  5. Now, you will use a fresh piece of tissue paper. Tear a single folded square for this activity. Repeat the wiping steps in the previous steps. But you will need more but moderate pressure for this activity. Relax your sphincter muscles while moving over your bum. Using your middle finger, push the toilet paper into the opening of your anus. Sustain this movement until there is no fecal matter on the tissue.
  6. Here is the final step to clean your bum. Take a wet wipe and repeat step 5 until your bum is perfectly clean. Ensure you choose moist wipes for adults or variants suited for babies. Sadly, many people ignore this part of the cleaning up, especially after using the bathroom. But if you use the wipes, you will enjoy a fresh and complete clean that rivals a bath or shower. They also ensure that you avoid skid marks, odor, and itchy skin.
  7. Now that your ablution is complete, you can dump the used paper in your toilet bowl and flush. Fix your clothes and check your fly or buttons. Remember to clean your hands with soap and water.

The Choice of Toilet Paper

The Choice of Toilet Paper

Since you have learned how to use toilet paper, you should also know the product to choose for proper cleanup. But this might be difficult since many companies sell different types of toilet paper. So here are the features of a good toilet paper for your bathroom or camping toilet.

Free from Harmful Chemicals

Most companies use chlorine to make their toilet paper white. When you use such products, they create toxins that are harmful to your health and environment. Fortunately, some brands sell toilet paper that does not use chlorine, choose them.

Made From Eco-Friendly Paper

Use toilet paper made from recycled stationary or trees cut from tree farms. In the end, you will be protecting the environment and saving the trees on older forests.

Comfortable to Use

A good toilet paper is comfortable and soft. Furthermore, it should not leave any lint, particularly after wiping your behind.


A clean up involves liquids that can break up weak toilet paper. But with a durable product, you can wipe your behind without worrying about messing up your fingers.

Easy to Flush

As explained earlier, you should use a quality toilet paper that can handle moisture. However, it should be able to go through the pipes without clogging them.

Other Tips on How to Use Toilet Paper

Other Tips on How to Use Toilet Paper

You might wipe your behind daily, but it might be a tricky affair. This activity requires balance so that you can be clean without excessive wiping, which can damage and hurt your skin.

Below are general tips that you can use to make your behind as clean as possible.

  • Do not rush the wiping process. Take your time and ensure that you have wiped all the mess completely. If you are in a hurry, you might have to deal with itching, stains, or odors.
  • Choose a patting motion instead of vigorous wipes or rubbing.
  • Invest in extra-soft toilet paper. If required, you can keep it in storage for occasions that need extra cleaning.
  • If your anus feels tender or irritated, wipe with wet toilet paper.
  • Clean up with non-scented wipes, especially if you have loose stools or diarrhea. You can also use wet toilet paper for such occasions.
  • Avoid scented toilet paper. They can damage your skin and irritate.
  • If you can’t move freely or pain stops you from bending to clean your behind, there are aids to handle this problem. You can purchase products that grip toilet paper with prongs or hold it with extended handles. These items also have portable cases that you can take on a trip.
  • After washing your hands after a cleanup, do not use air dryers. Instead, use toilet paper as a healthy option.
  • Place your toilet paper roll in an ideal toilet paper dispenser. Storing the paper with this device will keep the roll free from germs, damp, and dirt. It also helps you tear the tissue paper with ease.

How to Dispose of Toilet Paper

After using this product correctly, you must know how to dispose of it properly. Here are various ways to dump your used toilet paper safely and adequately.

Tankless Toilets

Tankless Toilets

A tankless toilet looks and works differently from regular types. However, you can toss the paper into the bowl of a tankless toilet and flush just like a traditional toilet.

On a Camping Trip

On a Camping Trip 1

If you are on an outdoor trip, use regular white tissue paper without any scents. Also, remember to use reasonable amounts of this type of toilet paper.

After use, place the item in plastic bags or bury them in cat holes (pits dug for human waste). Furthermore, do not attempt to burn the used tissue paper in the pits as this might cause forest fires.

In an RV Toilet

In an RV Toilet

Most RVs have toilets that are connected to black tanks. These tanks work like the septic tanks that are not connected to a public sewer system. Since it has this feature, you can dispose of toilet paper by flushing it down the toilet.

In a Composting Toilet

In a Composting Toilet

If you use a composting toilet, toss the used toilet paper into it. As human waste decomposes faster than paper, the used tissue will remain after the poop has broken down. However, RV toilet paper serves as the ideal fit for this toilet because they compost quickly.

In a Squat Toilet

In a Squat Toilet

Squat toilets cannot handle toilet paper as they are designed for people who wipe with water. Here, you will need to dump the tissue paper in a garbage can that is placed beside the toilet.

But if there is none, use moderate amounts of tissue paper. Dump into the toilet and flush vigorously.

Types of Toilet Paper

Apart from knowing how to use toilet paper, it’s also important that you know the different types of this product. These items have various costs, texture, size, and style. Now, here are different types of toilet paper, which you might see on the shelves of any store.

1-Ply Toilet Paper

1-Ply Toilet Paper

This type of tissue paper has a single layer. As expected, one-ply- toilet paper looks thinner than other forms of toilet paper. However, you will find a single-ply toilet paper that is thicker and stronger than toilet paper with multiple layers.

If you want a toilet roll that is safe for your septic system, consider 1-Ply toilet paper. I recommend this product because it decomposes faster while having fewer chances of blocking your toilet.

2-Ply Toilet Paper

2-Ply Toilet Paper

Double Ply Toilet Paper was created in the latter part of the 20th century. This product was formed after a company found a way to combine various pieces of ply paper.

Here, you will notice 2 layers of toilet paper, which makes its fuller and better than single-ply variants. But, some companies offer a one-ply paper that can rival the thickness of double-ply tissue paper.

3-Ply Toilet Paper

As expected, this type of toilet paper consists of three layers. As a result, it can handle moisture better than the variants with fewer layers.

Unbleached Toilet Paper

This type of tissue paper is made from recycled paper products. It serves as an eco-friendly option that is also affordable than regular toilet paper. However, it is not as soft as the white variants.

RV Toilet Paper

If you are on a trip in a motor home or RV, this type of toilet paper is an ideal fit. RV toilet paper is designed to work with your RV’s septic tank so that you don’t experience a case of blockage.

Wrap Up

Toilet paper is an essential item for cleaning your behind. But if you don’t use this item correctly, you might have some unhealthy issues.

To have a good wipe:

  • Remain seated and wipe with moderate pressure.
  • Tear out a new square for each wipe until there is no lingering mess.
  • Complete the clean up by using a non-scented wipe.

I hope you enjoyed our article on how to use toilet paper. Feel free to share with your friends and loved ones. If you have any comments, drop them in the space below.