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19 Most Reliable Faucet Brands for the Kitchen

When you’re planning your kitchen, you probably spend ages thinking about the layout. Then you spend almost as long thinking about your appliances. But what about your fittings?

They deserve just as much attention! And one of the most important is also one of the most often overlooked. We’re talking, of course, about your kitchen faucet.

It’s something you’ll be using multiple times every day. And if it leaks, sprays or otherwise malfunctions, you’re in for a world of annoyance. So it’s worth taking your time to make the right choice.

That’s where we can help! We’ve checked out 19 of the most reliable faucet brands out there. And we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about them.

So step this way as we help you find the brand behind your perfect faucet …!

The Best kitchen faucet brands on the Market

1. Grohe


German brand Grohe are renowned for their well-designed and engineered faucets. Their products push boundaries. They’ve won more than 300 awards for design and innovation in the last decade.

When it comes to faucets, the designs are sleek and modern. And there’s a huge range to choose from – 23 different lines of kitchen faucets alone. And each line includes multiple different options.

There are swivel faucets, detachable faucets, faucets operated by your foot and those that sense motion. There’s a huge range of different finishes too. And they all come with either a 2-year or a 5-year warranty.


2. Kohler


While Grohe faucets tend to have contemporary designs, with Kohler you’ll have a choice of classic or modern. And the American brand also offers a choice of six different finishes. These include chrome, stainless, black and oil-rubbed bronze.

There are pull-out and pull-down designs, and options for one, two, three or four-hole mounting. But where Kohler are pre-eminent is in their touchless designs. These allow you to activate the faucet whilst using your hands to hold pots or wash vegetables.

And as well as the standard models, the brand offer wall-mounted pot fillers and faucets with integrated filtration.


3. House of Rohl

House of Rohl

If you’re looking for a distinctive finish, you’ll find it hard to beat the range at the House of Rohl. Their faucets come in an astonishing array of colors. Options include English gold, Tuscan brass, rose gold and matte black with gold accents.

Choose between u-spouts or c-spouts, high necks or low level. You can find pull-down faucets or touchless options. There are also wall-mounted pot fillers and specially designed models for food and bar preparation.

The brand is stocked in showrooms throughout the USA and Canada.


4. Moen


Moen was founded in 1956 and offers no fewer than 50 different faucet collections. There’s a choice of seven different finishes too, providing almost endless choice.

Their designs include traditional, vintage repro and up-to-the-minute modern. There are both one-handled and two-handled faucets. And there are pull-down and pull-out faucets, models with side sprays, and high arc and low arc spouts.

They’re not cheap, but there’s a lot of choice when it comes to the price too. And all the products are backed by either a 5-year, 10-year or lifetime warranty.


5. Kräus


With Kräus, you can choose from 162 kitchen faucets. The range covers pull-down, pull-out and commercial faucets with flexible hoses. There are also faucet sets, with an extra faucet for filtered water.

And for those looking for hi-tech options, there’s a wide range of touch sensitive and motion sensitive models.

All Kräus faucets come with a limited lifetime warranty covering the product structure and finish. Mechanical components like the sprayhead assembly have a 1-year warranty. And the cartridge has a 5-year warranty.


6. Delta

Delta Faucet

Delta’s range of 75 kitchen faucet collections is divided into traditional, contemporary and transitional styles. We particularly love the striking Pivotal collection, with its sharp modern lines.

There are a host of innovative features on offer too.

The Brilliance finish is designed to keep the faucet looking as good as it did the day it was installed. There’s Touch-Clean technology, allowing you to wipe away limescale from spray holes with your finger. And there’s Diamond Seal which eliminates leaks using – you’ve guessed it – diamonds.

There’s an online help center, and a limited lifetime warranty for the materials and workmanship of all faucets. (That’s reduced to a 10-year warranty if the faucet is used in a commercial setting.)


7. Brizo

Brizo Faucet

Brizo is the luxury brand from the people behind Delta faucets. Here the emphasis is on design and environmental sustainability. And there are some hi-tech options you may not even have realised you needed.

Take VoiceIQ technology, for example. This allows you to turn your faucet on and off by speaking to it. You can also dispense a specific quantity of water. Or wash your hands for the CDC-recommended period.

Just connect one of Brizo’s SmartTouch faucets to a voice-activated assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant, and you’re away. And the Diamond Seal, Touch Clean technology and Brilliance finishes available with Delta faucets are on offer here too.


8. Pfister


Pfister offers a wide range of kitchen faucets at an equally wide range of price points. So whatever your budget, there’ll be something to suit it.

They’re also a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to contort themselves into awkward shapes during installation. Pfister models are installed from the top of the counter, using a simple key.

Designs include single and double-handled faucets, pull-down and pull-out options, those with touchless operation and those with built-in filtration. And you can also choose pot fillers, bar and bridge faucets.


9. Elkay


Elkay offers faucets for both residential and hospitality use. You can choose from eight different designs of spout, and features including low flow and solid brass construction. And there are models for everything from one-hole to four-hole mounting.

The website offers some useful search filters, including your chosen flow rate and the reach of the spout.

Prices begin at the low three figures for a single-hole deck mounted chrome faucet with lever handle. The range goes all the way up to four figures for the stunning Avado faucet with pull-down spray.


10. Waterstone


American company Waterstone were founded relatively recently, in 1999. They specialize in luxury faucets, high-end design, and beautiful finishes like their new matte white.

They offer no fewer than three different types of pull-down faucet alone. Our favorite is the striking wheel pulldown, which features an oversized wheel for pure industrial chic.

But whether your tastes veer towards classic or contemporary, there are plenty of options to suit. And whichever faucet you choose, it will have been designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.


11. Hansgrohe


Hansgrohe are German manufacturers of faucets and other accessories for kitchens and bathrooms. Their kitchen range includes basins as well as faucets, and there are also combi sets with both.

Stars of the show include the Talis M54 range of faucets, perfect for minimalist kitchens. They’re available in a high arc, u-shaped or even L-shaped spout, the latter featuring a pull-out design and laminar spray.

A number of Hansgrohe’s models are also available with 2Spray Select. This allows you to switch from laminar to shower spray functions – and you can do it all one-handed.


12. Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass are another brand whose offerings cover a wide range of kitchen fixtures. And when it comes to faucets, there’s a huge number to choose from.

Options include pull-out, pull-down and specialist pre-rinse faucets. The world’s your oyster when it comes to mounting them too. There are bridge options, wide spread models and wall-mounted. Don’t confuse the latter with pot fillers – there’s a separate range of those too.

There are lever or cross-handle options, and one or two handle models. And you can choose from brass, nickel, bronze, chrome and black finishes.


13. American Standard

American Standard

American Standard are another brand where you’ll be spoilt for choice. All the familiar faucet options are here. And there are some clever innovations too.

One of these is the MeasureFill faucet. This features a dial which you turn to select your chosen volume of water. The maximum setting is 40 ounces. Then simply touch the tap and the right quantity of water will be dispensed. It’s a great water saving option, as well as being efficient in busy kitchens.

Anyone worried about municipal water quality will also love the wide range of filtered water faucets.


14. Vigo


Vigo’s kitchen faucets have an emphasis on sleek, modern design. You can mix up the look with nine different finishes. Choose from contemporary options like chrome or matte black, to more traditional ones like antique rubbed bronze.

The majority of the models on offer are pull-down faucets, though there are a handful of pull-out models too. There’s a choice of 180 and 360-degree spout swivel ranges. And some faucets feature a matching soap dispenser for a smart way to keep your hands clean.


15. Gerber


Gerber’s range of 20 kitchen faucet collections come in styles from classic to uncompromisingly modern. So whatever look you’re going for in your kitchen, there’ll be something to suit.

The helpful website allows you to tailor your search by color, flow rate, cartridge type, handle type or number, or other features. Most of the faucets are pull-down, but you can also find pull-out, bar and prep, pre-rinse and pot fillers. And there are other options for the laundry and utility room too.


16. Blanco


Blanco’s range includes a number of coordinated faucet collections. If you want a bar faucet and soap dispenser to match your kitchen faucet, they’re a good option to consider.

All are made either of solid brass or stainless steel. The cartridges are ceramic for smooth, easy operation. And they’re a great choice if you live in an area with hard water. Most have silicone nozzles that allow you to remove limescale build-up with just a rub of your finger.

With over 100 styles and 25 color finishes, you’re sure to find something that will fit your needs.


17. Dornbracht


Dornbracht are positioned at the luxury end of the faucet market. They’re known for high-end design and ultra hi-tech solutions.

The latter includes the eUnit, a smart control function that can be used with many of their faucets. This allows you to set both the volume and the temperature of the water required.

It looks fantastic too, with LED lit controls and a smart display screen. And there’s also a sensor at floor level, so you can operate it with your foot if your hands are full.


18. Sigma Faucets

Sigma Faucets

Based in California, Sigma faucets specialize in luxury and bespoke accessories for the kitchen and bathroom. They offer three collections: Sigma, the Reserve Collection, and Encore.

The range of models here isn’t as vast as that of some other brands. But there’s still plenty to choose from, whether you’re looking for traditional or contemporary styling.

There are single hole or wide spread faucets, different types of handle, models with side sprays, and nine wall-mounted styles. And there are no fewer than 36 different finishes, ranging from precious metals to bold colors.


19. Jörger


Jörger are another German manufacturer known for their good quality faucets. The family company has been running for over 100 years. Although the focus is on bathroom fittings, they also offer an excellent range of faucets for the kitchen.

Their products are available in two classic and three contemporary ranges. And there’s a choice of nine different finishes, including bronze, mink, sunshine matte and platinum.

Features include single or double handles, different spout heights and shapes, and all the mounting options you could need.


Time to choose your perfect kitchen faucet

We hope our list of 19 of the most reliable faucet brands for the kitchen has helped you in your search. Whatever your design preferences, practical needs or budget, these manufacturers offer some excellent options.

It’s worth taking your time to think through your requirements carefully. Do you want to be able to use your faucet hands-free? Do you want to control the temperature and volume of water dispensed? Or are you looking for something simple, with fewer components to malfunction?

When you’re ready, check out these websites. Whichever brand you choose, you’ll know you’ll be getting a quality product.