11 Excellent Tips to Unclog a Toilet with Poop in It

There are a few quick tips to unclog the American standard toilet with poop in it. You can also use these methods to dissolve poop stuck in every other toilet you have.

That is not a pleasurable and comfortable job at all. However, I am sure that you can finish the job without spending money on expensive plumber services. Let’s take a close look at the options available.

The Best Ways to Unclog Your Toilet with Poop in It

Don’t be desperate when you face this awful situation. There is a list of the most convenient and reliable ways to solve the problem.

1. Toilet Brush

Toilet Brush

Probably all of us have a toilet brush next to the bowl and use it to clean remind pooping stains after flushing the toilet. However, you can use it as a first aid when poop clogs your toilet, especially in a guest’s bathroom.

I believe that finding yourself in the middle of such a scenario is a real nightmare. Once something like that happens, the only option is to try to unplug the toilet stuck with poop by using a toilet brush.

Indeed, you have no other option in someone else’s bathroom without unpleasant and quite embarrassing explanations.

The system is simple. Take the toilet brush and try to press the remained content down into the drain. Do it carefully to avoid splashing the toilet seat. If you are lucky, everything will go well after the second flushing the toilet.

That is a case when the toilet drains are passable. However, when the pipes are not entirely clean, poop may remain, and the toilet stays clogged. In that case, your host probably knows about the problem, and you can ask for the plunger.

2. Plunger

It is unbelievable how such a simple thing can be so useful. The cleanest, fastest, and highly efficient way to unclog your toilet is to do it by using the plunger.

Pick out the plunger wide enough to allow you to make a vacuum into the open part of the bowl. Put it into the opening and begin moving it slowly up and down.

That way, you will make a vacuum necessary for unclogging. Then raise the speed of your movements gradually. Once the poop goes down to the drain, you should flush the water one more time.

If you notice that water goes slower than usual, you should repeat the procedure even though it seems that the poop has disappeared. Actually, it is still stuck in the drain. Left there, it will cause new problems the next time you use the flushing toilet.

3. Your Own Hands

Your Own Hands

It is an efficient but highly unattractive way to unclog your toilet. Since it is an entirely dirty job, I recommend you to use a pair of waterproof gloves before starting the process.

You will also need a garbage bag and a plunger. Grab the plunger with both hands and begin pumping up and down. After a few movements, parts of the poop will stick right into your plunger. Carefully remove it from the plunger and throw it away into the garbage bag.

Flush the toilet and check if everything is clean and unclogged. You have finished the job well if the toilet flushes out smoothly. Otherwise, you will need to find another method to unclog it.

4. Metal Cloth Hanger

Metal Cloth Hanger 1

If you do not want to get your hand dirty, you can use a metal cloth hanger coated with plastic to remove the poop from the clogged toilet. Never use the one without a plastic coat to avoid damaging the porcelain.

Wear waterproof gloves, unwrap the hanger with pliers, and put one end into the toilet. Try to remove the clog by moving the hanger. Once unblock the toilet, you should flush it a few times until cleaning the bowl entirely.

5. Hot Water and Dish Soap

Unclogging the toilet full of poop by using hot water is an efficient method, but it requires your patience and enough time. The goal is to soften the poop with water and disintegrate it entirely until it goes down to the drain.

To finish the job successfully, you need to be persistent and to repeat the procedure a few times. Begin with pouring the hot water into the bowl.

Use a bucket for that purpose or the shower if it is long enough to reach your toilet. In both cases, you should pour the boiled water until replacing the cold one from the toilet completely. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes while the poop starts softening. Then flush the toilet.

If the bowl is still clogged, you should repeat the action by pouring hot water with dish soap into the toilet. Let it sit about 5 to 10 minutes and pour boiling water one more time. After an additional 5 to 10 minutes, you can flush the toilet.

The advantage of this method is that you will not get your hands dirty. On the other hand, there is a danger of getting burned. Therefore, be careful and keep yourself safe.

6. Coca-Cola and Plastic Foil

Coca-Cola and Plastic Foil

Believe it or not, Coca-Cola is a highly efficient agent for cleaning and unclogging the toilet. You will need four 20 fl oz (0.5 l) bottles of Coca-Cola. Take care to use fresh Coke with the soda.

Pour all Coke into the bowl and cover the opening with plastic foil as fast as you can. Wait for an hour for the Coke to soften the poop. Plastic foil and the soda will make necessary pressure and push the poop down the drain. Flush the toilet afterward.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

You probably have baking soda in your kitchen. That ingredient is beneficial for many things connecting with washing and stain removing.

However, you can use it for dissolving the poop clogging your toilet, as well. There are two efficient options, and you can use any of them, depending on your patience and time available.

7. Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar

If you choose this way, begin by pouring one cup of baking soda into the bowl first. Add one cup of vinegar gradually to cause a chemical reaction. Prepare yourself for very foaming, and be careful to avoid splashing. Keep with pouring vinegar until the mix stops producing bubblings.

In some cases, it will be enough to flush the toilet. However, if the bowl is over-clogged, you should try to pour a gallon (3.8 l) of boiling water in it. Repeat the action as many times as necessary.

The other option is to boil water in a large pot. After cooling liquid for a while, you should add one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar.

Take care that water is not too hot because it will prevent the full effect of baking soda. Pour the mix into the toilet and let it do the job overnight. After flushing the toilet, you will see if you need to repeat the process.

8. Baking soda and plastic foil

Baking soda and plastic foil 1

Begin the procedure by pouring the water into the clogged bowl and add the baking soda right away. Keep in mind that water should be warm, not too hot. Baking soda will not adequately react if you mix it with boiling water.

Therefore, add warm water and baking soda into the bowl, and cover the opening with the plastic foil. Let it sit approximately an hour. Finish with flushing the toilet.

9. Shampoo


The process is not complicated at all. It will be enough to pour hot boiled water and any shampoo you have in the bathroom into the bowl. Then wait for a while.

If the toilet is not blocked too much, you will see how the level of water decreases gradually. While the shampoo softens the poop, hot water will break it down to the drain. To clean pipes entirely, you can add more boiled water before flushing the toilet.

10. Household Bleach

Household Bleach

Use bleach just in case when your toilet is clogged severely. You will need to pour two to three cups of household bleach to the bowl. Wait until it dissolves the poop, and then flush the toilet a few times.

11. Commercial Chemicals

Chemicals are the most effective agents for this job, but the question is whether they are worth the accompanying risk. The best option is to choose readily available products.

Whichever one you choose, it will disintegrate the poop. However, how long the process will take depend on the type of chemicals you use.


I am sure that no one wants to get stuck with the clogged toilet filled with poop. However, shit happens. Uh, what a phrase for such a situation!

Let’s be serious. If you find yourself in a bathroom with that kind of problem, there is no need to start to panic. Stay calm, look around, and grab any of few practical things from the list.

Every household has at least two or three solutions that can get you out of an awkward situation. Use them, finish the cleaning, and forget what has happened as soon as possible.

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    • Toilet brush worked Gross but it did I wish I knew about the Hydrin peroxide it’s a gross article but unfortunately we needed it

  1. Thank you so much! I’ve tried everything since yesterday but guess what, your suggestion for baking soda is what did the trick (and 3 strokes from the plunger). I’m amazed…appreciate you posting this. 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much! The bleach worked like magic.

    After I’d spent about 30 minutes unsuccessfully trying to force it down with a plunger, I went online and came across your article. I poured in about 2 cups of household bleach and let it seat for about 10 minutes. I was amazed at how easily if flushed down afterwards.

  4. I’m hoping any of these work. I want the poop to dissolve a little first before I get in with the plunger. So disgusting!
    Thanks for the info!

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