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Why did They Stop Making Colored Toilet Paper?

Believe it or not, one of the first countries to use paper for hygiene was China in the 6th century AD. However, it took around 800 years to start toilet paper mass production in the 14th century. It was different than toilet paper we know today, which originated in the mid-1800s.

The first colored toilet paper appeared in the ‘50s, according to the Toilet Paper World publication. It was a significant improvement since it could perfectly fit any beautiful, colored bathroom. In a carefully crafted bathroom, with towels, tiles, and sinks that had matching colors, a colored toilet paper was the perfect fit.

However, you might have noticed that we can’t see colored toilet papers anymore. Not in TV commercials, not in the movies, not in real life. They have just disappeared. So, what is the reason that caused beautiful colored toilet papers to go?

So, why did colored toilet paper disappear?

So, why did colored toilet paper disappear

The period when colored toilet paper began to disappear slowly was in the mid-80s. One of the first things that became noticeable back then was that the doctors started warning people of the harmful effects of color chemicals for the skin. Besides, they were also concerned about the possible negative impact on the environment.

Although it wasn’t maybe that much dangerous, people were worried about their health. On the other hand, when doctors say that something is bad for our health, most of us immediately stop using that.   That is one of the reasons why colored toilet papers disappeared. However, that is not the only reason.

If you pay attention to modern, American standard toilets and toilets from the 70s and 80s, you will notice a big difference. The actual design of bathrooms has drastically changed in the past few decades. According to design changes, the colored toilet paper wasn’t a good fit anymore.

Unlike the toilets from the 70s, for example, most of the modern bathrooms are all white. You might still find a colorful space, but rarely. Therefore, according to the all-white style, a colored toilet paper wouldn’t be a perfect fit anymore and would ruin the whole design.

Are colored toilet papers completely gone?

Are colored toilet papers completely gone

Well, not exactly. The truth is that you can still buy colored toilet papers today; however, they cost a lot. For example, Renova offers sorts of colored toilet papers that will cost you around $16 per set.

On the other hand, some people love that 60s design.  No matter if its nostalgia or just a love for that specific design, some people still buy colored toilet papers to match their bathroom perfectly. Also, according to some studies, it seems that colored toilet papers and kitchens are making a comeback.

Although it might not be noticeable right now, the studies show that the demand for colored toilet papers is more significant than a decade ago. If you feel nostalgia for the 60s and 70s, don’t worry – it seems that colored toilet papers are slowly making a comeback.

But why are modern toilet papers only white? Why not the other color?

But why are modern toilet papers only white Why not the other color

The strange thing is that we use toilet paper daily for one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies. Yet, we don’t ever think about how it is made, or why is it precisely white. There are no various colors of toilet papers nowadays, but why are not all of the toilet papers blue, or yellow, or any other color, but white?

As mentioned, the bathroom design has changed a lot in the past few decades. An all-white style gives it a much cleaner and more fresh look. That is the ideal design when it comes to the bathroom since we all want it to look, and even more important, BE fresh and clean.

However, this is not the only reason. The white color of a toilet paper is achieved by bleaching, which makes the paper much softer. But how does the bleaching make it smoother?

There is a polymer in the wood called lignin. It acts as a “glue” that holds the fibers together and makes the tree more rigid. Some studies said that without lignin, a tree wouldn’t be able to grow higher than 6 feet.

Also, you might have noticed that newspapers start to yellow over time. It is because they have lignin. Since lignin is removed from toilet papers by bleaching, it will remain nice, smooth, and white all the time. It would look pretty bad if the toilet paper started to yellow a few days after you buy it.

As you can notice, most manufacturers bleach the toilet paper, but almost none of them colors it anymore. We have already mentioned that it might be harmful to the health of sensitive skin areas.  However, it can’t be that harmful that companies stop producing them.

Also, no people reported that they experienced any possible harmful effects of the colored toilet paper. As you might realize, that is not the main reason why they stopped producing it. For example, a colored toilet paper requires more time to decompose and might be bad for the septic system.

On the other hand, despite all the “harmful” effects of the colored toilet paper, companies never stopped bleaching them. Also, they never ended adding chemicals to increase specific attributes of the toilet paper.

There is one more reason why they stopped coloring the toilet paper. It is the extra cost. A colored toilet paper requires more money to make, and still, it seems that not too many people would pay them. Since it can’t pay off as much as a white toilet paper can, this is not a good business idea.

Also, note that many people are used to white toilet paper nowadays. Even if they made the colored one, most people would prefer to stay in the comfort zone of using white paper. It would have to be a superior product compared to the white toilet paper, to make people want to use that one instead and even pay extra cost.

In the end, be sure to check out this video for additional info.

Making toilet look great with no colored papers

It doesn’t mean that you can’t make your bathroom look great with no colored papers. For example, most of the flushing toilets and even Toto toilets are all-white, so that will work well with the white paper to complete the design.

Another way to make your bathroom look great is by installing a tankless toilet. They look very modern and sophisticated.

Some little known facts about toilet paper

Some little known facts about toilet paper

For the final part of this article, we are presenting you with some of the facts about toilet paper that you probably didn’t know.

  • The modern toilet paper, as we know it today, originates from 1391. It was made during the Mind Dynasty for the Emperor family’s needs. Besides, it was also perfumed.
  • Joseph Gayetty introduced the first commercial toilet paper, which was meant to be used for medical purposes. It was introduced in 1857.
  • The first modern style, and also commercial toilet paper, was introduced around the 1930s. However, people were embarrassed to go and buy them. Then, Charmin, which was manufactured by the Hoberg Paper Company, changed the game. They made a logo with a beautiful woman, and it made the toilet paper look “charming.” Shortly after, people started buying it increasingly, meaning that the marketing strategy worked perfectly.
  • Some people don’t use toilet paper at all. Especially in developing countries, some people are not able to afford it. Also, in some countries, it’s because of the lack of trees.
  • The interesting thing is that around 7% of American admits stealing toilet paper from hotels. Imagine how many more people do that, but don’t admit.
  • There is also a toilet paper that is made of 22-carat gold and is currently that most expensive toilet paper in the world. A roll of that paper costs around one and a half million American dollars.
  • One-ply toilet paper is the safest to use when it comes to preventing clogging. It is also more economical.

A few words in the end

As we can conclude, there are several reasons why they stopped making colored toilet papers. Although it seems that the primary reason for that is its potentially harmful impact on the skin, that might not be necessarily true. Companies add other chemicals, too, which might be potentially dangerous.

One of the main reasons for stopping the product is the required cost to make it. It requires more money, and it seems that not too many people would buy that. Since it looks like a lousy business idea, companies prefer to stick to the all-white paper.

Have you ever used a colored toilet paper? Would you like it to be produced again? Please let us know in the comments below.