Toilet Installation Cost: How Much to Install the Toilet?

Calculating and budgeting can be a real nightmare. In my experience, whenever I do any installations or repairs, it costs regularly more than I have expected. To avoid any misunderstandings and embarrassing situations, you need to make precise calculations in advance.

I will share with you my experience about how much money you probably need to spend to buy and install the toilet. According to the list I have made for you, you need to hire a plumber, purchase a new toilet, and count on additional necessary features when necessary. Let’s see.

Cost Calculation

The average fee for a reliable plumber is 65 dollars per hour. If you know that installing the toilet requires at least two to four hours of work, you can quickly calculate the expenses. Simple math shows that you will need from 130 to 260 dollars for a professional.

If you want to replace the old toilet with a new model, you need to remove the old one first. Removing a bowl from its base is not complicated at all, and you can do it by yourself. Saving a great deal of money will be a pleasurable bonus.

If you not sure how to do the job, you can use one of many useful tutorials with a lot of tips on how to replace a toilet. It is not a pleasant job at all, but you can save at least 65 to 130 dollars with a little effort.

Hire a Plumber

Choosing a highly professional and responsible plumber is never an easy job. You should hire a reputable person with positive recommendations.

Always be extra careful when someone’s service seems to be too cheap. The prices of individual plumbers are always slightly different. However, you should be suspicious if someone offers you a service for far less money than his colleagues usually charge.

In the case of replacing the toilet, you should not hire a handyman even though his experience is maybe enough for smaller repairs. For this particular job, you need an expert, except for removing the old toilet. As I have already mentioned, you can do that part by yourself.

Purchase a New Toilet

Purchase a New Toilet

Once you go to the local plumbing equipment store, you will see that the prices of the toilets vary a lot. They depend on styles, materials, types of flushing, and bathroom plumbing installations.

As always, you should try to get the best product for as little money as possible. Luckily, there are plenty of options available, and you will quickly find an ideal model according to your taste and the measured space in your bathroom.

Keep in mind that the price primarily depends on the quality of the flushing mechanism. The higher cost of the toilet usually implies more savings on your future water bills.

If you are still not sure about the model you want and the best flushing toilet mechanism you need, I will recommend a few great ones.

Gravity-fed type of the toilet

1. Two-piece toilet

Two-piece toilet

If you look for the lowest possible price for the decent toilet, this model is for you. It is a traditional, two-piece, gravity-fed, round toilet. The lowest price of this particular model is approximately 100 dollars per set, including both a bowl and tank. Basically, the price will depend on the brand and quality of materials.

There is also a cozy, American standard toilet with an elongated bowl. This elegant and comfortable model is worth the price, especially if you know that you will pay just about 10 to 20 dollars more for far greater comfort.

These quality toilets are still widely spread all across America. If you decide to buy this particular model, you will need to spend about 230 dollars. That means that you need to pay 130 dollars to the plumber and spend about 100 dollars on the toilet set in ideal circumstances.

Keep in mind that it is the best-case scenario without additional parts included. The average toilet set often comes without valves and other necessary pieces. If the old ones you have already had in your bathroom don’t fit perfectly, you will need to buy the new ones.

2. One-piece toilet

One-piece toilet

If you are one of those people who prefer a one-piece model of the toilet, you should consider the best deal at an affordable price. I can tell you that this practical model with a reliable gravity-fed flushing system is still the most common toilet in the US.

If you need a set without any additional parts, you can find it for as low as 100 dollars. With at least 130 dollars for the installation, the total cost will be only 230 bucks if you remove the old bowl by yourself. However, you should account for possible unexpected expenses for parts you may need to replace.

The one-piece set with gravity-fed flushing is easy to clean and looks elegant in your bathroom. Furthermore, if you spend a few extra dollars and choose a more comfortable, elongated bowl shape, you won’t ever regret it.

Dual- flush type of the toilet

Dual- flush type of the toilet

As an eco-friendly model, the dual-flush toilet system has become highly popular in the US these days. Its price is slightly higher, but it is worth the few extra bucks.

Regardless of whether you pick out a two-piece or one-piece set, you will need to spend about 180 dollars for the duel-flush system.

The most affordable option for this type of toilet is to choose a round bowl shape. That means that your total cost will be about 310 dollars, including the plumber ($130) and the set ($180).

The price is slightly higher due to the ‘tank in a tank’ mechanism installed in a water tank. However, you will need less time to maintain, plus you will get better flushing and lower bills for that price.

Pressure- assisted type of the toilet

Pressure- assisted type of the toilet

Since the price of the toilet depends on the flushing mechanism, you can assume that a toilet with a pressure-assisted flushing one will cost more money. However, the price will vary depending on whether you choose the one-piece or the two-piece toilet.

The cheapest option is the set, which costs approximately 250 dollars. If you add the cost of hiring a plumber, you will get an excellent system for just 380 dollars. Keep in mind that you may need some additional features, as well.

Double- cyclone type of the toilet

Double- cyclone type of the toilet

A double-cyclone flushing system is something special, indeed. That particular model is expensive, but it will save you money in the long run.

Basically, it will save water and better clean your waste due to the centrifugal and gravity force. You can also find a model with a contemporary mechanism and bowl with two water nozzles, but they come with a special price.

The minimum amount spent on cyclone is approximately 500 dollars. With the installation cost of 130 dollars, you will come to 630 bucks quickly. Well, the luxury comes with a price.

Waterless type of the toilet

Waterless type of the toilet

The most expensive toilets on the market are waterless ones. If you are a nature lover and eco-friendly person, you need to count on the fact that this love will cost you more money.

The installation of this type of toilet is not that hard, but the set costs at least 900 dollars. Therefore, the full installing of the waterless toilet will cost at least 1030 bucks without the price of possible additional charges.

How to Make the Right Choice

How to Make the Right Choice

Which one toilet you decide to buy will depend on the price, particular brand, and the type of flushing mechanism. Also, you should consider your attitude according to environmental protection, as well.

However, always keep in mind that you need to choose the toilet, which will fit the residential area standards and your home plumbing.

  • Gravity-fed toilet – It is still the most frequent toilet in the US. Although this model is the oldest one on the market, it is proven and not so demanding regarding plumbing, installation, and cost. On the other hand, it is not eco-friendly, and you can’t use it for a basements area.
  • Dual- flush toilet – Regarding dual-flush toilets, they are the ones with the fewest variations in style and design. If you have a sophisticated taste, this option may not good enough for you.
  • Pressure- assisted toilet – It is a highly effective system regarding self-cleaning, but it is too loud. Since this model is not eco-friendly and requires a bigger water tank, many families won’t choose it for their homes.
  • Double- cyclone toilet – The double-cyclone system doesn’t have any distinct disadvantages except being expensive. Plus, it doesn’t come in different variations. However, this model represents an excellent future option, and I hope it will become cheaper over time.
  • Waterless toilet – As an eco-friendly model, this toilet is quite expensive and requires too much maintenance. On the other hand, you can install it wherever you want. Plus, it will be an excellent choice for generations to come.


No matter if you choose to do the installation of the toilet on your own or you plan to hire an experienced plumber, you will need to think about its price, type, and style.

Maybe you should consider picking out a more expensive toilet since it will cut your water bills drastically and save you a lot of money in the long run. Also, you will protect our planet and keep it safe for future generations by choosing one of the eco-friendly options. It’s up to you.

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