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31 Bathroom Mirror Ideas – Unique Bath Mirrors

Mirrors seem pretty straightforward. And we use them several times a day. But they go beyond mere functionality. A good mirror builds your confidence and starts your day off right.

Plus, it avoids embarrassment and social faux pas. Things like having spinach in your teeth or tucking your skirt into your pants. So let’s explore bathroom mirror ideas to heighten your home décor.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas – Unique Bath Mirrors

1. Round and Simple Bathroom Mirror

Round and Simple

Bathrooms can sometimes feel cold and clinical. It’s all those glossy surfaces – glass, steel, tile – they don’t hold heat very well. But you can soften your bathroom by sneaking in a few curves. This bathroom has decorative vases and an oval vessel sink. The round mirror is plain and simple with a narrow frame. It visually enlarges the room, picking beige tones from the vanity.


2. Echoes and Accents Bathroom Mirror

Echoes and Accents 1

You might not think you can do much with a gray bathroom. But a few metallic accents can make all the difference. Look for bathroom mirror ideas that introduce more light into the room. In this bathroom, all the glassware echoes each other. The black frames on the shower enclosure match the frames on the double mirrors, twin vessel sinks, and floating vanities.


3. Backlit Bounty Bathroom Mirror

Backlit Bounty

At first glance, this bathroom looks confusing. Though that may be the whole point. By cleverly using bathroom mirrors, the room looks twice its size. The trick is in the backlighting. This bathroom has a wall-to-wall mirror over a floating shelf and twin vessel sinks. Recessed lights are positioned behind the mirror with more on the ceiling. It makes the room look larger.


4. Odd Shapes and Angles Bathroom Mirror

Odd Shapes and Angles

This bathroom has a slightly off-kilter feel. The soap dispensers have curious shapes and unusual angles that bring character to the countertop. And the oblong vessel sink is a unique touch. Match these eccentric accessories with an equally unorthodox mirror. Try something frameless with visible longitudinal lights fitted into the glass. It looks stylish and elegant.


5. Frontal Framing Bathroom Mirror

Frontal Framing

Wall-to-wall mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of more space. And you can still add small touches to make your bathroom unique to you. In this case, the mirror is framed in brown wood. This matches it with the wooden vanity cabinets. The backsplash is a compromise of white and gray mosaic that brings together all the hues and tones in the room.


6. Sparkly Sandy Tones Bathroom Mirror

Sparkly Sandy Tones

Bathroom mirrors don’t exist in a vacuum. The accessories surrounding the mirror can completely change the ambiance of the room. This bathroom has the same round, gilded mirror we saw earlier. But it sits on glossy sand-toned tiles. That golden touch is echoed in the pendant lights and the faucets. A vessel sink and matching soap dish complete the picture.


7. Lotsa Light Bathroom Mirror

Lotsa Light

You don’t need a lot of space to make a his-and-hers master en-suite. In this case, a floating vanity and twin vessel sinks make bathroom-sharing easier. But because the sinks are deep, the mirror needs to sit higher on the wall. This leaves clearance for the faucets. And to effectively light the mirror, it’s backlit all along its perimeter. The switch box is backlit as well.


8. Shapes and Colours Bathroom Mirror

Shapes and Colours

If you’re a fan of emerald-cut gemstones, you could bring that bit of bling into your bathroom. The one pictured here is large and beveled. You can pick a convex or concave one, or it can be even and flat. The wall behind the mirror is mint-colored. The vanity is made in mint as well, with glossy surfaces that increase the light levels in the bathroom. Don’t forget to add a sink!


9. Sunken Sections Bathroom Mirror

Sunken Sections

How do you feel about bathroom storage? Some of us are pretty fast-and-loose, stacking bath products on every available ledge. Others prefer everything in its proper place, so floating shelves are a must. In this bathroom, the mirror sinks into a wooden frame, creating a small lip that could hold a perfume bottle or three. The planters match the color of the mirror frame.


10. Storage Solutions Bathroom Mirror

Storage Solutions

In modern homes, every item does double duty. And this concept is easily applied to your bathroom mirror ideas. Rather than installing a mirror flush on the wall, place a mirrored door over your medicine cabinet. This one has an open shelf as its lowest ledge so you can keep items you don’t want tucked behind the door. Two small portable mirrors flank the main one.


11. Mirrored Minimalism Bathroom Mirror

Mirrored Minimalism

Many contemporary homes opt for frameless glass. It’s elegant and minimalist. This bathroom has frameless glass doors that reflect the view from a fixed French window. Pick a massive frameless mirror to match. This bathroom is mostly white. And all that glass keeps the room well-lit. The wooden slatted shower wall complements the beige bathroom countertop.


12. Mix and Mingle Bathroom Mirror

Mix and Mingle

Colour can make a huge difference to your interior décor. Including the bathroom. In this one, a simple change of hue distinguishes the mirrors from the windows. Both have timber frames. But the window trim is white to match the bathroom accessories (toilet, tub, sink). Conversely, frame the mirrors with brown wood to go with the vanity and the main bathroom door.


13. Mirrored Niche Bathroom Mirror

Mirrored Niche

When your room is well-lit, positioning your mirror can be a problem. All that natural light can often make your mirrors unusable. This bathroom idea solves the issue by pushing the tub forward. In the bathroom, the bathtub platform creates a corner niche for your floating vanity and vessel sinks. The twin mirrors are concealed from direct sunlight so they’re still usable.


14. Corporate Couture Bathroom Mirror

Corporate Couture

Bathrooms with multiple sinks might need matching mirrors. But you can resolve the issue by installing a larger mirror that cuts across all your sinks. It’s a common solution for corporate bathrooms. And you can bring the idea home if you like. Overhead can lights work best with this setup because they reduce shadows and glare. Mount a few backlights behind the mirror.


15. Curves and Corners Bathroom Mirror

Curves and Corners

We’ve talked about the difference shape can make in your bathroom mirror ideas. Here’s another example. Unlike boring bathroom mirrors that are plain squares, rectangles, or even circles, this one is cut into a poin1ed arch. Framing oddly-shaped mirrors can be tricky. But this one is frameless and sits flush against the wall. Follow up with a quirky sink shape.


16. Gray on White Bathroom Mirror

Gray on White

Neutrals are a good way to enlarge a small space. This bathroom does a good job of visual expansion. The gray walls and white fixtures fit the room perfectly. The floating bidet opens up the floor. And the vintage vanity is both stylish and space-saving. To match the furniture, use an oval mirror framed in the same white wood as the vanity. Sidelights tie it all together.


17. Slate and Simple Bathroom Mirror

Slate and Simple

If you’re looking for low-maintenance bathroom accessories, here are some good ideas. Go for a vessel sink instead of a fixed one. It leaves more open counter space and the plumbing is easier as well. Rather than mounting a mirror on the tile, buy a simple, well-framed one and place it on the countertop behind the sink. The slate frame here goes well with gray faucets.


18. Copper Circles Bathroom Mirror

Copper Circles

The simplest way to drastically change your bathroom is to switch up colors and textures. So instead of going for gold, check out the amber aisle. In this bathroom, the mirror is mounted on copper racks. You can craft them as a DIY project from salvaged pipes. The mirror frame and faucet are copper as well. Behind the mirror, turquoise-colored grout matches the wall.


19. Tempting Texture Bathroom Mirror

Tempting Texture

The best position for your bathroom mirror is opposite a window. The second-best position is facing the door. Both these installation points create multiple reflections, making the bathroom look bigger. In this mixed-texture bathroom, the mirror is opposite the door. Its side frames use the same type of dark wood as the door and the floating shelves below it.


20. Cool and Cluttered Bathroom Mirror

Cool and Cluttered

We generally try to get rid of bathroom clutter. But if it’s tastefully styled, a busy bathroom can still look good. And this bathroom has a lot going on. The wall has tons of shiny silver knobs sticking out. And each pair offers storage options – a toilet paper stand, towel racks, hanging hooks, and mirrors. Use a portable make-up mirror to compliment your wall mirror.


21. Mini Magic Bathroom Mirror

Mini Magic

Large mirrors have their place. But that’s not the only bathroom mirror idea that works. If you have a smaller space – or maybe a half bath, portable mirrors can be helpful. Get a large one with a solid stand and adjustable angles. It gives you far more flexibility. And because it’s a mobile mirror, you can move it around the bathroom to get the best lighting options available.


22. White, Wood, and Wonderful Bathroom Mirror

White, Wood, and Wonderful

Vessel sinks are shallow and space-saving. So these conical ones might be better described as porcelain troughs. They’re automated, with ultramodern push-button faucets and a floating countertop. These white accessories contrast the beige palate walls and floor. Unify these elements with a long frameless mirror. It reflects the picture window and enhances your view.


23. Light Them Right Bathroom Mirror

Light Them Right

These trapezoid vessel sinks are a beautiful aesthetic. They’re larger than standard sinks, though not as deep as the conical ones we saw before. Each sink is topped by an individual silver-framed mirror. These mirrors aren’t exceptional in themselves. So to raise your bathroom sophistication, introduce tasteful cubical downlights above the mirrors.


24. Oblong and Audacious Bathroom Mirror

Oblong and Audacious

For many of us, large mirrors resolve the issue of small bathrooms. But if you’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom, maximize it! Rectangles are a great way to utilize large spaces, and it’s well-used here. The mirror, the tub, the sinks, the window, and the floating vanity are all huge rectangles. The mirror is backlit all around and has twin control panels for its twin sinks.


25. Sophisticate and Separate Bathroom Mirror

Sophisticate and Separate

Just because you share your lives, your bed, and your bathroom doesn’t mean you have to fight over the sink. This master en-suite has separate sinks and mirrors. The sinks are circular and each one has an oval mirror above it. Bathroom users have individual drawers so it’s likely to lessen conflict. The dark faucets match the mirror frame and the vanity mimics the door.


26. Long, Red, and Brown Bathroom Mirror

Long, Red, and Brown

We seem drawn to horizontally elongated bathroom mirrors rather than horizontal ones. They often run from wall to wall (or across the width of your vanity). Plus, bathroom mirrors start above the sink so they’re unlikely to go below the waist. If you have high ceilings though, consider going up. Here, a length mirror has a reddish-brown frame, just like the shelf below.


27. Ornate Luxe Bathroom Mirror

Ornate Luxe

Taste is both acquired and subjective. So while some may see this bathroom as pricy and posh, others may describe it as kitschy and over-the-top. Still, if your style is daring, this is a direction you could go. The bathtub coping is a mosaic of mini mirrors. It’s like soaking in a disco ball! The main mirror is round and ornately framed with spiral coils and folds.


28. Gorgeous Grain Bathroom Mirror

Gorgeous Grain

Mirror frames are designed to draw attention to the glass rather than the frame itself. But once in a while (like the bathroom mirror ideas we just looked at), the frame speaks louder than the glass. You can use that to elevate your bathroom décor. This bathroom frame with beautiful texture and grain. The picture frames use the same wood, and the floor picks those tones.


29. Center Stage Bathroom Mirror

Center Stage

Who says your bathroom mirror ideas are restricted to your waist? If you’re willing to flaunt convention, you’ll have a lot more leeway. In this bathroom, a full-length framed mirror lies against the side of the wall. This lets you enjoy the quirky sink and French windows undistracted by your ego (or your reflection). That location evenly distributes natural light.


30. Hanging Pretty Bathroom Mirror

Hanging Pretty

When you install a wall-to-wall mirror in a large bathroom, you risk making the bathroom feel institutional and detached. Lighting is a good way to make your bathroom mirror feel more homely. In this bathroom, cylindrical pendant lights give the bathroom a domestic aura. They’re dim lights though, so you may need to supplement them with recessed ceiling LEDs.


31. Seeing Double Bathroom Mirror

Seeing Double

Vaulted ceilings need angled mirrors, yes? But you can get prettier results by mixing textures and shapes. In this bathroom, the twin beveled mirrors are round, the tub is oval, and the roof has a slant. The fixed window behind the bathtub extends into a sloping skylight. Twin vessel sinks sit below the mirrors, resting on a floating shelf. These sinks are shallow and oval.

Your turn! Show us some photos of your bathroom mirrors in the comments. We’d love to see!