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How Much Does Bath Fitters Cost In 2023? (Average & Alternatives)

When the time for renovating your bathroom comes, it usually involves weeks of work, the chaos around the house, and a lot of annoyance. Plus, you need to plan to spend a decent sum of money on material and labor costs, which will burden the household budget. Fortunately, there is an easier way nowadays to do that job.

Since 1984, you can redecorate your bathroom beyond recognition in just one day. The solution is a bath fitter. However, it is a relatively new method, and many people are still not sure what that term means. More importantly, you need to find out what does the bath fitter cost. Let’s see.

Bath Fitter Company

In 1984, in Montreal, Canada, three brothers founded the Bath Fitter Company. Their goal was to simplify and speed up bathroom renovations in both commercial and residential properties.

However, today we use the term bath fitter not only as a company name but to denote this model of the bathroom renovation in general. Many companies on the market use this method, but their bath fitter costs vary considerably.

What Is A Bath Fitter?

Today, you can purchase this product in the USA and change your bathroom in a short time. What makes it innovative is that you don’t need to remove your old bathtub and the tiles. It will be enough to put an overlay cover over them.

Therefore, the process only takes a few hours, and you will also avoid unnecessary clutter all over the house. That means remodeling of the bathroom won’t disrupt your usual lifestyle and using the guest bathroom if you have it at al.

In addition to the quick installation of the bath fitter, this option is practical since the entire bath liner is made of one acrylic sheet. Therefore, you will cover the tiles, plaster, and floor at once. That means that the water simply doesn’t have a space in which it could leak.

The downside of this procedure is that there are bathtubs that are not suitable for a bath fitter, primarily claw-foot ones. Besides, you can’t install it on a bathtub that has water jets.

How much does a bath fitter average cost?

How much does bath fitter cost

The installation cost of a bath fitter starts at the amount of $1,000. The final bill will depend on many factors, including your wishes and the condition of your bathroom. In some cases, the overall cost can grow up to $10,000.

A bathtub liner itself has a price of $700 to $1,400. You may try to install it by yourself, but you risk the occurrence of crack and fractures. It can be a considerable problem since water will collect under the cover over time. Over time that water leads to the appearance of unpleasant odors and mold development.

If your bathroom is in good condition and requires minimal preparation, you can save on wall repair. Otherwise, you need to place a new liner with anti-microbial attributes and install a new shower valve. In such a case, the average bath fitter cost is from $5,000 and $7,000.

Bath Fitter Material Cost

The bathtub materials you choose will significantly affect the bath fitter cost.  Nowadays, you can go for PVC vinyl liners, which are far more affordable than the acrylic option. That way, you can save from $300 to $500.

However, PVC vinyl is not the cheapest option available on the market. Fiberglass liners may cost as little as $200. If you prefer a more luxurious solution and pick out an elegant marble appearance, you need to spend about $2000 for bath liner only.

Other Bath Fitter Cost Factors

With a bath fitter, no two bathrooms are exactly the same. On the websites of most companies, you can design the custom look of the bathtub, the color of the tiles and walls, and details such as towel rails or soap dishes. Therefore, it is difficult to compare the bath fitter cost. Some of the crucial factors influencing the price are:

  • Bathtub size and wall panel area – The bigger your bathtub, the more you need to pay. It is the same situation with the surface area of the walls.
  • Color and finish – In addition to the basic colors, there are hundreds of shades available on the market. You can choose the shiny, or matte finish, faux marble, or something completely different. The price will depend on your preferences.
  • The bathroom state – There is a big difference in price if mold exists only in traces or the walls are covered with it. You can expect a higher price when the job includes more cleaning.
  • Plumbing – The price of a bath fitter will depend on the condition of the pipes and drains in your bathroom, as well. You need to replace corroded pipes with galvanized ones, which means more payments.
  • Details – Accessories to a primary bath fitter such as faucets, grab bars, shower shelves, soap dishes, and flooring can be quite expensive. Although these elements help you give a personal touch to the bathroom, they can increase the bath fitter cost by up to 20%.

Bath Fitter Cost vs. Replacement Cost

Bath Fitter Cost vs. Replacement Cost

Although a bath fitter cost is not a small investment, covering an old bathtub costs much less than its replacement. On average, to install a new bathtub, you initially need to pay approximately $3,000.

Keep in mind that the price of installing a new bathtub doesn’t include the bathtub itself. The most affordable option for buying a new, acrylic bathtub is around $ 900. Add to that labor costs, and countless days you lose while waiting for the bathroom renovation

The overall cost will skyrocket by adding new tiles and plumbing work. Unfortunately, the more modification you need to make, you will get higher bills. Don’t forget that the final cost depends on the state you live in, as well. The same service can be twice as expensive, depending on the region.

Bath Fitter Durability

As a short-term solution, you can repair your bathtub by repainting or resurfacing it. However, in two to three years, you will face the same problem as before. On the other hand, most bath fitter manufacturers include a lifetime warranty.

Most companies also offer acrylic bath liners. They are far more durable than PVC vinyl, but the disadvantage of this option is its tendency to become brittle over time. The good thing is that the warranty covers repairs.

The bath fitter cost will pay off if you plan to enjoy your renovated bathroom for at least twenty or thirty years. In just one day, a team of professionals will renovate and clean the entire bathroom. You can use it 36 to 48 hours after they leave your house.

Bath Fitter Set Up

Bath Fitter Set Up

The contractor will come to assess the situation in your bathroom once you decide to install a bath fitter. You need to talk about the type of toilet you want and the price. Most companies offer this service for free. However, it can take several weeks after the tour until the renewal begins.

When a team of performers shows up at the house, they first remove the faucet, shower stand, and soap dishes. They then install the wall panels over the existing walls. These panels have a protective layer against moisture and mold.

When the workers install wall panels in color and pattern you chose, the new bathtub is placed over the old one according to the agreed design. All that is left is to add an accessory and clean the space.

Bath Fitter Alternatives Cost

Nowadays, there are many ways to renovate an old bathtub, so even a bath fitter has alternatives. What option you want to choose depends on your style and the budget you have. The only thing you need to do is to pick out a good company. It can be tricky since most of them offer similar solutions to replace the old coating with the new ones.

There is a so-called miracle method that involves gluing a PVC plastic cover over an old bathtub. This procedure of refinishing the bathtub will cost $400 to $600. The price for the entire service, including tiles, is approximately $800 to $1,500.

Bath wraps are another way to avoid high bath fitter cost. You can choose it to remodel both bathtub and shower cabin. Bath wraps liners are an excellent anti-microbial option resistant to cracking and fading.

Finally, you can order online custom bath liners from many manufacturers. They are durable, safe, and easy to clean. Plus, if you avoid labor costs and set them on your own, they will cost you less than $1,000.


Overall, you should think carefully before deciding on a bath fitter. It will change and modernize your bathroom and make it healthier. On the other hand, it is necessary to set aside several thousand dollars for a quality product.

Keep in mind that this investment will pay off over the years, given that most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty. However, it is necessary to research the market well because the prices vary significantly.