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30 Bathroom Organizer Ideas – Bathroom Organization for More Storage

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. Although its hygiene is implied, we often clutter the bathroom with cosmetics, various shampoos, shower gels, and small, personal items like hair bands.

When you add towels, toilet paper, and small appliances like an electric razor, hairdryer, and curling iron, a mess is complete. Whether you have a spacious bathroom or a tiny toilet, you will need plenty of bathroom organizers that you can use to save space and declutter.

1. Bathroom Set for Light Interior

Bathroom Set for Light Interior

It all starts with the shelves. The walls in the bathroom most often offer empty and unused space. Set up several shelves there and use them to store towels, extra toilet paper, and an air freshener.

The main advantage of shelves is openness, so you can quickly find there everything you need. Pick out an elegant model to beautify your space and help you avoid morning stress.

2. Wooden Shelves With a Crate

Wooden Shelves With a Crate

If you pick out a shelve made of wood, you will bring a touch of elegance and style to your bathroom. Put it near the sink and add a crate there to use it for keeping liquid soap, hairbrushes, and a mirror in one place.

Moreover, you can always add some greenery by placing a few small plants there. Don’t be afraid to give your shelf a personal touch.

3. Shelves With Decorative Baskets

Shelves With Decorative Baskets

Baskets are your best friend when you need new bathroom organizer ideas. Simply insert a pair of rattan baskets on a shelf and fill them with towels you don’t need at the moment.

In the shelf corner, you can place bath salt bottles, essential oils, and some seashells as a lovely decoration. You can also combine a few baskets of different sizes, and hide there all the little things that otherwise create chaos.

4. Glass Shelf for Colorful Bath Shower Sponges

Glass Shelf for Colorful Bath Shower Sponges

Be original and install a shelf made of glass above the bathtub or next to the shower. When you put several colorful sponges for everyday use on it, you will get both an organized place for gadgets and excellent decoration.

The big plus of these shelves is that they are easy to maintain. It will be enough to wipe them off after taking a shower with a dry cloth to absorb excess water.

5. Built-In Shelves Under the Arch

Built-In Shelves Under the Arch

Some bathrooms have built-in shelves in the shower or above the bathtub. If your bathroom is one of these, use this space to house your bath products.

However, make sure to remove the water that collects on the shelf after finishing the shower to avoid problems with moisture and mold. Plus, since they fit into the wall entirely, you will prevent your favorite shampoo from spilling accidentally all over the floor.

6. Elegant Wooden Holders

Elegant Wooden Holders

If you want to find an ideal place for shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner, you should install a convenient holder on the wall next to the shower. Always match the dispenser’s colors with the rest furniture and tile pattern on the wall.

Place a set of dispensers on that custom-made shelf and fill them when needed. You can buy such a shelf in a home depot, but you can make it by yourself if you are a creative and skillful person.

7. Simple White Shelves

Simple White Shelves

If you like the stylish and tidy look, you should pick out white shelves of pure lines. Add some colorful baskets on it for bath sponges, brushes, and towels, and you will get beautiful and useful space for all everyday essentials.

Since colors affect the feeling of tidiness in the bathroom significantly, you should make a contrast. A combination of white shelves and the walls and baskets in vibrant colors will transform your bathroom into something special.

8. Shelf Across the Entire Wall

Shelf Across the Entire Wall

If you have enough space in your bathroom for such a shelf, you can enjoy creativity. Always pair towels in vibrant colors with matching colored shampoos or toothbrush holders, and place the items of the same color into adequate sections.

This type of grouping by color can enhance the monochromatic bathroom and provide it with a more cheerful atmosphere. That way, you will get both a neat and unique space.

9. Black Accessories on the White Shelf

Black Accessories on the White Shelf

Still, black is not always the wrong choice. A few details in black will add an effect of elegance to your bathroom. Plus, you can use the shelf as a holder for cotton pads, combs, and decorative stones.

10. Wooden Table as a Shelf

Wooden Table as a Shelf

If you have a few small porcelain bowls, place them on the wooden table and keep products similar in purpose in one place. Choose a black, elegant bowl for your husband to put his electric razor, a comb, and scissors he needs every day.

11. Shelf Made of Natural Wood

Shelf Made of Natural Wood

If you are one of the lucky few who have a vintage bathtub in your home, place a spacious wooden shelf on the wall above it. That way, your clean towels will always be nearby.

The extra space is easy to fill with scented candles and pebbles. Moreover, it is a good idea to put one or two boxes on these shelves, too.

12. Spa Bathtub Wooden Table

Spa Bathtub Wooden Table

A wooden shelf over the bathtub is an excellent bathroom organizer idea you can achieve without too much investment.

This shelf can be a perfect spot for small decorative soaps, bath foam, and a candle or two. If the space between the wall and the tube is large enough, a fern can further decorate this corner.

13. Wooden Towel Stands

Wooden Towel Stands

Why couldn’t the wall shelf be diagonally mounted? This unique and natural look will match the white or a navy-blue wall in your bathroom.

Neatly stacked, rolled towels will transform the shelf into a piece of art. You can break the monotony and alternately arrange towels and other decorations there.

14. Metal Holders for Towels

Metal Holders for Towels

Metal holders are an excellent way to keep the towels from taking up too much space in your bathroom. All you need are a few metal rails, a couple of screws, and a drill.

Plus, you can use them to dry towels that are not too wet. Keep in mind that you need to select chromatic rails to prevent rust stains from appearing on the towels.

15. Elegant Towel Dryers

Elegant Towel Dryers

When you start looking for different bathroom organizers available on the market, you should consider affordable and practical towel heaters as the best option for storing towels you use daily.

By mounting these heaters on the wall, you will save a lot of space. Plus, you can hang small items there like holiday souvenirs or children bath gloves.

16. Glass Shelves for Cosmetics

Glass Shelves for Cosmetics

When it comes to cosmetics, it seems that we always have too much of it. There is always more than one face cream, a lot of nail polishes, and many other products needed for daily care.

It is easiest to put these products into a cabinet with glass shelves. To make it easier to use, always sort items by their size.

17. Textile Boxes for Cosmetics

Textile Boxes for Cosmetics

Sort these convenient textile boxes on your shelf and use them to store all your cosmetic products. They are lightweight, spacious, and can separate decorative cosmetics from cleansing products.

They are an excellent idea for a bathroom organizer for families with more members. You can pick out boxes of different colors for each of you.

18. Painted Crates

Painted Crates

The space around the toilet, though measured by tens of inches, often remains empty. Several wooden crates stacked on top of one another and glued with silicone will offer the perfect toilet paper corner.

A pair of scented sticks or a small houseplant will decorate this improvised bathroom organizer just fine. Moreover, you don’t need to spend any money since you probably already have a few crates in a garage.

19. Bamboo Shelves with Baskets

Bamboo Shelves with Baskets

Furniture made of natural material has many advantages. Besides being eco-friendly, these shelves are a popular choice for their appearance and price. Make your bathroom unique by placing a bamboo shelf there.

Use drawers to hold items you don’t use every day. You can put a hairdryer, epilator, and curling iron inside. A small jewelry box can find its place there, as well.

20. Purple Baskets on the Top of a Cupboard

Purple Baskets on the Top of a Cupboard

Handmade purple wicker baskets will look lovely in your bathroom. If you place them on the top of a cupboard, you will use that free space and get excellent storage at the same time. Pack there everything you don’t need every day, such as smaller umbrellas, hats, gloves, or scarves.

21. Wicker Baskets for Dirty Laundry

Wicker Baskets for Dirty Laundry

If you have the right basket, even the dirty laundry can’t make you nervous. Combine a wicker basket and cabinet to get an ultimate bathroom organizer. The wicker baskets look attractive, and you can move them quickly when cleaning since they are lightweight.

22. Shelving Unit With Toiletries

Shelving Unit With Toiletries

Nowadays, there are many designs for your bathroom items. Use the multipurpose shelving unit to hold small hand towels, nail clippers, a toothbrush, and paste by the sink or bathtub. Think about placing a book on the bottom shelf to read it while you take a bath.

23. Sink Of Stone On A Wooden Table

Sink Of Stone On A Wooden Table

There are some bathroom organizer rules for a sink. It is a place in the bathroom that doesn’t suffer the slightest mess. Hang a perfectly clean mirror above the wooden table and arrange a small hand towel and necessary liquid soap next to the sink. That is enough.

24. Cabinets Under the Sink

Cabinets Under the Sink

You can use space under the sink in many ways. Among others, this is the perfect place for storing cleaning products. Keep in mind that many of them are toxic, and you should place them out of reach of kids and pets. Therefore, a closed cabinet with a lock is an ideal solution.

25. Medicine Cabinets With a Mirror

Medicine Cabinets With a Mirror

The mirror above the sink often hides a medicine cabinet, but you can keep some cosmetics there, as well. Pick out the shelves made of glass or the same material as the rest of the cabinet. As you keep it closed for most of the day, it will be easy to maintain.

26. Hanging Fabric Closet Organizer

Hanging Fabric Closet Organizer

If you have a small bathroom, your best ally is a fabric bathroom organizer. You can hang it on the shower curtain rod, bathroom door, or hook screwed into the wall.

What you keep in it will depend on your needs and habits, as well as the number of people using the bathroom. However, it is an ideal option for keeping accessories in one place.

27. Decorative Hooks

Decorative Hooks

Most people often forget the potential that the bathroom door has. Installing a few hooks on the wall or your door will offer some extra space for keeping various little things.

Hang there a bathrobe, towels, and a bucket with baby toys, for example. On the other hand, this solution won’t draw too much attention or interfere with you while using the bathroom.

28. Bathroom Drawers

Bathroom Drawers

Can you even imagine a bathroom without several useful drawers? The closed space in them reduces the amount of dust, so it is a convenient space for things that come in direct contact with your body.

Place there your contact lenses, combs, and tampons. As an additional level of organization, you can insert smaller plastic separators in the drawer and thus separate items by purpose.

29. Sea Corner

Sea Corner

Even though you live far from the sea, there is no need to wait for the summer to experience a part of the atmosphere. Use the tiles surrounding the tub to add a little blue in addition to the shower gels and baths. These may be sea salt, some ornaments, or a starfish from a previous trip.

30. Contemporary Arrangement

Contemporary Arrangement

Minimalism is always the right choice if you are not sure how to organize your bathroom. This room should have a personal signature, so try to soften the sharp lines of modern furniture by adding a bathroom organizer for things you use every day.