27 Homemade Bathroom/Shower Curtain Plans You Can DIY Easily

When it comes to bathroom décor, curtains are an important element, but whether you need them for the shower or the window, sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect size or style you need.

One solution, however, is to make them yourself, so we had a look online to see what other people have been trying – and for anyone who wants to have a go, here are our favorite 27 plans for DIY bathroom curtains you can easily recreate at home.

1. Extra Long Shower Curtain DIY

Extra Long Shower Curtain DIY

If you have a high ceiling in your bathroom, you can give your shower a dramatic look by installing an extra-long shower curtain. If that sounds like something you might like to try – and you’re willing to have a go at making something yourself – this tutorial will show you how to do it, allowing you to create an impressive effect just like in the photos.

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2. Sexy Bathtub Curtain

Here’s a great design for a bathtub curtain that will give your bathroom a high-end look without costing you a fortune. This video is well-made, and we like the way this YouTuber explains everything you’ll need to do clearly, so even the most rookie DIYer should be able to replicate her plan at home.


3. DIY Grommet-Top Curtains Using Shower Curtains

DIY Grommet-Top Curtains Using Shower Curtains

In this blog, we learn how to make grommet-top curtains from shower curtains. The ones we see here aren’t installed in a bathroom, but since shower curtains are made of material that’s suitable for humid environments, this design would be perfectly suited to a bathroom window too. That means you can easily adapt this simple idea to any room in your house, making this a plan that many people will find useful.

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4. How to Make a Shower Curtain

If you’re looking for a tutorial that teaches you how to make a shower curtain from scratch, this is a video that’s worth checking out. In it, this YouTuber shows us how to cut the material, do the stitching, add the grommets and everything else you need to know. So if you have a non-standard-sized shower – or even if you just want to design your own curtain – this is a video that gives you all the info you need.


5. DIY Custom Full Length Shower Curtain

DIY Custom Full Length Shower Curtain

For anyone looking for a little inspiration, this is a post that should be of interest, because the design it shows you is beautiful. The classic-style bathtub surrounded by a full-length curtain is gorgeous, and if you want something similar, this blog should give you a few ideas about the kind of thing that’s possible.

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6. A Guide to Affordably Pulling Off Your Own DIY Shower Curtain

Sometimes it can be difficult finding the right shower curtain for your bathroom – especially if you have an oversized shower. However, if this is a problem you’re facing, there’s no need to stress, because it’s not too hard to make your own custom version. As this video shows you, it won’t even cost you a lot of money to do, and if you want to have a go, this upload will teach you how.


7. DIY Shower Curtain Liner with Brass Grommets

In this video, this YouTuber shows us how she made oversized shower curtain liner using 8-gauge vinyl and brass grommets. It’s the kind of simple plan that anyone will be able to copy, so if you have an awkward-sized shower and you have trouble finding suitable read-made versions in a store, this tutorial will teach you how to DIY curtains of your own.


8. DIY Double Shower Curtain Tutorial

DIY Double Shower Curtain Tutorial

If you need to install curtains for your bathtub, one attractive and stylish option is to go for a double-curtain style. As you can see from the photos, the effect it creates looks chic and expensive, but if you follow this plan, you can recreate something similar without spending too much money. The post also includes lots of photos of double-curtain installations, so there’s plenty there to help fire your imagination.

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9. Farmhouse Bathroom Reveal – Bathroom Makeover with Shower Curtain Tutorial

This video is the final instalment of this YouTuber’s bathroom makeover series, and in it, you get to see the reveal of the finished job. She also takes you through how she made her DIY bathroom shower curtain, so if you like the design, you can easily make something just like it yourself.


10. Make Your Own Shower Curtain! – Sewing Tutorial

When it comes to making DIY shower curtains, for many designs, the most challenging aspect is likely to be the sewing part. So for anyone who is a little unsure about how to tackle it, this YouTuber gives us a tutorial focusing on just that. It’s really not that difficult when you know how to do it, and we love the whale motif of the curtains she made – so if you like them too, why not have a go at copying her ideas?


11. DIY Colorful Shower Curtains (In A Watercolor Floral Fabric)

DIY Colorful Shower Curtains (In A Watercolor Floral Fabric)

Here’s a stunning design for some striking shower curtains that we’re sure lots of people will love. As this blogger tells us, she is very into colorful shower curtains, but she couldn’t find ones that match her tastes – so instead of buying them, she just made her own. She then goes on to give you a detailed explanation for how to copy her design, so anyone will be able to recreate her ideas without any trouble.

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12. How to Make a Cute No-Sew Shower Curtain

Most of the plans for custom shower curtains we’ve seen involve at least a certain amount of sewing, but if you prefer a sew-free plan, this one could be just what you’re looking for. Her new curtains look fantastic, and it’s such an easy design too, so for anyone who doesn’t have access to a sewing machine, this is a tutorial that should be worth a watch.


13. DIY Extra Long Custom Design Shower Curtain

DIY Extra Long Custom Design Shower Curtain

This blogger was facing a familiar problem when she couldn’t find a large enough curtain for her oversized shower – so like any good DIYer, she decided to make one herself. As you can see from her post, it was an easy job to complete, and the result looks perfect – so if you also need to make an oversized shower curtain for your bathroom, this blog is recommended reading.

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14. Easy No Sew Bathroom Curtains!

This short video teaches you how to make bathroom curtains without needing to use a sewing machine. As she tells us, it only took around ten minutes to do, and it’s a budget-friendly plan too, so for anyone short on time who doesn’t want to spend lots of money on shower curtains, this is a tutorial that should appeal.


15. Macramé Shower Curtain DIY

Macramé Shower Curtain DIY

If you want to add a touch of style and luxuriousness to your bathroom, a floor-to-ceiling shower curtain will help you achieve the look. By including a macramé trim, you can also give an uninspiring curtain a more interesting aesthetic, just like in the photos. Check out the post to see how they did it!

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16. DIY Shower Curtain

This informative video gives you detailed instructions for making your own bathroom shower curtain, so if you don’t have lots of experience tackling this kind of project, it could be a good place to start. She also demonstrates everything you need to do clearly, so it’s a video any DIY beginners will be able to learn a lot from.


17. DIY Swag Shower Curtain

As this DIYer writes in the introduction to her video, adding this kind of shower curtain to your bathroom is a great way of giving the space a whole new look. The materials she used were inexpensive too, so if you want to create a similar look in your home, it will cost you next to nothing to do.


18. DIY Extra Long Shower Curtain

DIY Extra Long Shower Curtain

This blogger writes that some of her inspiration came from the ideas included in #15, but she took those ideas and gave them her own personal twist. That’s probably the best way to approach any DIY projects – to borrow and adapt other people’s ideas rather than just copying them exactly. We love the way it looks too, so why not check it out and see if you can find some inspiration in what she did?

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19. Custom Shower Curtain for Beginner Level Sewing

For any sewing novices who are looking for a project that will help them level-up their skills, this video is recommended viewing. In it, this YouTuber teaches us about a technique for making a DIY shower curtain that’s suitable for beginners. It’s the kind of job anyone can manage, and you’ll be proud of what you’ve created once it’s finished.


20. Make Your Own Shower Curtain

Make Your Own Shower Curtain

In the words of this blogger, changing your shower curtain might be one of the easiest ways to spruce up your bathroom. However, it’s not always easy to find one that matches your vision – in which case, the obvious solution is simply to make one yourself. And if you’re interested in trying, this blog post gives you a simple step-by-step guide for completing the job.

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21. DIY Shower Curtain Decor Drapery Look Part 2

Here’s an interesting idea for giving your shower a new look – this YouTuber uses a drapery technique and two separate curtains to change the style of her bathroom. It’s an original suggestion that’s easy to copy too, so we’re sure plenty of people will be keen to try something similar.


22. Double DIY Shower Curtain & Liner Tutorial

Double DIY Shower Curtain & Liner Tutorial

Just like the video in #21, this blogger has attempted to give her bathtub and shower a touch of class by using a double curtain effect. We love the photos of how it looks – we especially appreciate the attractive floral design – and she also gives you detailed instructions for how to make curtains like it for anyone who wants to try.

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23. DIY: Shower Curtain to Window Curtain

DIY Shower Curtain to Window Curtain

If you have some shower curtains that don’t suit your shower, you don’t need to throw them out – because instead, you can turn them into regular curtains for your bathroom or any other room. It’s a great way to recycle stuff you already have, and this blog teaches you how.

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24. How to Install a Shower Curtain

You might not want to know how to make your own shower curtain but rather, you just need to know how to DIY-install one you bought from a store. If that’s the kind of tutorial you’re looking for, this video is ideal since it tells you everything you need to know to get the job done.


25. These Are the Best Privacy Options for Your Bathroom Windows

These Are the Best Privacy Options for Your Bathroom Windows

In many bathrooms, it’s important to have proper curtains that obscure the view from outside – since you don’t want everyone seeing in through the window while you’re washing! At the same time, you need curtains that let in enough natural light, and this blog post gives you tips for how to find the perfect balance.

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26. Guest Bathroom: No-Sew Shower Curtain Tutorial

Guest Bathroom No-Sew Shower Curtain Tutorial

The blogger who wrote this post describes the simple blue and white curtain she made as “gorgeous”, and we have to agree. Even better, it’s a no-sew design that anyone can copy easily, so if you like the style, why not have a go at making something just like it yourself?

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27. How to Make a Shower Curtain from a Flat Sheet

How to Make a Shower Curtain from a Flat Sheet

If you like an uncomplicated, understated style, the curtain this blogger made should appeal to your taste. The curtain is plain white with a simple line of embellishment in the middle just so it doesn’t end up looking too plain. As the blogger writes, it’s a fairly big project, but you don’t need to be a sewing expert to complete it – so if you’re up for a challenge, it could be a fun job to try.

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Plenty of great ideas to inspire you

As you can see, whether you need a shower curtain or curtains for a bathroom window, there are plenty of great ideas to help you get inspired.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them too – and above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the ideas you needed to get stuck into your next DIY project.

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